Steadfast Values in a Decadent Time


A rewarding thing in mentoring zoomers in their red pill journeys is seeing them come to their own red pill conclusions and revelations independent of your guidance.

Taking red pill advice from more experienced men and applying them to your own worldview is an important part of the journey. Eventually you got to stop merely reading blogs and talking to fellow red-pillers, and really move out to applying these lessons in your life.

This is what the masculine journey is all about- deeds over words. Drop the fear of failure, overcome your passivity and act. The red pill is about walking the talk quietly and building personal fortitude and strength, unlike the woke are all about performing and showing off their ideological purity on social media echo chambers for accolades and affirmation.

Hence I was pleased when one of the zoomers I had been mentoring come back to me saying that he found it impossible to watch western programs on Netflix recently. He had previously been a voracious consumer of content on that platform, watching just about every original that it could pump out.

From being able to binge watch many western programs he now found it hard to sit through even a single episode, often giving up on series he had been following for seasons. He had suddenly developed a distaste for them.

Conversely, he reported developing a taste for asian entertainment- specifically asian cinema and dramas. He found this strange as he had never explored these asian entertainment before. He also found older western films entertaining when they had been boring before.

The thing about becoming red pill is that while it starts off as an intellectual understanding of hard truths, walk the journey long enough and red pill truths will become a part of your ingrained value set. You will start finding yourself viewing many things from a new perspective, discovering surprising reactions to things you never had before.

This is natural, it shows that you have grown in your masculine journey, shedding the indoctrination of the androgynous listless blue pill malaise drilled into modern men from birth and starting to see things the way a masculine man should.

Developing a distaste for western media was a surprising experience for my zoomer mentee, but after some discussion he got it.

After understanding red pill realities and using it to navigate his masculine journey he had developed values.

He understood what masculinity entailed and how it required constant self-improvement and hard work to achieve. He realised that weaknesses were not to be glorified and celebrated but to be overcome. He had accepted that a masculine man had a duty to protect his tribe and way of life.

He found it hard to sit through anything from western media precisely because he had applied the fire of red pill reality to test it and found it wanting.

He realised western media now was not entertainment but leftist indoctrination. He saw the weak men, sexual promiscuity and deconstruction of family. He realised the overt feminist empowerment saturating it was rooted in misandry. He noticed the celebration of entitlement, dysfunction, deviancy, narcissism and mental illness.

He saw that it was decadent, and he could no longer derive any enjoyment from them with what he now knew through his red-pill paradigm. They were vehicles for blue pill thinking, they celebrated degeneracy, little more that progressive propaganda trying to brainwash him and keep him being a safe, passive exploitable blue pill modern man.

It all now actively disgusted him, and he didn’t see the value of wasting any more time on it.

He enjoyed asian cinema and older western movies because they still had values worth anything in this age of amoral postmodernism. The men were men and the women were women. Traditional values of hard work and overcoming adversity were still celebrated. Weaknesses were not celebrated or glorified, but were things for the hero to rise above. The importance of family was still celebrated. Masculinity was not denounced but rather showed as an animating force pushing the hero to complete his journey.

They were values to live by.

In our times, as degeneracy and weakness rises all around values to steadfastly hold to become all the more important for any man in his masculine journey. For all the talk of being the moral guardians of humanity progressives lack any moral compass and are motivated only to act in the interests in their cause.

It is extremely important for all red-pill men to hold strong to traditional values, as well as propagate them in defiance of the rising tide of progressive degeneracy.

Family, honour, true courage.

Hard work and perseverance.

Integrity and honesty.

Be the strong men for the hard times that are coming.

The Divisive Fever Pitch of Imaginary Racism under Chinese Privilege



As Talon had predicted when he first started this blog it is only a matter of time before progressive discourse becomes common in Singapore. Unsurprisingly that time is now here.

Most locals under the age of 50 would have been aware of the spread of progressive ideology in recent years to some level. SJW lingo and rhetoric is becoming increasingly common among younger demographics. Millennials social circles have also seen significant infiltration, but the discourse is somewhat more balanced with pushback from traditionalists.

