Month: September 2016

We Wuz Kingz


It’s okay to be ethnocentric.

It’s okay to think that your own group is special, or exceptional, or whatever.

In-group preference is how societies and civillisations survive.

The difference is in how far you take these sentiments, and if you can actually back up those claims of exceptionality.

One of the more amusing (and sad) things to come out of the whole social justice gig is progressively-sanctioned ethnocentrism, of which Afrocentric historical revisionism is the Trope Namer for this post title.

Basically, a bunch of Afrocentric race activists thought that peddling fringe revisionist theories on how ancient Egypt was actually a Black civilisation (we wuz kings an shiet) man, or that the first president was actually Black, so on and so forth. On the weirder side of things we get pseudoscientific melanin theory in which the pigment is given mystical properties imbuing those who have more of it with superhuman powers, and guess which race has the most melanin?


So on so forth, you can’t make all this up. This isn’t just restricted to Blacks, if you read around the ramblings of various anti-racism/sexism/whateverism warriors on the interwebz you will get a fair bit of them flirting with fringe pseudoscientific historically revisionist theories that promise some mind-blowing revelation of just how awesome their own group was.

This isn’t just restricted to race, you get the same nonsense along gender, nationality and whatever lines humans choose to define themselves by.

We get some of this locally as well, with the gift-that-keeps giving Sangeetha flirting a little with the idea that Tamils were responsible for Korean civilisation, making them the “right” fair-skinned asians in her jaundiced eye. Fellow Indians trying to correct her get the SJW beatdown because it is the narrative that matters, not the facts.

You also get a fair bit of the same nonsense with feminism, with feminists choosing to blow up the achievements of notable women in history when on closer examination, the awesomeness often does not check out or the story had been severely embellished. Just check out the gutter on stuff like “A Mighty Girl” FaceBook pages.

The thing about all mental wanking about how great one’s own personal in-group is that it often stops one from achieving true greatness. It is far easier to think back about the glory days, real or imagined instead of realising the work that currently needs to be done, and this is especially true of groups who realise that they don’t really have a lot to crow about in comparison to others.

Do I find it annoying when White people boast about the achievements of Western/European culture? Sometimes but the fact is the proof is in the pudding and available for all to see. They don’t need to split hairs over what’s the definition of success and civilisational achievement because they have gone out there and achieved a lot, both with the good and the bad.

You can blame White folks for doing some pretty terrible things in their climb to the top, but you can’t say they haven’t achieved anything, which is why the boasting while annoying, isn’t entirely without merit.

The nonsense starts when other cultures and groups who have not reached the same level of achievement nevertheless see the need to invent a narrative that allows them to feel good about themselves in terms of achievement. Basically a societal wide chanting of “I am special, I am special”. Peddling pseudoscientific theories and revisionist history is the illogical conclusion of this need to be regarded as special without needing to prove it. If there is nothing of value to be found, then something of value needs to be invented.

At the end of it, groups who invest in these collective fictions will only suffer when they waste time and energy believing they are special instead of actually going out to do useful things. This belief in unjustified self-value will most certainly lead to widespread Dunning-Kruger in the group to it’s detriment.

Do I think Asian achievements have not been fully recognised by the West?  Yep. Do I think the Asian civillisations, especially the Chinese and Japanese have achieved a lot? Yep.

But the difference between me and the “We Wuz Kingz” folk is that I live in the now, and it is what you do now and here that matters. Value has to be proven and worked for, not invented via nonsense and demanding that people see you as special.