Failing All The Shit Tests


Here we have the story of a poor guy who has made several large missteps in trying to navigate the minefield of female expectations for Valentine’s Day- he not only took a woman’s word at face value, but ended up apologising for it in a most degrading way:

The poor chap here failed his girlfriend’s initial test when he dutifully took her words literally and showed up empty handed (an Alpha can do the same, and convince the girl that’s what she wants), he failed bigger when he decided to disgrace himself by going full on supplicating beta by begging for forgiveness on his knees.

Now he has all but secured an impression of irrevocable betahood in the mind of his woman, who now has nothing but contempt for him. She will be unable to see him as a masculine man and the relationship, if it somehow continues after all this press attention will always be fraught with much tension, stress and personal degradition on the side of the beta. While his unappreciative GF slows whittles away what little masculinity he has left after this episode.

Remember that more often than not trying to win back a girl by supplicating after you failed a shit test only makes things worse.

Yes sometimes you fuck up, but draw a line in the sand in how far you are willing to leave the masculine frame to apologise. Remember that you may be called an asshole but you will have her interest and respect. Going full beta to apologise often ends up having the cure being worse than the ailment.

A SPG Regrets


This is a story of a girl who thought she could have it all, she lived dangerously by her desires and didn’t care much about anything else, much less about other people when they got in the way of that. She is the epitome of YOLO, and she lived her life to the fullest.

And by “life” we mean her twenties.

I first knew her when were were in our early twenties during uni- naive impressionable young adults who thought the world was our oyster that was ours for the taking. I was my hapless beta Blue Pill self as most local Singaporean guys are at that age and she was well aware of social power that women held by virtue of their gender at that youthful age.

She is a person who was what people would describe as “100% transactional”. Every dealing with her was evaluated on how much gain it she could get from it and how much it personally conveniences/inconveniences her.

It could be said that she had princess syndrome except that this was a princess who was perfectly and cynically aware and calculative of the value inherent in every social exchange. Hence she wasn’t just your typical dumb fempowerment girl that was typical of most of your english-educated females in a humanities course in university at that time.

Looking back through my Red Pill lens I now realise that she had to be more calculative because she wasn’t as pretty as her peers and needed to be more aware of how she could leverage on her social power for maximum returns. But that’s another story.

Anyway she had a nice quiet beta boyfriend, a Chinese boy still doing NS that was absolutely devoted to her, spending great amount on gifts, expensive dinners and activities on her from his meagre NS allowance. She rarely mentioned him but it was obvious that he wasn’t exactly giving her the tingles, even if he was reliable and good.

And things were about to change real fast for them, because soon she would be offered better deals.

She took a short trip to Europe for exchange and came back a changed person, she was different- hungry, dissatisfied with what she had now and wanted more. Being the beta White Knight who was the safe and naive non-judgemental confidante of many girls in school back then she expressed her doubts about her current boyfriend to me.

There wasn’t anything wrong with him- he had been reliable and loyal to a fault. In fact that was his fault- he was too boring and reliable, completely devoted in his beta script of dutifully supporting his girlfriend through life with a self-sacrificial donation of time, energy and resources to her.

She told me that he was nice and safe- husband material that she might marry one day but that was the problem. She wanted someone who was more fun and games right now. I was confused of course, for such rationales conflicted with my Blue Pill Beta script of how being a nice and reliable guy should pay off. In any case she revealed the reason for the change in her priorities:

She had cheated on him.

Europe must have been an exciting time for her, free from the clean and safe conservative repression of Singapore. Of course it was much safer then as they didn’t have all their problems with refugees and immigrants at that time- it was a decade ago before the current crisis. She had gone out onto the streets and day and met a stranger, an European who promptly got her high on some recreational drugs and ended up banging the daylights out of her.

That experience with casual hookups must have left a lasting impression on her because she had now seen the light and could no longer be satisfied with nor could she respect Mr. Boring back home who was dutifully paying his dues and keeping his hands to himself so that he can finally have her on their (eventual) wedding night.

She told all this to me with a straight face, with no hint of guilt or shame at all. Her main concern at that point of time, having returned to Singapore, was how to get rid of her boring Chinese BF without looking like the party at fault since he had given her no cause to do so.

Like I said, she was 100% transactional. Her BF had run out of a value proposition and she saw more exciting prospects ahead. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you have invested all your Beta energies into a woman thinking that will win her loyalty. She dumped him and set off with a vengeance to claim the world ahead. It was her oyster and she knew how to get the pearl. School was over and now it was time to prove to everyone that she can have it all.

She became a fully-fledged SPG, dating caucasian men exclusively. As she wasn’t the prettiest asian woman around she found that the market most open to her tended to be the middle-edge, lower-tier unattractive caucasians who were fat or balding who could not find western women back home or were on the wrong side of a divorce and had headed to Asia to feel like a man again.

Nevertheless any Ang Moh is a status symbol for an SPG even if he wasn’t the hot ones that the prettier SPGs could pull, and it was also a good living as they were willing to subsidise her lifestyle. The freelance work as a writer was all she find on an English Lit degree turned out to be irregular income. What? Work a regular job as an office drone? That was beneath her- her post-uni twenties as a young adult was for having maximum fun, not for doing something as boring as preparing for being a functional adult and “settling down”.

She made a big point of telling everyone that in the first few years of that lifestyle, writing long polemics on the wonders of the liberated SPG lifestyle and constantly posting pictures of her travels to various parts of the world with her middle-aged Ang Moh boyfriends. It was a good time for her, and she was living it up.

But things started to change, it was probably a combination of a drying up of suitors as she started to get older and a growing desire towards something more “serious” in her relationships. She was probably also starting to feel the pressure of competition from younger SPGs entering the market who could offer more in exchange for lower drama and upkeep and realised she needed to lock down an LTR with a boyfriend stat. The market for SPGs can be a vicious one, even more vicious than the mainstream.

