Month: July 2016

Unattractive Woman Hysterics

The nice thing about people who go full out stark raving frothing SJW is that at a certain point people stop taking them seriously and start seeing into the underlying motivations that drive their antisocial behaviour, making them useful as fodder for Red Pill exercises in understanding human nature and interactions.

As such an SJW, Sangeetha Thanapal is the gift that keeps on giving for Red Pill blokes to analyse. Here is her latest gem:

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 10.03.39 pm


Not surprisingly, Sangeetha does not fit any of the “conventional” ideas of what constitutes an attractive woman. She isn’t fair, she isn’t of healthy weight, and she most certainly isn’t of pleasant disposition. As a woman judged by conventional standards of female attractiveness… she is not ticking off any checkboxes at all.

In this case her rage is directed at South Indian (she has a problem with North) men who spout the PC-version of what every feminist would like to hear on beauty standards (ugly is beautiful and turns us men on) but then actually vote the other way and go full conventional beauty when it comes to the time to put their money where their mouth is.

Once again, ideology clashes with reality and reality wins. What a surprise.

What’s funny is that she thinks a histrionic post in full caps will actually do anything towards making people consider her beautiful. Shouting at people won’t make them think you are more attractive, neither will attempting to shame people for their preferences.

The problem with a lot of SJW attempts to turn beauty debuffs into buffs by claiming the opposite is that much of the gig is a hard sell. They are largely attempts to shame men into considering what is not attractive to them attractive, to get them to tow the PC line into considering every woman a hot smoking 10 no matter what her attributes are.


It just will not work.

At the end of the day, despite what feminists would like to say about attraction creationism, science has pretty much nailed down the case that a lot of what we find attractive comes from instincts that conferred survival advantages. These instincts lead to preferences and these preferences drive attraction. Men prefer fairer women who are healthy and feminine. It is as simple as that. Feminism strives hard to deny these biological realities and redefine the rules for everyone so that unattractive women can compete with the hot ladies on the same playing field.

But it will not work for the same reasons that over-enthusiastic MLM dude trying to sell you some Sunshine Empire stuff makes reasonable people suspicious of him- trying to hard sell what is not attractive and strong-arm them into saying what you want to hear won’t engender true attraction. If anything, people will get suspicious that you are trying to sell them something that is way above it’s actual value.

Sure some suckers may pick up on the rhetoric and truly go after unattractive women based on PC shaming, but they are usually the kind of dudes that the special snowflake “I’m sexy” self-proclaimed feminist goddesses don’t want.


Red Pill men have already know this dynamic for a long time, the politically-correct version of what women say they want in a man is very different from the man they are actually attracted to. But Red Pill men aren’t complaining, because they understand the dynamic and they believe in taking concrete steps to do what is practically possible. The main wangst comes from Betas who actually take women at their word and believe the PC narrative, become that PC nice guy and realising to their dismay later that it actually does not work.

Being Red Pill aware means understanding that there are concrete attraction factors that can be worked towards within the best means of one’s ability. For example we know that women simply find taller men more attractive, a smaller man who goes around all butthurt demanding that he be considered as attractive as a taller one because height should not matter would be laughed at by women. A Red Pill man who is of smaller stature will realise that he will have to work harder in other areas to make up for what his debuffs are. Heck, as Asian men we should know this all the better, having being tossed several big debuffs when it comes to being attractive to women.

This is masculinity, seeing a challenge and working towards meeting them with real measures, not sitting around on your arse and demanding that the world change for you. The manosphere is about realtalk and realaction, because reality does not care if you are butthurt. Biological realities, instincts and prefrences won’t change just because you go boo hoo hoo about them.

What makes women think they are any less bound by the same dynamics of reality? Do feminists really think they can engender genuine attraction in any man who is worth his salt by attempting to strong-arm their way into demanding that they are considered beautiful with the only qualification required being to exist?

But of course all this is way beyond Sangeetha, who true to form, believes that all she needs to do is to yell about oppressive beauty standards and self-declare that she is a goddess that deserves worship simply for existing, reacting belligerently to anybody who threatens to pull her back to reality.

Sometimes I wonder if she realises she is that token “fat friend” that her more attractive feminist peers keep around to boost their own SJW status as well as look more beautiful in contrast. But given her general level of self-delusion, one can only be dubious. This woman really drinks the Kool-Aid.

The smart woman would objectively evaluate her own standing and take concrete steps towards becoming attractive. Even if she has some attributes that she can’t easily change she still has options. A woman with darker skin tone can still easily outplay one with fairer skin if she focuses on areas she can control, such as her weight, health and femininity.

Angrily claiming unattractive female attributes as appealing and repeating it ad nauseam while shaming and bullying anybody who does not agree is not a very good strategy at generating true desire, but it is something that Sangeetha will invariably try because she knows no other way.

The practical and effective ways are just too difficult, after all it is much easier to just declare that you are a smoking hot 10 goddess and exist in the magical world of make believe instead of eating properly and keeping fit.