Not so for zoomers however, in some cases become the dominant paradigm of discourse in some zoomer circles. Some of my zoomer colleagues tell me they keep quiet out of fear of being ostracised by their SJW “friends” who now use woke as a form of social currency.

Woke spread is not evenly distributed within the demographics it has infiltrated however. For instance, based on field reports from our red-pill zoomers woke ideology has been taken up at a much higher rate by minorities, which is not surprising at all given the thing has been specifically formulated to provoke the tribal instincts of minority groups and inflame passions.

This is to be expected. Despite it’s promises of bringing in a post-racial future woke ideology is extremely racial once you look at it critically. It is designed to make us notice all our differences, find every possible ounce of oppression in them, and treat those who are not like us with bitterness and suspicion.

Undoubtedly endemic racism and racial insensitivity exists in Singapore, however instead of being issues that require a soft touch to resolve with mutual understanding and empathy, woke takes those examples and spins them into a quasi-religious narrative of a big evil system set up by the majority to oppress the minorities.

Under woke big actions are needed. The only solution to which is constant resistance and working towards a revolution to dismantle everything. In the cult of woke- every interaction between ethnic groups is radicalised and political, every thing viewed in terms of how it can be a platform to perpetuate Chinese supremacy.

Unsurprisingly this belief system has led to widespread and constant antipathy against targeted groups by those who have taken it up. It isn’t just the Chinese majority that has been subject to this but even Eurasians who now see themselves subject to a secondary anti-colonial woke narrative that sees them as the genetic inheritors of colonialism that need to be dealt with.

The constant antipathy towards target group is more than just the result of stirred-up emotions, woke is performative and it requires constant public acts to demonstrate commitment to the cause, with each new act seeking to top the one done by someone else.

In the twitter echo chambers of wokeness this leads to a spiral of every increasing accusations, a struggle session against the straw men of targeted groups building things to a fever pitch. Chinese, Eurasians, straight males, PAP supporters. Every sin of these oppressor groups, real or imagined must to be dragged out and denounced.

Typical of allegations made in similar mob movements, accusations of racism by the targeted groups soon take leave of any semblance of reason and proportion. Since Chinese Supremacy is assumed to permeate the air, virtually everything is racism.

The working-class auntie with poor English skills who accidentally speaks to an ethnically-ambiguous person in mandarin? Racism!

People who appear to scrunch up their noses when near you? Racism!

That Chinese person giving you a “look”? Racism!

That influencer talking about using skin-whitening products? Racism!

People greeting you in what they assume is your native language? Racism!

A Chinese person getting a sentence you think is too light? Racism!

A Chinese seller on Caurosell not wanting to sell to a minority low baller? Racism!

These are not made up examples by the way, Talon and his red pill friends have seen these accusations being made. There is now an open season by our self-proclaimed anti-racism activists to find the racism in every possible interaction in Singapore, no matter how banal or inane and drag them out for a struggle session by the woke inquisition.

And don’t bother trying to put perspective to or reason with those who make the accusations.  An accusation of racism, no matter how far-fetched is as good as racism confirmed. There is no recourse if you are a majority, only admission and self-flagellation.

If you are in the wrong group there is no innocence under the cult of woke, only degrees of racism.

The sad thing is, these spurious allegations, treated as real and serious under woke dogma, clog up public consciousness and distract from the real issues facing minorities. The real issues of educational and economic disparities, rental discrimination, language barriers are corrupted by woke discourse and loading with antipathy towards the majority group which are now put up as the only explanation for them. Real problems have been so co-opted and loaded with leftist dogma by the subversion of woke that for all purposes they have become little more than political cards to be played for the woke agenda in the culture war.

No reasonable discourse can take place in such an environment and that is all part of the plan. Without the post-modernist fluff it camouflages itself in to appear legitimate Woke crumbles when examined critically with logic, reason and evidence. This is why it seeks to silence, obfuscate, inflame and radicalise.

