Month: November 2016

Understanding Your Modern Liberal


There are many reasons why modern latte liberals behave the way they do, but this is a good primer in the broad strokes of what drives their psychology.

“A Liberal is someone who imagines a world they would like to live in, and then proceeds to pretend that they actually live in such a world.

Many people get over this as children, but Liberals continue this fantasy for a lifetime.

Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded. Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.”

The modern self-proclaimed latte liberal does not understand what classical intellectual liberalism is, let alone practice it’s tenets. Remember that when you are dealing with such “liberals”, the exercise of their ideology is an emotionally-motivated one that involves retroactively rationalising a Liberal In Name Only worldview that is structured to calm their various anxieties instead of seriously examining if such the world created by their ideas are feasible, or even desirable.

Modern latte liberalism is an ideology that is vested in the emotions, and from there it irrationally proceeds.

Regressive Liberals, Rising in Singapore

I managed to accrue quite a number of liberal friends in my social circle during my days of studying a humanities major in university, which is not surprising given that this is the kind of stuff that left-leaning millennials tend to lean towards.

Not surprisingly, the humanities tend to be a place full of ivory tower intellectuals who think the masses (the rest of Singapore) are unenlightened knuckle-dragging conservatives who need to be dragged into the light of liberal enlightenment.

The Beta among the males taking these university courses was rather high, but these Betas are not your run-of-the-mill halpess Singaporean Beta, but rather the insufferable english-educated, social justice White Knight kind who make it a point to signal to the entire world how they are a new kind of enlightened liberal feminist man (that by collary, women should like).

It is no surprise that I started losing some of these friends as I fell towards Red Pill awareness and what they deemed the dark side. The usual pattern usually revolves around getting unfriended after not parroting or fact/logic checking a certain piece of liberal social justice dogma they were attempting to virtue-signal with on social media.

What I find interesting is that conservatives that I disagree with don’t do the whole unfriending gig even if our disagreements can be heated, this pattern of unfriending largely comes from the liberal quarter. Although that is not very surprising once you look into studies of how conservatives and liberals deal with disagreement. 

There is a lot of criticism of liberalism and leftist leaning ideologies in this blog, what one needs to be aware of is that I am not opposed to liberalism per say (as much as I think is is a naive ideology for dealing with the world), but rather the substitution of the modern, infantile form that has taken the place of what we know as classical liberalism.

The sleight-of-hand here is that modern liberals pretend that they are continuing the grand traditions of classical liberalism while substituting in their own version of it that actually contradicts many of the original tenets of liberalism. While these liberals may often appeal to the dictionary-definition of liberalism and claim that is what they are, their actions and ideologies show something entirely different and contradictory.

This is what we know today as the regressive left, the illiberal liberals, the social justice warriors, the third wave feminists.

How did things get this way? To understand how most modern liberals operate you need to realise that despite claiming to be on the idealogical bandwagon because of enlightened ideas and motives most modern pop-culture liberals have far baser reasons for self-identifying as one.

As noted in posts on r/K selection, an affluent soceity has less need for K-selected competitive behaviour and starts to shift towards r as the environment becomes more comfortable. Many memes in the memeplex of modern liberalism fit very well into the r-selected mindset, which is why you tend to see a lot of soft-minded, anticompetitive rabbit people who self-identify as liberals.

The r-selected environment of a comfortable civillisation also favours behaviours typically associated with modern liberalism. Conservatism and their associated mental states start to look more and more quaint and outmoded as the dominant societal narrative starts to shift towards the left. This, coupled with the fact that one stands to gain in social capital identifying with the liberal memeplex leads to all kinds of people jumping onto the bandwagon.

Including the kinds that you really shouldn’t be letting into any idealogical movement because they are in it for anything but staying true to the ideas. This swamping of r-selected immigrants in it for the benefits with vastly different motives and values into the idealogical pool of liberalism leads to a shift of liberalism away from it’s classical form and towards the form that is Liberal In Name Only.

The lack of any serious idealogical challenge to this mutating liberalism also means that it’s acolytes soon become ideologues. They stop seeing reality for what it is and adjusting their world view to fit the truth because there is no need to do so, they have the power to determine the narrative for everyone. There is no serious idealogical competition to the frame that makes them sit up and consider their ideas properly.