Unfortunately, her years of happy liberated living funded by Ang Moh money left her with very few skills that would have rendered her a good LTR prospect, much less the temperament and character required for stability. Her transactional nature and lack of loyalty were instant red flags for any Red Pill Ang Moh worth his salt, leaving her with the either the ones who were so beta she found them unattractive or the ones that knew how to keep her at arms length in a relationship and prevent it from progressing to something more serious.

In any case she tried to settle down by getting into an LTR with an Ang Moh who was probably the latter- he was ambivalent about the relationship and they broke up and got back together multiple times. For the first time, she found herself in the unfamiliar situation of being the one that needed to qualify herself to the other party in the relationship. It was clear he had options while she didn’t, the power was starting to shift.

And with that so did the amount of male investment in terms of cold hard cash. She tried to find a full time writing job but the years of wild living had not really helped her to build up a work ethic, neither was she self-aware enough to realise that her attitude needed an adjustment or that she needed more market-relevant skills. She found herself job hopping and eventually even fired from her jobs.

The dream of the free and swinging 20s was about to give way to cold hard reality. The fun and liberated travels of the SPG lifestyle with middle aged Ang Moh boyfriends was started to be replaced by needing to pay her own way and play catch-up with her peers, many of which were much further along in life and had built up real assets for the future. She was now in her late twenties and hurtling into the thirties with none of her shit together.

And her “LTR” Ang Moh could see it, he dumped her and left her to her own devices- plenty of other SPG fish in the sea anyway. She wrote about how the breakup was empowering but it was becoming clear to everyone that they were witnessing a train-wreck.

And the big 30 finally came and past and in true social-media attention fashion she posted a long eulogy to the wasted previous decade by talking about how she had “grown” from the experience of her wasted 20s and was becoming stronger for it. A few Blue-Pills chimed in to provide words of “you-go-girl” encouragement, but it was obvious that nobody desired that kind of outcome for themselves. The party is over and people are moving on to the next big thing.

Today she struggles to get by on her freelance writing jobs, posting articles on why her kind of living is “independent and empowered” while simultaneously bemoaning the general lack of Ang Moh interest in her. As she approaches 35, the bitterness and resentment is apparent.

Barring an extraordinary effort to change her own attitude and gain life skills that make her a good LTR prospect, it is highly unlikely she will ever find the kind of happiness she desires. It is much harder to repair damaged goods, and for many of these women the future is cats and unhappy spinsterhood while convincing themselves they are the best.

If she had been a man, making a declaration of awesomeness simply for existing after fucking up the past decade would have gotten her laughed at and dismissed as a shithead who needs to prove himself before declaring worth. But being a woman society loathes to make her feel bad for making bad life choices and she sails forward ignorantly on the winds of convention, not realising the true extent of how badly she needs to change.

At the end of the day, we have to pay the bill for our life choices. The irony of my SPG schoolmate is that despite being so transactional in character and always making choices that favour her interests, she lacked the foresight to realise that ultimately the long game is what matters, and to make the choices that would be in her best interests.



Female Red Flags: Singapore Edition Part 1


Despite the explosion of Red Pill awareness around the world in recent years, a significant proportion of Singaporean men do not have a good grasp of Red Pill principles.

Being a high-context asian soceity aside, (which means a good deal of local men are already mass-produced, repressed Blue Pills deeply invested in the Beta script towards relationship success) Red Pill knowledge still largely exists as an western body of knowledge tailored for the American/European context, which are low-context cultures facing relatively different pressures and challenges.

But the basic Red Pill truths are pretty much universal and apply across all cultures, it just takes dedicated work of several social insurgents working to localise it for their own cultures. A small but rapidly growing community of Red Pill aware men are rising in our sunny island state, and Talon here is one working tirelessly to unplug as many local Blue Pills as possible and prepare them to face an increasingly degenerate soceity that has stacked the deck against hapless beta men.

So let’s get to the meat for today’s post, female red flags, SINGAPORE EDITION.

Through the past few years of interacting with my social circle after becoming Red Pill, I’ve realised that a good amount of guys make extremely poor choices while choosing women for a relationship.

I am not talking about short term flings or one night stands here- you can find plenty of advice on that with the various PUA communities here, but rather long term commitment. The Long Term Relationship, the woman you intend to make a wife of, to build a legacy with.

For those of you who are MGTOW or don’t see the need to get into an LTR or marriage that’s alright, you can stop reading at this point- we are free men to choose whatever rocks our boat.

But Talon asserts that healthy marriages and relationships are the basic building block of any civillisation, and a fundamental unit in which the culture war will be won. Functional LTRs and marriages build a functional soceity while dysfunctional ones lead to degeneration, but all that is for another post- we are here practical advice.

In any case a good deal of guys are still interested in going down the LTR path and wonder how they can do so without getting burned or their heart ripped out through their wallet in divorce court. So what is the secret to avoid all this? It really all starts with the quality of the woman you choose to be involved with.

A good and faithful woman with her head screwed on properly will build something quite wonderful with (preferably a Red Pill) you in an LTR/marriage. A one of poor quality will bring nothing but grief for you.

Being a masculine, Red Pill aware man means knowing how to unapologetically sort the wheat from the chaff. The Blue Pill delusions assert that every woman is equally beautiful, valuable and wonderful for an LTR, but the Red Pill knows that value propositions and risk factors from the parties within a relationship matters.

As part of your Red Pill sorting process, you need to be able look out for the Red Flags first- these are warning indicators that you must heed and not make excuses for as they indicate a high-probability that you are dealing with a very poor risk for an LTR. While having a red flag may not mean that an LTR woman is automatically going to fail, they should at the very least warrant more attention and investigation on your side. Several red flags in an individual should be more than enough indication for you to consider them a deal breaker and move on the better prospects.

