Mentoring Your Fellow Man

Mentoring - DTS Voice

I interact with a good number of younger men in my line of work. A good percentage are blue pill average frustrated chumps just starting out in their careers struggling to navigate their way as generally under-appealing Singaporean males in the dating marketplace.

They don’t have much to their name, having just started out and as expected they struggle to get any notice from the opposite sex. It doesn’t help that they are choked full of blue pill ideas and outdated social scripts on how they should be “sensitive nice guys” and don’t realise all that is worth little in the post-sexual revolution dating marketplace.

The thing about being a social insurgent trying to mentor and improve your fellow man is that you have to be subtle about it. When Talon was younger he tried to bring his peers out of their blue pill struggles by force-feeding them red-pill truth bombs en masse. 

The thing is most blue-pilled men, especially the young ones with little experience, find the brutal nature of red pill seeing-it-as-it-is thinking very difficult to accept. The cognitive dissonance is often extreme and they fight for any way to hold to their old ways of blue pill wishful thinking.

They want to believe that the girl they like is special, that she is somehow immune to all of the weaknesses, failings and temptations that are obvious to any person who accepts red pill reality. They want to believe in The One, their own personal fairy tale.

Few blue pills come to red pill knowledge by reasoning it out. The truths are painful and the journey that needs to be taken when one accepts it very hard. This is why many men only come to accept it after an inciting incident that makes them realise the blue pill can’t work for them anymore.

It could be an ex cheating on them, being rejected for the 50th time, or being dumped for chad despite trying to be the ultimate nice guy. There are many variations but the fact remains that most men require an inciting incident to shatter everything they though was true before they start to shed their own belief systems and look for an answer. Even then many men don’t make that transition, wasting even more years trying to make the blue pill script work.

This is why after having spent much time working with young men, many in an environment that is dominated by progressive SJWs trying their best to crush any semblance of masculinity in the workplace, Talon has realised that one can’t just feed the whole bitter truth to struggling men.

You need to do it in little doses consistently. Don’t give them the full truth as they are unable to accept it. Instead, drop small truth bombs whenever you can, especially during teachable moments when the red pill has a good answer for something that has happened. Always make them question their beliefs. Always be ready with a contrarian position whenever a blue pill belief comes up but never push too hard, leave them a way out to keep on believing in what they want to believe.

The idea to slowly seed red pill ideas in the blue pill men you mentor that will be ready to bear fruit the moment an inciting incident happens. If you are consistent enough sometimes the inciting incident isn’t even needed, they just naturally realise the inadequacy of their blue pill paradigm to explain the world as they see it.

Remember unlike SJWs whose progressive ideology is spread by bluster, social manipulation and coercion, a red pill social insurgent does not force his beliefs on others but plays the long game quietly, biding his time while building and equipping his fellow men to face what is coming.

Mentor the men around you, build your tribe. Get ready for the culture war.

When the Beta Shuts You Up

Ever been so Beta because you didn’t know what to do that you decided to give the silent treatment for 20 years? This guy did.

Imagine losing 20 years of your irreplaceable experiences because you couldn’t control your emotions and let them get the better of you. The main thing this guy mastered was discipline in given the silent treatment. What a wast.

Being masculine means being in control of your emotions, not them in control of you. A beta male never reaches his potential is controlled by his emotions and acts accordingly. A masculine man is in control uses his emotions to achieve his goals. As in the words of Rollo Tomassi, kill the beta in you before it kills you.

The Village Bicycles

Once upon a time cycling was a popular activity in my village and many people had their own bike. Being villagers many weren’t rich but the cyclists among us invested a lot into lovingly maintaining and upgrading our own bikes. While there were some douchebag cyclists who would cycle any way they saw fit and parked everywhere by and large there was a polite and courteous cycling culture.

There were also a few village bicycles- bikes that those who didn’t have one for various reasons to share for short distance rides. Those were beaters that people would have their fun with and after leave exposed to the elements. While many of them started out pristine and shiny from the shop they soon became worn out, damaged and abandoned.