As the narrative grows dominant it also grows decadent. Classical liberalism has been substituted by a modern mishmash of infantile social theories and ideas by competing ideologies spending more time trying to come up on top of their social space instead of seeking the truth.

In Singapore we are seeing a gradual shift from K to r selection that has accelerated in the past few years. Unfortunately, we didn’t need to mutate classical liberalism into it’s regressive form because we can import it wholesale from the west, complete with all the terms and theories copypasted into Singapore wholesale.

Observe your typical arts-educated uni liberal here- you’ll see plenty of various regressive memes taken in wholesale and preached as gospel truth. You’ll see the same holier-than-thou attitude taking root. You’ll see the contempt they will have for anybody who don’t share their beliefs.

How far will they make it here? It’s anyone’s guess but Singapore has a very different cultural landscape with different memeplexes from the west. Regressive ideology is currently restricted to the english-educated vocal minority but hasn’t made much headway into the traditional ethnic cultures. We see some attempt to localise regressive theories such as transforming White Privilege to Chinese Privilege but more often than not these concepts mainly swirl around in the english-educated memespace.

But expect to see the ranks of regressives swell as such ideologies are fashionable and popular with the younger folk. It’s anybody’s guess if this will have wider implications for Singapore in the long run.

But if the societies west who have been afflicted with regressivism are any indication, Red Pill social insurgents here best do well to be ahead of the curve to fight the creeping influence of faux liberalism in Singapore.

Unlike larger nations which have social, economic and resource buffers to afford the damaging social experiments of faux liberalism, Singapore runs on the knife edge. The last thing we need are the rabbit people running the show with a never-ending legion of resource-sucking, no-ROI, trust-destroying, regressive ideas.


How Singaporean Girls view You


While the fluff put out by young millennial female bloggers generally has little value for the masculine Red Pill aware man, sometimes these scribblings can prove to be a useful source of intel for extracting deeper Red Pill truths from the depths of the local female psyche.

This is especially true if these ramblings come from a young, attractive, empowered modern female at the peak of her choosing power in the dating marketplace. With the advent of modern feminist tripe clouding on their ability to have a realistic idea of their dating prospects and attractiveness as they age, many young “empowered” women are unaware of just how brief that period of peak choosing power can be.

But for now, these attractive young empowered girls can afford to live in comfort by the social capital provided by their biological attractiveness, and the freedom of choice to do whatever they want with their dating lives shielded from social judgement and common sense by the mitagory excuses of feminism.

With such social power hubris often comes, and with hubris unguarded words.

This is why it is often good to pop into the world of young millennial female bloggers once in a while, you never know when you will catch a gem of a post or article exposing the female psyche for all to see. When you have found one such article, all you need to do is to apply your Red Pill awareness to it, and you would have collected many truths and lessons that Blue Pill betas often learn the hard way.

Take this listicle by a young Singaporean millennial female blogger listing the 5 types of Singaporean Fuckboys for instance. Note that this isn’t really a high-brow article on the social phenomenon of Fuckboys in Singapore (which would have been interesting reading) but rather a 5-point grievance list on the kind of guys that peeve our dear female blogger here.

Never mind that the term “Fuckboy” as it is commonly understood would not apply to several of the archetypes she listed, this article is actually quite a gem for examining her grievances through a Red Pill perspective. Let’s go through these 5 archetypes and see what they are really about under the Red Pill:

1. The Victim

If the first thing he tells you is how heartbroken he was during the last relationship.. How he was cheated on, lied to and scarred by his previous dates.. RUN. PLEASE. PACK YA BAGS AND RUN.

The Victim is basically your hapless Blue Pill Beta who has been shafted over numerous times but yet has learnt little from the experience.

Instead of objectively examining why he suffers from romantic failure and learning from the men who are successful, he carries these emotional baggages into his next relationship and attempts to parlay pity for attraction with sob stories.