Remember that you need to be ruthless in your sorting, this is your life you are talking about. Many beta Blue Pills have been burned because they overlooked too many red flags in their “perfect one”.

So enough for all that preamble, let’s look into 5 basic Red Flags you need to be aware of:

1.  High Sexual Partner Count


Basically, the woman is a bona-fide sexually active slut and has had a sexual history with an extremely high partner count. In the manosphere this is known as the Notch number, or N for short.

Studies have indicated that a higher N count raises the divorce risk with a woman. The more previous sexual partners she has had, the more likely your marriage will not last. The manosphere has many theories on this and they are worth many an article, but the basic gist is that having a high number of previous sexual partners affects a woman’s ability to bond with you.

The N count of any woman is something you should take deliberate steps to find out. It should be the first thing you should always try to find out if possible. It may take some effort to tease out the truth as women have a habit of under-declaring their N counts, especially in Asia when they are trying to get a guy for LTR. Be careful, and get some third-party sources of intel if you can.

Remember, no rings for sluts. What she has given away freely she now wants to toil and strive in order to earn. Don’t be the Beta chump. Walk away.

2. “Changing Boyfriends Like Changing Underwear”


We all know the type, the girl who has had a string of multiple relationships and can’t seem to keep in one. While somewhat similar to Red Flag 1, with the difference being these boyfriends don’t necessarily need to have been her sexual partners.

In any case, a girl who goes through a lot of relationships in short order advertises a lack of qualities that make her desirable as an LTR. She is likely to be emotionally immature, has no concept of commitment, and sees relationships mainly as a source of emotional fulfilment with no need on her side to keep things running once things go tough.

Don’t think that it will be different for you- more likely than not it won’t be and she will always be comparing you to BF #17, #12, and #32 whenever you don’t give her the tingles.

Oh yeah, do we need to mention the chances of cheating with an old flame are probably elevated as well? Walk away and find a woman who understand the concept of sticking through hard times.

Don’t be the guy who invests in a local version of Taylor Swift, your energy and time is better spent elsewhere.

3. She is a Feminist


This one should be a no-brainer if you are already a Red-Pill aware man, but that hasn’t stopped some of my friends who were thinking with their balls. The verdict? Invariably painful.

This is common sense, don’t date a woman has her head filled with theories on why you are evil and oppressive. As much as she may be nice to you now rest assured when the chips are down, her feminist ideas aren’t going to motivate her to bat on your team.

Also, if you guys get married and are thinking of going the way of starting a family good luck trying to convince her to listen to you if she wants to abort your child. Good luck raising children who aren’t conditioned to hate themselves if they are male, or hold you in contempt as the patriarch. The only approved role you will find yourself playing is that of the snivelling self-deprecating Beta forever handing his balls to his wife, aka. John Scalzi. Don’t be that guy.

While openly feminist women are still relatively rare here in Singapore, they tend to be more common among the english-educated females so you need to be more aware if you are dealing with one. Try to tease out their idealogical leaning subtly and see how they react when their dogma is challenged to determine how much feminist kool-aid they have taken.

4. Emotional Instability/Mental Disorders


This is a sad one and not often within control of the individual, but unfortunately a woman who is emotionally unstable will not be a good LTR prospect. You can try sticking it out if you think you can somehow support her in all that but sometimes it’s best to do that as a friend and not as a partner.

There are cases in which a woman has a personality disorder that compels her purposely farms drama in order to watch you scramble to deal with it. They get a kick from seeing such things happen, don’t be suckered in.

I’ve seen friends who are in LTRs with such characters before, it is ugly. Don’t drink from that bitter cup if you can avoid it. Being emotionally unstable is a big red flag. Don’t take that abuse and walk away for women who know how to control themselves like the Alpha male you are.

5. Tattoos/Colourful Hair/Celebration of Deviant Behaviours


You will probably get a good deal of flack if you ever openly state this as a red flag but it’s true. There is a correlation between tattoos and risk-taking deviant behaviour, scaling with the amount of ink a woman has. Be especially aware if she has had a lot done.

Getting tattoos is indicative of a particular psychology that celebrates novelty-seeking and risk-taking. While not bad things in themselves, they represent a risk that you need to be aware of for an LTR. A woman who is okay with stamping herself with ink is also more likely to be predisposed to think that suboptimal behaviours that affect an LTR is okay, as long as it excites her.

More importantly, it also indicates that a woman has non-traditional views of her femininity and is willing to disfigure herself permanently to do so. This is especially so if the tattoos are frivolous and generally meaningless, pay attention to bullshit quotes and cutesy designs. This is indicative of a mentality that is present-oriented and does not really think for the future.

Coloured hair is also something you should look out for, especially if they are extremely bright and attention seeking. The woman who does her hair this way wants attention and is sending out a message. The message you should be getting that this is a red flag for LTR prospects and she is likely to be trouble.

Ideologically, you should also sound them off on their opinions of deviant behaviours. The more acceptance and celebration of degeneracy and deviancy the less likely they are to be good LTR prospects for a Red Pill masculine man.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of Singaporean women are increasingly disfiguring themselves with bad tattoos, attention-seeking hair colours, and celebrating deviant behaviours. Don’t add to the degeneracy by adding market demand via dating these women. Have standards.


These are just 5 basic Red Flags that you need to look into as you consider a woman for an LTR prospect. Remember that while the existence of a Red Flag may not automatically disqualify her it is something you need to be aware of and investigate throughly in order to determine their impact.

We will be looking into more Red Flags in upcoming posts, but learn to be aware of these 5 first.


Pivot Point


Many great wars in history have had pivotal moments in which one side lost the strategic initiative in a decisive battle and never gained it back, being forced to be on the defensive until the final, inevitable defeat.

