Month: August 2016

Bill Nye The Red Pill Guy

Budding Red Pill knowledge on the manosphere is to behavioural science what bit like alchemy is to chemistry, informal theories are developed from informal observations of human behaviour until the science catches up with either a confirmation or refutation.

More often than not nowadays, science tends to come up with a confirmation of the principles that have already been discovered by Red Pill men, as Bill Nye here demonstrates by describing already well-known concepts in the manosphere in his thesis on the Science of Twerking.

Unlike the magical thinking dogmas of progressive idealogical systems Red Pill knowledge and neomasculinity is reality-based, which is why science confirms it so often.


Cheaters, Suckers and Grudgers

monkeysThe concept of “Cheaters, Suckers and Grudgers” is used within the Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins to examine various evolutionary strategies within a population, here is the chapter in question:

Suppose a species […] is parasitized by a particularly nasty kind of tick which carries a dangerous disease. It is very important that these ticks should be removed as soon as possible. […] An individual may not be able to reach his own head, but nothing is easier than for a friend to do it for him. Later, when the friend is parasitized himself, the good deed can be paid back. […] This makes immediate intuitive sense. Anybody with conscious foresight can see that it is sensible to enter into mutual back-scratching arrangements. […]

Suppose B has a parasite on the top of his head. A pulls it off him. Later, the time comes when A has a parasite on his head. He naturally seeks out B in order that B may pay back his good deed. B simply turns up his nose and walks off. B is a cheat, an individual who accepts the benefit of other individuals’ altruism, but who does not pay it back, or who pays it back insufficiently. Cheats do better than indiscriminate altruists because they gain the benefits without paying the costs. To be sure, the cost of grooming another individual’s head seems small compared with the benefit of having a dangerous parasite removed, but it is not negligible. Some valuable energy and time has to be spent.

Let the population consist of individuals who adopt one of two strategies. […] Call the two strategies Sucker and Cheat. Suckers groom anybody who needs it, indiscriminately. Cheats accept altruism from suckers, but they never groom anybody else, not even somebody who has previously groomed them. […] the cheats will be doing better than the suckers. Even if the whole population declines toward extinction, there will never be any time when suckers do better than cheats. Therefore, as long as we consider only these two strategies, nothing can stop the extinction of the suckers and, very probably, the extinction of the whole population too.

But now, suppose there is a third strategy called Grudger. Grudgers groom strangers and individuals who have previously groomed them. However, if any individual cheats them, they remember the incident and bear a grudge: they refuse to groom that individual in the future. In a population of grudgers and suckers it is impossible to tell which is which. Both types behave altruistically towards everybody else […]. If grudgers are rare in comparison with cheats, the grudger gene will go extinct. Once the grudgers manage to build up in numbers so that they reach a critical proportion, however, their chance of meeting each other becomes sufficiently great to off-set their wasted effort in grooming cheats. When this critical proportion is reached they will start to average a higher pay-off than cheats, and the cheats will be driven at an accelerating rate towards extinction. […]


This has some rather interesting implications for humans and human soceity when played out on a grand scale, and you will start to find many of the concepts rather applicable to in the modern culture war of progressivism versus tradition.

The suckers are your average Blue Pill sheeple who are still going by the old social script, they go by the playbook and they have the mistaken notion that they will be repaid in kind for what they are contributing. The Blue Pill Beta male is a good example, he follows his social conditioning thinking that he will be rewarded in the end for holding up his end of the bargain only to be friendzoned, taken to divorce court and generally made use by being the chump for the cheaters.

And we have your cheaters of course, people who intend to make full use of the system for maximum personal gain and advantage without giving in anything in return. Progressives, feminists and Social Justice Warriors fit well into this mould. They have a victim narrative that places themselves as the ultimately oppressed, demanding a free transfer of power and resources to themselves without ever seeing to give anything in return.

Asking for unqualified power and resources is a pretty common thing for SJWs, and it’s not just limited to trigglypuff in America asking for people to donate to their Patreon, we have one nice example right here:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 5.37.54 pm

Note that nowhere in this who setup does Sangeetha say s

Feminists set up social structures to ensure that women as a group can extract maximal benefits and resources from soceity without needing to give anything in return. As Kenneth Minogue sucintly puts it “They suppressed almost completely the idea that their project involved a transfer of power and operated entirely on the moralistic principle that their demands corresponded to justice.”.

Basically progressives, SJWs, feminists and their ilk intend to make full use of the system to extract maximal benefits, but have little intention to repay any of that. Why should they? After all it’s their right.

And as long as there are suckers in Blue Pill sheeple and Beta Chumps, they can keep this scam running.

Ultimately cheating is not an evolutionarily stable strategy- as cheating gives the cheaters an advantage their numbers swell to the point that the population of suckers they extract those advantages from cannot sustain them. Being cheaters they have been getting ahead not by generating any real value for civillisation, but instead by gaming the system. Cheaters are ill-equipped, nor do they have any intention of, maintaining civillisation even if it’s collapse means disaster for them.

This is where the grudgers come in, and this is where you should be as a masculine man. Being a grudger means you put your back to the plough to keep things running but at the same time you are no sucker who thinks you will be rewarded simply by doing the work, you know there are lazy and unscrupulous people out there who are out to take advantage of you.

It is the job of grudgers to fight the cheaters, to make sure that the cheating strategy is not only contained, but utterly stomped out and eliminated. Unfortunately, modern soceity is conducive to the conduct of cheating, so the grudgers are going to be busy folk.

Look at the people in your social circle, how many are suckers? How many are cheaters? How many are grudgers? The suckers are useful and generally harmless people that often need to be protected, the grudgers you can be ideological allies with as you will share the same worldview.

