The Divisive Fever Pitch of Imaginary Racism under Chinese Privilege



As Talon had predicted when he first started this blog it is only a matter of time before progressive discourse becomes common in Singapore. Unsurprisingly that time is now here.

Most locals under the age of 50 would have been aware of the spread of progressive ideology in recent years to some level. SJW lingo and rhetoric is becoming increasingly common among younger demographics. Millennials social circles have also seen significant infiltration, but the discourse is somewhat more balanced with pushback from traditionalists.

Not so for zoomers however, in some cases become the dominant paradigm of discourse in some zoomer circles. Some of my zoomer colleagues tell me they keep quiet out of fear of being ostracised by their SJW “friends” who now use woke as a form of social currency.

Woke spread is not evenly distributed within the demographics it has infiltrated however. For instance, based on field reports from our red-pill zoomers woke ideology has been taken up at a much higher rate by minorities, which is not surprising at all given the thing has been specifically formulated to provoke the tribal instincts of minority groups and inflame passions.

This is to be expected. Despite it’s promises of bringing in a post-racial future woke ideology is extremely racial once you look at it critically. It is designed to make us notice all our differences, find every possible ounce of oppression in them, and treat those who are not like us with bitterness and suspicion.

Undoubtedly endemic racism and racial insensitivity exists in Singapore, however instead of being issues that require a soft touch to resolve with mutual understanding and empathy, woke takes those examples and spins them into a quasi-religious narrative of a big evil system set up by the majority to oppress the minorities.

Under woke big actions are needed. The only solution to which is constant resistance and working towards a revolution to dismantle everything. In the cult of woke- every interaction between ethnic groups is radicalised and political, every thing viewed in terms of how it can be a platform to perpetuate Chinese supremacy.

Unsurprisingly this belief system has led to widespread and constant antipathy against targeted groups by those who have taken it up. It isn’t just the Chinese majority that has been subject to this but even Eurasians who now see themselves subject to a secondary anti-colonial woke narrative that sees them as the genetic inheritors of colonialism that need to be dealt with.

The constant antipathy towards target group is more than just the result of stirred-up emotions, woke is performative and it requires constant public acts to demonstrate commitment to the cause, with each new act seeking to top the one done by someone else.

In the twitter echo chambers of wokeness this leads to a spiral of every increasing accusations, a struggle session against the straw men of targeted groups building things to a fever pitch. Chinese, Eurasians, straight males, PAP supporters. Every sin of these oppressor groups, real or imagined must to be dragged out and denounced.

Typical of allegations made in similar mob movements, accusations of racism by the targeted groups soon take leave of any semblance of reason and proportion. Since Chinese Supremacy is assumed to permeate the air, virtually everything is racism.

The working-class auntie with poor English skills who accidentally speaks to an ethnically-ambiguous person in mandarin? Racism!

People who appear to scrunch up their noses when near you? Racism!

That Chinese person giving you a “look”? Racism!

That influencer talking about using skin-whitening products? Racism!

People greeting you in what they assume is your native language? Racism!

A Chinese person getting a sentence you think is too light? Racism!

A Chinese seller on Caurosell not wanting to sell to a minority low baller? Racism!

These are not made up examples by the way, Talon and his red pill friends have seen these accusations being made. There is now an open season by our self-proclaimed anti-racism activists to find the racism in every possible interaction in Singapore, no matter how banal or inane and drag them out for a struggle session by the woke inquisition.

And don’t bother trying to put perspective to or reason with those who make the accusations.  An accusation of racism, no matter how far-fetched is as good as racism confirmed. There is no recourse if you are a majority, only admission and self-flagellation.

If you are in the wrong group there is no innocence under the cult of woke, only degrees of racism.

The sad thing is, these spurious allegations, treated as real and serious under woke dogma, clog up public consciousness and distract from the real issues facing minorities. The real issues of educational and economic disparities, rental discrimination, language barriers are corrupted by woke discourse and loading with antipathy towards the majority group which are now put up as the only explanation for them. Real problems have been so co-opted and loaded with leftist dogma by the subversion of woke that for all purposes they have become little more than political cards to be played for the woke agenda in the culture war.

No reasonable discourse can take place in such an environment and that is all part of the plan. Without the post-modernist fluff it camouflages itself in to appear legitimate Woke crumbles when examined critically with logic, reason and evidence. This is why it seeks to silence, obfuscate, inflame and radicalise.

This wave of anti-racism woke inquisition is making inroads into the public sphere, and grow it will. It is currently being tolerated by the majority who still believe in the traditional Singaporean multiracial values of tolerance and deliberate overlooking of tension points, but this tolerance is ice that growing thinner each day under the blowtorches of the woke warriors.

Shanmugan wasn’t being hyperbolic when he said that far from solving the issue of racism in Singapore, using the language of (woke) resistance in Singapore would lead to more divisions. Woke is in essence a divisive ideology, one that seeks to drive wedges under the guise of unity. One that seeks to turn Singaporean against Singaporean and see each other as enemies that must be destroyed in order for there to be social “justice”.

If you care for Singapore, you must stand up against the such divisive, destructive ideologies. The culture war is happening, and it is coming for you.

Intelligence Report: Stages of Wokeness


It is fascinating to watch someone gradually self-destruct as the mind virus of leftist wokeness takes them over.

It is one thing to understand the theory behind how leftist ideology can indoctrinate vulnerable people and make them think and act in all the dysfunctional ways that leftists do but it’s another to see it happening right in front of you.