The war may still be far from over following the loss of the decisive battle and the side that lost the battle may still be a formidable opponent with many advantages, but for all purposes the cause of the entire war had already been decided in that crucial battle where the.

For the Germans in World War 2 it was the Battle of Stalingrad that finally checked their advances on the Eastern Front and forced them into retreat till the inevitable end of the Third Reich several years later. For the Japanese it was the Battle of Midway in which they lost a huge portion of their carrier fleet and was no longer able to maintain their strategic initiative in the Pacific Theatre. Before those battles the outcome of the war was still a toss-up, but the slow slide to defeat became inevitable following the loss of the strategic initiative.

Feminism and the various ideologies espoused by the memeplex of cultural marxism have all but won the culture wars using the left as it’s trojan horse, slowly making headway into all aspects of modern culture to erode the bulwark of traditional values designed to keep civillisation healthy and thriving.

The slide of societal values left was slow at first, but soon kicked into full gear and more institutions fell under the thrall of cultural marxism, even conservatives, the self-styled protector of traditional values, often found themselves ideologically cuckolded and helping to propagate the meme virus of cultural marxism.

And so we find ourselves today on the brink of modern civillisation, at a point where societal values have gotten so distorted by the reality-denying ideologies of cultural marxism that the societies in which it had been allowed to run amok have all but lost the will to survive and thrive.

The cultural marxist-meme viruses represented by feminism and social justice movements now act early, infecting children and youth as they are indoctrinated in educational institutions that have been all but taken over by CM ideologues. The aggressive and hostile reactions by offence culture has all but suppressed open speech on any opposing views. Modern feminism preaches a one-sided, misandric and dyscivic ideology of gender relations, destroying harmonious gender-relations vital for the functioning and propagation of soceity and replacing it with an antagonistic, gynocentric system filled with “empowered” women aging out of their biological prime and emasculated, listless, directionless Blue Pill beta men.

While some thinkers in the Manosphere think that cultural marxism is part of a Globalist Conspiracy by the elite to smash the notion of nationalism and enact a New World Order I am somewhat more skeptical about these conspiracy theories. Sometimes a bad idea could just get popular as developed civillisation shifts to an resource-abundant r-selected environment, even if it is ultimately unsustainable.

In any case, the damage caused by Cultural Marxism is undeniable and massive, and it’s dominance over many aspects of modern life is indisputable. They won the culture wars.

But that was when the insurgency started.

It wasn’t much at first, just a bunch of frustrated men trying to apply their objective observations on human nature to get quick lays. But the hedonist is often the most honest seeker of truth, and going down that rabbit hole of taking the Red Pill ended up giving them a whole new perspective to view things by. With these new perspectives, these men shifted out from just trying to be successful with women and started applying their Red Pill awareness to the culture around them, realising just how broken things had gotten.

While these Red Pill men are hardly monolithic as a group and focused on many different issues, they all recognised Cultural Marxism at the main threat to their civillisation and way of life. As more men got chewed up by the system their ranks started to swell, and what was just a bunch of men trying to best make their way by in a system with the cards stacked against them had now become a full-fledged countercultural insurgency taking on the occupying force of Cultural Marxism.

The enemy was not prepared for this new challenge, having being used to waging pitched battles to unseat conventionally organised incumbent idealogical opponents . This new social insurgency was nebulous, had no central leadership, no obvious organisations or assets to attack and were immune to the usual methods of labelling and shaming used to silence opponents. Worse, they were more than capable of using the very same tactics they had used on the traditional right.

But while all this was happening, the excesses of Cultural Marxism in attempting to impose it’s ideology over everyone’s way of life had led to a rise of disenfranchised, silent classes in many of the societies in which it had taken root. They provided welcoming demographics for the insurgency to thrive and recruit more members.

Despite all this was happening, the enemy had had grown complacent and put too much trust into the strength of their dominant narrative to suppress the insurgency from breaking out into full force. Despite having the system on their side, the general quality of their idealogical foot soldiers also tended to be on the poor side as the bars for entry to Cultural Marxism were very low and relied more on being able to recite dogma than actually being useful.

They did not realise just how strategic control over social narratives were slipping from their hands and into that of the social insurgents until it was too late.

In a series of stunning defeats in which the reactionary insurgent forces won upsets over the incumbent Cultural Marxists, the left was sent reeling in shock as they suddenly found themselves defeated in decisive battles that they expected to have utterly crushed the insurgency.

Brexit, the American Presidential Elections. All these were supposed to be the final victory for them where nationalism and the patriarchy was finally put down for good.

Instead the rag tag basket of deplorables somehow pulled off a series of wins.

And the liberals are sent reeling, trying to make sense of their sudden defeats and finding some way to explain them.

The funniest thing about all this renewed vigour to “fight on” by many liberals and their social activists to start a revolution in the light of their defeats is that they don’t realise that a real revolution had started, they had missed the boat, and they now weren’t invited.

Pop culture liberals, feminists and SJWs had always been manufacturing a victim narrative in order to grievance monger and justify their various inane revolutions, but and are now left completely out at sea and flabbergasted when a demographic of insurgents with REAL grievances and plenty of motivation to carry out a social insurgency had brought a real battle to them.

They have been caught entirely flat-footed, and hit with several sucker punches.

Cultural Marxism is not dead by a long shot, in fact it has now started to wake up to the insurgency and take it seriously. Future battles will be a lot harder than before when the insurgency could sneak in shots under the complacency of their enemies.

But everyone has now seen that the seemingly invulnerable dragon of Cultural Marxism can bleed.

And if it bleeds we can kill it.

They have lost the strategic initiative.

The social insurgents of the manosphere have been spending the past few years preparing for open battle, and in the wake of these recent momentous victories that have set a new normal.