It is the cheaters in your social circle that you need to give a hard time to, these are the people who are of no use to anyone except themselves and will have no qualms about betraying the group if it so suits them. Do not have any dealings with them, and if necessary you may need to engage them aggressively to drive them out of your company. Remember that cheating behaviours can be contagious if they are allowed free reign, so nip the problem in the bud before it starts.

Civillisation Is Not An Entitlement

People who work tough, blue-collar jobs on the edge of civillisation are not prone to coddling you by blowing smoke up your ass to make you feel better. They have been on the front, seen the hard stuff that needs to be done to keep things going, and have little tolerance for self-delusional excuses and bullshit.

In the video above we see a Chinese worker drop some hard truth bombs on his African counterpart over the current state of Africa, a place in which China has put in significant investment. As he succinctly points out in a layperson’s riposte to the African’s excuse that Africa is still new to this civillisation thing, it’s one thing for the White man to pull a number on you via colonial oppression but another when you start messing things up for yourself.

Rabbit people like progressives, liberals, feminists and Social Justice Warriors don’t understand this. They see civillisation as a right, the it’s safety and abundance as an entitlement. In the Rabbit view, civillisation is an asset to be exploited, not a system to be maintain or built up to keep everyone alive. This is why they are more prone to explain the suffering that comes from a failing civillisation as the fault of some oppressor, minimise personal faults that are causing problems, or at the worst may even attack the very institutions that sustains the very civillisation that keeps them alive in their mad rush to obtain ever more entitlements.

Wolf people know otherwise- they know that civillisation is a not a given thing and can easily crumble if not properly tended to. Wolf people know that barbarism is always waiting to take over and hard work and hard choices are required to make sure their children get a future worth living in.

A safe, stable civillisation is not an entitlement, it requires making a lot of hard choices and real work to keep functional. Societies who attempt to excuse dyscivic behaviours under layers of justifications will quickly find that reality intends to collect on the debt sooner than they think.

Don’t Shoot, Let Her Burn!


It’s time to play spot the Red Pill Truths in the link below:

TL;DR: Woman breaks up with on her fiancé after meeting a charming hotel worker on while holiday, she moves in with her new lover and ends up in financial ruin supporting him only to realise that she herself was being cheated on. She returns back a broken woman and tries to reconnect with the ex-fiancé who is still holding a candle for her.

Some archetypes first:

Paul- Hapless Beta

Louise- Hypergamous Woman

Caffery- Alpha Cad

Articles like these are chocked full of life lessons for the Red Pill man, and if you are a seasoned Red Pill you would have already been ticking off checkboxes even as you are scanning through the article.

Here are some of them:


5 Minutes of Alpha = 5 years of Beta

Pick Up Artist Cock Blocker
Woman nukes a long-term relationship with a stable, providing Beta after a short encounter with a man who pushes all her Alpha buttons. Notice how all the investment “besotted fiancé” Paul has put into Louise is no match for Caffrey’s Alpha chums.

“The chemistry between us was insane. Then we kissed. I tried to resist, but I couldn’t.”

So much for Beta investment in the first world as a form of security against infidelity. Don’t count on it, and most certainly don’t be shocked when it fails.


Female Hamstering


Everyone around Louise could see she was making a bad choice, but she rationalises all their warnings away under the guise of being “blinded by love”. The article does not go into her rationalisations but it is clear they probably involved a lot of self-delusional retroactive justifications to get rid of the cognitive dissonance between what her reptile brain is demanding (I MUST GETZ ALPHA) and what her higher functions are warning here against.

Remember, a lot of female justifications on their bad choices take the form of a logical rationalisation, but it is really just an exercise in making the reasons fit the desire.In older days soceity was more willing to call out women for such stupid reasoning but as we have shifted into a more feminine form of discourse hamstering becomes more accepted or even encouraged.

Be aware of this as you talk to a woman who is clearly running her hamster.


Damaged Tattoo Girl


No matter how much excessively-inked people may protest and say they don’t matter, Tattoos are correlated with deviancy and risk-taking behaviour, especially if the person in question has a lot of them in prominent places.

Louise most certainly fit this trope rather well with a large collection of prominently placed body art. This in itself should be a red flag of sorts that would warrant some caution from a Red Pill man.

It is also possible that prominent tattoos are one of the cues that Alpha Cads like Caffery use to sort out who are the easier prospects. After all it is much easier to sell Alpha Cad game to the risk-taking type always looking for novel and deviant behaviour.

In short, expect a heavily tattooed woman to be wife or stable-relationship material. She is likely to cheat, both because the cads look for her type and she is predisposed to trying out new things even if they are immoral.


Trying to Lock Down Alpha


We can say what we want about Caffery’s immoral behaviours but we can’t deny that he has a good understanding of female psychology. Knowing that Louise has dumped her Beta and he is all she has now, he artfully takes advantage of Louise’s Desire to lock down her new Alpha by asking her for money to buy a ring to indicate he is “taken”. She falls for it.

Note how Louise has gone from being provided for by Beta Chump Paul to providing for Alpha Cad Caffery, but her hypergamous instinct to do what it takes to retain a man who flips her Alpha tingle switches is so strong she fails to see she is being taken for a ride.

A Beta thinks the trick to a relationship is acting as if he has found a prize in the girl, the Alpha knows he is the prize.


Alpha Cad Plate Spinning


Caffery has two other women on the side while taking Louise for the ride. The man is not monogamous, is not interested in high-quality women, and neither is he seeking to build civillisation the way a functional Alpha would.

After all he has no incentive to do so, soceity now supports depraved, dysfunctional behaviours by women and he’s just making the best out of the situation.