It is a train wreck in slow motion, you know you shouldn’t look but you can’t help to anyway because it is such a spectacle. While it can be initially sad to see previously normal people lose themselves to leftism and become bitter, maladjusted individuals who think doubling down and bad ideas and choices will make things better, after a while you learn to enjoy the show with some popcorn, and use them as examples for others not to follow in their path.

After extensive field observations of woke zoomers and millennials in his workplace, Talon has deduced that the wokeness mind virus infection takes several distinct stages. In the interest of education of fellow Red Pillers he has decided to detail it here:


regardless-of-class-mainStage 1: Ideological Infection

The individual has just been infected by the woke mind virus. Common routes of infection come from high-risk activities such as spending too much time in leftist echo-chambers such as Twitter and consuming degenerate western media. In this early stage, the leftist worldview slowly starts to colour every idea the infected individual has prior to infection.

At this stage it is still mainly a mental condition, the person appears normal on the outside until you sound them off and realise leftism have subverted some of their beliefs. Common symptoms at this point are SJW buzzword dropping and becoming “conscious” of social issues from the leftist perspetive.

Many zoomers and millennials infected by the woke virus are at this stage. It is still possible to rescue them with the red-pill but depending on the level of leftist subversion and self-awareness on part of the infected results can vary.

a6b2f140-b29f-11e9-bdbd-13d5baa4e261Stage 2: Complete Mental Takeover

Wokeness has now taken over all of their beliefs and is the primary worldview that they now use as a lens to evaluate all of reality by. A person in stage 2 is quite easy to spot because you don’t need to take any effort to tell if they are woke, they tell you.

A person at this stage has fully and officially inducted themselves into the cult of woke. They don’t merely “agree” with some tenets of leftism but have gone full in and devoted themselves fully to the cause. They see spreading wokeness as a social, cultural and moral mission that they need to dedicate their lives to fulfilling.

If they are from any groups considered privileged in the ideology of woke, there is an additional duty of needing to constantly repent of their original sin of privilege and rid themselves of the offending identity.

These people may still look normal at this stage, but their minds have been fully taken over and you often can immediately tell by talking to them. A red piller can try rescuing people in these stages if they care about them, but they are likely to see you as enemies and seek to destroy you at every turn so be careful. It is possible, with a constant and gentle application of red pill ideas to arrest or even reverse the advancement of the woke infection to Stage 3, the physical stage.

Stage 3: Physical Manifestations 

One insidious way the wokeness mind virus enforces it’s hold on the minds and bodies of the infected is by driving them to make drastic lifestyle choices that physically change who they are, often with irreversible consequences.

At this stage the celebration of all sorts of dysfunction such as glorifying mental illness, encouraging dysfunctional degenerate lifestyles, engaging in unhealthy activities and body modification are common.

The performance of woke is no longer mental and verbal, people in this stage of woke disease seek to differentiate themselves for the masses by things such as getting stupid tattoos, dyeing their hair in disgusting colours. Their devotion to woke culture demands that they spit on traditional notions of propriety and beauty as part of a constant liberation from systems of oppression and thus they act accordingly.

People at this stage are very hard to rescue, the main goal of a red pillar in this case is to limit the damage they can do to others. This condition sets them up for the last and final stage.

Stage 4: Full Woke

Infected woke who stay long enough in Stage 3 often transit to the final stage- a point at which they are so woke their very minds and bodies have been completely taken over by their devotion to the cause.

Glorification of mental illness, elective unhealthy conditions, gender-ambiguity and all sorts of perversion and degeneracy are considered fair game as long as they are in opposition to all that is traditional and conservative.

Expect drastic forms of bodily modification, gender-fluidity, mental illness and physical conditions like elective obesity in people in Stage 4 of the woke disease. The formation and circulation of cutting-edge woke ideas that might be controversial to those in Stage 1, such as pushing transgenderism on children and will also be common, set up to be the next woke dogma to be pushed out in the coming years.

The infected in this stage have fully and truly rejected everything that has to do with what mainstream society considers to be the traditional. They have well and truly defined themselves only by woke and their full devotion to ushering in a woke future. It is virtually impossible to bring such people back from the brink, and as with Stage 3 the main goal of a red pill social insurgent is to limit the damage they do to those around them.


Being in Singapore where the woke pandemic is still in the early stages of making landfall here, we mainly have Stage 1-3 type individuals moving around.

The vast majority of infected here are zoomers and millennials in Singapore are still at Stage 1, they see woke ideas as innocent, reasonable and correct, allowing it to shape the way they view the world.

Some are in Stage 2, and you can mainly see them in the Singaporean woke Twitter echo chambers where they furiously tote out their daily sermons of woke, some of them have already transmitted to Stage 3 with the stupid tattoos, hair colours and destructive lifestyles but they are relatively uncommon as Singapore still has a strong traditional core regarding ideas of beauty and propriety that buffers against this.

For now.

Most of the woke in Talon’s workplace are infected in Stages 1 and 2, but there are a few notable individuals who have made the jump the Stage 3 with the stupid hair and tattoos. It always saddens Talon to see previously well-adjusted young adults become bitter, unbalanced individuals who now view everyone outside of their woke cult as evil.

Some have even been estranged from their own parents, seeing them as evil, right-wing racists because the woke demands that it should cover all all, even the bond between parent and child. These young adults are headed on the path of disfunction, delusion and degeneracy, slaves to a mind virus that is slowly turning them into automations to destroy the very society they live in. This is why it is the duty of red pillers wherever they are to resist the woke invasion and engage themselves int the culture war, it is a fight for your way of life.

It is a fight for your future.

The Woke Revolution Won’t End…. Until You End It


China's Cultural Revolution In 44 Shocking Images

The zoomers at work not on the woke bandwagon look at how leftism is destroying the West with some trepidation.