This wave of anti-racism woke inquisition is making inroads into the public sphere, and grow it will. It is currently being tolerated by the majority who still believe in the traditional Singaporean multiracial values of tolerance and deliberate overlooking of tension points, but this tolerance is ice that growing thinner each day under the blowtorches of the woke warriors.

Shanmugan wasn’t being hyperbolic when he said that far from solving the issue of racism in Singapore, using the language of (woke) resistance in Singapore would lead to more divisions. Woke is in essence a divisive ideology, one that seeks to drive wedges under the guise of unity. One that seeks to turn Singaporean against Singaporean and see each other as enemies that must be destroyed in order for there to be social “justice”.

If you care for Singapore, you must stand up against the such divisive, destructive ideologies. The culture war is happening, and it is coming for you.

Intelligence Report: Stages of Wokeness


It is fascinating to watch someone gradually self-destruct as the mind virus of leftist wokeness takes them over.

It is one thing to understand the theory behind how leftist ideology can indoctrinate vulnerable people and make them think and act in all the dysfunctional ways that leftists do but it’s another to see it happening right in front of you.

It is a train wreck in slow motion, you know you shouldn’t look but you can’t help to anyway because it is such a spectacle. While it can be initially sad to see previously normal people lose themselves to leftism and become bitter, maladjusted individuals who think doubling down and bad ideas and choices will make things better, after a while you learn to enjoy the show with some popcorn, and use them as examples for others not to follow in their path.

After extensive field observations of woke zoomers and millennials in his workplace, Talon has deduced that the wokeness mind virus infection takes several distinct stages. In the interest of education of fellow Red Pillers he has decided to detail it here:


regardless-of-class-mainStage 1: Ideological Infection

The individual has just been infected by the woke mind virus. Common routes of infection come from high-risk activities such as spending too much time in leftist echo-chambers such as Twitter and consuming degenerate western media. In this early stage, the leftist worldview slowly starts to colour every idea the infected individual has prior to infection.

At this stage it is still mainly a mental condition, the person appears normal on the outside until you sound them off and realise leftism have subverted some of their beliefs. Common symptoms at this point are SJW buzzword dropping and becoming “conscious” of social issues from the leftist perspetive.

Many zoomers and millennials infected by the woke virus are at this stage. It is still possible to rescue them with the red-pill but depending on the level of leftist subversion and self-awareness on part of the infected results can vary.

a6b2f140-b29f-11e9-bdbd-13d5baa4e261Stage 2: Complete Mental Takeover

Wokeness has now taken over all of their beliefs and is the primary worldview that they now use as a lens to evaluate all of reality by. A person in stage 2 is quite easy to spot because you don’t need to take any effort to tell if they are woke, they tell you.

A person at this stage has fully and officially inducted themselves into the cult of woke. They don’t merely “agree” with some tenets of leftism but have gone full in and devoted themselves fully to the cause. They see spreading wokeness as a social, cultural and moral mission that they need to dedicate their lives to fulfilling.

If they are from any groups considered privileged in the ideology of woke, there is an additional duty of needing to constantly repent of their original sin of privilege and rid themselves of the offending identity.

These people may still look normal at this stage, but their minds have been fully taken over and you often can immediately tell by talking to them. A red piller can try rescuing people in these stages if they care about them, but they are likely to see you as enemies and seek to destroy you at every turn so be careful. It is possible, with a constant and gentle application of red pill ideas to arrest or even reverse the advancement of the woke infection to Stage 3, the physical stage.

Stage 3: Physical Manifestations 

One insidious way the wokeness mind virus enforces it’s hold on the minds and bodies of the infected is by driving them to make drastic lifestyle choices that physically change who they are, often with irreversible consequences.

At this stage the celebration of all sorts of dysfunction such as glorifying mental illness, encouraging dysfunctional degenerate lifestyles, engaging in unhealthy activities and body modification are common.

The performance of woke is no longer mental and verbal, people in this stage of woke disease seek to differentiate themselves for the masses by things such as getting stupid tattoos, dyeing their hair in disgusting colours. Their devotion to woke culture demands that they spit on traditional notions of propriety and beauty as part of a constant liberation from systems of oppression and thus they act accordingly.