The Victim more likely than not has absorbed a big part of the “sensitive guys are hot” narrative and mistakenly believes his sob stories and weak man act will make a girl fall for him. The Victim is perhaps the worst kind of Blue Pill you can be, he gathers virtually no respect from women and is doomed to a life of being mentally written off as a loser.

Don’t be this guy, take the Red Pill and take control of your life.

2. The Romantic

The cutie-pie you wish was yours. But he’s also pretty average, making him to be the perfect boy-next-door you know you’d feel secure with. To top it off, he makes you feel like you’re the only one in his eyes. But also, not forgetting to remind you how many girls are in the queue… Upon the first 2 dates, he has already said he would love to marry you. He makes travel plans 6 months ahead with you… But of course, just verbal plans (lol).

The Romantic is slightly better off than The Victim, but not by much. He does not have the emotional baggage of The Victim (yet), but has poor frame-control and pedestalises the women as noted from his all-out attempt to romantically woo whoever he is interested in.

This is a Blue Pill romantic buying into disney concepts of dating and relationships- he makes big promises because that’s what the social script told him to do but lacks the gumption, strength and courage to really carry them off, but even if he did his overbearing supplication to women is unlikely to gather true attraction.

His promises are predictably grandiose because that is what his Blue Pill conditioning told him he should be doing, but his failure to truly live up to his unrealistic disney romantic aspirations and excessive supplication only lower his value in the eyes of women.

Predictably, his threats of having other fish in the sea interested in him is not taken seriously by the girl, because she is unable to see him as a high-value male.

Red Pill men have a realistic view of human nature in dating and relationships along with their own strengths and weaknesses, a masculine man does not pedestalise women, his life is about his mission, not the girl. He does not make promises he can’t keep.

3. The Hypebeasty + cool Instagram feed social media dude

Let’s not forget the ultimate package that comes with a flannel shirt / nude shade outerwear / oversized t-shirts + ripped jeans + small ringed earrings + dad/baseball caps + sneakers. And some group dab photos outside clubs that caption “#squadgoals“. Or occasional rap lyrics with them smokin’ rokok.
This type also has a sub-unit: some claim they’re low profile (with not many followers). But the only low profile thing is you in their lives.’

This is the nu-man, the Justin Bieber, the male of our times that has all the barest superficial appearance of masculinity and is about the flash and flare without any of the substance that comes with being a self-aware and self-improving masculine man.

It is possible that these guys are Red Pill aware, even if they are not they certainly closer to it than Mr. Victim and Romantic. They understand the appeal and better deal that being a bad/flashy boy gives them, but that is as far as they go with it. Don’t be these guys, be something more.

Our typical pop-culture millennial female bloggers may be into frivolous things, but even she knows that such men are poor long-term commitment prospects. They are however, perfectly okay for hedonistic indiscretions and short flings that she expects her future long term partner to forgive and pretend never happened because she had “gotten it all out of her system”.

4. The “What-you-see-is-what-you-get” guy

He has always put it out there to you that THIS IS WHO HE IS. He doesn’t try to impress you – and similarly, you’re not very much impressed. You just like him, but he thinks you are obsessed. And accepts your love anyway.

These are guys that generally don’t care all that much about retaining their woman, or simply lack the Red Pill awareness of human relationships to do so. This is actually pretty common among guys in Singapore in my experience and contributes largely to the stereotype that Singaporean guys are boring.

As noted, these guys are unimpressive. They lack Red Pill awareness and do not know what women look for in a man. They are liable to discuss frivolous things like Nerf guns, videogames, and random memes with women, thinking that they can treat girls exactly like they treat guys.

A Red Pill aware, masculine man knows he can’t be half-assed about things. Don’t be mediocre.

5. The Mature Working Singaporean Man

He’s not like the rest. He is mature and he gives you great advice. He tells you to be serious about your work. He encourages you to work hard and fight for what you want. He’s also 100% supportive of the plans you have for your future.

Except that he’s shady af.

This is where it gets interesting, looking at the previous archetypes via the Red Pill gave us insight into plenty of things of what not to do, but the 5th archetype may very well be a Red Pill man.