The Asian Napoleon


Being Asian is currently seen as a debuff for men in terms of power in the multiracial dating marketplace, my friend described it as “playing on hardcore mode without any saves”.

But what happens if not only are you Asian, you are shorter than the Asian average, not to mention less educated, and less intelligent to boot?

Now that’s a lot of debuffs to overcome, and I know a chap who is exactly that: an short Asian man who does not have much educational qualifications with a simpleton’s way of looking the world (ie. not terribly bright). This post is a case study about him and how he reacts to all these debuffs.

By all respects he should have been tossed right into Omega male territory, never to be considered worthy of any female attention. But here’s the thing, he is not only attached to a woman with higher qualifications than him, he is even getting married. And no, that woman isn’t a wall-approaching desperado looking for any Beta chump to marry before time really expires on her looks. So how does he manage it?

By being a Napoleon.

Now Napoleon’s complex, a term used to describe social overcompensation done by short men who act in a socially domineering and aggressive way to make up for their lack of stature, is actually a bit of a misnomer because it Napoleon himself was of average, or above average height for his time. The scientific evidence for Napoleon’s complex is also somewhat sketchy.

But in this case, this chap would most certainly qualify as a trope-fitter. He didn’t have much going for him but a personality that was extremely belligerent to anybody who rubbed him the wrong way. While he lacked for educational qualifications, he was rather good at his job and respected in the industry for such. The problem is that new interlopers to his industry in direct competition to his rice bowl are much more qualified (on paper) than him, and they are only increasing in number.

He makes up for this by being extremely belligerent and aggressive to them, denouncing their qualifications as being “theories” with no bearing on practical realities. He also goes out of his way to constantly highlight why he thinks they are incompetent and ill-suited for the kind of work he does.

This rhetoric also conveniently suits his lack of intelligence, as he knows he is not the sharpest tool in the shed and is only good with his hands at his job. By denouncing the higher qualifications of others as just paper theories and playing up his practical experience as the real deal, he manages to quite successfully (for now) retain his stature in the industry.

Basically, he is the kind of chap that is hand-smart, but not very book-smart at all. His views on big ideas are laughably simplistic, but he manages to get away with them due to his social circle (which are generally also simpler folk) and how hard he pushes the “practicalities over theories” rhetoric.

And that’s how he got the girl really, which he met in the same industry. He made an exception for her of course, because in his rhetoric, she wasn’t one of the “theory” folks despite being quite obviously, more qualified on paper than him. She’s “special”. Also, his generally belligerent attitudes fades with her and he pretty much becomes the average Beta, lovey-dovey boyfriend. It does help that the woman is more of the traditionally feminine persuasion instead of the modern gurl-power types. Yes those still exist.

Now this man is an interesting case study. Most local Asian Singaporean men have a lot more going for them than him, but yet are largely unrespected in their fields and unnoticed by the opposite gender. This man proves that you can overcome many of your debuffs just by changing the attitude at which you approach life. Napoleon complex might be a term used to degregate aggressive short guys, but for those who play it up the overcompensation can work.

And it works for him- by taking on the attitude of an Alpha male despite lacking the attributes people usually associate with it such as height, qualifications and intelligence he could successfully overcome his debuffs and even find himself a mate. It does help that he picked the right kind of woman that happened to be in his social circle as well, so happenstance and some common sense does help.

Do I think he is a good example of masculinity?

Well, yes and no. This chap has gotten a lot of things right that most Asian men completely drop the ball on, these are things that they should learn to emulate more. But a lot of the right things he did seems to be more of a case of him acting on pure instinct and happening to stumble onto the right solution.

At the core of his being, massive inferiority and insecurity complexes are still the driving forces of his behaviours, not true self-aware, secure masculinity. He acts the way he does because he’s insecure, and that is quite clear to anybody who has any Red Pill awareness to see. He would be, to borrow the SJW’s terms, a good candidate for the trope of Fragile Masculinity.

This can be seen in how he immediately switches back to Beta when he is with his girlfriend, revealing his true inner mindset. Of more importance is his belligerence towards other men who are his legit betters in many areas, choosing to be belligerent to them because he sees them as a threat to his social standing as opposed to learning from the areas in which they are better to improve himself.

But of even more concern is his anti-intellectualism, which is manifested in how he immediately tries to shut down people who are his intellectual superiors by tossing his “they are all just theories” rhetoric as the only and final word.

Ultimately there is no inclination to self-improve, to learn new things, and to make himself a better man. He has basically built his entire gig on the one thing he does rather well (his job), and narrow-mindedly attempts to defend that security blanket from being threatened by interlopers, even if it means stagnating himself.

How he expects to survive in an industry in which people are getting increasingly more educated is going to be a rather big question mark if he keeps to this. It’s only going to be so long before someone who is as practically competent as him and yet vastly more learned comes along. And what will he have then?