People at this stage are very hard to rescue, the main goal of a red pillar in this case is to limit the damage they can do to others. This condition sets them up for the last and final stage.

Stage 4: Full Woke

Infected woke who stay long enough in Stage 3 often transit to the final stage- a point at which they are so woke their very minds and bodies have been completely taken over by their devotion to the cause.

Glorification of mental illness, elective unhealthy conditions, gender-ambiguity and all sorts of perversion and degeneracy are considered fair game as long as they are in opposition to all that is traditional and conservative.

Expect drastic forms of bodily modification, gender-fluidity, mental illness and physical conditions like elective obesity in people in Stage 4 of the woke disease. The formation and circulation of cutting-edge woke ideas that might be controversial to those in Stage 1, such as pushing transgenderism on children and will also be common, set up to be the next woke dogma to be pushed out in the coming years.

The infected in this stage have fully and truly rejected everything that has to do with what mainstream society considers to be the traditional. They have well and truly defined themselves only by woke and their full devotion to ushering in a woke future. It is virtually impossible to bring such people back from the brink, and as with Stage 3 the main goal of a red pill social insurgent is to limit the damage they do to those around them.


Being in Singapore where the woke pandemic is still in the early stages of making landfall here, we mainly have Stage 1-3 type individuals moving around.

The vast majority of infected here are zoomers and millennials in Singapore are still at Stage 1, they see woke ideas as innocent, reasonable and correct, allowing it to shape the way they view the world.

Some are in Stage 2, and you can mainly see them in the Singaporean woke Twitter echo chambers where they furiously tote out their daily sermons of woke, some of them have already transmitted to Stage 3 with the stupid tattoos, hair colours and destructive lifestyles but they are relatively uncommon as Singapore still has a strong traditional core regarding ideas of beauty and propriety that buffers against this.

For now.

Most of the woke in Talon’s workplace are infected in Stages 1 and 2, but there are a few notable individuals who have made the jump the Stage 3 with the stupid hair and tattoos. It always saddens Talon to see previously well-adjusted young adults become bitter, unbalanced individuals who now view everyone outside of their woke cult as evil.

Some have even been estranged from their own parents, seeing them as evil, right-wing racists because the woke demands that it should cover all all, even the bond between parent and child. These young adults are headed on the path of disfunction, delusion and degeneracy, slaves to a mind virus that is slowly turning them into automations to destroy the very society they live in. This is why it is the duty of red pillers wherever they are to resist the woke invasion and engage themselves int the culture war, it is a fight for your way of life.

It is a fight for your future.

The Woke Revolution Won’t End…. Until You End It


China's Cultural Revolution In 44 Shocking Images

The zoomers at work not on the woke bandwagon look at how leftism is destroying the West with some trepidation.

They see how the woke movement is dragging America into chaos, the latest wave taking the form of the BLM movement now sparking violence and riots across the country.

They see how quickly woke ideology has grown to dominate western culture, governance, media, academia and discourse. Entire countries in the west have taken leave of their senses and given themselves entirely over to the progressive narrative, forcing it wholesale on the population. Anything unwoke is being silenced, deplatformed and cancelled. People can now lose their jobs for wrongthink and wrongspeak.

Just a three years ago they scoffed at me when I predicted all these would happen, saying that I was just an odd millennial with a strange affinity for tradition not “getting on with the times”.

Now they see the ideological barbarians on the doorsteps of our sunny island trying to import these same destructive ideas and enshrine them as the dominant cultural narrative and values of our land and they are getting nervous.

They now tell me how they disagree with what many of their woke friends say but keep quiet to avoid becoming the target of their wrath. They find many issues with the woke gospel but realise that to question is to be branded a heretic and marked for destruction.

I don’t try to go out of my way to feed too much red-pill truths to them as many of them are still not ready for the whole dose. I give it to them in little doses, dropping a hint here and there about the questions they have on woke culture and leaving them to find the truth for themselves.

However it seems that my SJW colleagues are actually doing most of the red-pilling work for me nowadays. Their uncompromising, loud opinionated sermons are slowly but surely starting to turn many of the unwoke against them and driving them to seek alternative ideas, as they realise that those SJWs are examples of human beings they don’t want to be.