They see how the woke movement is dragging America into chaos, the latest wave taking the form of the BLM movement now sparking violence and riots across the country.

They see how quickly woke ideology has grown to dominate western culture, governance, media, academia and discourse. Entire countries in the west have taken leave of their senses and given themselves entirely over to the progressive narrative, forcing it wholesale on the population. Anything unwoke is being silenced, deplatformed and cancelled. People can now lose their jobs for wrongthink and wrongspeak.

Just a three years ago they scoffed at me when I predicted all these would happen, saying that I was just an odd millennial with a strange affinity for tradition not “getting on with the times”.

Now they see the ideological barbarians on the doorsteps of our sunny island trying to import these same destructive ideas and enshrine them as the dominant cultural narrative and values of our land and they are getting nervous.

They now tell me how they disagree with what many of their woke friends say but keep quiet to avoid becoming the target of their wrath. They find many issues with the woke gospel but realise that to question is to be branded a heretic and marked for destruction.

I don’t try to go out of my way to feed too much red-pill truths to them as many of them are still not ready for the whole dose. I give it to them in little doses, dropping a hint here and there about the questions they have on woke culture and leaving them to find the truth for themselves.

However it seems that my SJW colleagues are actually doing most of the red-pilling work for me nowadays. Their uncompromising, loud opinionated sermons are slowly but surely starting to turn many of the unwoke against them and driving them to seek alternative ideas, as they realise that those SJWs are examples of human beings they don’t want to be.

Seeing that my predictions on how woke culture would evolve were accurate, I have been getting many questions from zoomers at work on when I think this whole woke thing here will end.

The hard truth is, the question people should be asking isn’t about WHEN it will end, but HOW it will end.

Unfortunately, for the people hoping that the woke movement here will sputter out and die as other failed attempts at western liberal degeneracy have in the decades before, woke culture is here to stay. There is a fundamental difference between what we are seeing now.

Unlike previous random bits of liberal degeneracy imported from the west that were mainly restricted to the progressive fringes of middle-upper class English educated Singaporeans who need some arty-party beliefs to render themselves better than the unwashed masses, current woke culture has managed to subvert local narratives and turn them over to the progressive cause.

If you look at the profile of woke people here now, you will see representation from a much wider demographic. This is no isolated subculture of westernised Singaporeans now… it is a mind virus epidemic that is spreading among vulnerable demographics that lack the memetic defences against indoctrination.

As opposed to before where leftists from previous decades mainly kept their beliefs to themselves at let everyone be, there is now a concerted effort to spread the woke cult far and wide and enforce compliance to it. There is no option to be unwoke. You are either with them or against them.

If you do not bend the knee, you will be subject to cancel culture tactics imported straight from the west. Twitter mobbing, doxxing, employer harassment. This is just the beginning, there will be more to come. The leftist ideologues calling for the tear down of Raffle’s statue? It isn’t just a thought experiment.

Sadly for my zoomer colleagues who think they can just wait this out and lie low until the hype over being woke has died down, the woke cult here isn’t going away any time soon. Each day they spend hiding and not doing anything about the situation is a day that the woke horde has to tirelessly push their agenda deeper into every aspect of local life.

Similar to other marxist social and political movements driven by leftist ideological zealotry like China’s Cultural Revolution and the Cambodian Genocide, woke cultists seek nothing less than the absolute reformation of society into that of their utopian vision. They will not stop until that is achieved, but since utopia by definition will never exist, the woke revolution is a constant one taking further steps of finding the next unwoke thing to destroy after the previous one has been cancelled.

The Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas must be eliminated. Go through the twitter feed of any woke warrior here and see how they are gradually but surely pushing towards this.

Such cultic social movements will build to a fever pitch as they become increasingly intense in their efforts to enforce their impossible vision of reality on society. The madness will build to a crescendo as people in the cult drop all perspective and lose themselves entirely to the quasi-religious experience of believing they are bringing in a better world.

The social fabric will be torn asunder by the woke revolution, people will suspect each other of being unwoke and social trust will be at all time low. We can already see signs of this happening here in Singapore as the woke warriors try to turn everyone on each other in the name of intersectionality. Extreme actions in the name of woke will become increasingly popular. The woke revolutionaries have no idea how to build. They can only destroy. The revolution will not stop until there is nothing left to destrou.

Do you think Singapore, being a small island nation with no natural resources beyond it’s human capital and a reputation for being a stable, high-trust nation will survive the turmoils of the woke revolution?

This is why inaction in the face of the woke cult infiltrating Singapore is not an option. The very survival of this little tribe that has survived in the face of all odds depends on brave people taking a stand against the cult of the woke. It’s time to gird your loins and charge head in into a culture war.

Like it or not, the culture war is here, and it is a fight for who will inherit the future legacy of Singapore.

The woke revolution will not end… until you end it.

The Culture War is Here


The Culture Wars, Part 1 - RECKONIN'

Remember a few years back when Talon was predicting the culture wars of the west will come to Singapore?

Well it is now here.

Brownface sagas, anti-chinese raps, young people foolishly jumping on the BLM bandwagon and making cringe worthy posts on social media, calls to tear down Raffles’ statue… these are but a few incidents that have brought the extent of leftist infiltration into the cultural landscape of Singapore to the attention of the silent majority.

There will be more to come.

It is in the nature of progressives to spread their pseudo-moralism as far and wide as possible, telling you the things you should do and think. If you are not prepared for them, which most people are, you will soon find them on your doorstep baying for your tribute to the cult of wokeness or else.

It’s time to get ready. Learn about your opponents, know how they operate. Knowing is half the battle. One advantage you have is that they do not know that you, the cultural insurgent exist. Use that to your advantage.