Our Asian Napoleon provides interesting lessons to the Red Pill man. He got his assertive, aggressive Alpha attitude right and that paid dividends, but unfortunately was content to stop there and not address the deeper underlying issues with himself. As such he does not improve, is unaware of his flaws, and in the long term will be stuck locked into a situation that will not favour him.

Being a masculine man is a constant journey of self-improvement, not just in how you present yourself but also in being honest in your own weaknesses and working humbly to improve. True masculinity does not come from trying to cover up insecurities and weaknesses, but in realising who on is as a man and what he needs to do for the good of himself, his loved ones and his soceity.



Chinese Stasis: How The West Beat The East

For a good chuck of recorded human history Chinese civillisation was pretty much the most advanced in the world. Chinese civillisation had a good deal of stability, wealth and had a high level of scientific achievement. In contrast European civillisation was still struggling to get out of the dark ages.

For some reason however, despite all these advantages China never underwent an indigenous industrial revolution. They just carried on the way they were eventually surpassed during the 19th century by European civillisation, which became the dominant civillisation from then till present day.

So what gives? How did one of the longest continuous civilisations get surpassed when by all measures it had everything going for it?

Environmental historian Mark Elvin proposes that China was a victim of it’s own success in his “high-level equilibrium trap” hypothesis. The basic gist of the theory is that China got so good at running pre-industrial civillisation the way it was that there was little incentive to innovate and improve on existing methods.

Geography also helped- any need for more resources could easily be met by simply farming more land. Chinese production, infrastructure and labour were already so cheap and efficient that it simply wasn’t profitable to work towards greater efficiency. Basically, there was no incentive to innovate or discover new things.

These factors, along with a shift away from Taoism to Confucianism and with it an emphasis on morality and philosophy instead of exploring the universe via inquiry also led to an environment that wasn’t conductive for scientific development.

The Chinese made a lot of discoveries, but they never had a fully-fledged formal scientific method that could unify all these discoveries and allow them to build on each other. Scientific discoveries were generally made in fits and starts, but that didn’t matter as the survival of Chinese civillisation didn’t depend on these.

The Chinese were comfortable, they could meet all of their challenges with existing methods.

In contrast, while European civillisation started out behind, the conditions were more conducive in the long term for development. European civillisation had a more open attitude towards innovation, which in part stemmed from environmental challenges that prompted them to find methods of overcoming them. For example, unlike the Chinese which had vast areas of lands to farm, Britan had to focus on maximising crop yields in what little space it had.

Also, European civillisation developed a fully-fledged formal scientific method and fully appreciated the advantages of technical advancement. Regional geopolitics probably also helped, with the various competing European powers working hard to outdo each other. The geography of Europe encouraged balkanisation which had multiple small states working hard to get ahead lest they be out-competed. Eventually they started looking out beyond Europe.

Welcome to the age of colonialism.

While all this was happening, China becoming even more inward looking. The Ming dynasty eventually banned all ocean-going voyages and burned one of the largest premodern ship fleets in the word. The Qing that replaced them weren’t all that less navel-gazing as well.

By the time of the 19th century, European civillisation had surpassed Asia. Those who were once considered barbarians were now more advanced and highly expansionist, moving into the East in an unstoppable tide of colonialism. Eventually Qing China would be brought to it’s knees in a series of humiliating wars, the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan forced to open it’s doors to the gunboat diplomacy of Commodore Perry, and India now ruled by the British Raj.

The West had truly surpassed the East.

History holds some interesting lessons for us. The superiority and ascendency of your civillisation is never assured, no matter how well you think you have things locked down. The various Chinese dynasties assumed they were the top dog of the world and that this condition would continue indefinitely. For a long time China was indeed the most advanced civillisation in the world.

But things change, other cultures who are more competitive will eventually overtake you if you aren’t working hard to be up to scratch. Cultures that are more innovative, aggressive and competitive will win against those who aren’t. Reality will give a rude shock to those who are navel-gazing and think they are exceptional just because they exist.

This also means that the eminence of the West is not assured, and by many measures they are losing the plot. Like historic China, they are becoming a victim of their own success.

Europe is screwing itself over with overly naive immigration policies. The majority of Americans are overweight and unfit. Westerners are no longer proud of Western culture, and the latest progressive fad is how to be sorry for being a White person.

Also, more importantly, the West has become less interested in actual science and innovation. STEM fields are being diluted by secondary concerns such as gender and ethnic quotas with much less concern over if real work is being done. Professors are being driven out of academia because they don’t support progressive ideology while snake-oil social theory liberal academics are filling it up. People are less interested in a rocket scientist making human history landing a probe on a comet and more of the shirt he is wearing offending them.

The West seems to have believed it’s own propaganda, and is actively working to hamstring itself. While the East faces it’s own set of challenges, it is working hard on developing and advancing.

Being an Asian that grew up in an ex-British colony, it is a bit sad to watch Western civillisation tear itself apart. While I root for Asian civillisation and the White folk did do some rather nasty things to us, the Western era has given us a lot of good things that we enjoy today. Give credit where it is due.