Seeing that my predictions on how woke culture would evolve were accurate, I have been getting many questions from zoomers at work on when I think this whole woke thing here will end.

The hard truth is, the question people should be asking isn’t about WHEN it will end, but HOW it will end.

Unfortunately, for the people hoping that the woke movement here will sputter out and die as other failed attempts at western liberal degeneracy have in the decades before, woke culture is here to stay. There is a fundamental difference between what we are seeing now.

Unlike previous random bits of liberal degeneracy imported from the west that were mainly restricted to the progressive fringes of middle-upper class English educated Singaporeans who need some arty-party beliefs to render themselves better than the unwashed masses, current woke culture has managed to subvert local narratives and turn them over to the progressive cause.

If you look at the profile of woke people here now, you will see representation from a much wider demographic. This is no isolated subculture of westernised Singaporeans now… it is a mind virus epidemic that is spreading among vulnerable demographics that lack the memetic defences against indoctrination.

As opposed to before where leftists from previous decades mainly kept their beliefs to themselves at let everyone be, there is now a concerted effort to spread the woke cult far and wide and enforce compliance to it. There is no option to be unwoke. You are either with them or against them.

If you do not bend the knee, you will be subject to cancel culture tactics imported straight from the west. Twitter mobbing, doxxing, employer harassment. This is just the beginning, there will be more to come. The leftist ideologues calling for the tear down of Raffle’s statue? It isn’t just a thought experiment.

Sadly for my zoomer colleagues who think they can just wait this out and lie low until the hype over being woke has died down, the woke cult here isn’t going away any time soon. Each day they spend hiding and not doing anything about the situation is a day that the woke horde has to tirelessly push their agenda deeper into every aspect of local life.

Similar to other marxist social and political movements driven by leftist ideological zealotry like China’s Cultural Revolution and the Cambodian Genocide, woke cultists seek nothing less than the absolute reformation of society into that of their utopian vision. They will not stop until that is achieved, but since utopia by definition will never exist, the woke revolution is a constant one taking further steps of finding the next unwoke thing to destroy after the previous one has been cancelled.

The Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas must be eliminated. Go through the twitter feed of any woke warrior here and see how they are gradually but surely pushing towards this.

Such cultic social movements will build to a fever pitch as they become increasingly intense in their efforts to enforce their impossible vision of reality on society. The madness will build to a crescendo as people in the cult drop all perspective and lose themselves entirely to the quasi-religious experience of believing they are bringing in a better world.

The social fabric will be torn asunder by the woke revolution, people will suspect each other of being unwoke and social trust will be at all time low. We can already see signs of this happening here in Singapore as the woke warriors try to turn everyone on each other in the name of intersectionality. Extreme actions in the name of woke will become increasingly popular. The woke revolutionaries have no idea how to build. They can only destroy. The revolution will not stop until there is nothing left to destrou.

Do you think Singapore, being a small island nation with no natural resources beyond it’s human capital and a reputation for being a stable, high-trust nation will survive the turmoils of the woke revolution?

This is why inaction in the face of the woke cult infiltrating Singapore is not an option. The very survival of this little tribe that has survived in the face of all odds depends on brave people taking a stand against the cult of the woke. It’s time to gird your loins and charge head in into a culture war.

Like it or not, the culture war is here, and it is a fight for who will inherit the future legacy of Singapore.

The woke revolution will not end… until you end it.

Tactics: Don’t Bother Debating SJWs, Appeal to the Silent Majority



This is obvious to anyone who has been red-pilled for a while but it’s worth mentioning again:

Do not bother debating with SJWs.

One common mistake a new red-pilled person is to go out there and start debating with every SJW that they come across. Not only is this a complete waste of time as progressives do not base their beliefs on empirical rationality it is also dangerous as one runs the risk of being labelled as a wrongthinker and set up for cancellation by the SJW mob.