The cyclists in our village would shake our head as we saw these rusty abandoned bicycles lying around, overgrown by grass. Sometimes someone might rescue one and restore to original condition with much TLC but that was difficult and expensive due to the condition of the bikes. Sometimes they were just too damaged to restore. While sad these shared bikes were the minority and most people were responsible cyclists with their own lovingly maintained bicycles.

Then the bike share came.

It started first as a trickle- a shared bike parked haphazardly outside a house there, another lying on it’s side in the grass, signs that things were about to change. They were often ridden by people who barely had any idea how to cycle, and they would often bring in more bikes and leave them where they found them. These were different from the village bicycles everyone was used to which were considered one off anomalies.

These were village bicycles on a large scale.

The identical bikes starting to clog up the bike stands and spill over onto the streets and spread everywhere. It wasn’t long before there were so many that just about anyone could have access to a bicycle at the drop of a hat. Some said this was a revolution in cycling, cycling would no longer be the reserve of bicycle owners, it would truly be for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

But deep down everyone had their reservations. The people who used the shared bikes weren’t cyclists in the traditional sense of the word, they just knew how to ride a bike and didn’t care much for one beyond it getting them from point A to B. Their relationship with the bicycle ends the moment the trip did. They knew little about how to cycle safely, what was proper etiquette, or how to maintain and keep bicycles in good working order. The shared bikes were just expendable, disposable tools, discarded after they were used, abandoned to the elements for newer, fresher models. No one could trust them to work properly, so parts were often stolen just in case and bikes missing parts were left abandoned.

They were everywhere. Proper cyclists could no longer park their bicycles due to the shared bikes clogging up racks, nor could they enjoy a safe and leisurely ride due to the sheer number of bad riders around. It was a mess. We wondered if this new state of affairs really improved cycling. Some had argued that the shared bike would increase the number of committed cyclists who would go on to get their own bikes and learn the ropes on proper cycling but what seemed to have happened instead is that the shared biked simply made people start to treat bicycles as disposable objects and bad cycling as acceptable. Some committed cyclists gave up entirely stop cycling, the experience just wasn’t the same anymore.

My cousin came down for a visit during Chinese new year and remarked on how messy and dangerous our village was from all the shared bikes. I told her that things weren’t that way before and our village used to have a good cycling culture. Something had changed from all this, people no longer viewed cycling as an endeavour where one would lovingly maintain a machine that would take him on all sorts of adventures. Instead cycling had been turned to a series of short-term anonymous casual encounters with bicycles one couldn’t care less about. Abandoned the moment there was another identical, but newer bike available.

The village bicycle, and the village bicycle way of riding had become what cycling is in our village.

Female Red Flags: Singapore Edition Part 1


Despite the explosion of Red Pill awareness around the world in recent years, a significant proportion of Singaporean men do not have a good grasp of Red Pill principles.

Being a high-context asian soceity aside, (which means a good deal of local men are already mass-produced, repressed Blue Pills deeply invested in the Beta script towards relationship success) Red Pill knowledge still largely exists as an western body of knowledge tailored for the American/European context, which are low-context cultures facing relatively different pressures and challenges.

But the basic Red Pill truths are pretty much universal and apply across all cultures, it just takes dedicated work of several social insurgents working to localise it for their own cultures. A small but rapidly growing community of Red Pill aware men are rising in our sunny island state, and Talon here is one working tirelessly to unplug as many local Blue Pills as possible and prepare them to face an increasingly degenerate soceity that has stacked the deck against hapless beta men.

So let’s get to the meat for today’s post, female red flags, SINGAPORE EDITION.

Through the past few years of interacting with my social circle after becoming Red Pill, I’ve realised that a good amount of guys make extremely poor choices while choosing women for a relationship.

I am not talking about short term flings or one night stands here- you can find plenty of advice on that with the various PUA communities here, but rather long term commitment. The Long Term Relationship, the woman you intend to make a wife of, to build a legacy with.

For those of you who are MGTOW or don’t see the need to get into an LTR or marriage that’s alright, you can stop reading at this point- we are free men to choose whatever rocks our boat.

But Talon asserts that healthy marriages and relationships are the basic building block of any civillisation, and a fundamental unit in which the culture war will be won. Functional LTRs and marriages build a functional soceity while dysfunctional ones lead to degeneration, but all that is for another post- we are here practical advice.