But if the degeneration of the West keeps up, it looks like the Asiasphere will be the one to carry  mantle of top civillisation for humanity in the coming years. Civilisations rise and fall in cycles, we had our time in the sun and then the West took over, but it looks like our time might be coming again. One of the nice parts about this if it really happens is having the SPGs realise that they have invested in a depreciating stock.

So learn from the lessons of the West, both what they did right and what they are doing wrong now. Keep hustling and work on building things up for your tribe.


Singaporean Beta Creep

I have written a fair bit about the socially-awkward hapless Singapore Beta and why local Red Pill Asian men should not behave like them, but sometimes the best lessons come straight from the horses mouth.


TL;DR: Beta creep approaches a girl out of the blue and clumsily attempts to ask her for sex.

Ye cats, while one of the tenets of Red Pill Masculinity is to be daring and not be afraid of rejection, it’s another thing to stumble into a situation doing everything wrong. Don’t be this guy, he is so bad he has literal anti-game.

Libertard Satire

Talking to libertards and attempting to reason them out of their bad ideas can be a futile thing, especially when they have ego-invested in them and are relying on magical thinking keep on believing.

This is why they will insist that low-investing parenting is just as good as the traditional family unit, that the genders are exactly identical except for plumbing, that ethnicity and culture does not matter, that maximal female sexual freedom is always a good, that the way for police to deal with violent attackers intent on causing death is to “incapacitate without killing”.

The reason why they can believe in these positions despite common sense and reality is because they are invested in selling the progressive narrative, regardless of what the truth says. This is why it’s futile to use logic and reason on them, they have no regard for anything but their narrative.

In lieu of that, you can always use satire, like what this bunch of Germans did when a libertard MP demanded that the police found a non lethal way of dealing with a rampaging axe attacker.

Remember it’s futile to try to convince a libertard/progressive/SJW, but you can always convince the neutral outsider who is observing the debate from outside just how ridiculous the libertard’s position is with a few well placed shivs of satire.

Think about how you can parody and mock ridiculous libertard positions instead of getting into drawn out debates to make them admit white is white and black is black, you’ll find that this usually works a lot better with them as well, as your modern sort of pop-culture liberal is acutely conscious of not wanting to look bad in front of others.

Devastating and effective parody presents the ridiculosity of their ideas in an entertaining  and easily-absorbed format for all to see, and prevents them from hiding in a sea of liberal buzzwords and jargons. In fact the very same jargons can be used against them in the course of parody. Ideally, for maximal effect you should make your parody when there is a neutral third party present, that’ll really get to the libertard.

I’ll leave you here with another cool parody of SJW nonsense, this time using an accessible pop-culture franchise from the 80s to deliver the shiv. Enjoy.

A New Demon for Sangeetha Thanapal

Sangeetha Thanapal is the comedic gift that keeps on giving, just when you thought she has exhausted her store of things to get angry over, she invariably finds a new thing to get her jimmies rustled over.

Apparently the whole Chinese Privilege gig was getting a bit old, given she has single-handedly alienated her Chinese “allies” by berating them at every turn and demanding they hand over status or resources, because Sangeetha is now moving further afield to another unmined demographic to cast her aspersions on.

Other Indians.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.42.34 pm


Ah the beauty of Social Justice identity politics- they are always only one step away from cannibalising each other in the virtue-signalling race of oppression Olympics. In SJW land every single thing is a flashpoint into which oppression can be read and new demonised class of oppressors be singled out for destruction. Apparently now the thing that got Sangeetha upset is the fact that North Indians get more international recognition than South Indians.


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.42.55 pm


She could have chosen may ways to approach this, generally in ways that to use SJWspeak “build solidarity” within the community to “fight ignorance” but she instead choose to take the most belligerent approach possible. Right now, North Indians are the new oppressors in the Geetha crusade, everybody better get the popcorn ready.

The funny thing about all this? Sangeetha got into local progressivism on quite a lot of support. One can’t help but wonder what her “allies” feel about their loose cannon now.

Let this be an interesting lesson to all who are temped to dabble with SJWs and appease them. You can try to be their “allies” but at the core of it all they really hate who you are, are envious at any perceived advantages you have over them and are always just one trigger away from turning you into their new hated class.

Don’t be a dope and pledge “solidarity” with a person who only wants your destruction at the end of the day. There are only a few appropriate responses one should level at such folks and their ilk and they all revolve around apathy and ridicule.

Progressive Liberal Doubling Down

When the narrative is threatening to unravel under the assault of reality, what does the good progressive liberal do?

Well double down of course, keep repeating the assertions despite how reality continues to contradict it. Keep claiming white is black and repeating it in the hopes that people will buy your narrative if you shrill it long enough.

Germany is starting to face a wave of shocking terror attacks, and here we have a “journalist” claim that the very liberal immigration policies that have imported the terror to their doorsteps is actually protecting Germany from it. The very same failing immigration policies that have led to so much horror across Europe are desperately propped up as a bastion that is saving it.double-facepalm-picard-11

This is how it goes with liberal progressives who have internalised a narrative, they need to sustain it at all costs. Expect your progressive “friends” to do that when stuff that challenges their dogma happens.

