Red Pill Shaming


A good way to tell if your Red Pill transformation is happening is to gauge the responses of the women around in your social circle. More often than not they will exhibit some unease about your change, with this unease being more pronounced if you have been a Beta Chump.

If you are doing it right, they will start shaming you, subtly at first and then more later as your Red Pill transformation becomes undeniable.

Exposure to Red Pill truths can lead to many different responses from men, the predominant response is usually to move away from gynocentric influence in order to regain control of their lives.

The specific responses differ of course, they range from making pragmatic measures to protect oneself such as the MGTOW, bitter resistance for the ones who can’t really shed their Blue Pill attitudes despite seeing Red Pill truth in MRA anti-feminism, or weaponising Red Pill knowledge to flip the gynocentric social script in order to gain the upper hand in the mating game such as the PUA.

One of the most recent arrivals to the Manosphere in male responses to Red Pill truth comes with emergence of Neomasculinty, an idealogical framework that goes beyond immediate comprehension of Red Pill truths in order to apply them to larger concepts beyond gender relations. From Red Pill truths one can derive a lot of understanding on how to achieve optimal outcomes, not just for oneself but for civillisation itself.

In many ways the emergence of Neomasculinity was inevitable once the Manosphere achieved a certain critical mass and Red Pill knowledge became well-codified. But no matter how far Red Pill though can advance in the Manosphere, one basic overall driving force remains constant, one that makes the modern woman very uncomfortable.

The move away from gynocentrism.

Red Pill truths savagely rip through the narratives set up by modern feminism that has resulted in a rather cushy setup for the modern woman. These narratives have allowed women access to privileges not only as a protected class that needs to be protected by the rest of society but also those traditionally given to men as part of the social compact for their traditional gender roles.

As much as modern feminism would like to claim it is all about equality, even a casual read of what feminists and the women who drink the feminist kool-aid do would quickly reveal the real drive behind feminism is female min-maxing. To generate social circumstances that would maximise privileges for women while minimising responsibilities and liabilities, to let women eat their cake and have it as well.

All this feminist min-maxing does not occur in a vacuum of course, it is a terribly expensive social arrangement that requires the cooperation of men as a group to constantly provide the resources in order to keep the feminist welfare system running.

And that is just the economic side of things, modern feminism has also set up various social conventions in order to enforce compliant supplication from Beta men to keep women protected and provided for while not needing to give anything in return.

A woman can abort a child without the consent of the father. A woman can have a child and force a man to support her choice through the pressures of soceity and the law. A woman can trick a man into raising a child that is not his with these same institutions. A woman can beat you up, accuse you of rape and violence, frivorce you, cheat on you and blame you for it, destroy your reputation, shame you into doing things for her and generally do all kinds of nasty things that benefit herself at your expense without ever once needing to give anything in return.

This is what Manospherians mean by gynocentrism, Red Pill truths make men aware of these realities and sets them on paths that serve their own interests instead.

Which is why women tend to be uncomfortable when they perceive that their useful little Beta is starting to change in a way that won’t benefit them.

This does not just happen with the more feministy women, most women in some way or another benefit from the unequal social treaties that modern feminism has set up even if they don’t explicitly identify as one. Behind all the feminist posturing of female independence the truth is modern women are still extremely reliant on men for all their basic needs, these dependencies are just hidden under multiple layers of social conventions and institutions set up to give a facade of gurl power.

And seeing a compliant useful Beta turning Red Pill threatens all that, the men who aren’t sexy should at least be useful to women even if this usefulness works against their own self-interest. From the perspective of women, the Red Pill corrupts their useful Betas, it destroys the pedestals that these men had always put them on and make them realise that all along the princess has no clothes.

This is especially terrifying for women who have come to take social conventions allowing them to parasitically exploit men without ever giving anything in return, I notice the traditionally feminine women with more reciprocal relations with men seem to worry less or even view a Beta trying to self-improve via the Red Pill with some level of positivity. After all, you worry less if you have been playing fair.

This is when the shaming starts, the Beta needs to be guided away from the sexist non-authorised ideas in the Red Pill back to his former useful self. Shame is a common tactic because women are intimately familiar with it’s use, and shame is a strong motivator for the Beta to behave.