In any case a good deal of guys are still interested in going down the LTR path and wonder how they can do so without getting burned or their heart ripped out through their wallet in divorce court. So what is the secret to avoid all this? It really all starts with the quality of the woman you choose to be involved with.

A good and faithful woman with her head screwed on properly will build something quite wonderful with (preferably a Red Pill) you in an LTR/marriage. A one of poor quality will bring nothing but grief for you.

Being a masculine, Red Pill aware man means knowing how to unapologetically sort the wheat from the chaff. The Blue Pill delusions assert that every woman is equally beautiful, valuable and wonderful for an LTR, but the Red Pill knows that value propositions and risk factors from the parties within a relationship matters.

As part of your Red Pill sorting process, you need to be able look out for the Red Flags first- these are warning indicators that you must heed and not make excuses for as they indicate a high-probability that you are dealing with a very poor risk for an LTR. While having a red flag may not mean that an LTR woman is automatically going to fail, they should at the very least warrant more attention and investigation on your side. Several red flags in an individual should be more than enough indication for you to consider them a deal breaker and move on the better prospects.

Remember that you need to be ruthless in your sorting, this is your life you are talking about. Many beta Blue Pills have been burned because they overlooked too many red flags in their “perfect one”.

So enough for all that preamble, let’s look into 5 basic Red Flags you need to be aware of:

1.  High Sexual Partner Count


Basically, the woman is a bona-fide sexually active slut and has had a sexual history with an extremely high partner count. In the manosphere this is known as the Notch number, or N for short.

Studies have indicated that a higher N count raises the divorce risk with a woman. The more previous sexual partners she has had, the more likely your marriage will not last. The manosphere has many theories on this and they are worth many an article, but the basic gist is that having a high number of previous sexual partners affects a woman’s ability to bond with you.

The N count of any woman is something you should take deliberate steps to find out. It should be the first thing you should always try to find out if possible. It may take some effort to tease out the truth as women have a habit of under-declaring their N counts, especially in Asia when they are trying to get a guy for LTR. Be careful, and get some third-party sources of intel if you can.

Remember, no rings for sluts. What she has given away freely she now wants to toil and strive in order to earn. Don’t be the Beta chump. Walk away.

2. “Changing Boyfriends Like Changing Underwear”


We all know the type, the girl who has had a string of multiple relationships and can’t seem to keep in one. While somewhat similar to Red Flag 1, with the difference being these boyfriends don’t necessarily need to have been her sexual partners.

In any case, a girl who goes through a lot of relationships in short order advertises a lack of qualities that make her desirable as an LTR. She is likely to be emotionally immature, has no concept of commitment, and sees relationships mainly as a source of emotional fulfilment with no need on her side to keep things running once things go tough.

Don’t think that it will be different for you- more likely than not it won’t be and she will always be comparing you to BF #17, #12, and #32 whenever you don’t give her the tingles.

Oh yeah, do we need to mention the chances of cheating with an old flame are probably elevated as well? Walk away and find a woman who understand the concept of sticking through hard times.

Don’t be the guy who invests in a local version of Taylor Swift, your energy and time is better spent elsewhere.

3. She is a Feminist


This one should be a no-brainer if you are already a Red-Pill aware man, but that hasn’t stopped some of my friends who were thinking with their balls. The verdict? Invariably painful.

This is common sense, don’t date a woman has her head filled with theories on why you are evil and oppressive. As much as she may be nice to you now rest assured when the chips are down, her feminist ideas aren’t going to motivate her to bat on your team.

Also, if you guys get married and are thinking of going the way of starting a family good luck trying to convince her to listen to you if she wants to abort your child. Good luck raising children who aren’t conditioned to hate themselves if they are male, or hold you in contempt as the patriarch. The only approved role you will find yourself playing is that of the snivelling self-deprecating Beta forever handing his balls to his wife, aka. John Scalzi. Don’t be that guy.

While openly feminist women are still relatively rare here in Singapore, they tend to be more common among the english-educated females so you need to be more aware if you are dealing with one. Try to tease out their idealogical leaning subtly and see how they react when their dogma is challenged to determine how much feminist kool-aid they have taken.