This is why progressives are bad people to make public policy or any sort of suggestion for how others should live their lives or do things, they rely not on the powers of observation but magical thinking. The narrative first, the narrative above all.

SPG Rabbit Delusions

Rabbit people are anticompetitive, they instinctively seek conditions which are resource rich and do not require much effort for them to exploit. Not surprisingly, ideologies like socialism and the welfare state appeal to them.

All that would be fine if they were somewhat quiet about it, but of late as affluent first-world living has created an increasingly r-selected environment more rabbit people are starting to see things like the welfare state and socialism as an entitlement, and are less interested in bothering to think about pesky things like hard work that are required to keep the system afloat.

If you prod a rabbit to about these difficult questions, things can get rather strange indeed.

Our story starts with one of my acquaintances who had managed to hook an European exchange student who later became her LTR boyfriend, with them shuttling between Europe and Singapore. Being the hipster artsy kind they don’t really do any real jobs because capitalism is slavery but that’s fine because the welfare system of the European country the BF comes form takes care of that. They get by, doing hipster stuff, not really needing to plan for the future or do any real value-generating work.

Now as SPG behaviour goes she wasn’t really far on down the scale of obnoxiousness but every now and then she would let a little bit of her Pinkerton syndrome show by talking about how much better Europe is than Singapore. While irritating, it wasn’t anywhere as insufferable as the other loud SPGs I do know with full blown SPGitis. If it wasn’t for that she probably would have just registered as just an Asian girl who was dating an Ang Moh.

But things got surreal one day during a group meeting when I was hanging out with her and her BF, who had come to visit. While catching up on how our lives had gone post-graduation she kept on mentioning how she was dreading coming back to the “hell” that was Singapore and missing the socialist European life she had been enjoying with her BF back there.

Usually I would have just written it off as typical Rabbit people whining, but BF chimed in that it was alright because the Singaporeans could stay with their capitalism and work themselves to death while he and GF could enjoy the “fruits of socialism” back in Europe.

Okay, that is a bit too much Rabbitism,that was when I decided to have a little fun.

I asked them what they did as jobs back in Europe and they gave me the usual litany of odd jobs and hipster stuff that progressive Asian-Causacian couples did. I noted that none of them were really value-generating jobs. SPG did come to Europe on some kind of job bond, but she managed to shed that to “chase her dreams” (doing hipster stuff).

No wonder they didn’t mind the high taxes there, because their actual income was so low, the benefit they were deriving from European welfare was much more than what they were actually paying in taxes. The socialism in Europe was a giant field of grass for them to dine on, and they weren’t putting back as much in Rabbit shit to fertilise the field that they were grazing from. 

The fun you can have with Rabbit people is getting them to slowly realise that their happy elysium of grass is not only exhaustible, but that they were contributing to its rapid demise.

When I pointed out that it seemed they weren’t really putting in as much as they were taking, and how it would be trouble if everybody did what they did they got a bit uncomfortable, and started rationalising on stuff such as how life should not be all about work, capitalism aims to exploit, and all that. Rabbit thinking.

But at the end of the day, it became clear that here were two adults in which their respective societies had invested much into deciding to just kick back and do nothing productive with their lives. Spending it on self-amusement with various random frivolous things at subsistence levels of productivity while playing the welfare system for suckers.

What’s funnier, the reason that SPG called Singapore “hell” wasn’t because she was getting worked to death in here, but because it didn’t toss all these socialist welfare benefits to her like she could receive in Europe.

She never really contributed anything useful back to Singapore despite the system there investing lots into bringing her up to adulthood and higher education, but already she was asking for more.

Rabbit thinking indeed, the grass is an entitlement and they instinctively seek more. Do not expect loyalty or gratitude from a rabbit.

Anyway this is where things start to get quite surreal, perhaps having some vague notion that Eurosocialism might not be sustainable and the grass field might dry up in the near future, BF started to have a little panic attack and scramble for something to hold onto that could save it, here’s his big idea:


Yes robots.

BF started talking about how all manufacturing in the future will be automated (probably true) and that we won’t really be needed manpower intensive industries to maintain economic growth. Hence, in his reasoning, the robotic revolution will likely usher in a post-scarcity soceity and voila! No need to work to get what you want. The robots will do everything and earn the money we need to enjoy a comfortable socialist life.

And he really believed in it with the fervency of a Sunday morning televangelist. In his opinion Marxism failed not because the idea was flawed, but because the technology to make the idea work (robots) wasn’t ready yet. But the robots are coming, just around the corner. Just look at the stuff Boston Dynamics is doing.

At that point things got quite surreal, but it was apparent to me he was ego-invested in defending socialism. Not because it was a good idea but because he and his SPG girlfriend had become invested in suckling from the teat of welfarism without giving anything back. They will buy any idea promises sold to them that there will still be milk.