Caffery instinctively knows that’s better that than being a Beta sucker who works hard and still gets his heart ripped out an stomped upon by his princess. Paul sees Louise idealistically, Caffery sees her for who she really is.


Beta Doubling Down


“We stayed in touch and she told me when she discovered he’d been cheating. I still care about her, so I was gutted for her. Will we get back together? I’m not sure. It’s all still very raw. One thing is for sure though – I will always love Louise.”

Sadly but not unexpectedly, Paul still holds out hope that his Beta dream will play out with Louise even after she had betrayed him and spit in the face of all his investment with her. Assigning an adjective of “always love” to Louise is a big Beta tell and a clear sign that he has learned nothing from the whole experience.

Louise may have messed up her life and betrayed his trust, but is is apparent that she still has some bridges left with Paul and he is still there to be her Plan B.


Well all that was quite a shit show, but not entirely unexpected.

It is somewhat sad that Paul has not gone Red Pill from all his experiences and is still setting himself up to be an airbag for her ill-conceived choices. His mental point of origin is still heavily fixated on pedestalising women and setting his life to revolve around them and their shenanigans.

He does not realise that his attempts to pull at the heartstrings with his heartbroken Beta story do little to generate genuine attraction with the opposite sex. Betas mistake pity for attraction, they think they can parlay vulnerability for

But in any case, the appropriate thing to do for a woman who has messed up her life chasing poor choices by following her hypergamy is to simply not help- you don’t need to attack them for their poor choices, but helping them is often not worth your time as well.

If anything the obvious slow-motion train wreck of a woman who has followed her hypergamy into disaster will send a spike of fear straight into the id of others who are considering the same. Attacking the train wreck will only bring an immediate hostile response from the sisterhood, obscuring the lesson that they need to learn from their fallen member.

Don’t shoot, let her burn.








Female Competition


While you often hear “all bodies are beautiful” rhetoric from women, what is actually said and practiced by womenfolk can be quite different indeed. Look beyond the surface and you will start to see a lot of intragender competition going on.

A good specific case study of this would be all the furore over the tight gap in the femosphere. A lot has been said about the tight gap as a beauty idea for first-world women and how such “standards” are impossible or damaging. In response to the “damaging” tight gap standard, “real” women (those who don’t can’t achieve a beauty standard” are attempting to launch a counter-meme: The Mermaid Thighs.

Despite the obligatory “all bodies are beautiful” disclaimer at the beginning, the article and the pictures it chose to promote Mermaid Thighs quickly move into bashing the Tight Gap and why it’s better to have Mermaid Thighs, with various banal examples brought up as to why being Mermaid Thighs is invariably better.

So much for the “all bodies are beautiful” rhetoric. We see this quite often in other examples of female counter-memes that attempt to attack some oppressive beauty standard. The opening usually starts with how all bodies are equally attractive but quickly devolves into the bashing of the old standard and a frenzied hard-sell of why not being that is better.


All this doublespeak may seem strange to a Blue Pill, but a Red Pill man will know that women are in constant competition with each other, with beauty standards being one of the many ways that they use to determine their own pecking order in the Sisterhood. Many of these beauty standards have little to do with attracting men at all, but are rather used as points for women to size each other up.

Attempts to sell non-conventional beauty standards such as fat acceptance, tattooed girls, dark skin, short hair and all those other things that “real women with real bodies” have aren’t done in the spirit of egalitarianism at all, but are rather attempted hostile takeovers by women considered less attractive by the sisterhood to redefine the rules to fit them better.

This isn’t too unlike how a reclusive MGTOW who does nothing with his life, an omega male who has zero success with women or soceity, or the effeminate Beta numan trying to redefine their own condition as the Masculine ideal. The difference is that women hide these attempts as redefinition under the guise of egalitarianism.


Note that men never asked for the tight gap as a beauty idea, nor do they find the existence of one a significant attractiveness buff or debuff. As a matter of fact men and women have quite different ideas of what is attractive in a woman, although men get blamed for most of it whenever there is any feelbadz. All this stuff and drama about the tight gap was quite literally created within the female sphere as a mean of social-capital ranking within the feminine social matrix.

So the next time a woman says “all bodies are beautiful”, remember that they most probably don’t mean it at all. The fat girl may say that all that in an attempt to reengineer social conditions to be more favourable to her, while the slim girl may say it so as to remain all PC with the added advantage hopefully the fat girls don’t self-improve. Their true attitudes on “all bodies beautiful” are quickly revealed the moment the fat girl starts attacking slim ones as being sticks while the slim girl sticks to her diet and exercise regime religiously.

Basic Red Pill 101: look at what women do, not what they say. Act accordingly.

Red Pill Shaming


A good way to tell if your Red Pill transformation is happening is to gauge the responses of the women around in your social circle. More often than not they will exhibit some unease about your change, with this unease being more pronounced if you have been a Beta Chump.

If you are doing it right, they will start shaming you, subtly at first and then more later as your Red Pill transformation becomes undeniable.

Exposure to Red Pill truths can lead to many different responses from men, the predominant response is usually to move away from gynocentric influence in order to regain control of their lives.

The specific responses differ of course, they range from making pragmatic measures to protect oneself such as the MGTOW, bitter resistance for the ones who can’t really shed their Blue Pill attitudes despite seeing Red Pill truth in MRA anti-feminism, or weaponising Red Pill knowledge to flip the gynocentric social script in order to gain the upper hand in the mating game such as the PUA.

One of the most recent arrivals to the Manosphere in male responses to Red Pill truth comes with emergence of Neomasculinty, an idealogical framework that goes beyond immediate comprehension of Red Pill truths in order to apply them to larger concepts beyond gender relations. From Red Pill truths one can derive a lot of understanding on how to achieve optimal outcomes, not just for oneself but for civillisation itself.