4. Emotional Instability/Mental Disorders


This is a sad one and not often within control of the individual, but unfortunately a woman who is emotionally unstable will not be a good LTR prospect. You can try sticking it out if you think you can somehow support her in all that but sometimes it’s best to do that as a friend and not as a partner.

There are cases in which a woman has a personality disorder that compels her purposely farms drama in order to watch you scramble to deal with it. They get a kick from seeing such things happen, don’t be suckered in.

I’ve seen friends who are in LTRs with such characters before, it is ugly. Don’t drink from that bitter cup if you can avoid it. Being emotionally unstable is a big red flag. Don’t take that abuse and walk away for women who know how to control themselves like the Alpha male you are.

5. Tattoos/Colourful Hair/Celebration of Deviant Behaviours


You will probably get a good deal of flack if you ever openly state this as a red flag but it’s true. There is a correlation between tattoos and risk-taking deviant behaviour, scaling with the amount of ink a woman has. Be especially aware if she has had a lot done.

Getting tattoos is indicative of a particular psychology that celebrates novelty-seeking and risk-taking. While not bad things in themselves, they represent a risk that you need to be aware of for an LTR. A woman who is okay with stamping herself with ink is also more likely to be predisposed to think that suboptimal behaviours that affect an LTR is okay, as long as it excites her.

More importantly, it also indicates that a woman has non-traditional views of her femininity and is willing to disfigure herself permanently to do so. This is especially so if the tattoos are frivolous and generally meaningless, pay attention to bullshit quotes and cutesy designs. This is indicative of a mentality that is present-oriented and does not really think for the future.

Coloured hair is also something you should look out for, especially if they are extremely bright and attention seeking. The woman who does her hair this way wants attention and is sending out a message. The message you should be getting that this is a red flag for LTR prospects and she is likely to be trouble.

Ideologically, you should also sound them off on their opinions of deviant behaviours. The more acceptance and celebration of degeneracy and deviancy the less likely they are to be good LTR prospects for a Red Pill masculine man.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of Singaporean women are increasingly disfiguring themselves with bad tattoos, attention-seeking hair colours, and celebrating deviant behaviours. Don’t add to the degeneracy by adding market demand via dating these women. Have standards.


These are just 5 basic Red Flags that you need to look into as you consider a woman for an LTR prospect. Remember that while the existence of a Red Flag may not automatically disqualify her it is something you need to be aware of and investigate throughly in order to determine their impact.

We will be looking into more Red Flags in upcoming posts, but learn to be aware of these 5 first.


The Insurgency Rises


If you haven’t been living under a rock and have been following world events for the past year (a bad idea, for a Masculine man should always be informed on happenings) you would have noticed that there is an ongoing shift in the zeitgeist of many first-world nations.

Namely, the monolithic liberal narrative that has come to dominate the mainstream since the left won the culture war of the 60s is starting to show weakness. Stunning defeats to the liberal world view by world events such as Brexit and the rise of Trump, events unthinkable just years ago indicate that there is a sea change coming.

The change will be sudden, it will be huge, and it will be unexpected for those who are unprepared. The worldwide social insurgency against the monolithic liberal narrative is rising.

It’s hard to say how this will affect Singapore, given as a nation the liberal narrative is still trying to make headway in here. But my take is in the next few years local progressives are suddenly going to find themselves cut off from their source of idealogical supply as the dominance of the left in Europe and America is challenged by the rise of Red-Pill social insurgency there. As far as social justice goes in Singapore, local SJWs basically import their ideas wholesale with some terms switched out to barely pass for local.

This will start to be more difficult as each meme the left puts out will be co-opted and countered by several memes the Red-Pill social insurgency in short order. We have seen this happen in the past year and this will only keep up as long as the left fails to understand the nature of their opponent.

Our SJWs will have to start making up their own social theories and memes, because the ones coming in from the west will arrive increasingly ineffective.

The left is on the defensive, the pivot point has happened.