These will be trying times. Find your brothers. Build your tribe. These coming years will be one of a struggle for the cultural soul of Singapore.


The Village Bicycles

Once upon a time cycling was a popular activity in my village and many people had their own bike. Being villagers many weren’t rich but the cyclists among us invested a lot into lovingly maintaining and upgrading our own bikes. While there were some douchebag cyclists who would cycle any way they saw fit and parked everywhere by and large there was a polite and courteous cycling culture.

There were also a few village bicycles- bikes that those who didn’t have one for various reasons to share for short distance rides. Those were beaters that people would have their fun with and after leave exposed to the elements. While many of them started out pristine and shiny from the shop they soon became worn out, damaged and abandoned.

The cyclists in our village would shake our head as we saw these rusty abandoned bicycles lying around, overgrown by grass. Sometimes someone might rescue one and restore to original condition with much TLC but that was difficult and expensive due to the condition of the bikes. Sometimes they were just too damaged to restore. While sad these shared bikes were the minority and most people were responsible cyclists with their own lovingly maintained bicycles.

Then the bike share came.

It started first as a trickle- a shared bike parked haphazardly outside a house there, another lying on it’s side in the grass, signs that things were about to change. They were often ridden by people who barely had any idea how to cycle, and they would often bring in more bikes and leave them where they found them. These were different from the village bicycles everyone was used to which were considered one off anomalies.

These were village bicycles on a large scale.

The identical bikes starting to clog up the bike stands and spill over onto the streets and spread everywhere. It wasn’t long before there were so many that just about anyone could have access to a bicycle at the drop of a hat. Some said this was a revolution in cycling, cycling would no longer be the reserve of bicycle owners, it would truly be for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

But deep down everyone had their reservations. The people who used the shared bikes weren’t cyclists in the traditional sense of the word, they just knew how to ride a bike and didn’t care much for one beyond it getting them from point A to B. Their relationship with the bicycle ends the moment the trip did. They knew little about how to cycle safely, what was proper etiquette, or how to maintain and keep bicycles in good working order. The shared bikes were just expendable, disposable tools, discarded after they were used, abandoned to the elements for newer, fresher models. No one could trust them to work properly, so parts were often stolen just in case and bikes missing parts were left abandoned.

They were everywhere. Proper cyclists could no longer park their bicycles due to the shared bikes clogging up racks, nor could they enjoy a safe and leisurely ride due to the sheer number of bad riders around. It was a mess. We wondered if this new state of affairs really improved cycling. Some had argued that the shared bike would increase the number of committed cyclists who would go on to get their own bikes and learn the ropes on proper cycling but what seemed to have happened instead is that the shared biked simply made people start to treat bicycles as disposable objects and bad cycling as acceptable. Some committed cyclists gave up entirely stop cycling, the experience just wasn’t the same anymore.

My cousin came down for a visit during Chinese new year and remarked on how messy and dangerous our village was from all the shared bikes. I told her that things weren’t that way before and our village used to have a good cycling culture. Something had changed from all this, people no longer viewed cycling as an endeavour where one would lovingly maintain a machine that would take him on all sorts of adventures. Instead cycling had been turned to a series of short-term anonymous casual encounters with bicycles one couldn’t care less about. Abandoned the moment there was another identical, but newer bike available.

The village bicycle, and the village bicycle way of riding had become what cycling is in our village.

#metoo in Singapore


Talon’s deep recce mission into the progressive paces of Singapore started a few months back when he started working in an industry that put him straight within the SJW scene in the nation. The regressives he interact with think he is just another average unwoke Singaporean and he uses that to bait them into revealing their ideologies, strategies and long term objectives. The bounty has been good.

Now he tells you what you as a Red Pill masculine man need to do to fight regressive infiltration in Singapore.

Most of you who are somewhat media-savvy would have been aware of the latest progressive moral panic sparked off by some Hollywood liberals that turned out to be sexual predators.

To say that this is a moral panic is somewhat of an understatement, it is more of a witch hunt with a flaming bandwagon where feminists, reeling from the various setbacks of the past year with the shitlord uprising sparked off by the weakening liberal narrative, have been scrambling head over heels to regain the capitalise on- basically by using it as an memetic weapon to regain the initiative.

The strategy is simple: use the moral panic to get as many women on board their cause as possible via an all-encompassing meme that conflates all negative interactions with men as sexual victimisation, and use that to force in their other ideological claims along with demands that things be changed to better suit them.

It won’t work in the long game of course, feminism is now the empress without clothes and more people are seeing it each day as the various absurdities of feminism grow more egregious, in part fuelled by increasing Red Pill awareness. However this does not preclude the reality that the #metoo moral panic remains a potent short term weapon in the regressive arsenal.

They seek a state of affairs where feminism holds all the cards holding the power to arbitrarily define and accuse men of sexual misconduct, having the power to completely destroy everything a man has worked for in reputation, career and social connections on the mere power of an accusation, regardless of merit. As a Red Pill man you need to know how to defend yourself from this latest feminist memetic weapon.

Naturally #metoo was as attractive to local feminists as garbage is to flies, it didn’t take long for all my millennial feminist coworkers to start sharing their various #metoo experiences, most of them largely revolving around unpleasant encounters with creepy beta men or loosely defined street harassment that involved men staring or making them feel unsafe.

Undoubtedly many of the accounts were embellished for dramatic effect, being the feminists that they are (remember SJWs always lie), and capped off with demands to take the one-sided stories of many of the #metoo posts as gospel truth.