The time is now.

Red Pill, Seeing Reality

If you have been a youth in the 90s you would have seen a rather awesome cyperpunk movie called The Matrix, it is from this movie in which the body of knowledge about human social behaviour found it’s “Red Pill” moniker. The movie delves deep into perceptions of reality and all that ontological mumbo jumbo, serving heavy philosophical concepts up along with a healthy dose of martial arts and gun-fu.

In The Matrix, our hero Neo embarks on a journey of self-discovery after realising that reality had been a construct created by machines that had now come to control humanity after an apocalyptic war that ended civillisation as we know it. He is presented with a red pill and a blue pill by his mentor Morpheus, with the former allowing him to see the truth of his constructed reality while the later offering him a release back to his blissful ignorance.

Neo takes the red pill, and goes down the rabbit hole. A rather cool movie results.

The Matrix was followed up by two clunkier sequels that attempt to ask even heavier question while outdoing the stunts of the first movie, I do like them but the original is widely considered the best.

It is no surprise that the motifs within The Matrix were quickly co-opted by the pioneers of  the developing knowledge of Game as they sought to find allegories that could best describe their new awareness of human behaviour and interactions, particularly in how radically different they view inter-gender relations post Game-awareness.

The abrupt paradigm shift that comes with absorbing all these knew perspectives and knowledge is akin to Neo taking the red pill given by him to allow him to truly perceive reality, which is why men who have taken up the body of awareness and perspectives that now form his new Game-awareness is called “Red Pill” knowledge. The blissful ignorance of his past beta self consequently, is considered “Blue Pill”.

To see is to be Red Pill

To be blissfully ignorant is to be Blue Pill.

Red Pill knowledge is not just restricted to inter-gender relations, although most of the base of Red Pill knowledge comes from there. Red Pill men soon discovered that they could apply their Red Pill awareness to wider issues in soceity, often finding the hidden truth, instincts, and motivations that lie beneath many of the practices, thoughts, and ideas that dominate the mainstream.

Red Pill knowledge advances haphazardly, with a lot of it is built up on informal observations and theories by thousands of Red Pill aware men, with the ideas being proven later by independent scientific studies retained to be built further upon while the rest is discarded. Like how alchemy follows chemistry, Red Pill observations and knowledge often comes before scientific confirmation.

But above all, the objective of Red Pill awareness is to be as objectively aware of human behaviour as possible, and to use that awareness as much as possible to achieve desired outcomes. This is unlike many mainstream ideologies like intersectional feminism and social justice where the predominant concern is fitting in with confirmation bias.

This is not to say that Red Pills are entirely unbiased- it is impossible for anybody to be. Rather, Red Pill men have a far more accurate view of reality than their idealogical enemies, who rely upon their various belief systems as a crutch for self-validation and to insulate them from the harsh realities of the world.

If you are a Red Pill man, your concern should be in seeing things for what they truly are, this is the only way you can truly be at peace with yourself, understand your limitations, and learn how to truly improve yourself and obtain the objectives you desire.

This concern with needing to have a reality-based view of things is why Red Pill knowledge can be so powerful, and also why your idealogical enemies will hate you. You represent a threat to their ego-invested belief systems that need to be eliminated, and they will instinctively attack you the moment they realise you hold forbidden knowledge.

But remember that as a Red Pill man, you have the advantage as you are able to see reality a lot clearer than your idealogical enemies who are vested in maintaining their ego-invested ideologies. The Red Pill is about seeing the truth as well as we can, and sooner or later the truth will prevail.

Always keep a Red Pill attitude towards finding the truth, and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

Bill Nye The Red Pill Guy

Budding Red Pill knowledge on the manosphere is to behavioural science what bit like alchemy is to chemistry, informal theories are developed from informal observations of human behaviour until the science catches up with either a confirmation or refutation.

More often than not nowadays, science tends to come up with a confirmation of the principles that have already been discovered by Red Pill men, as Bill Nye here demonstrates by describing already well-known concepts in the manosphere in his thesis on the Science of Twerking.

Unlike the magical thinking dogmas of progressive idealogical systems Red Pill knowledge and neomasculinity is reality-based, which is why science confirms it so often.

Don’t Shoot, Let Her Burn!


It’s time to play spot the Red Pill Truths in the link below:

TL;DR: Woman breaks up with on her fiancé after meeting a charming hotel worker on while holiday, she moves in with her new lover and ends up in financial ruin supporting him only to realise that she herself was being cheated on. She returns back a broken woman and tries to reconnect with the ex-fiancé who is still holding a candle for her.

Some archetypes first:

Paul- Hapless Beta

Louise- Hypergamous Woman

Caffery- Alpha Cad

Articles like these are chocked full of life lessons for the Red Pill man, and if you are a seasoned Red Pill you would have already been ticking off checkboxes even as you are scanning through the article.

Here are some of them:


5 Minutes of Alpha = 5 years of Beta

Pick Up Artist Cock Blocker
Woman nukes a long-term relationship with a stable, providing Beta after a short encounter with a man who pushes all her Alpha buttons. Notice how all the investment “besotted fiancé” Paul has put into Louise is no match for Caffrey’s Alpha chums.

“The chemistry between us was insane. Then we kissed. I tried to resist, but I couldn’t.”

So much for Beta investment in the first world as a form of security against infidelity. Don’t count on it, and most certainly don’t be shocked when it fails.


Female Hamstering


Everyone around Louise could see she was making a bad choice, but she rationalises all their warnings away under the guise of being “blinded by love”. The article does not go into her rationalisations but it is clear they probably involved a lot of self-delusional retroactive justifications to get rid of the cognitive dissonance between what her reptile brain is demanding (I MUST GETZ ALPHA) and what her higher functions are warning here against.