Remember that SJWs have deeply vested their personal identities in their public performances of social justice activism and do not take kindly to those being debunked. They are not looking for truth as they believe that they have already found it and all that remains is to convert the ignorant unwoke masses.

Let me say this again: DO NOT BOTHER DEBATING SJWs.

In ideological warfare such as this, it is important to realise your advantages and leverage on them. Unlike SJWs that need constant public performances to maintain their social justice credentials among their woke peers, red-pill social insurgents have no need for such theatre.

Remember you understand SJWs much better than they understand you, and that is where your advantage lies. Keep the information asymmetry in your favour, always understand the ideological field of battle better than your opponents.

So if you are not trying to change the opinions of SJWs who are you appealing to instead?

The silent audience, those that watch from the sidelines of the culture war. This is the silent majority looking at unease at the ongoing trends towards progressivism trying to stay out of it all.

Many of them have been exposed to SJWs trying to convert them at some point, or have seen how SJWs are trying to impose their way of life and thinking on everyone else but don’t really understand what the fuss is all about. Many know something is amiss with the whole SJW sales pitch but don’t really have a framework to articulate what they feel is disingenuous about the whole thing.

Those that see the problems with SJWism are often afraid to speak up as well, because they have seen how quickly individuals who question the SJW gospel is immediately attacked by a mob of woke people hunting for a scapegoat for the next two minute of hate.

There are many of them, the silent majority.

These are the people you appeal to.

These are the ones most open to red-pill truth as they have already rejected the SJW agenda, and are just waiting to be equipped with the armour and weapons that they will need to protect themselves with and fight the culture war for the values they believe in.

So pick your battles well, don’t get into interactions with SJWs inside echo chambers full of SJWs. That is just a waste of time. Always find battlegrounds where you know there will be a big silent audience, be it online or IRL. Remember that these interactions with SJWs are not discussions or conversations to discover the truth, but rather ideological battles for the hearts and minds of the majority.

Use your interactions with SJW not for debate, as that is pointless, but for opportunities to drop red-pill truth bombs for the silent audience to see. Keep your statements simple and concise. Mock SJW ideas with sarcasm and always maintain a frame of bemused mastery.

Always keep SJWs off balance, and bait them into wasting energy in writing long walls of text and making long explanations no one will bother to read. Reply with one-liner truth bombs but keep things vague enough that you can still retain plausible deniability on your actual positions.

SJWs will try to trap you of course, but just ghost them. Remember that debates are not won by who has the last word, but by who drops the most powerful truth bombs that sways the silent majority.

Remember that there is building backlash to the excesses and intrusiveness of the SJW movement. The silent audience is rooting for you because they have been waiting for someone to stand up to them.

But remember in all of this, do not reveal yourself as a red-pill social insurgent. Learn to use simple words to describe red-pill truths without dropping any of the lingo as that is a giveaway to the other side. Only use those in conversations with other red-pill people. The ability to deliver red-pill truths in common language is an important skill, so learn to use that.

Always remember that you don’t debate SJWs. They are platforms and useful idiots for you to red-pill the silent audience into joining the fight for the future soul of Singapore against the creeping infiltration of SJW ideology.

Outside of leftists no one wants Singapore to be an SJW dystopia, so start building your tribe now. These people will be found in the silent audience, focus your energies on them.

The Eternal Oppression of the Woke Mind



Wokeness makes you weak, and it makes you want to stay weak.

I work with quite a number of zoomers, and contrary to what the frothing mob at our local twitter scene might like you to think they actually share quite a diverse range of political views, albeit more left-leaning than older generations. This is to be expected as young people of all generations have always been more liberal.

As the saying goes if you are not a liberal if you are young you have no heart. If you are not a conservative when you are old you have no brain.

The difference is that with zoomers compared to millennials, from which Talon hails from is that there is far more polarisation and extremism in zoomers. My generation had opinions, but in general we from all sides of the political spectrum tended to agree more than we disagreed.

Not so much with zoomers, especially those who have jumped on the progressive bandwagon. For them their beliefs are non-negotiable. It’s their way or the highway. Agree with their talking points or it expect to get any number of westernised labels slapped on you.