It didn’t take long for the #metoo posts to devolve into social media demands that men take action about it, which in their minds meant becoming grovelling feminists allies and “improving” themselves. Some of the beta men took the bait, and a couple of manginas and white knights saw it as a chance to raise their near-zero chance of attracting women by proving they were “better” men.

All in all it was a pretty good team-bonding virtue signalling experience for the sisterhood at my workplace, and they probably felt that their feminism was energised by the tribal belief in their shared victimisation.

The various ideological problems with #metoo have been covered in many manosphere and mainstream articles, so I won’t reinvent the wheel here. What I am going to talk about is the implications it has for men here, and what Red Pill men should do about it.

Fortunately Singapore hasn’t gone full libetard the way of the west yet, although it is gradually shifting that way and it doesn’t help that the incumbent government is starting to humour regressives, probably as way of staying relevant to the younger crowd.

Built on pragmatism, Singapore is naturally SJW-resistant, meaning the #metoo hash was largely trending among the english educated liberal demographics, which are (still) a minority. Nevertheless we are seeing a rise of local liberal online publications that present progressive shibboleths as if they are majority opinion.

The real battle for Singapore is not over the present, but the future. Never look at the present and think that you are safe or things aren’t so bad yet. Remember that in times of abundance feel-good progressive ideologies will progress as there are less penalties for entertaining bad ideas.

So while the social impact of #metoo is limited to local liberals making noise to get on the bandwagon and some online progressive media outlets covering it, one can only expect the importation of SJW moral panics to become increasingly common in the future. The people in my workplace certainly hope to make this a reality.

The main use of #metoo for the local Red Pill man is in it being a sounding board and litmus test for just how far along the taint of progressiveness as crept in his social circle. The way someone shares a #metoo provides useful intelligence on how radically left they are.

While a good deal of the #metoo posts are just shared as people jumping on the bandwagon of an internet trend, it is also used by many local progressives to virtue signal. Look out for signs such as the use of SJW buzzwords and long polemics involving progressive gender dogma. These are useful in knowing the disposition of your enemy and how they think. Even the way casual bandwagoners share a #metoo can provide you insight into how far along they are in accepting progressive dogma as the mainstream moral standard of behaviour.

All this information is useful for the Red Pill insurgent, it allows you to know who your enemy is and where they are. It allows you to also locate potential recruits and allies, plan accordingly. Be on the look out for those who express scepticism and criticism of #metoo, more so if they drop a nugget or two of subtle Red Pill truths in there. They are possibly fellow social insurgents.

Remember in the new battle grounds of the culture war you are surrounded and outnumbered. Your enemy currently has the advantage in that they have gotten their dogma to be recognised as the de facto moral authority and standard, and are ever pushing things their way in small steps. You are also outnumbered by the large number of Blue Pillers who go long with the enemy without knowing that they are actually acting against their interests.

However know that you have the Red Pill knowledge on your side along with the antifragility and flexibility of an insurgent force that can fade into the background and choose it’s time and place of battle. Use your enemies tools for your own means to gather intelligence and locate allies.

The culture war is already on for the Singapore narrative, and you need to fight with every tactic that you know. The only other choice is surrender.

The Culture War is Already Here

Talon has been on a deep recce mission investigating local SJW spaces over the past few months, hence the lack of updates here due to the need to maintain cover and not give the other side any indication that they are being observed, but now he’s back and ready to bring more local manospherian writing to the fore.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you would have known by now that the creeping forces of progressiveness have been working hard to expand their foothold in the social and cultural spaces of Singapore over the past few years.

The progressive enemy is relentless and they will not stop until they achieve their goals, and then more. It is the job of every social insurgent to meet them at every front to make sure that they do not operate unopposed.

We have all seen the results of a culture war that is allowed to go generally unopposed to way of the left in America- a fractured nation that grows increasingly fractured over time as the war for it’s soul rages unabated. Don’t mistake the election of Trump as a decisive victory for traditional America, he is just a blade forged in defiance of destiny to buy the American people a bit more time to save themselves.

We have all seen the insanity of regressiveness come full tilt in many of the European nations- who now have become so poisoned by it they lack any sort of self-belief in their own nations and culture, preferring to see it subsumed under a flood of unhindered immigration. We’ve seen how they crack down on people speaking out against this insanity while closing a blind eye to crimes committed against them by outsiders in the name of preserving multiculturalism.

We have seen how the slippery slope is no fallacy at all with the regressive left, how now transgenderism mania is in full bloom where injecting children with hormones and puberty blockers in the name of ideology is trendy. We’ve seen how the idea of the traditional family is being derided and erased for the progressive alternatives over the past decades.

We’ve seen how these regressive ideologies are starting to plant themselves all over Asia and push into these traditional soceities.

Now ask yourself if you want this madness to take over Singapore, a place that operates on thin social, economic and cultural margins. A place where we don’t have the luxury of resting on our laurels to entertain and absorb very bad ideas.

No? Then meet the progressive enemy at all fronts, at all times. Never back down. Never give up. The culture war is already here and you will have to fight it if you want to save your culture.

Liberal Shibboleths: Singapore Edition


An article published by the Straits Times regarding local firms putting money into Pink Dot 2017 provides some insight into the current shibboleths in circulation within the liberal community in Singapore. While the current state of LGBT affairs and Pink Dot is something Talon does have a fair bit to write on that is for another post. What I am going to address here is how a quick look at the press statements of the supporting organisations quickly ticks off the checkboxes of terms liberals are fond of using:

Another sponsor is TV production company Hoods Inc. Its co-founder Bratina Tay, 42, said: “We believe in equality and we do not believe in discrimination. We’re not imposing our beliefs on other people; it’s just what we believe in. If this helps to bring awareness to the public, we are happy to do so.”