Remember, a lot of female justifications on their bad choices take the form of a logical rationalisation, but it is really just an exercise in making the reasons fit the desire.In older days soceity was more willing to call out women for such stupid reasoning but as we have shifted into a more feminine form of discourse hamstering becomes more accepted or even encouraged.

Be aware of this as you talk to a woman who is clearly running her hamster.


Damaged Tattoo Girl


No matter how much excessively-inked people may protest and say they don’t matter, Tattoos are correlated with deviancy and risk-taking behaviour, especially if the person in question has a lot of them in prominent places.

Louise most certainly fit this trope rather well with a large collection of prominently placed body art. This in itself should be a red flag of sorts that would warrant some caution from a Red Pill man.

It is also possible that prominent tattoos are one of the cues that Alpha Cads like Caffery use to sort out who are the easier prospects. After all it is much easier to sell Alpha Cad game to the risk-taking type always looking for novel and deviant behaviour.

In short, expect a heavily tattooed woman to be wife or stable-relationship material. She is likely to cheat, both because the cads look for her type and she is predisposed to trying out new things even if they are immoral.


Trying to Lock Down Alpha


We can say what we want about Caffery’s immoral behaviours but we can’t deny that he has a good understanding of female psychology. Knowing that Louise has dumped her Beta and he is all she has now, he artfully takes advantage of Louise’s Desire to lock down her new Alpha by asking her for money to buy a ring to indicate he is “taken”. She falls for it.

Note how Louise has gone from being provided for by Beta Chump Paul to providing for Alpha Cad Caffery, but her hypergamous instinct to do what it takes to retain a man who flips her Alpha tingle switches is so strong she fails to see she is being taken for a ride.

A Beta thinks the trick to a relationship is acting as if he has found a prize in the girl, the Alpha knows he is the prize.


Alpha Cad Plate Spinning


Caffery has two other women on the side while taking Louise for the ride. The man is not monogamous, is not interested in high-quality women, and neither is he seeking to build civillisation the way a functional Alpha would.

After all he has no incentive to do so, soceity now supports depraved, dysfunctional behaviours by women and he’s just making the best out of the situation.

Caffery instinctively knows that’s better that than being a Beta sucker who works hard and still gets his heart ripped out an stomped upon by his princess. Paul sees Louise idealistically, Caffery sees her for who she really is.


Beta Doubling Down


“We stayed in touch and she told me when she discovered he’d been cheating. I still care about her, so I was gutted for her. Will we get back together? I’m not sure. It’s all still very raw. One thing is for sure though – I will always love Louise.”

Sadly but not unexpectedly, Paul still holds out hope that his Beta dream will play out with Louise even after she had betrayed him and spit in the face of all his investment with her. Assigning an adjective of “always love” to Louise is a big Beta tell and a clear sign that he has learned nothing from the whole experience.

Louise may have messed up her life and betrayed his trust, but is is apparent that she still has some bridges left with Paul and he is still there to be her Plan B.


Well all that was quite a shit show, but not entirely unexpected.

It is somewhat sad that Paul has not gone Red Pill from all his experiences and is still setting himself up to be an airbag for her ill-conceived choices. His mental point of origin is still heavily fixated on pedestalising women and setting his life to revolve around them and their shenanigans.

He does not realise that his attempts to pull at the heartstrings with his heartbroken Beta story do little to generate genuine attraction with the opposite sex. Betas mistake pity for attraction, they think they can parlay vulnerability for

But in any case, the appropriate thing to do for a woman who has messed up her life chasing poor choices by following her hypergamy is to simply not help- you don’t need to attack them for their poor choices, but helping them is often not worth your time as well.

If anything the obvious slow-motion train wreck of a woman who has followed her hypergamy into disaster will send a spike of fear straight into the id of others who are considering the same. Attacking the train wreck will only bring an immediate hostile response from the sisterhood, obscuring the lesson that they need to learn from their fallen member.

Don’t shoot, let her burn.








Female Competition


While you often hear “all bodies are beautiful” rhetoric from women, what is actually said and practiced by womenfolk can be quite different indeed. Look beyond the surface and you will start to see a lot of intragender competition going on.

A good specific case study of this would be all the furore over the tight gap in the femosphere. A lot has been said about the tight gap as a beauty idea for first-world women and how such “standards” are impossible or damaging. In response to the “damaging” tight gap standard, “real” women (those who don’t can’t achieve a beauty standard” are attempting to launch a counter-meme: The Mermaid Thighs.

Despite the obligatory “all bodies are beautiful” disclaimer at the beginning, the article and the pictures it chose to promote Mermaid Thighs quickly move into bashing the Tight Gap and why it’s better to have Mermaid Thighs, with various banal examples brought up as to why being Mermaid Thighs is invariably better.

So much for the “all bodies are beautiful” rhetoric. We see this quite often in other examples of female counter-memes that attempt to attack some oppressive beauty standard. The opening usually starts with how all bodies are equally attractive but quickly devolves into the bashing of the old standard and a frenzied hard-sell of why not being that is better.


All this doublespeak may seem strange to a Blue Pill, but a Red Pill man will know that women are in constant competition with each other, with beauty standards being one of the many ways that they use to determine their own pecking order in the Sisterhood. Many of these beauty standards have little to do with attracting men at all, but are rather used as points for women to size each other up.

Attempts to sell non-conventional beauty standards such as fat acceptance, tattooed girls, dark skin, short hair and all those other things that “real women with real bodies” have aren’t done in the spirit of egalitarianism at all, but are rather attempted hostile takeovers by women considered less attractive by the sisterhood to redefine the rules to fit them better.

This isn’t too unlike how a reclusive MGTOW who does nothing with his life, an omega male who has zero success with women or soceity, or the effeminate Beta numan trying to redefine their own condition as the Masculine ideal. The difference is that women hide these attempts as redefinition under the guise of egalitarianism.