This shaming can take subtle forms at first, usually it’s seemingly off the cuff remarks about how your previous Beta self was more useful and compliant agreeable and sensitive. If you have been working out and improving your physical condition you might get comments on how your previous, soft unfit self was nicer and you don’t need all “those muscles”.

How do you know if they are making an anti-Red Pill play? Take fundamental Red Pill truths about masculinity and see if the women you suspect of attempting to shame you back into Beta are trying to nudge you in the opposite direction of them. If Red Pill masculinity says that you need to be physically fit, they will want you to be soft. If Red Pill masculinity says that you need to be assertive and confident, they will want you to be compliant and nice.

These initial attempts at subtle shaming are a soft way of testing your resolve, and also to check if the useful Beta is still there. If you keep on your Red Pill path sooner or later a big shit test will inevitably come from one of the women in your social circle that will cause a lot of drama, and that’s when you need to hold your ground.

One of the big no-nos for a useful Beta is saying no to a woman when she demands that he heels to her gynocentric demands. If you have been that useful Beta going Red Pill sooner or later you are going to get a gynocentric demand that figuratively puts all the cards on the table.

It could be anything, a woman making an unreasonable request such as requesting you to drive across the state to pick her up and help her move after she got tossed out by her (Alpha) boyfriend. It could be a woman attempting to test your integrity by getting you to sell out on your principals to help her cover up her wrongdoing. It could be a woman expressing a feminist opinion and expecting you to heel the way the you always had done during your White Knight days. It could be anything, but the general gist of the idea is to put you in a spot where you have to choose between being Beta or a woman scorned.

If you have been on your Red Pill journey and done your homework properly, you know that some pitched battles cannot be avoided. While I advocate newly minted Red Pills to be coy about their true idealogical leaning while they are in self-development sooner or later the strength of their Red Pill transformation will be tested with a shit test.

Expect a shit storm when you refuse to back down, more often than not you will also get dogpiled by multiple women all freaking out about you not playing to the Beta script. Expect a lot of attempted shaming as they run through the lexicon of magic words to bring back the Beta in you. They will call you sexist, an asshole, compensating for a small penis, not a real man and all the stuff that they think should make you feel shame.

Remember to ignore the words, it’s all largely theatre, a desperate play to bring back the useful Beta or at the very least make you a warning to the rest who might ever think about resisting. A man breaking Beta can be very disorienting and threatening to the women who have been parasitically leeching the benefits off his Beta simpering and taking him or granted, as it shows how easily the gynocentric script can be broken.

The truth is, any outside observer will see that quite clearly you have grown a spine, are no longer taking any shit, and is the stronger party in all this. Remember that you don’t need to explain yourself, you just need to assert yourself and hold your ground. It won’t be long before the storm passes and they give up.

When I first became Red Pill I started to see some of my women in my social circle in a different light. I had genuine female friends who were interested in my well being and development as a person, in fact they had been dropping subtle Red Pill hints while I was a Beta.

But I also started to realise that a good deal of women had a manipulative streak in their “friendships” with men in general, with me being the Beta White Knight chump that provided them some form of benefit in one way or another. I put a Red Pill lens to their actions, and started to realise that they had been playing us for fools in their own little games of social jockeying.

So I stopped putting up with all that shit, called them out for the inconsistencies in their behaviour and refused to play to script. Refused to back down when they rose and tried to put the Beta back into his box, started infecting other Betas in my circle with nuggets of Red Pill truth. Some, too far locked in doubled down on their Beta, but others started on their own Red Pill journey as well.

They tried their shaming, but the reality of self-improvement that came from rediscovering my Masculinity was too hard to ignore. When I was a simpering Beta I was unmotivated, weak, sensitive and easily manipulated. Now I am the strongest I have ever been in my life, get complements on my appearance, am motivated, and is in a healthy happy relationship with a traditionally feminine woman who respects me as a man and wants me to lead.

Getting here took a lot of hard work and I still have a long way to go in my masculine journey, but there is no going back and neither do I have any intention of doing so.

You become Alpha as you internalise the Red Pill, the more irrelevant desperate female Red Pill shaming becomes. People can see that you have improved in all visible matrices despite their attempts to shame and assassinate your character, and that gives lie the feminist ideal of the effeminate Beta nu man as what a man should be.

If they shame you, you probably are doing something right. Keep at it.


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