In many ways the emergence of Neomasculinity was inevitable once the Manosphere achieved a certain critical mass and Red Pill knowledge became well-codified. But no matter how far Red Pill though can advance in the Manosphere, one basic overall driving force remains constant, one that makes the modern woman very uncomfortable.

The move away from gynocentrism.

Red Pill truths savagely rip through the narratives set up by modern feminism that has resulted in a rather cushy setup for the modern woman. These narratives have allowed women access to privileges not only as a protected class that needs to be protected by the rest of society but also those traditionally given to men as part of the social compact for their traditional gender roles.

As much as modern feminism would like to claim it is all about equality, even a casual read of what feminists and the women who drink the feminist kool-aid do would quickly reveal the real drive behind feminism is female min-maxing. To generate social circumstances that would maximise privileges for women while minimising responsibilities and liabilities, to let women eat their cake and have it as well.

All this feminist min-maxing does not occur in a vacuum of course, it is a terribly expensive social arrangement that requires the cooperation of men as a group to constantly provide the resources in order to keep the feminist welfare system running.

And that is just the economic side of things, modern feminism has also set up various social conventions in order to enforce compliant supplication from Beta men to keep women protected and provided for while not needing to give anything in return.

A woman can abort a child without the consent of the father. A woman can have a child and force a man to support her choice through the pressures of soceity and the law. A woman can trick a man into raising a child that is not his with these same institutions. A woman can beat you up, accuse you of rape and violence, frivorce you, cheat on you and blame you for it, destroy your reputation, shame you into doing things for her and generally do all kinds of nasty things that benefit herself at your expense without ever once needing to give anything in return.

This is what Manospherians mean by gynocentrism, Red Pill truths make men aware of these realities and sets them on paths that serve their own interests instead.

Which is why women tend to be uncomfortable when they perceive that their useful little Beta is starting to change in a way that won’t benefit them.

This does not just happen with the more feministy women, most women in some way or another benefit from the unequal social treaties that modern feminism has set up even if they don’t explicitly identify as one. Behind all the feminist posturing of female independence the truth is modern women are still extremely reliant on men for all their basic needs, these dependencies are just hidden under multiple layers of social conventions and institutions set up to give a facade of gurl power.

And seeing a compliant useful Beta turning Red Pill threatens all that, the men who aren’t sexy should at least be useful to women even if this usefulness works against their own self-interest. From the perspective of women, the Red Pill corrupts their useful Betas, it destroys the pedestals that these men had always put them on and make them realise that all along the princess has no clothes.

This is especially terrifying for women who have come to take social conventions allowing them to parasitically exploit men without ever giving anything in return, I notice the traditionally feminine women with more reciprocal relations with men seem to worry less or even view a Beta trying to self-improve via the Red Pill with some level of positivity. After all, you worry less if you have been playing fair.

This is when the shaming starts, the Beta needs to be guided away from the sexist non-authorised ideas in the Red Pill back to his former useful self. Shame is a common tactic because women are intimately familiar with it’s use, and shame is a strong motivator for the Beta to behave.

This shaming can take subtle forms at first, usually it’s seemingly off the cuff remarks about how your previous Beta self was more useful and compliant agreeable and sensitive. If you have been working out and improving your physical condition you might get comments on how your previous, soft unfit self was nicer and you don’t need all “those muscles”.

How do you know if they are making an anti-Red Pill play? Take fundamental Red Pill truths about masculinity and see if the women you suspect of attempting to shame you back into Beta are trying to nudge you in the opposite direction of them. If Red Pill masculinity says that you need to be physically fit, they will want you to be soft. If Red Pill masculinity says that you need to be assertive and confident, they will want you to be compliant and nice.

These initial attempts at subtle shaming are a soft way of testing your resolve, and also to check if the useful Beta is still there. If you keep on your Red Pill path sooner or later a big shit test will inevitably come from one of the women in your social circle that will cause a lot of drama, and that’s when you need to hold your ground.

One of the big no-nos for a useful Beta is saying no to a woman when she demands that he heels to her gynocentric demands. If you have been that useful Beta going Red Pill sooner or later you are going to get a gynocentric demand that figuratively puts all the cards on the table.

It could be anything, a woman making an unreasonable request such as requesting you to drive across the state to pick her up and help her move after she got tossed out by her (Alpha) boyfriend. It could be a woman attempting to test your integrity by getting you to sell out on your principals to help her cover up her wrongdoing. It could be a woman expressing a feminist opinion and expecting you to heel the way the you always had done during your White Knight days. It could be anything, but the general gist of the idea is to put you in a spot where you have to choose between being Beta or a woman scorned.

If you have been on your Red Pill journey and done your homework properly, you know that some pitched battles cannot be avoided. While I advocate newly minted Red Pills to be coy about their true idealogical leaning while they are in self-development sooner or later the strength of their Red Pill transformation will be tested with a shit test.

Expect a shit storm when you refuse to back down, more often than not you will also get dogpiled by multiple women all freaking out about you not playing to the Beta script. Expect a lot of attempted shaming as they run through the lexicon of magic words to bring back the Beta in you. They will call you sexist, an asshole, compensating for a small penis, not a real man and all the stuff that they think should make you feel shame.

Remember to ignore the words, it’s all largely theatre, a desperate play to bring back the useful Beta or at the very least make you a warning to the rest who might ever think about resisting. A man breaking Beta can be very disorienting and threatening to the women who have been parasitically leeching the benefits off his Beta simpering and taking him or granted, as it shows how easily the gynocentric script can be broken.