He has his shit together, has a good head of valuable advice (probably provided by life experience) and knows how to handle his relationship in general. Even if he has never heard of the Red Pill experience has led him to learn many of the basic tenets.

This is when our attractive girl finds the script flipped. Here she has is a man who is a good long term prospect and is somebody that she might want for her future when father time takes away her good looks and choosing power in the dating marketplace.

Except that he knows his value, has seen plenty of girls like her before, and isn’t tripping over himself to win her favour because he knows how the game is played, and he is the one who now has the options.

This predictably leads our girl to need to find some way to classify him as a “shady” undesirable “Fuckboy”, because the truth is somewhat more unpleasany,

He has options, and he knows that in a couple of years she won’t. As he gains in resources and maturity his dating pool opens up and he has his pick of who he wants to spend his time and resources on.

He’s the one deciding if she is a good value proposition for being a long-term prospect, if she is good “wife” material. He isn’t being shady because he has stuff to hide, but because he just does not need to put up with her drama and has already seen it all with women.

He has choice, and he knows it. She is the one who needs to qualify herself, not him.

The prospect that a woman’s choosing power will one day decline and a man, despite having a tough time at first, will rise if he plays his cards right is a truth that is extremely offensive and unpleasant for most Blue Pill people. It is also a truth that modern feminism has gone to great lengths to mitigate in the favour of women. But at the end of the day, reality is what it is and it has no pity for how hurt our feelings may be by it.

This is a basic Red Pill truth that every masculine man should know, improve yourself through your masculine journey and be the guy with options.

You know you are doing things right when women start to criticise you not because you are inadequate but because you have the upper hand and do not play things their way.

Pivot Point


Many great wars in history have had pivotal moments in which one side lost the strategic initiative in a decisive battle and never gained it back, being forced to be on the defensive until the final, inevitable defeat.

The war may still be far from over following the loss of the decisive battle and the side that lost the battle may still be a formidable opponent with many advantages, but for all purposes the cause of the entire war had already been decided in that crucial battle where the.

For the Germans in World War 2 it was the Battle of Stalingrad that finally checked their advances on the Eastern Front and forced them into retreat till the inevitable end of the Third Reich several years later. For the Japanese it was the Battle of Midway in which they lost a huge portion of their carrier fleet and was no longer able to maintain their strategic initiative in the Pacific Theatre. Before those battles the outcome of the war was still a toss-up, but the slow slide to defeat became inevitable following the loss of the strategic initiative.

Feminism and the various ideologies espoused by the memeplex of cultural marxism have all but won the culture wars using the left as it’s trojan horse, slowly making headway into all aspects of modern culture to erode the bulwark of traditional values designed to keep civillisation healthy and thriving.

The slide of societal values left was slow at first, but soon kicked into full gear and more institutions fell under the thrall of cultural marxism, even conservatives, the self-styled protector of traditional values, often found themselves ideologically cuckolded and helping to propagate the meme virus of cultural marxism.

And so we find ourselves today on the brink of modern civillisation, at a point where societal values have gotten so distorted by the reality-denying ideologies of cultural marxism that the societies in which it had been allowed to run amok have all but lost the will to survive and thrive.

The cultural marxist-meme viruses represented by feminism and social justice movements now act early, infecting children and youth as they are indoctrinated in educational institutions that have been all but taken over by CM ideologues. The aggressive and hostile reactions by offence culture has all but suppressed open speech on any opposing views. Modern feminism preaches a one-sided, misandric and dyscivic ideology of gender relations, destroying harmonious gender-relations vital for the functioning and propagation of soceity and replacing it with an antagonistic, gynocentric system filled with “empowered” women aging out of their biological prime and emasculated, listless, directionless Blue Pill beta men.

While some thinkers in the Manosphere think that cultural marxism is part of a Globalist Conspiracy by the elite to smash the notion of nationalism and enact a New World Order I am somewhat more skeptical about these conspiracy theories. Sometimes a bad idea could just get popular as developed civillisation shifts to an resource-abundant r-selected environment, even if it is ultimately unsustainable.

In any case, the damage caused by Cultural Marxism is undeniable and massive, and it’s dominance over many aspects of modern life is indisputable. They won the culture wars.