The funny thing is, they both support ideas that are basically tearing Europe apart. They live in comfortable hipster gentrified neighbourhoods far away from immigrant problem areas and they are happy proponents of tossing the gates wide open. SPG herself openly expressed her vested interest in Europe being open to immigrants, so SPGs like herself could leave the “hell” of their Asian countries for the welfare states of Europe.

Never mind that many of the once-vaunted bastions of socialism in Europe are starting to buckle under their overly-naive immigration policies. Never mind that they are basically importing people who came with the express purpose of exploiting the welfare systems, with a strong work ethic far from their minds.

This is full on Rabbit thinking- it is anticompetitive and at it’s core about exploiting resources in the environment, not generating value through cooperating, group loyalty and hard work. SPG’s BF didn’t stop to think for a moment that at the end of the day even if the robots come, it is still the civillisations that are the most aggressive that will use them in ways to gain an advantage.

The robots can be used to give SPG and BF their socialist utopia and they won’t need to work for anything, but more likely than not rival civillisations that aren’t stuck in Rabbit thinking will use these same technologies to rain fire and domination over them.

And it is unlikely that SPG and BF will have any inclinations to stay or defend their beloved socialist nations. Rabbit people will run when trouble come, it’s what they do. And if the happenings in Europe now are any indication it may happen sooner than later.

But for now, they happily live insulated from all those troubles in their hipster neighbourhood, Rabbit people munching away on the grass provided to them by the hard work of previous generations without giving anything back, all the while staying in the delusion that this condition will be indefinite.

Perhaps it isn’t such a bad thing that SPG decided to leave Singapore and leech elsewhere instead. As masculine men, we need to understand that building and maintaining civillisation takes hard work, and one that requires us not to believe in delusions that comfort and abundance are entitlements. They are rewards, the fruits of running civillisation well, but never entitlements. All it takes is a few missteps to bring the whole house of cards crashing down.

Be a masculine man, and build civillisation, not leech off it like the Rabbit people.

Slut Rationalisations

My usual word of advice for men who are starting their journey of Red Pill masculinity is to remain quiet about their formative Red Pill awareness and to be the silent observer of things in their immediate circle. Red Pill revelations can get you excited as your finally become a guy that “gets it”, and there is a great temptation to start sharing your new awareness with your social circle.

But that is usually not the best of choices to make. You need to understand that if you have been a hapless Blue Pill Beta, most of your social circle to that point will be full of similar people, or even folks who have a vested interest in you remaining that way. Being a fledging Red Pill, you may also not have yet internalised the lesson that most Blue Pill people react to reality through wishful thinking and emotions, and hence think you can convince your friends over to Red Pill realities. Most likely they will get angry and work towards shutting you down as you threaten their ego-invested paradigms.

So take my word for it, and be the strong, silent type who drinks and knows things during your early Red Pill days. Make sure you know who are really your friends and enemies before you start becoming more open with your Red Pill awareness.

Anyway this preamble isn’t what this post is about. It’s about some of the folks that I encountered during my early Red Pill days where I was just becoming aware of Red Pill realities and was making the noob mistake of being too open about it, assuming that people could be won over via logic. I hadn’t quite grasped the concept that non Red-Pill folk have ego-investments in their various paradigms, and will react with hostility to anybody who threatens them.

Lacking that awareness of the need to be covert, it wasn’t long after my initial bursts of Red Pill awareness that I started making enemies. Naturally most of them came from my female friends who had known me as the useful nice-guy from before, and they were now shocked and angry that the useful Beta was starting to express unauthorised opinions, especially those pertaining to female nature.

One of them was a nominal female friend, the kind that you just happen to friend on facebook because you were all in the same school and happened to be in the same broader social circle. She was the average modern university-educated woman, and following graduation she started dabbling more into feminism and all that fempowerment boilerplate to bring more meaning to her life. It wasn’t really atypical for post-university liberal women to try to pick up a feminist merit badge.

So she would post feminist fempowerment stuff and I would pop by to drop a truth bomb or two on her clumsier attempts to push feminist propaganda. She wasn’t really discerning in the way she chose fempowerment agendas to push however and generally hawked the stuff that would make women feel good regardless of if they were very good ideas, and that was what led to our big bust-up.

She posted one fempowerment article talking about how it was awesome for modern young women to slut around during the years of their peak attractiveness before deciding to settle down when they finally know what they want, and that’s were we came to heads.

Anybody who has been in the manosphere and delved in it’s deeper ideas would know that promiscuity is not a good recipe for long term civillisation building. Besides that, any man worth his salt and looking out for his own interests would know that a slut is most certainly NOT what he will want to consider for long term investment regardless of how feminists attempt to dress up promiscuous women as empowered and more desirable commitment options.

So I started dropping these little nuggets of truth into her slutpower narrative.

And she exploded.

She started ranting on how it was a right for women to do whatever they want. They have a right to choose who they have sex with, the right to have sex with as many people as they want, and a whole lot of other random rights that I won’t bother to list in a long rant.