What does this mean for you, the social insurgent here? These are ripe times to seize the initiative and strike several decisive blows to the progressive degeneracy that is threatening to take root in Singapore.

The Red-Pill insurgency is moving and reacting much faster than the left, putting out memes and ideas at a higher rate, as long as local SJWs rely on progressive ideas from the left they are fighting a losing battle, attempting to force their way into social consciousness by using the old and tired cliches of “racist! sexist! xenophobic!”.

Take them down in debate without mercy, and recruit even more like minded and energetic people to your side. Drop deep into enemy territory and hit them where they least expect it in all their safe-spaced. The regressive left is losing, they just haven’t realised it yet but there is blood in the water.

It’s time for the social insurgency here to rise. The simmering culture war is about to get hot here. Your job as a masculine man is to save your culture from it’s slow progressive slide to degeneracy.


Understanding Your Modern Liberal


There are many reasons why modern latte liberals behave the way they do, but this is a good primer in the broad strokes of what drives their psychology.

“A Liberal is someone who imagines a world they would like to live in, and then proceeds to pretend that they actually live in such a world.

Many people get over this as children, but Liberals continue this fantasy for a lifetime.

Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded. Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.”

The modern self-proclaimed latte liberal does not understand what classical intellectual liberalism is, let alone practice it’s tenets. Remember that when you are dealing with such “liberals”, the exercise of their ideology is an emotionally-motivated one that involves retroactively rationalising a Liberal In Name Only worldview that is structured to calm their various anxieties instead of seriously examining if such the world created by their ideas are feasible, or even desirable.

Modern latte liberalism is an ideology that is vested in the emotions, and from there it irrationally proceeds.

The Rabbits Are In Disbelief


My social media feed is blowing up.

A lot can be said about Trump’s surprise (for the mainstream) upset win over Clinton but this didn’t come as something too far fetched for many Red Pills who have expected results more in the ballpark.

Personally I didn’t expect Trump to win, I believed that he would do better than the polls riding on a groundswell of increased Red Pill awareness in disenfranchised americans and other social insurgents and perhaps give a nail-biting black eye to Clinton at the ballot but still lose.

But apparently he went the full distance and delivered a humiliating knockout blow to Clinton, to add insult to injury he won convincingly by the Electoral College, something many of my liberal acquaintances were banking on to help Clinton win should Trump’s demagogic support win the popular vote. What they didn’t expect was Trump turning that system against Clinton by swinging battleground states leaving her with victories elsewhere that didn’t count for much. In a final cruel twist of fate, she won the popular vote by a slim margin.

That’s quite a lot for a nobody with no political experience going up against a seasoned politician with all the cards stacked in her favour.

I’m not American so I am not in the best position to say what happens next. Unsurprisingly a now-discredited media that was wrong about everything is going to claim that the end the world has come, but Red Pill folks know better. The progress of SJW regressivism will certainly take a spanner in the works, but these folks are persistent if anything.

Right now however, I am truly enjoying the hysterical reaction of my rabbit-friends who are in utter disbelief and shock over what is happening. This is typical of r-selected rabbit people, the rabbit reaction to a threat is often to deny it is happening instead of meeting it head on. They now realise the gravy train of r-selected socialism is going to run out, things might shift to a more K-selected environment and are panicking.

Things change really fas- just a day ago they were so sure victory was there for the taking, they didn’t realise that they hadn’t laid the groundwork for success at all, and now are paying the price. That’s what happens when you don’t have a reality-based view of the world.

Times of big change are up ahead, but for now let us Red Pill folks enjoy a short step in the victory of a social insurgency that has become a force to be reckoned with. As for my American friends, you guys made the choice, now live it.

The Aging Party Girl


One of the first Red Pill truths you learn when you unplug are the real, previously hidden gender dynamics of the dating marketplace that you are blissfully unaware of while you were a Beta Chump.

Among one of these will be understanding of the fact that while a woman starts with massive choosing power in the dating marketplace, that value fades rapidly as her ability to attract a high status mate is degraded by the inexorable passage of time.

While men have it rough at first, should they play their cards right and spend those difficult years building themselves up their masculine journey of self-development they stand to gain massively in choosing power as they age.