But that was when the insurgency started.

It wasn’t much at first, just a bunch of frustrated men trying to apply their objective observations on human nature to get quick lays. But the hedonist is often the most honest seeker of truth, and going down that rabbit hole of taking the Red Pill ended up giving them a whole new perspective to view things by. With these new perspectives, these men shifted out from just trying to be successful with women and started applying their Red Pill awareness to the culture around them, realising just how broken things had gotten.

While these Red Pill men are hardly monolithic as a group and focused on many different issues, they all recognised Cultural Marxism at the main threat to their civillisation and way of life. As more men got chewed up by the system their ranks started to swell, and what was just a bunch of men trying to best make their way by in a system with the cards stacked against them had now become a full-fledged countercultural insurgency taking on the occupying force of Cultural Marxism.

The enemy was not prepared for this new challenge, having being used to waging pitched battles to unseat conventionally organised incumbent idealogical opponents . This new social insurgency was nebulous, had no central leadership, no obvious organisations or assets to attack and were immune to the usual methods of labelling and shaming used to silence opponents. Worse, they were more than capable of using the very same tactics they had used on the traditional right.

But while all this was happening, the excesses of Cultural Marxism in attempting to impose it’s ideology over everyone’s way of life had led to a rise of disenfranchised, silent classes in many of the societies in which it had taken root. They provided welcoming demographics for the insurgency to thrive and recruit more members.

Despite all this was happening, the enemy had had grown complacent and put too much trust into the strength of their dominant narrative to suppress the insurgency from breaking out into full force. Despite having the system on their side, the general quality of their idealogical foot soldiers also tended to be on the poor side as the bars for entry to Cultural Marxism were very low and relied more on being able to recite dogma than actually being useful.

They did not realise just how strategic control over social narratives were slipping from their hands and into that of the social insurgents until it was too late.

In a series of stunning defeats in which the reactionary insurgent forces won upsets over the incumbent Cultural Marxists, the left was sent reeling in shock as they suddenly found themselves defeated in decisive battles that they expected to have utterly crushed the insurgency.

Brexit, the American Presidential Elections. All these were supposed to be the final victory for them where nationalism and the patriarchy was finally put down for good.

Instead the rag tag basket of deplorables somehow pulled off a series of wins.

And the liberals are sent reeling, trying to make sense of their sudden defeats and finding some way to explain them.

The funniest thing about all this renewed vigour to “fight on” by many liberals and their social activists to start a revolution in the light of their defeats is that they don’t realise that a real revolution had started, they had missed the boat, and they now weren’t invited.

Pop culture liberals, feminists and SJWs had always been manufacturing a victim narrative in order to grievance monger and justify their various inane revolutions, but and are now left completely out at sea and flabbergasted when a demographic of insurgents with REAL grievances and plenty of motivation to carry out a social insurgency had brought a real battle to them.

They have been caught entirely flat-footed, and hit with several sucker punches.

Cultural Marxism is not dead by a long shot, in fact it has now started to wake up to the insurgency and take it seriously. Future battles will be a lot harder than before when the insurgency could sneak in shots under the complacency of their enemies.

But everyone has now seen that the seemingly invulnerable dragon of Cultural Marxism can bleed.

And if it bleeds we can kill it.

They have lost the strategic initiative.

The social insurgents of the manosphere have been spending the past few years preparing for open battle, and in the wake of these recent momentous victories that have set a new normal.

The time is now.

Red Pill, Seeing Reality

If you have been a youth in the 90s you would have seen a rather awesome cyperpunk movie called The Matrix, it is from this movie in which the body of knowledge about human social behaviour found it’s “Red Pill” moniker. The movie delves deep into perceptions of reality and all that ontological mumbo jumbo, serving heavy philosophical concepts up along with a healthy dose of martial arts and gun-fu.

In The Matrix, our hero Neo embarks on a journey of self-discovery after realising that reality had been a construct created by machines that had now come to control humanity after an apocalyptic war that ended civillisation as we know it. He is presented with a red pill and a blue pill by his mentor Morpheus, with the former allowing him to see the truth of his constructed reality while the later offering him a release back to his blissful ignorance.