In a simple counter, I pointed out arguing that you have a right to do something is the reasoning of simpletons. To find out if we ought to really do something, we should objectively look at the possible outcomes and consequences and their effect on the big picture to decide if it should be done.

Arguing that we have the right to do something just because it is a right is to put it frankly, a stupid and selfish form of reasoning, and certainly not one that engenders much respect. After all you have the right to shit all over the floor of your house and not clean it up, but it isn’t going to make visitors think that you aren’t stupid or that your house not one that is appealing to visit.

That really got to her, so she attempted to rationalise why sluthood was positive for women. She didn’t really get far beyond attempt to construct a narrative that it represented “freedom”, but I was getting the picture she didn’t really believe it herself after realising that the pot of gold at the end of the slut rainbow, the Alpha male that would finally marry her, would not find her more appealing than a public toilet.

It’s empowering when you can have all the sex you want while you are the most attractive. But that freedom looks far less appealing when you are older, less attractive, and the smart guys shun any sort of investment in you because you are used up and have no more cards left to play. All that’s left after that is a long life to think about the fun times and a lot of cats.

That realisation was threatening to shatter her ego-invested fempowerment narrative, and that’s why she was getting upset.

Fortunately a friend of hers, a real loud and proud self-proclaimed slut (let’s call her Slutgirl) decided to chime in while she was attempting to argue that getting herpes and all those other STDs really isn’t really a problem for sluts and isn’t a negative consequence of a wanton lifestyle (yep, STD empowerment is a real feminist issue, go read about it).

Slutgirl was a proudly promiscuous woman and was completely open of the fact that her special parts were well used by many different attractive men that she would meet at clubs. She enthusiastically proclaimed that the slut life was fun, empowering and was a middle finger to oppressive traditional values.

Well I wasn’t going to argue her on that, nobody is arguing that slutlife isn’t fun. It it wasn’t fun then why would women being encouraged to pursue their feral instincts be all flocking to do it? Promiscuity fun? Is water wet?

But it started getting funny when she tried to justify her slutlife as a character-building tool that was useful for the future. She claimed that being a slut allows her to know what are the best kinds of men in bed, hence it meant that she would know not to settle for second best sex from her future dumb Beta husband when she was finally ready to settle down with a guy who thinks long term.

I asked her if she really thinks the kind of hot guys she casually bangs at clubs would really be the kind that are into long term investment since they probably have a large stable of low-maintenance girls to choose from, with newer and hotter models coming in each year while the wear and tear on her carefully-maintained looks were getting harder to conceal each year.

A bit of irrelevant spluttering from her about how “real” men would not just consider her looks in response, but I knew that the truthbomb had hit home. She had made her sales pitch as a slut and she knew deep down that a smart Alpha man (the kind she is addicted to banging) would understand the true dynamics and not see her as anything worth more than a causal lay.

I went on to point out that the only realistic chance that she might have is to ensnare a thirsty Beta guy who lacks for female attention his entire life and sees her post-attractive years desperation as a godsend. But she won’t respect him and will only resent him for his Betahood, probably only giving him sex begrudgingly to keep him invested in her upkeep. And even that will probably dry up when he gets too Beta to bang.

I asked her directly, in all of this what is the benefit for the hapless Beta man? Given she has stated clearly that she would not settle for second best despite being the kind of woman that behaves in a way not worthy of commitment.

What was her real value proposition to men? Why should they give her long term investment now that she had sold away her femininity so cheaply and easily?


At that point Slutgirl’s friend decided to block me and delete the conversation. The whole fempowerment gig didn’t go as they planned. Two idealogical enemies made. Also, my Red Pill awareness was made apparent to the audience of this conversation, which was undoubtedly quite a number of my libertard “friends”.

I wouldn’t recommend arguing with feminists, Blue Pill guys and SJWs for this reason- because it’s generally futile and also you make people aware of your idealogical stances. Red Pill knowledge is your secret weapon and as an insurgent you need to play with your cards close to your chest. So learn from Talon’s lessons.

But this little melee did bring up some rather interesting observations about that modern fempowered women, you can learn from this instead of needing to fight one on your own. These melees are like smashing atoms in a particle accelerator to see the fundamental particles that make them up- smashing their ideas in debate and having people react allows you to see the true underlying rationalisations and feral instincts that drives their beliefs.

Firstly, it is apparent that they don’t think five years ahead and are addicted to the dopamine rush of living the slut lifestyle even if it dooms them to poor outcomes in the future.

Secondly, the slut life it is all about maximal female agency. They don’t care about the negative effects it has on soceity if this culture is practiced by large. The only thing that matters is that they have the right to do it, not if it is actually a bad decisions. It’s all about having the right to get their dopamine fix and they will retroactively engineer any rationalisation to allow them to get it.