Digital agency Xpointo Media contributed $5,000. Its managing director, Ms Kathy Teo, 45, said: “Diversity and inclusion are important values to our company. Broadcasting our commitment to these values is good for business.”

Shibboleths, a shorthand term for the commonly repeated terms, ideas and beliefs within a community, are a good way of sizing up the idealogical stances of people around you. You should be especially alert if you hear someone dropping them at a good rate. At the rate these common liberal shibboleths were being dropped in the quotes, one can get a good picture of the probable idealogical stances of these people beyond just putting money for Pink Dot.

The terms commonly tagged to liberal Shibboleths aren’t merely words, they are refined expressions of the ideology they come from and carry a lot of baggage. When a progressive uses terms like “equality”, “discrimination”, “awareness”,”diversity” or “inclusion”, they don’t mean it in a way that people commonly understand them, but rather the way that progressives do.

The trick is to convince everyone that it is the progressive definition of the term, with all it’s associated progressive ideological baggage, is the one that everyone should go by. If not subjected to Red Pill resistance, the redefinition of these terms to come under the regressive agenda is all but inevitable.

You see it everywhere in how terms like “racism” and “privilege” have been somewhat successfully subverted by regressives to the advantage of their ideologies. Language is a powerful tool and the one who controls the definition of words holds the power.

As Red Pill social insurgents who can see through the regressive liberal delusions, shibboleths are useful as it allows you to quickly sound off and size up the people you interact with and gain intel on what ideologies they subscribe to as well as the level of their commitment to cause.

A person dropping one or two shibboleths occasionally is probably just your run of the mill Blue Pill who has had exposure to liberal ideas in common media and has has a layperson’s understanding of it, and might even prove a good prospect for you to plant the seed of Red Pill doubt in them by gently cracking these ideas with them in casual conversation. The ones dropping multiple shibboleths repeatedly almost all the time are probably not casuals, and are people you certainly need to be careful around.

As always, be careful in letting your own shibboleths slip when talking to non-Red Pills. If possible, find new ways of presenting Red Pill ideas without resorting to cliches or terms that are in common use within the Manosphere.

This serves several purposes- it helps you to maintain cover as a social insurgent, it prevents people who have been programmed by mainstream bluepill thought from being triggered at the mere mention of Red Pill terms, and crucially, also allows you to approach your own ideas from new angles to find new memetic combinations to strike out in your insurgency against the regressive invasion.

Understanding shibboleths and using them to maximal effect for your Red-Pill insurgency to is a crucial skill. Master not just your own memes, but that of your enemy’s as well.

Failing All The Shit Tests


Here we have the story of a poor guy who has made several large missteps in trying to navigate the minefield of female expectations for Valentine’s Day- he not only took a woman’s word at face value, but ended up apologising for it in a most degrading way:

The poor chap here failed his girlfriend’s initial test when he dutifully took her words literally and showed up empty handed (an Alpha can do the same, and convince the girl that’s what she wants), he failed bigger when he decided to disgrace himself by going full on supplicating beta by begging for forgiveness on his knees.

Now he has all but secured an impression of irrevocable betahood in the mind of his woman, who now has nothing but contempt for him. She will be unable to see him as a masculine man and the relationship, if it somehow continues after all this press attention will always be fraught with much tension, stress and personal degradition on the side of the beta. While his unappreciative GF slows whittles away what little masculinity he has left after this episode.

Remember that more often than not trying to win back a girl by supplicating after you failed a shit test only makes things worse.

Yes sometimes you fuck up, but draw a line in the sand in how far you are willing to leave the masculine frame to apologise. Remember that you may be called an asshole but you will have her interest and respect. Going full beta to apologise often ends up having the cure being worse than the ailment.

The Manipulations of Chinese Privilege


It has been a few years since Sangeetha started her Chinese Privilege gig, creating a meme that has managed to make significant headway into the ideological space of the English-educated and speaking crowd in Singapore.

While Sangeetha apparently hasn’t been able to make much money off her original subscription model of SJWism for her Singaporean Chinese Privilege blog, which apparently had only two subscribers after an extended run, she has moved out into farming Chinese Privilege by hawking it in educational institutions as well as shaking down guilty Chinese Allies for money or bashing whatever non-Southern Indian group that has earned her ire. The demands for money, resources and power can get quite comedic at times, and they make for good popcorn time material.

Whatever you may think of Sangeetha and her histrionics, you cannot deny that she has managed to create something that is expected to be around for quite a while which will be an issue that every Red Pill social insurgent will eventually have to tackle.

There are excellent takedowns of Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege out there, and they provide deep analysis and deconstruction, showing why as a social theory to describe and approach race relations in Singapore it is not only highly suspect, but also dangerous for the social fabric of Singapore. These are works you should verse yourself in to better understand the issue.

But while I do think these works are great takedowns of Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege, I do feel they lack something fundamental that has limited that effectiveness in changing opinions on the matter.

They are logical.

Yep that’s the problem, they are too logical.

The Chinese Privilege gig sells well to the progressive leftist crowd in Singapore not because it is a well-constructed thesis but because it is designed to push as many emotional buttons as possible among minorities and English-speaking Chinese Progressives in Singapore. As a work of manipulating emotions and recruiting minorities and liberals it has proven to be quite useful.

Logical takedowns of Sangeetha miss the manipulative nature of her ideology out entirely to focus on the rational merit of argument she is making, forgetting that Chinese Privilege sells not based on logic, but by provoking emotion.

While Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege may take the appearance of an academic exercise, it is just that, a facade.