Neo takes the red pill, and goes down the rabbit hole. A rather cool movie results.

The Matrix was followed up by two clunkier sequels that attempt to ask even heavier question while outdoing the stunts of the first movie, I do like them but the original is widely considered the best.

It is no surprise that the motifs within The Matrix were quickly co-opted by the pioneers of  the developing knowledge of Game as they sought to find allegories that could best describe their new awareness of human behaviour and interactions, particularly in how radically different they view inter-gender relations post Game-awareness.

The abrupt paradigm shift that comes with absorbing all these knew perspectives and knowledge is akin to Neo taking the red pill given by him to allow him to truly perceive reality, which is why men who have taken up the body of awareness and perspectives that now form his new Game-awareness is called “Red Pill” knowledge. The blissful ignorance of his past beta self consequently, is considered “Blue Pill”.

To see is to be Red Pill

To be blissfully ignorant is to be Blue Pill.

Red Pill knowledge is not just restricted to inter-gender relations, although most of the base of Red Pill knowledge comes from there. Red Pill men soon discovered that they could apply their Red Pill awareness to wider issues in soceity, often finding the hidden truth, instincts, and motivations that lie beneath many of the practices, thoughts, and ideas that dominate the mainstream.

Red Pill knowledge advances haphazardly, with a lot of it is built up on informal observations and theories by thousands of Red Pill aware men, with the ideas being proven later by independent scientific studies retained to be built further upon while the rest is discarded. Like how alchemy follows chemistry, Red Pill observations and knowledge often comes before scientific confirmation.

But above all, the objective of Red Pill awareness is to be as objectively aware of human behaviour as possible, and to use that awareness as much as possible to achieve desired outcomes. This is unlike many mainstream ideologies like intersectional feminism and social justice where the predominant concern is fitting in with confirmation bias.

This is not to say that Red Pills are entirely unbiased- it is impossible for anybody to be. Rather, Red Pill men have a far more accurate view of reality than their idealogical enemies, who rely upon their various belief systems as a crutch for self-validation and to insulate them from the harsh realities of the world.

If you are a Red Pill man, your concern should be in seeing things for what they truly are, this is the only way you can truly be at peace with yourself, understand your limitations, and learn how to truly improve yourself and obtain the objectives you desire.

This concern with needing to have a reality-based view of things is why Red Pill knowledge can be so powerful, and also why your idealogical enemies will hate you. You represent a threat to their ego-invested belief systems that need to be eliminated, and they will instinctively attack you the moment they realise you hold forbidden knowledge.

But remember that as a Red Pill man, you have the advantage as you are able to see reality a lot clearer than your idealogical enemies who are vested in maintaining their ego-invested ideologies. The Red Pill is about seeing the truth as well as we can, and sooner or later the truth will prevail.

Always keep a Red Pill attitude towards finding the truth, and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

The Rabbits Are In Disbelief


My social media feed is blowing up.

A lot can be said about Trump’s surprise (for the mainstream) upset win over Clinton but this didn’t come as something too far fetched for many Red Pills who have expected results more in the ballpark.

Personally I didn’t expect Trump to win, I believed that he would do better than the polls riding on a groundswell of increased Red Pill awareness in disenfranchised americans and other social insurgents and perhaps give a nail-biting black eye to Clinton at the ballot but still lose.

But apparently he went the full distance and delivered a humiliating knockout blow to Clinton, to add insult to injury he won convincingly by the Electoral College, something many of my liberal acquaintances were banking on to help Clinton win should Trump’s demagogic support win the popular vote. What they didn’t expect was Trump turning that system against Clinton by swinging battleground states leaving her with victories elsewhere that didn’t count for much. In a final cruel twist of fate, she won the popular vote by a slim margin.

That’s quite a lot for a nobody with no political experience going up against a seasoned politician with all the cards stacked in her favour.

I’m not American so I am not in the best position to say what happens next. Unsurprisingly a now-discredited media that was wrong about everything is going to claim that the end the world has come, but Red Pill folks know better. The progress of SJW regressivism will certainly take a spanner in the works, but these folks are persistent if anything.