Thirdly, men are just tools and pawns in this game. The slut wants to enjoy sexual relations with a large variety of attractive men and hopefully get one (highly unlikely), if that fails, the hapless Beta man becomes the back up pawn. Most likely this story will end for the Beta in a “wife” that resents him, a sexless marriage, and eventual divorce where she can take him for his assets after a few years before getting back on the cock carousel.

Fourthly, the women who are into this kind of living have virtually no awareness of their own value proposition for long term commitment to a man. They literally do not even think about it at all, assuming that all they need is to bang their way to commitment.

A masculine man has standards, and he knows exactly what he expects from a woman he puts long term investment into. Regardless how much fempowerment may attempt to rationalise for and dress up the slut as the ideal female that men should put a ring on, the masculine man knows her true value for marriage.

And that is very little indeed.

Campus Degeneration

Some rather interesting things can be inferred from the latest drama about sexualised orientation games happening in local universities. Apparently this practice has been going on for quite a while, with it being a “tradition” that has been passed on from batch to batch. I’ll save you the details on what the exact nature of these games are, you can check it out for yourself in the article.

While the general reaction from several ideologically diverse quarters are generally negative, they all have very different reasons behind the outrage. Examining them will give you some interesting insights into what makes them tick.

The predictable feminist reaction about rape culture and objectifying women aside, such developments aren’t really surprising given that Singapore has been shifting towards more liberal attitudes to sex. Such attitudes will obviously be seen more in the younger as they are the demographic that are obviously the most interested in sex.

Progressives in general, are okay with increasingly liberal attitudes towards sex. Liberalism, progressivism, feminism and all their associated ilk are after all, r-selected ideologies, and the r-selected instinctively seek more liberal attitudes towards reproduction as well as earlier sexualisation. The difference here is that this overt display of sexualisation is happening in a manner that does not suit the feminist imperative.

Feminists are mostly fine with women engaging in all kinds of degenerate sexual behaviour, if anything they view such “liberations” from traditional sexual moralities as empowering. The real feminist rage about these orientation activities aren’t because they are sexualised.

It isn’t really because it’s about rape culture and all those other hand waves that feminists toss up to justify outrage, but it’s because the feminine imperative, the female sexual strategy being subverted in with these games where passive women are acted upon via various forms of sexual innuendo from unqualified males.

The context of many of these sexualised games are presented as that of the unqualified male acting upon the female, with the female being a passive agent in all of this. These games and activities directly attack the feminine imperative- that of a woman having the ability to optimise on her hypergamous instincts and have access to the highest quality males possible. Anything that attacks and overturns the feminine imperative bring a deep sense of revulsion and anger from women, and most certainly the feminist.

If the games involved things such as having a gaggle of freshie orientation girls grope and pinch the butt of blindfolded campus hall hunks, you would bet the reaction from the feminist quarter would be more muted.

Some might even support this behaviour. The feminist rages if men hire a stripper to objectify, but happily cheers on a group of women at a hen’s night hiring a stripper to do the same. It is all about the imperative.

The Blue Pill conservatives’ reaction to this is pretty predictable, with all the expected reaction to the hypersexualisation of modern youth culture and what have you not. However they make these negative reactions from decidedly Blue Pill perspectives- assuming that the modern young woman is an innocent, pure creature that needs to be protected from the predations of the dangerous male.

If you have spent any amount of time with a Red Pill perspective, you know how this perception of reality is quite different from the true basal natures of women, feral instincts in which modern soceity and culture increasingly encourages them to engage.

What about the guys taking part in these games? Are they sexual predators in the making? Probably not. A good part of them are probably just your typical Beta Blue Pill guys in which these games are a rare opportunity to get close to the opposite sex. They probably approach these sexualised games with a mixture of apprehension and secret excitement that they (due to Blue Pill conditioning) feel ashamed about.

They don’t see how stupid all this makes them look, these games are not an expression of healthy masculinity at all.

So finally, what do Red Pills see about all this? We would see that this as just another data point in the slow drift of affluent civillisation towards the looser sexual mores that are expected from a soceity shifting towards r-selection. The real outrage in all of this for feminists is that this shift isn’t happening in a way that they want to, not because the shift itself angers them. Red Pills know that Feminists are fine with sexual depravity regardless of the consequences to all, as long as it suits and advances the feminine imperative.

Red Pills will see that conservatives will continue to miss the point and seek a return to the “good old days” where people had personal standards. They don’t understand that the modern stock of millennials more are rabbits than wolves, and rabbits instinctively seek earlier sexualisation and looser controls over sexuality.

The Masculine man will see all this for what it is: degeneracy, and degeneracy that will only increase in prevalence as our soceity shifts every closer to the regressive endgame. If you want to be a masculine man, stay away from such debasement and degeneracy that makes you behave more like an animal than a man. This does not mean you go the feminist route of seeking to maximally restrain male sexuality and end up like the numerous emasculated White Knights and Manginas that have pledged themselves to the feminist cause.

Healthy masculine sexuality is aggressive and strong, but it is not unrestrained, degenerate and dyscivic.