The truth is, any outside observer will see that quite clearly you have grown a spine, are no longer taking any shit, and is the stronger party in all this. Remember that you don’t need to explain yourself, you just need to assert yourself and hold your ground. It won’t be long before the storm passes and they give up.

When I first became Red Pill I started to see some of my women in my social circle in a different light. I had genuine female friends who were interested in my well being and development as a person, in fact they had been dropping subtle Red Pill hints while I was a Beta.

But I also started to realise that a good deal of women had a manipulative streak in their “friendships” with men in general, with me being the Beta White Knight chump that provided them some form of benefit in one way or another. I put a Red Pill lens to their actions, and started to realise that they had been playing us for fools in their own little games of social jockeying.

So I stopped putting up with all that shit, called them out for the inconsistencies in their behaviour and refused to play to script. Refused to back down when they rose and tried to put the Beta back into his box, started infecting other Betas in my circle with nuggets of Red Pill truth. Some, too far locked in doubled down on their Beta, but others started on their own Red Pill journey as well.

They tried their shaming, but the reality of self-improvement that came from rediscovering my Masculinity was too hard to ignore. When I was a simpering Beta I was unmotivated, weak, sensitive and easily manipulated. Now I am the strongest I have ever been in my life, get complements on my appearance, am motivated, and is in a healthy happy relationship with a traditionally feminine woman who respects me as a man and wants me to lead.

Getting here took a lot of hard work and I still have a long way to go in my masculine journey, but there is no going back and neither do I have any intention of doing so.

You become Alpha as you internalise the Red Pill, the more irrelevant desperate female Red Pill shaming becomes. People can see that you have improved in all visible matrices despite their attempts to shame and assassinate your character, and that gives lie the feminist ideal of the effeminate Beta nu man as what a man should be.

If they shame you, you probably are doing something right. Keep at it.


Degrees of MGTOW


Despite multiple attempts to dismiss MGTOW as a bunch of losers who can’t cut it in real life and hence decide to check out, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the mainstream to deny that the movement is picking up steam. Increasingly more young men are starting to exhibit MGTOW traits even if they don’t openly declare it, and the social effects are starting to be felt.

As MGTOW becomes more popular, it will become harder for the feminist and SJW shrills to sell the stereotype of the MGTOW as a neckbearded misogynistic basement dwelling loser who fails at life, the common go-to when they need to find a box to put the MGTOW in so they don’t become too disruptive to the narrative. While there are a bunch of MGTOW who do indeed fit the stereotype, it is becoming increasingly clear that the typical MGTOW is starting to just be your average, normal, everyday dude who is deciding not to be a chump.

For the record Talon is not an MGTOW, although I am sympathetic to some of the idealogical underpinnings of the movement. The real question in my opinion, is not why there are MGTOW, but why sad sack Betas still bother playing the societally-approved script for modern men given how much they are liable to get screwed over by it.

In my opinion MGTOW is a rationalistic response to changes to the mating game caused by modern feminism that leave men with all of the risks and responsibilities of their gender without any of the reciprocal benefits.

Feminists often forget that the mating game is one in which there are two players- just because they alter the game to benefit women does not mean that all men will just go along for the ride. The stupid ones hang on and play (a shot at reproduction after all is a strong motivator), but the smart ones realise it is rigged and seek other alternatives that better serve their interests.

MGTOW is one of them, and I can understand that. Feminists can rage all they want, try to shame men from going Galt, or be in denial and claim they don’t matter. But the truth of the matter is that MGTOW is on the rise, and women will be forced to confront the social effects sooner than later.

But I do not think MGTOW is an optimal response, going MGTOW can be one of the first things a new Red Pill do when they unplug from the Matrix, but I do not think that it is best to dwell too long in the realms of MGTOW or go too deep into it. MGTOW is a defensive strategy that immediately protects a man, but it is not one that is ultimately sustainable for the individual or the soceity he lives in.

The problem with MGTOW is in it’s more extreme degrees they often become isloated and insular, seeking mainly to avoid all contact with the system and seeing any contact with women from their fellow men as a sell-out. This form of deep MGTOW starts to veer from just being a defensive strategy into one that of an unhealthy retreat from the world. Some MGTOWs even look forward to the collapse of civillisation, hoping to obtain schadenfreude when modern women finally get their comeuppance.

Deep MGTOWism is dysfunctional because it is a nihilistic surrender to the degeneracy afflicting soceity, it pulls men into retreat and tells them to resign themselves to the inevitability of enemy victory. These MGTOW basically give up, and that deep MGTOW mentality spreads to other aspects of their life. They don’t self-improve, don’t seek to become men, and just sit around on their asses hoping that shit will hit the fan so everyone can feel their pain.

This is not functional, healthy masculinity. While it is okay to go MGTOW for a stint, it should be a time of self-discovery and improvement, a preparation phase in your masculine journey to equip you with the skills and strength to do what you need to do in the world. MGTOW isn’t something you should be staying in indefinitely, if you are a man who aspires to greatness and want a legacy you are going to need to come back into the world and change it for yourself at some point.

Regressive progressivism may very well be too powerful to be defeated and may bring down civillisation, but it is in those times that strong, masculine men will be in demand to survive the collapse with their tribe and rebuild. These men will not be found from the depths of nihilistic deep MGTOW- they will just be as rejected and ostracised as they are in non-feminist times.

Locally I have met many MGTOW. While it isn’t talked about much in Singapore and many do not even know the term there is a clear, growing group of men who don’t intend to play to the fem-centric script that fits all the characteristics of MGTOW.

I have seen the dysfunctional ones who bitterly swear off women and post never-ending steams of antifeminist articles on their social media accounts thinking that will make a difference, and also the ones who use their MGTOW as a time to improve themselves and develop their masculinity, eventually coming back into the world as inspiring, strong, masculine man immune to progressive claptrap and seeking to fight the degeneration. The latter is most definitely a much better life choice.