Note that men never asked for the tight gap as a beauty idea, nor do they find the existence of one a significant attractiveness buff or debuff. As a matter of fact men and women have quite different ideas of what is attractive in a woman, although men get blamed for most of it whenever there is any feelbadz. All this stuff and drama about the tight gap was quite literally created within the female sphere as a mean of social-capital ranking within the feminine social matrix.

So the next time a woman says “all bodies are beautiful”, remember that they most probably don’t mean it at all. The fat girl may say that all that in an attempt to reengineer social conditions to be more favourable to her, while the slim girl may say it so as to remain all PC with the added advantage hopefully the fat girls don’t self-improve. Their true attitudes on “all bodies beautiful” are quickly revealed the moment the fat girl starts attacking slim ones as being sticks while the slim girl sticks to her diet and exercise regime religiously.

Basic Red Pill 101: look at what women do, not what they say. Act accordingly.

Red Pill Shaming


A good way to tell if your Red Pill transformation is happening is to gauge the responses of the women around in your social circle. More often than not they will exhibit some unease about your change, with this unease being more pronounced if you have been a Beta Chump.

If you are doing it right, they will start shaming you, subtly at first and then more later as your Red Pill transformation becomes undeniable.

Exposure to Red Pill truths can lead to many different responses from men, the predominant response is usually to move away from gynocentric influence in order to regain control of their lives.

The specific responses differ of course, they range from making pragmatic measures to protect oneself such as the MGTOW, bitter resistance for the ones who can’t really shed their Blue Pill attitudes despite seeing Red Pill truth in MRA anti-feminism, or weaponising Red Pill knowledge to flip the gynocentric social script in order to gain the upper hand in the mating game such as the PUA.

One of the most recent arrivals to the Manosphere in male responses to Red Pill truth comes with emergence of Neomasculinty, an idealogical framework that goes beyond immediate comprehension of Red Pill truths in order to apply them to larger concepts beyond gender relations. From Red Pill truths one can derive a lot of understanding on how to achieve optimal outcomes, not just for oneself but for civillisation itself.

In many ways the emergence of Neomasculinity was inevitable once the Manosphere achieved a certain critical mass and Red Pill knowledge became well-codified. But no matter how far Red Pill though can advance in the Manosphere, one basic overall driving force remains constant, one that makes the modern woman very uncomfortable.

The move away from gynocentrism.

Red Pill truths savagely rip through the narratives set up by modern feminism that has resulted in a rather cushy setup for the modern woman. These narratives have allowed women access to privileges not only as a protected class that needs to be protected by the rest of society but also those traditionally given to men as part of the social compact for their traditional gender roles.

As much as modern feminism would like to claim it is all about equality, even a casual read of what feminists and the women who drink the feminist kool-aid do would quickly reveal the real drive behind feminism is female min-maxing. To generate social circumstances that would maximise privileges for women while minimising responsibilities and liabilities, to let women eat their cake and have it as well.

All this feminist min-maxing does not occur in a vacuum of course, it is a terribly expensive social arrangement that requires the cooperation of men as a group to constantly provide the resources in order to keep the feminist welfare system running.

And that is just the economic side of things, modern feminism has also set up various social conventions in order to enforce compliant supplication from Beta men to keep women protected and provided for while not needing to give anything in return.

A woman can abort a child without the consent of the father. A woman can have a child and force a man to support her choice through the pressures of soceity and the law. A woman can trick a man into raising a child that is not his with these same institutions. A woman can beat you up, accuse you of rape and violence, frivorce you, cheat on you and blame you for it, destroy your reputation, shame you into doing things for her and generally do all kinds of nasty things that benefit herself at your expense without ever once needing to give anything in return.

This is what Manospherians mean by gynocentrism, Red Pill truths make men aware of these realities and sets them on paths that serve their own interests instead.

Which is why women tend to be uncomfortable when they perceive that their useful little Beta is starting to change in a way that won’t benefit them.

This does not just happen with the more feministy women, most women in some way or another benefit from the unequal social treaties that modern feminism has set up even if they don’t explicitly identify as one. Behind all the feminist posturing of female independence the truth is modern women are still extremely reliant on men for all their basic needs, these dependencies are just hidden under multiple layers of social conventions and institutions set up to give a facade of gurl power.

And seeing a compliant useful Beta turning Red Pill threatens all that, the men who aren’t sexy should at least be useful to women even if this usefulness works against their own self-interest. From the perspective of women, the Red Pill corrupts their useful Betas, it destroys the pedestals that these men had always put them on and make them realise that all along the princess has no clothes.

This is especially terrifying for women who have come to take social conventions allowing them to parasitically exploit men without ever giving anything in return, I notice the traditionally feminine women with more reciprocal relations with men seem to worry less or even view a Beta trying to self-improve via the Red Pill with some level of positivity. After all, you worry less if you have been playing fair.

This is when the shaming starts, the Beta needs to be guided away from the sexist non-authorised ideas in the Red Pill back to his former useful self. Shame is a common tactic because women are intimately familiar with it’s use, and shame is a strong motivator for the Beta to behave.

This shaming can take subtle forms at first, usually it’s seemingly off the cuff remarks about how your previous Beta self was more useful and compliant agreeable and sensitive. If you have been working out and improving your physical condition you might get comments on how your previous, soft unfit self was nicer and you don’t need all “those muscles”.

How do you know if they are making an anti-Red Pill play? Take fundamental Red Pill truths about masculinity and see if the women you suspect of attempting to shame you back into Beta are trying to nudge you in the opposite direction of them. If Red Pill masculinity says that you need to be physically fit, they will want you to be soft. If Red Pill masculinity says that you need to be assertive and confident, they will want you to be compliant and nice.

