Female Competition


While you often hear “all bodies are beautiful” rhetoric from women, what is actually said and practiced by womenfolk can be quite different indeed. Look beyond the surface and you will start to see a lot of intragender competition going on.

A good specific case study of this would be all the furore over the tight gap in the femosphere. A lot has been said about the tight gap as a beauty idea for first-world women and how such “standards” are impossible or damaging. In response to the “damaging” tight gap standard, “real” women (those who don’t can’t achieve a beauty standard” are attempting to launch a counter-meme: The Mermaid Thighs.

Despite the obligatory “all bodies are beautiful” disclaimer at the beginning, the article and the pictures it chose to promote Mermaid Thighs quickly move into bashing the Tight Gap and why it’s better to have Mermaid Thighs, with various banal examples brought up as to why being Mermaid Thighs is invariably better.

So much for the “all bodies are beautiful” rhetoric. We see this quite often in other examples of female counter-memes that attempt to attack some oppressive beauty standard. The opening usually starts with how all bodies are equally attractive but quickly devolves into the bashing of the old standard and a frenzied hard-sell of why not being that is better.


All this doublespeak may seem strange to a Blue Pill, but a Red Pill man will know that women are in constant competition with each other, with beauty standards being one of the many ways that they use to determine their own pecking order in the Sisterhood. Many of these beauty standards have little to do with attracting men at all, but are rather used as points for women to size each other up.

Attempts to sell non-conventional beauty standards such as fat acceptance, tattooed girls, dark skin, short hair and all those other things that “real women with real bodies” have aren’t done in the spirit of egalitarianism at all, but are rather attempted hostile takeovers by women considered less attractive by the sisterhood to redefine the rules to fit them better.

This isn’t too unlike how a reclusive MGTOW who does nothing with his life, an omega male who has zero success with women or soceity, or the effeminate Beta numan trying to redefine their own condition as the Masculine ideal. The difference is that women hide these attempts as redefinition under the guise of egalitarianism.


Note that men never asked for the tight gap as a beauty idea, nor do they find the existence of one a significant attractiveness buff or debuff. As a matter of fact men and women have quite different ideas of what is attractive in a woman, although men get blamed for most of it whenever there is any feelbadz. All this stuff and drama about the tight gap was quite literally created within the female sphere as a mean of social-capital ranking within the feminine social matrix.

So the next time a woman says “all bodies are beautiful”, remember that they most probably don’t mean it at all. The fat girl may say that all that in an attempt to reengineer social conditions to be more favourable to her, while the slim girl may say it so as to remain all PC with the added advantage hopefully the fat girls don’t self-improve. Their true attitudes on “all bodies beautiful” are quickly revealed the moment the fat girl starts attacking slim ones as being sticks while the slim girl sticks to her diet and exercise regime religiously.

Basic Red Pill 101: look at what women do, not what they say. Act accordingly.


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