Right now however, I am truly enjoying the hysterical reaction of my rabbit-friends who are in utter disbelief and shock over what is happening. This is typical of r-selected rabbit people, the rabbit reaction to a threat is often to deny it is happening instead of meeting it head on. They now realise the gravy train of r-selected socialism is going to run out, things might shift to a more K-selected environment and are panicking.

Things change really fas- just a day ago they were so sure victory was there for the taking, they didn’t realise that they hadn’t laid the groundwork for success at all, and now are paying the price. That’s what happens when you don’t have a reality-based view of the world.

Times of big change are up ahead, but for now let us Red Pill folks enjoy a short step in the victory of a social insurgency that has become a force to be reckoned with. As for my American friends, you guys made the choice, now live it.

She Does Not Get It

If you ever want to get a measure of how widespread the beta is in Singapore among college-aged men, NUS Whispers is a rather good place to start. There you will find numerous stories of utterly confused Beta guys struggling with the conflict between their Blue-Pill mindsets and the lack of desired results in the real world.

There are a fair bit of angsty relationship stories shared by women as well, and they provide a good insight into the female psyche. Reading these stories with Red Pill awareness is good practice in understanding both the Beta male and the typical Singaporean English-educated female.

Once in a while you get a whooper of a dysfunctional story from the far left of the Bell Curve in which a person demonstrates an utter lack of self-awareness. While these cringeworthy stories tend to be from your typical Beta male, the girls do get a couple of shots in as well, such as this story from colloquially named “80kg Girl”:

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 12.58.39 am.png


TL;DR: A girl tipping the scales at 80kg complains that no guy seems to be interested despite her having an “above average” face and wonders if it’s because she’s obese overweight. Rejects sensible advice requiring hard work to up her marketplace value and blames guys for not finding her attractive.

If you are not in demand despite how Beta, clueless and thirsty Singaporean guys can be you are doing it very wrong, especially so if there is an aspect that you can realistically change and improve about yourself.

80kg Girl attempts to rationalise away the debuffs of her obesity by assigning herself “above average” in the face department and calling herself “cute”, not realising that it will be opposite gender that will be the judge of that. All the self-declarations of beauty will not make the other party more interested, much less so the final sour-grapes declaration of how guys who aren’t interested are superficial.

This is a prime example of the feminine value model of intrinsic value gone amok, soceity will only politely nudge 80kg Girl into improving herself because it is politically incorrect to kick her onto an exercise bike. 80kg Girl continues utterly oblivious to her actual value proposition in the dating marketplace, demanding that the market accept and value her for who she is (feminine value model) instead of improving herself to gain better access (masculine value model).

The figurative slap in the face that fat guys get to improve themselves or accept their lot is generally lacking for fat girls, especially the english-educated feministas. These fat girls think that they are entitled to romantic success simply for existing and having a series of self-declared traits.


Breaking Beta: The First Incident


As you start shifting to a Red Pill way of thinking and breaking out of your Beta mindsets, an incident putting your Red Pill perspectives to test will inevitably come along.

By a test I do not mean fighting with SJWs as an internet tough guy in a war of words (as much as that will eventually be routine for you) as Betas can do that quite easily as well behind the relative anonymity of the internet. The true test is how well you maintain your frame in a situtation in which your past Beta would normally cave in and be exploited.

It can be anything- asserting yourself when people trying to put you into that Beta box, cultivating a ZFG response to things that your Beta self used to freak out over, or what have you not. But usually, the best classic test of Breaking Beta is how well you can up to an exploitative woman’s attempts to snare you, especially when she is pulling out every trick in the book she knows bout how to extract investment and resources from her stable of Betas.

This is a classic manosphere post on what happens when a man learns to grow a backbone and decides not to be exploited by manipulative women who have no real value proposition for him. The results can be quite interesting indeed.

Note how that incident serves as a catalyst for Mike’s commitment to the Red Pill path of breaking his Beta, and how the woman trying to use him desperately tries every trick in the book to bring him back to it. Take as many notes as you can, because eventually your Red Pill frame will be tested. Pass the test and break your beta.