This is not surprising as they are importing their views wholesale from the west in an onslaught of copy-pasted hashtags, taking in junk that is formulated to push their buttons and get them worked up. Brainwashing in 280 character limit chunks but I digress.

There are a few of such woke zoomers where I work and mainly the rest just politely keep quiet whenever the bring out their talking points. Some of the zoomers that I have been slowly red-pilling know better than to reason with the woke.

They nod and pretend to agree, making the woke zoomers think they actually have more support than they do.

Anyway one of the woke zoomers has a particularly big chip off her shoulder and an aspiring social activist in the workplace. She is a fervent follower of local woke twitter priests and preaches the gospel of Sangeetha at every opportunity she gets. Her twitter is a syncretic angry echo chamber of makeup tutorials, woke memes, BLM, and Chinese Privilege rants which is both sad and entertaining to browse.

She refers to herself as a brown person (to the eye rolls of other minority zoomers behind her back) and constantly finds a way to jam her woke beliefs into every possible conversation. Virtually any conversation, no matter the topic will eventually be hijacked into a sermon on intersectionality and how the system oppresses her.

The thing is, she didn’t start out that way when she joined us. She was one of the more talented additions to the workplace and generally got along well with everyone. It wasn’t until a year or more into her stint where she started to go woke and see the oppression in everything. That was where things started to go south for her.

She became difficult to work with because colleagues were afraid of offending her. Every interaction, no matter how innocent, had the potential to be racist for her. An Indian college sharing a Bollywood meme with the rest was shut down for being offensive, with an unwanted lecture on how that is “internalised racism”.

Chinese colleagues unaware of woke culture were bewildered at her change in behaviour, and they started keeping a distance from her as they could sense the seething unspoken hostility against them coming from her. Interactions with her became mostly functional, people knew she she was just looking for something to jump on.

For all the talk about how the system is racist, oppressive and toxic to her she was the main contributor to a toxic work environment where we were. In the end she started self-segregating associating with a group that only had minorities and mainly worked with them, to which everyone was more than happy to let her be as that seemed to be the least drama.

Unsurprisingly, her inability to work properly with others mean that her performance started to suffer and it wasn’t long before she was evaluated poorly. She chalked her poor results up to oppression and a system that was “biased” against her. 

Carefully worded feedback was given by management on how she could improve, most of which largely circled around not having a character that came off to others as hot trash. But she didn’t have time for self-improvement or self-awareness, her wokeness would not allow that.

Her wokeness meant that someone else was to blame. It was always Chinese privilege, racism, the oppressive cishetronormative system, sexist male bosses. In the end she started falling further behind, a situation she responded to by using her wokeness to put the blame on more things.

The only way she could deal with the path wokeness took her on was to keep doubling down, keep making bad choices and blaming everyone else.

The wokeness had made her view everyone and everything with a jaundiced eye, it had explained to her that all her problems were caused by evil things and evil people external to her. Her had gone so far down the rabbit hole that all she could define herself by was by her wokeness and self-imagined oppressions.

To deny all that now and realise they were delusions making her a bitter, angry and hateful human being was virtually impossible. The dissonance for that kind of self-realisation is was simply too great. So deeper and deeper she went.

The wokeness had made her weak, and it made her want to stay weak.

She was useful for one thing however, red-pilling her zoomers who saw her as a perfect example of why they should reject woke culture. They could see the destructive effects being a resentful, self-absorbed woke person had on one’s personal development and their surroundings from her.

All I often have to do is just to provide occasional red-pill commentary for them to understand her by. While she refused to learn from her mistakes, others were learning from them anyway.

Unlike being a woke progressive, red-pill social insurgents see reality for what it is.

Be smart, be red pill.

Mentoring Your Fellow Man

Mentoring - DTS Voice

I interact with a good number of younger men in my line of work. A good percentage are blue pill average frustrated chumps just starting out in their careers struggling to navigate their way as generally under-appealing Singaporean males in the dating marketplace.