Hence the saying “Women age like sports cars, men age like fine wine”.

Openly articulating these realities to friends and family is a massive temptation when you are a fresh Red Pill, but it would beehove you play it cool and keep your cards closer to your chest. While there is still a fair bit of Red Pill awarness in traditional Singaporean asian culture where these truths and recoginsed can be articulated without causing excessive butthurt, your nonimally feminist english-educated latte liberal circle are trapped in gynocentric paradigm that seeks to maximise female choosing power and will find such truths extremely offensive.

The articulation of such truths is not just offensive to your english-educated latte liberal circle, it is also viscerally frightening because on a deep level they know that it’s true and the spread and acceptance of such knowledge among the thirsty Beta chumps the latte liberal circle relies on for ground troops will dry up when they start unplugging en-masse and seeking a better deal for themselves.

At the end of the day maximising the feminine imperative through feminist gurl-power is an illusion that requires to compliance of men to play along with it’s memes in order to succeed, which is why feminism tries extremely hard to hide the true realities of the dating marketplace from blue pill men, convincing them that female value in the dating marketplace is constant, always high, with no need for a woman to ever provide any sort of a value proposition.

Observe your liberal female friends in your circle and you will start seeing this dynamic at play- that of attempting to convince the world that their value as a romantic prospect gets higher as they age, even if they are the sort that exhibit very few characteristics men would look for as wife material, the result of spending their late teens and 20s living the empowered party-girl lifestyle and treating any sort of notion that they need to develop a true value proposition for men beyond their looks with contempt.

The aging party girl has had her fun, but now she is starting to realise that they party won’t last forever and she still hasn’t locked down a man that she feels is worthy of her (notice she will never ask if she is worthy of a man). The one-night stands are starting to dry up and she’s noticing that attractive badboys she had relied on for flings are starting to hit on younger, hotter girls. Even the orbiting beta chumps she used to rely on are starting to orbit them. The party is stopping, the people that provided her validation are going to other girls.

Girls that she used to be.

There are several paths that the aging party girl will take at this point, and knowing the signs and understanding the psychology of these behaviours are extremely important for a Red Pill man.

Some of them attempt to fight the clock, they layer on the makeup and post carefully cultivated images of themselves on social media, presenting a carefully cultivated facade to the rest of the world to show that they “still have it”. The aging party girl doing this usually still has some marketplace value left and is attempting to milk the most out of what she still has before it is all gone. These are the attempted statues, the ones who have no idea what to do outside of their looks and are doing their darnedest to fight the effects of entropy. A red pill man will quickly see past this facade and recognise that many of these women don’t really have much of a value proposition in an LTR beyond knowing how to put on makeup, because they had spent most of their years of prime attractiveness relying on looks instead of working on other more valuable, feminine traits.

Others go through what is known as the “epiphany phase”, where they declare that they have gotten all the partying and one-night stands with bad boys “out of their system” and are now ready to settle down in an LTR. This turn over a new leaf is often more inspired by the impending fear of the next few decades as a lonely spinster with no male investment (after enjoying years of the gravy train from badboys and beta chumps) than it is by a true desire to be a monogamous, feminine woman. She might ensnare a beta willing to enwife used goods but is unlikely to truly respect him as a masculine man, with the marriage being highly likely to end in disaster for him. Red pill men will quickly see through the declarations of the aging party girl turning over a new leaf.

The third path, and one that is increasingly popular, is to double down and go full feminist and cats. If commitment and investment cannot be extracted from men individually because she now lacks a value proposition, the aging party girl has one last refuge in the gynocentric systems of feminism. This is an attempt to change the rules of the game, to rewrite things to be more in her favour. She will, via feminism try to redefine things to say that spinsters with no wife skills are attractive? Aged, overbearing, overeducated fluff-degree holding, promiscuous women are who men should marry instead of faithful, feminine women maternal instincts. If all else fails the aged party girl can use feminism to force soceity to subside her spinsterhood via welfare and demands for everyone to regard her cats as important to civilisational continuity as children.

Look at the liberal aging party girls in your social circle nowadays, how many of these behaviours do you see? Know the tells and see the signs, you can tell a lot about them.