MGTOW should understand that going MGTOW is just a means to an end, and not the end itself. The time should be used to become stronger, wiser, and mature masculine men with a value proposition for the world at the end of it. Going MGTOW can be useful, but only if the MGTOW in question controls the degrees of how deep he goes into it.

If the majority of MGTOW end up like that the movement will be quite hard for feminists to dismiss indeed, especially when the men that usually staff their ranks are weak effeminate submissive Betas that they can’t respect and only keep around because they are useful.



Elective Sterility, Vitriolic Feminism


Cats can’t carry on feminism.

The elephant in the room for modern feminism is the fact that it’s the more devoted it’s followers are they more likely they are to self-select out of the gene pool. This means that as an demographic ideology, feminism is actually self-extinguishing.

It’s not hard to see why this happens- a woman tripping full out on feminist Kool-Aid would be more likely to negatively view traditionally feminine duties such as being attractive women, having an above-replacement rate number of kids, and devoting themselves to being good mothers. In fact the very word “duty” in anything not related to feminism is offensive to feminists.

At the same time the same feminist, encouraged by modern feminist ideology, is more likely in indulge in myopic short-term sexual strategies that will impact on her quality as long-term investment for men, make excuses and remain in feminist-mediated for her own failings that impact her attractiveness, delay settling down, and focus on a soulless unfulfilling corporate career that feminist dogma convinces her is the key to being “strong and independent”.

She won’t understand that most men don’t do their jobs because they are chasing some dream, their jobs aren’t the end in itself, but rather a means to an end. Which generally involve acquiring enough resources and social capital in order to have a shot in the mating game.

Our feminist does not realise all this, she thinks that there is an evil patriarchal conspiracy to hold her down from living a fulfilling life by keeping her out of the corporate world. Feminism is her liberation ideology- under it she can do whatever she want, remaining free and independent while sleeping with hot guys in the years of her prime attractiveness, eventually snagging the best of the lot when she’s finally ready to settle down, usually when the ticking of her biological clock becomes so loud that even her feminism can’t make her ignore it.

But all that does not happen of course, more likely than not she will slam hard into the wall at 100 miles per hour and suddenly realise the hot boys she had been banging as part of her recreational escapes from her unfulfilling (but necessary) corporate life are now looking for younger, hotter women and Mr. Right isn’t coming for her. Her feminist credentials of being a strong independent women simply aren’t a male attraction cue.

Assuming she hasn’t been too much of a bitch during her years of maximal choosing power and ended up driving the betas out of her life she will probably still have some thirsty orbiters, but she would be disgusted at the prospect of settling with any of them despite all the platitudes she puts out telling them they “will make some lucky girl very happy one day” in her friendzone routine.

But eventually she will be forced to make a stark choice: bite the bullet and settle with the least disgusting of the betas in her social circle (an iffy choice given she has been putting out to hot alphas) or keep hoping that Mr. Right will come up while her ovaries start to shrivel as she speeds through her 30s.

If she takes option 2, more likely than not he won’t turn up anyway as the kind of man she considers Mr. Right would have access to far better options than her. At this point she will probably double down on the feminism, convince herself she’s better off alone, and start stocking up on the cats as surrogate objects for her need for companionship and maternal instincts.

In any case, be it resentfully marrying beta late to check out of the market before her options completely dry up or choosing the life of cats, the feminist in our case is very unlikely to have many children, most certainly less so than other female demographics who aren’t drinking the kool-aid.

This sets feminism up with a problem- that of continuity. Many ideologies endure because they were pro-natalist in some respect, or at the very least didn’t not work to suppress the fertility rate of their hosts. A large part of idealogical transmission happens across the generations as parents pass on their values to their children who in turn pass them on the future generations. This is one of the reason why many religions and traditions have endured the test of time.

Feminism however, with it’s inclination to end up suppressing the fertility rate of it’s idealogical hosts either by causing them to engage in behaviours that are suboptimal from a long-term reproductive point of view or making them self-elect into sterility, is a dead end ideology if left to it’s own devices.

Memetically, feminism is not an evolutionary stable strategy. From an evolutionary point of view it will eventually kill it’s host and in the process send itself into extinction as well. If epidemiology (the study of diseases and how they spread) were applied as an analogy to modern third-wave feminism, it would be a microbe that has not yet achieved symbiosis with it’s host, unlike other microbes/ideologies which have.

As feminism effectively sterilises it’s hosts, it has to find new hosts in order to spread effectively as a meme. As it can’t rely on natural generational transmission that other memes can, any evolved version of feminism needs to be extremely effective in infecting as many new hosts as possible in as short a time as it can if it hopes to be successful.

This is why modern feminism is so aggressive and vitriolic- it needs to spread fast and hard, dominating the meme space or it will be eventually outcompeted by slower-spreading, but more long-game focused self-sustaining memes that can use generational transmission.


Compared to other ideologies feminism evolves extremely fast, new ideas come and go. Yesterdays cutting-edge progressive feminists is today’s backward bigot. Feminism rapidly churns out idea after idea- patriarchy, rape culture, male privilege,affirmative consent, manspreading, mansplaining, ban bossy, he for she… it is in a never ending stream of memetic mutations that are more aimed at getting attention and agreement with slipshod rhetorical sleight of hands than being logically consistent.

While some people might mistake all this activity as a sign that feminist thought is vibrant and healthy, it is actually a sign of disease. All this activity isn’t because modern feminism is evolving to become a solid, coherent ideology that offers real advantages for civillisation but because it is increasingly grasping at straws to get your attention and make you a hosts.