Remember the whole Chinese Privilege meme is not meant to be logically consistent, but just appear plausibly enough so in order to stoke minority anger.

To understand how to best combat the damaging effects of Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege narrative on the social fabric of Singapore one needs to understand that nature of how it persuades, provokes and spreads its influence. Logical takedowns generally neglect this, and end up serving merely as textbook answers that lack persuasive power.

So with that, Talon shall look at the foundations of Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege memes in terms of how it is structured to persuade and manipulate.

Chinese Privilege has proven to be quite effective in manipulating people because it works on multiple levels. Let’s look at them now:

1) Manipulating Emotions- Casual Irritations as Systemic Racism

Understanding the meme of Chinese Privilege as one that generally spreads via an appeal to emotion becomes useful when you look beyond the academic writings that Sangeetha puts out to examine the secondary material in her inflammatory anti-Chinese hysterics on social media. These serve as an informal “real-world” expression of her ideology.

While these hysterics serve an to stoke emotions among her social circle in support of her social theories, and also provide us social insurgents some insight into her psyche, it is important to note that the “academic” side of Chinese Privilege gives justifications for Sangeetha acting in ways that could be quite reasonably considered racist.

For the people who have been harbouring large grudges against the Chinese majority in Singapore for various reasons, an academic justification allowing them to act out in is incredibly attractive. This is why a fair bit of people are willing to ignore the inconsistencies and sheer fabrications of fact even when they are glaringly obvious.

Sangeetha has managed to successfully up-sell latent casual racism in Singapore as systemic, exaggerating the actions of an insensitive minority of the Chinese as an institutional issue. On top of that, she has also redefined any inconvenience that minorities often face by virtue of being different from the rest as an issue of overt racism and discrimination, as opposed to finding alternative plausible explanations for that.

Remember under Chinese Privilege, any bad feels from the minority in regards to the majority is a result of Chinese racism.

Now casual racism is latent in all populations due to individual dispositions. This is unfortunate but it is another thing to claim it’s a systemic issue (ie. The system is actively out to get you.)

It is simple math in action. Even if all the races in Singapore had similar levels of casual racism, a member of the minority is simply way more likely to run into an idiot from the majority by virtue of the sheer numbers of them around. This does not mean that the majority as a group is out to get you, but that you are more likely to run into an idiot from it.

Sangeetha spins this statistical reality and distorts it to convince minorities that the Chinese as a class (if they aren’t self-identified allies on her bandwagon) are out to get them, and it works because most people can’t understand proportional representation.

To top this off, Sangeetha moves to reframe things that are due to simple demographic math in play as an example of deliberate systemic discrimination. The economies of scale that the Chinese can employ by virtue of being more numerous, such as being able to use Mandarin as a lingua franca for non-English speakers in employment are now redefined as racism. Advertisements targeted at the biggest demographic market is sold as discrimination against minorities (because targeted marketing ignoring is racist). So on so forth.

All unfortunate minor irritations (microaggressions) that minorities face are reframed as an example of a massive Chinese hegemonic conspiracy to disenfranchise minorities under the meme of Chinese Privilege.

It does not matter that there are alternative explanations that are more inane and don’t need to bring up accusations of racism, why? Because these explanations do not provide emotional relief in giving a bogeyman to bash.

A great part of the manipulative power Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege meme comes from the ability to continually redefine all minor irritations that minorities face as racism. While such “everything annoying is racism” sentiments are not new Sangeetha has managed to present an easily understood, applicable and seemingly academic method of codifying and concentrating such feelings under the banner of “Chinese Privilege”.

Know that the logic often does not matter, what matters is the emotional payoff an aggrieved person can get from putting a “Chinese Privilege!” stamp on anything about the Chinese that causes unhappy feelings.

2) Appealing to Rabbit Psychology 

Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege is also structured to appeal specifically the psychologies of the Rabbit people. If you don’t know what Rabbit means you can refer to the post with the grand summary on Wolves and Rabbits.

The core of Rabbit psychology is anti-competitive, seeking to eliminate all inequality of outcomes no matter the reason. Rabbits value models are also intrinsic, deeply focused on inherent rights, identities and status entitlements without the corresponding extrinsic justifications for such.

As such, claims that Singaporean Chinese are stealing resources and status from that should be rightfully accorded to minorities in Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege meme are deeply convincing to the Rabbit people that tend to populate the progressive demographic in Singapore.

Not that it does not matter if one can point out other more plausible reasons why there are different outcomes between the Chinese majority and the rest, Rabbit people are cognitively predisposed towards believing the narrative of a hegemonic racist Chinese conspiracy to oppress the rest because that is the quickest way to make the loudest noise and greatest push for resource redistribution.

In short, the radical claims of Sangeetha are specifically designed to best provoke Rabbit instincts among local progressives. This provocation is powerful enough progressives are compelled to move along with it, with the less-rabbity of those who attempt be the moderate voices largely ignored or even attacked outright.

Sangeetha has also hedged her bets well by setting up a local version of the progressive stack and making a hard sell for it in the opening arguments for her Chinese Privilege gig several years back, conveniently placing herself, an overweight, dark-skinned southern Indian woman sorely at the bottom of the stack in order to claim the right as progressive moral arbiter over everyone else. This has allowed her relatively free reign to control and redefine a great deal of discourse on race in progressive circles although there is some indication that she might be overreaching of late and alienating segments of her ilk higher up her stack.

To sum it up, Chinese Privilege has been rather convincing to anyone of a progressive disposition due to it being able to appeal well to various aspects of Rabbit psychology. This has allowed Chinese Privilege as a meme to entrench itself deeply within liberal circles in Singapore, of which uprooting it will probably require monumental effort from moderates.