These initial attempts at subtle shaming are a soft way of testing your resolve, and also to check if the useful Beta is still there. If you keep on your Red Pill path sooner or later a big shit test will inevitably come from one of the women in your social circle that will cause a lot of drama, and that’s when you need to hold your ground.

One of the big no-nos for a useful Beta is saying no to a woman when she demands that he heels to her gynocentric demands. If you have been that useful Beta going Red Pill sooner or later you are going to get a gynocentric demand that figuratively puts all the cards on the table.

It could be anything, a woman making an unreasonable request such as requesting you to drive across the state to pick her up and help her move after she got tossed out by her (Alpha) boyfriend. It could be a woman attempting to test your integrity by getting you to sell out on your principals to help her cover up her wrongdoing. It could be a woman expressing a feminist opinion and expecting you to heel the way the you always had done during your White Knight days. It could be anything, but the general gist of the idea is to put you in a spot where you have to choose between being Beta or a woman scorned.

If you have been on your Red Pill journey and done your homework properly, you know that some pitched battles cannot be avoided. While I advocate newly minted Red Pills to be coy about their true idealogical leaning while they are in self-development sooner or later the strength of their Red Pill transformation will be tested with a shit test.

Expect a shit storm when you refuse to back down, more often than not you will also get dogpiled by multiple women all freaking out about you not playing to the Beta script. Expect a lot of attempted shaming as they run through the lexicon of magic words to bring back the Beta in you. They will call you sexist, an asshole, compensating for a small penis, not a real man and all the stuff that they think should make you feel shame.

Remember to ignore the words, it’s all largely theatre, a desperate play to bring back the useful Beta or at the very least make you a warning to the rest who might ever think about resisting. A man breaking Beta can be very disorienting and threatening to the women who have been parasitically leeching the benefits off his Beta simpering and taking him or granted, as it shows how easily the gynocentric script can be broken.

The truth is, any outside observer will see that quite clearly you have grown a spine, are no longer taking any shit, and is the stronger party in all this. Remember that you don’t need to explain yourself, you just need to assert yourself and hold your ground. It won’t be long before the storm passes and they give up.

When I first became Red Pill I started to see some of my women in my social circle in a different light. I had genuine female friends who were interested in my well being and development as a person, in fact they had been dropping subtle Red Pill hints while I was a Beta.

But I also started to realise that a good deal of women had a manipulative streak in their “friendships” with men in general, with me being the Beta White Knight chump that provided them some form of benefit in one way or another. I put a Red Pill lens to their actions, and started to realise that they had been playing us for fools in their own little games of social jockeying.

So I stopped putting up with all that shit, called them out for the inconsistencies in their behaviour and refused to play to script. Refused to back down when they rose and tried to put the Beta back into his box, started infecting other Betas in my circle with nuggets of Red Pill truth. Some, too far locked in doubled down on their Beta, but others started on their own Red Pill journey as well.

They tried their shaming, but the reality of self-improvement that came from rediscovering my Masculinity was too hard to ignore. When I was a simpering Beta I was unmotivated, weak, sensitive and easily manipulated. Now I am the strongest I have ever been in my life, get complements on my appearance, am motivated, and is in a healthy happy relationship with a traditionally feminine woman who respects me as a man and wants me to lead.

Getting here took a lot of hard work and I still have a long way to go in my masculine journey, but there is no going back and neither do I have any intention of doing so.

You become Alpha as you internalise the Red Pill, the more irrelevant desperate female Red Pill shaming becomes. People can see that you have improved in all visible matrices despite their attempts to shame and assassinate your character, and that gives lie the feminist ideal of the effeminate Beta nu man as what a man should be.

If they shame you, you probably are doing something right. Keep at it.


Masculine Skills: Self Control


“Ender’s anger was cold, and he could use it.

Bonzo’s was hot, and so it used him. “

Ender’s Game

A close friend of mine has an issue with emotional self control and it has cost him greatly in his masculine journey. While he is generally a good guy, his one bad habit is having very poor control over his emotions, flipping out into fits of rage over things as inane as spilling the curry on his prata.

Unfortunately this emotional instability of his also carried over to his workplace as a teacher. While he was a good teacher and well loved by the students, his inability to contain his emotions often meant that he was on the short end of the stick when it came to office politics, becoming the scapegoat for the department. Losing your shit over stuff makes you look bad, no matter if you are in the right or wrong.

This also extended into his dating life, and it wasn’t so much his anger management issue that was the problem here but his inability to keep a stoic front, often wearing his heart on his sleeve or freaking out the moment things got a little serious, getting emotional and then bailing out. To this day he is single, and has never had a relationship in his life.

The masculine journey is a perilous one, and the thing that often scuttles a man’s bid to be the best that he can be is an inability to control his own emotions and letting them get the better of him.

Flipping out into fits of rage the moments things don’t go well, whining about difficulties, being overly soppy and sentimental, being overly-sensitive- these are hallmarks of a Blue Pill Beta male that signals to the entire world that he is a hapless man that is not in control of his own destiny.

In Singapore this often takes the form of whining about the government, whining about National Service, whining about how SPGs are sluts and can’t appreciate Asian men, whining about how life is tough and all that. A lack of emotional control is one of the reasons why many local Singaporean men are perceived as effeminate and weak. If you find yourself doing any of that, stop.

An Alpha male is in control over his emotions. He does not let many things get under his skin and only reserves anger for when it is appropriate. Even when he is angry, his anger is of the cold, calculated variety that is used it as a motivator to solve the problem as opposed to the histrionic hissy fit of a Beta.

Learn to control your emotions, be the rock in the storm. Don’t buy the claptrap being sold to you that men need to learn how to be sensitive. You will find that this pays many dividends in your work and social life.

Be the strong, silent man that is in control of his emotions.

Be Alpha.