They don’t have much to their name, having just started out and as expected they struggle to get any notice from the opposite sex. It doesn’t help that they are choked full of blue pill ideas and outdated social scripts on how they should be “sensitive nice guys” and don’t realise all that is worth little in the post-sexual revolution dating marketplace.

The thing about being a social insurgent trying to mentor and improve your fellow man is that you have to be subtle about it. When Talon was younger he tried to bring his peers out of their blue pill struggles by force-feeding them red-pill truth bombs en masse. 

The thing is most blue-pilled men, especially the young ones with little experience, find the brutal nature of red pill seeing-it-as-it-is thinking very difficult to accept. The cognitive dissonance is often extreme and they fight for any way to hold to their old ways of blue pill wishful thinking.

They want to believe that the girl they like is special, that she is somehow immune to all of the weaknesses, failings and temptations that are obvious to any person who accepts red pill reality. They want to believe in The One, their own personal fairy tale.

Few blue pills come to red pill knowledge by reasoning it out. The truths are painful and the journey that needs to be taken when one accepts it very hard. This is why many men only come to accept it after an inciting incident that makes them realise the blue pill can’t work for them anymore.

It could be an ex cheating on them, being rejected for the 50th time, or being dumped for chad despite trying to be the ultimate nice guy. There are many variations but the fact remains that most men require an inciting incident to shatter everything they though was true before they start to shed their own belief systems and look for an answer. Even then many men don’t make that transition, wasting even more years trying to make the blue pill script work.

This is why after having spent much time working with young men, many in an environment that is dominated by progressive SJWs trying their best to crush any semblance of masculinity in the workplace, Talon has realised that one can’t just feed the whole bitter truth to struggling men.

You need to do it in little doses consistently. Don’t give them the full truth as they are unable to accept it. Instead, drop small truth bombs whenever you can, especially during teachable moments when the red pill has a good answer for something that has happened. Always make them question their beliefs. Always be ready with a contrarian position whenever a blue pill belief comes up but never push too hard, leave them a way out to keep on believing in what they want to believe.

The idea to slowly seed red pill ideas in the blue pill men you mentor that will be ready to bear fruit the moment an inciting incident happens. If you are consistent enough sometimes the inciting incident isn’t even needed, they just naturally realise the inadequacy of their blue pill paradigm to explain the world as they see it.

Remember unlike SJWs whose progressive ideology is spread by bluster, social manipulation and coercion, a red pill social insurgent does not force his beliefs on others but plays the long game quietly, biding his time while building and equipping his fellow men to face what is coming.

Mentor the men around you, build your tribe. Get ready for the culture war.

The Culture War is Here


The Culture Wars, Part 1 - RECKONIN'

Remember a few years back when Talon was predicting the culture wars of the west will come to Singapore?

Well it is now here.

Brownface sagas, anti-chinese raps, young people foolishly jumping on the BLM bandwagon and making cringe worthy posts on social media, calls to tear down Raffles’ statue… these are but a few incidents that have brought the extent of leftist infiltration into the cultural landscape of Singapore to the attention of the silent majority.

There will be more to come.

It is in the nature of progressives to spread their pseudo-moralism as far and wide as possible, telling you the things you should do and think. If you are not prepared for them, which most people are, you will soon find them on your doorstep baying for your tribute to the cult of wokeness or else.

It’s time to get ready. Learn about your opponents, know how they operate. Knowing is half the battle. One advantage you have is that they do not know that you, the cultural insurgent exist. Use that to your advantage.

These will be trying times. Find your brothers. Build your tribe. These coming years will be one of a struggle for the cultural soul of Singapore.


When the Beta Shuts You Up

Ever been so Beta because you didn’t know what to do that you decided to give the silent treatment for 20 years? This guy did.

Imagine losing 20 years of your irreplaceable experiences because you couldn’t control your emotions and let them get the better of you. The main thing this guy mastered was discipline in given the silent treatment. What a wast.

Being masculine means being in control of your emotions, not them in control of you. A beta male never reaches his potential is controlled by his emotions and acts accordingly. A masculine man is in control uses his emotions to achieve his goals. As in the words of Rollo Tomassi, kill the beta in you before it kills you.