Feminism isn’t having enough kids, so it need to fill it’s ranks from other people’s children. Even children who are recruited need to do their part in the ever-increasing number of feminist publicity stunts, it’s all hands on board for this one.

Of course this state of affairs won’t last forever, while feminism can sustain itself in the short run by aggressively spreading that is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. When Feminism runs out of hosts to infect in the civillisation it is spreading in, the same low fertility that afflicts feminism will become a societal problem for all, and that’s only one of the big societal problems that comes with feminism.

Demographics is destiny, but feminists are doing their best to deny that reality in pursuit for selfish, dyscivic short term goals. Left unchecked, their shenanigans will eventually bring down civillisation but before that happens, they will work hard at spreading aggressively, because their very existence as an ideology depends on it.

Keep this in mind when you think that your idealogical enemies can’t get any more overbearing and all-pervasive in their attempt to control all aspects of everyone’s life to fall in line with them.

They will because they must, so keep busy, always be alert, and resist their influence in anyway you can.


The Mary Sue Test


Feminist Femspiration Thinking is a rather common affliction that many woman have today, FFT is a distorted perception that people get about the female gender after having being exposed to too much feminist memetic propaganda, usually on the interwebz.

Common symptoms of FFT include thinking that women are morally superior to men , assumed to be talented and competent without any need to prove it, are entitled to success in any endevour they take on, and are generally all round infallible with any failings or flaws due to some external factor.

Basically FFT encourages thinking of the female gender as a gender of Mary Sues, unrealistically competent, virtuous and infallible characters with the only qualification to achieve all this being born with a vagina.

Here’s a quick litmus test you can use to stealthily sound out the level of FFT a woman has in order to determine what social strategies you need to employ around them. This test of course is not just limited to just women and can be used on men to determine the level of mangina-ness as well, but it tends to be more telling with women.

It’s really quite simple, here is how it goes: in the course of normal interactions, just ask a woman what she thinks are sins or flaws that are common of men that affect us all as a soceity.

Most women would probably come up with a list quite easily, having been provided a lengthly education on the evils of non-mangina men by modern feminism. Men are violent, men cheat, men lie, men are weak, men are insensitive, men are sexist, men are aggressive, men are unempathetic, so on so forth. While it’s not hard for a woman to come up with a list, a good red flag would be when the list starts to be rather long or she is listing them all out with a fair bit of passion. But this is just the first past, it’s the second part that is really telling.

After she is completed with her list on the failings and sins of men, ask her what she thinks are sins or flaws that are common to women.

This is when things get interesting.

If she looks at you confused and draws a blank making it apparent that she has never really considered this before, it’s almost a sure sign that she is afflicted by a fair bit of FFT. This is a woman who has been swimming in feminist propaganda for so long that she has become entirely blind to the failings of her own gender and has started to exclusively focus on men.

Being clueless on the failings on her own gender is just one part, more likely than not a woman who is very deep into FFT might in her struggle to name a single female flaw assert stuff like “not having enough self-confidence” or “being too empathetic” as examples of female “failings”.

These “flaws” of not being perfect enough is a classic example of Mary Sue characterisation.  In the minds of a women most seriously afflicted by FFT women have no real serious moral flaws as a gender, with the only real problems they face coming mainly from them being not confident enough to embrace their perfection said perfection causing them problems (such as trying to help everyone).

FFT is dangerous sets up women with unrealistically optimistic impressions of their own competencies, abilities and character. FFT means a woman is unlikely to ever seriously consider the potential consequences of her actions as possibly leading to harm to herself of others because under FFT, women are basically infallible- they are Mary Sues.

Women afflicted with FFT will not think if she needs to qualify for success, FFT tells her she is entitled to it because of Girl Power. FFT demands that women assume female moral superiority over the male, as lying, cheating and being violent are things that are solely the domain of men. People high on FFT are more likely to believe the word of a woman instead of yours, even if she is telling bold-faced lies and you are trying to tell the truth. People who drink the FFT kool-aid will make stupid decisions that will impact everyone negatively, because they believe that women cannot fail.

As a Red Pill man, you need to be careful around women who have high levels of FFT, these women are usually more trouble than they are worth having around in your social circle as they tend to have very little contact with reality, often becoming a pain in the ass and a time and resource drain when they run into trouble and expect everyone to bail them out. This is why organisations, social groups and relationships  high on FFT often end up running into the ground, as they base their decisions on an utterly unrealistic expectations of feminist-inspired female infallibility.

What’s more, if you threaten that bubble of delusional infallibility set up by Femspiration, they are also liable to lash out in hostility as they have ego-invested in the idea that They Can Do It, no matter what the facts are, no matter what reality says, no matter if they are actually completely unqualified because they don’t have a realistic gauge of their abilities.

So use this test wisely to sound out the levels of FFT in the people around you, it will be an invaluable tool in sorting out who is really worth keeping in your social circle.

If you really want to be a Black Knight, find the people high on FFT (especially the loud and proud kinds) and challenge them to do something that you know they will utterly fail in. Stand back and watch the fireworks with the popcorn as they inevitably crash and burn.

Because this is the real world, and the real world has no time for Mary Sues.

Aisyah Gala: Genuine Fortitude


In this blog we cover a lot of the worst behaviours from the left side of the bell curve for rabbit people as part of every Red Pill’s duty to reveal the harsh and ugly truths in our quest to stem the creeping tide of regressive degeneracy.

But one must also remember to look to the right side of the bell curve and realise that there are high-functioning wolf people that remind us that there is still hope for civillisation, and in this case Singapore.

Aisyah Gala is a professional rower that does her sport under the Singapore flag, her story is a remarkable one as she faced significant hurdles in order to keep doing her sport. At one point she had to scramble to cobble together funding to keep her dream alive, as she was not getting any handouts from the state.