Interestingly, the specific construction of Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege in order to appeal to Rabbit people can be seen via the contrast of reactions in minority individuals who have more Wolf dispositions- they tend to be less welcoming of Sangeetha’s assertions, and sometimes even outrightly hostile. The Wolf people rightfully reject all this race-baiting as nonsense, even when it promises them a moral high horse.

3) Memetic Hijack of Western Progressive Memes

On a technical level there is nothing terribly original about Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege- it’s original presentation was chunks of writings on White Privilege by Western Progressives taken wholesale with the racial terms swapped to turn White to Chinese, completely ignoring the differing cultural and historical contexts that exist.

Criticisms of Chinese Privilege as being plagiarised and shoehorned to fit a local perspective miss the point. Sangeetha doesn’t need Chinese Privilege to be original or even appropriate for application here as a cultural theory- all she needs is something that will catch the attention of local liberals already using all the buzzwords and rhetoric they are familiar with.

This outright appropriation of White Privilege serves several purposes: being a cookie-cutter term-swapped social theory Chinese Privilege can piggyback on established memes within the headspace of local progressives already set up by the White Privilege narrative, giving the same feel of authenticity and credibility White Privilege already has.

This is why the output of local progressives on Chinese and White privilege often appear indistinguishable, in their heads it is literally the same meme, just with different skin colours.

The power of this transposing effect was so much that several minorities I observed who drank Sangeetha’s cool aid started equating their situation in Singapore as equivalent to that of African Americans!

Far from being a weakness, the shameless plagiarisation of White Privilege in Chinese a Privilege is a rhetoric strength, a memetic hijack that has paid dividends for local race-baiters.

Remember, an argument does not need to be valid to be convincing, it can take on the guise of other accepted arguments in an act of rhetorical mimicry to slip in and set root.

4) Meeting Regressive Idealogical Demand

One also needs to examine and understand local idealogical market forces to understand how Chinese Privilege has obtained it’s manipulative power.

For a long time liberalism in Singapore has been largely tied to opposition politics with parties such as the SDP being the flag bearer for the further left of the spectrum. While civil society did exist and was ideologically leftist and probably more so, the bulk of minds in the populace on the left was occupied by local opposition politics.

Then came the the stunning opposition victories of 2011 which built up support for opposition politics to a frothing fever pitch (as a matter of fact opposition supporters often behaved in a manner similar to SJWs), with local liberals confident that GE 2015 would be another stunning success.

Then came the crushing defeats they routed and discredited the opposition as the ground swung to the PAP in 2015, a trend that has not let up in a series of losing streaks and misfortunes for local political parties.

This was however a boon for local Progressives as there was now a power vacuum in local leftism since the collapse of the political opposition. Where your idealistic young uni undergrads may once have seen opposition political activism in the years of 2011-2015 as an outlet to their inflated-self perception of revolutionary righteousness, the post 2015 environment only has SJWism for them to sign up for.

This has consequently led to a swell in the ranks of progressives in Singapore. This sets up a buyers market for any progressive idea that can be successfully localised- after all it’s more payoff to SJWing on stuff here as opposed to posting about social issues in America.

This demand for local progressive memes is a natural market for Sangeetha’s Chinese Privilege narrative and its various permutations. While basically repurposed White Privilege, Sangeetha has managed to hawk a meme that appears localised enough for local regressive to latch onto and propagate.

Conclusion and Initial Insurgent Strategy 

Chinese Privilege as a meme has proven to be effective in infiltrating and entrenching itself in the idealogical landscape of Singapore. While currently generally restricted to the English-educated and speaking liberal demographic one expects that barring the takeover of another more attractive progressive ideology it is expected to progress.

Chinese Privilege as a meme finds it’s success and appeal not because it is a valid work of academic social commentary, by manipulating several key centers of gravity in the idealogical battlefield to becoming rather convincing, they are:

1) Manipulating the emotions of aggrieved minorities by providing a plausible and codified belief system to concentrate, amplify and direct the negativity.

2) Manipulating the Rabbit psychology of liberals by structuring the rhetoric within Chinese Privilege to trigger instinctive Rabbit anti-competitiveness and aversion to differential outcomes, biasing such individuals towards be ideology.

3) Appropriating accepted memes such as White Privilege to take advantage of meme hijack in order to expedite acceptance of Chinese Privilege in the headspace of Progressives.

4) Meeting pent-up market demand for localised ideologies among local Progressives looking for a justification to conduct local activism.

These 4 main factors are why Chinese Privilege by Sangeetha as been relatively successful as a local progressive meme, which is at this point largely self-sustaining without much action on its originator.

Many traditional attempts to address Chinese Privilege are conducted on logical validity of the ideas themselves instead of understanding these 4 factors, and hence they fall short of even starting to dent it’s memetic appeal.

Red Pill social insurgents operating outside traditional paradigms of discourse need to realise that Chinese Privilege as a meme can only be defeated if these 4 centers of gravity are addressed. Fortunately as Red Pills, you are in possession of powerful knowledge that allows you to do just that. Talon will be addressing those in other posts on the matter.

You need to realise that the ultimate endgame of Chinese Privilege is not the elimination of racism from Singaporean society but rather the amplification of fault lines within the social fabric of Singapore. As a meme that finds its sustenance for existence by finding and defining racism in everything it will never stop until it’s acolytes are completely offended by everything, no matter how innocuous, with the races further from common ground as they have ever been.

We only need to look to America to see how badly this can turn out and mark my worlds that this is the outcome if the destructive meme of Chinese Privilege is allowed to run unchecked.