The remarkable thing about all this is that you don’t get any sense of resentment or entitlement from her at all about what she needed to do. Here’s the long Facebook post she posted on it in whole, emphasis mine:


“I can tell you from personal experience that it’s not easy. But I can also tell you that it can be quite rewarding.”

I thought it’s a good time for me to share something really important with all of you.

I started off my rowing career and Olympic campaign with my own savings- we all know this story. But I think it is time people move on from the past. Yes, the start was always the hardest part of the journey- putting my job aside, spending months considering if it would be worth it to train full-time knowing that I might not be getting any financial benefits out of my goal- in fact, I know that I will never be getting any money from chasing my dream. Qualifying for the Olympics and representing the nation at the Games do not bring us, athletes, any financial benefits (unless of course if you win a medal). That is why in sports, we never do it for money. Unless you’re a professional football player or playing for prize money in a prestigious golf tour. Otherwise, you won’t be rich being an athlete. We do it for pride, we do it to see how much of an athlete we have become and to test ourselves against the world’s best. We do it for passion and just out of pure love for the sport.

So we also know the story of how I have put myself out there and pleaded for money via my crowdfund. To be honest with you, and I’ve said this before, I don’t even remember the last time I asked for pocket money from my parents, what more asking for money from strangers. But I was desperate because I couldn’t even pay for groceries and rent. I was lucky to be living with the most generous and kindest soul in the world to give me a shelter over my head and who paid for my groceries while I scramble to find ways to support myself. It was utterly humiliating to be 28 with a negative balance in my bank account. But you can’t blame the govt for not supporting me in the first place. They’re right- why should I be given money if I couldn’t even win a medal in the SEA Games? Why should they support me if I’m so far from qualifying for the Olympics? Belief- you say. If they believed in me even before I proved to them what I’m capable of, what about the thousands of other athletes out there who hasn’t achieved anything but had all these big dreams? Should they be financially supported too? And if the pie is shared amongst all of us, doesn’t it boil down to the same problem of having lack of support?

The good thing that came out of the phase in my life where people didn’t believe in me and no one supported my dreams was that I was eager to prove others wrong. (Thankfully, I’m very good at that.)

The crowdfunding was an immense success (Alhamdullilah) and I managed to crawl my way out of the hell hole of being desolated with the help of each and every contribution I received. A few weeks after the crowdfund campaign ended, Sports SG introduced the Race 2 Rio programme which was supposed to help athletes who are trying to qualify for Rio ease their financial burden. After I qualified for Rio, I found out that I was awarded the SpexScholarship which was the 3rd year applying for it. (Emphasis on my 2 years of getting rejected and trying again to remind you that the funding didn’t come easily.)

There are stories in the media which occasionally pop up to remind you of how I got to where I am today, how I overcame the lack of support, and how the govt isn’t doing their job to support the local athletes and things along those lines. But hey guys, look, I’ve already gotten out of that hole. I’ve managed to secure a good deal with my sponsors, the SpexScholarship has immensely reduced the financial burden and I can finally focus fully on my trainings and competitions. The support I’ve received so far has been amazing- I would never imagine receiving these not only from Sports SG but Singaporeans themselves. Of course similar to how Joseph Schooling’s prize money will never be able to cover the costs his parents have spent on sending him overseas to study and train, the amount that I am receiving now will never be able to cover the costs that I’ve spent throughout my 12 years in rowing. But it’s not about breaking even. It’s not even about profiting. Like I said before, being an athlete would mean that I will never be rich. I believe that what is most important about all these money issues is about who genuinely believes in you and is willing to invest in you. To have fellow Singaporeans write to me after the Games congratulating me and thanking me for representing the country and doing them proud- guys, really, that is something money cannot buy. I am truly honoured.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that, the story of Aisyah being the self-funded athlete, that was me last year. And this year (and the many years to come, if God permits), I hope you will support me as the athlete who overcame all odds to achieve her dreams, the girl who didn’t listen to her mum who wanted her to quit rowing because it had “no future” and went on to making history and now made her mum one proud mother, the Olympian who is truly honoured to be representing a nation full of generous, beautiful individuals who have the power to make the world a better place, but just need a little push to make things happen. I hope Singaporeans support me because they believe in me and not because they pity my past.

To everyone who have contributed to my journey in one way or another- thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And to those who are still sour about my success story (haters gonna hate, they say), thank you to you guys, too. ♥️♥️♥️

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It is pretty clear that Aisyah is highly K-selected in the way she thinks, she believes in meeting challenges head on and overcoming them. She does not expect handouts from others to support her. She spends her time and energy productively focusing on things she can improve and change instead of blaming other people for problems.

Aisyah is basically the anti-Sangeetha. She refuses to be a professional victim or declare that she is awesome simply because she exists and has self-declared as the best rower ever. Instead she sees her dreams and goals as something that she needs to put tangible personal effort into achieving to be truly considered great instead of raging at the challenges placed in front of her

Compare and contrast with a certain feminist race “activist” that constantly goes around declaring she is a goddess, blaming every bad thing that happens on her select oppressor group.

We know who is just posturing and who is really great.

We know who is mediocre and who truly has genuine fortitude.

There is a lot that Red Pill men seeking to overcome challenges and self-improve can learn from Aisyah’s attitude towards life. In fact anybody would do good to take life lessons from the practices of elite athletes instead of self-declared liberal social activists, because elite athletes need to tangibly come up with success as opposed to the empty social prestige farming of latte liberals.

Here’s the Aisyah, she has well and truly earned the respect she has gotten. Singapore has still has a chance of avoiding the regressive trap if we have more people like her.