Month: December 2016

SJW Infighting

Stuff like this warms my heart:

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 11.39.24 pm.png


Infighting is inevitable with your modern liberal regressives as individuals within the movement are always trying to mine social capital from their ideologies by coming up with ever more exclusive practices of it to differentiate themselves from the rest of the SJW pack.

This is why movements that are run largely by ideologues often devolve into infighting, mutual accusations of being traitors, and eventually witch hunts, purges of the SJW ranks and splintering.

SJW achievement is not measured in real work that has tangible outcomes in the real world, but rather how “pure” oneself can show themselves to be in their dedication to their social justice religion.

As such, it’s not surprise local Sangeetha Thanapal has now turned on AWARE, expect more infighting to come in the days ahead. For all their talk about solidarity, the SJW way of thinking excludes them from truly practicing it.

Know that your enemy is in discord and act accordingly.

Traditional Masculinity and Feminine Centricism

“It’s easy to think of masculinity in terms of tradition, but whose tradition are we really referring to? ‘Traditional Masculinity’ as a term has assumed a derogatory meaning in a feminine-primary social order. It’s become one of those catch-terms that we’re all supposed to understand as being characteristic of backward mindsets. It’s part of the social convention that seeks to ridicule, shame and confuse boys who later become men about what masculinity ought to mean to them. So, it’s for this reason I use the word ‘conventional’. It conveys the idea that masculinity in a binary sense has evolved aspects that are inherent and unique to men. So while certain cultures may have had different traditions and traditional roles for men, there is a unifying conventionality of masculinity that relates to all men and maleness in general.

Feminine-centrism doesn’t like this idea. It doesn’t like the idea that masculine characteristics or behaviors are the sole propriety of men. The reflex then is to paint any conventionally masculine attribute, way of thinking, aggression, passion or aspiration as either representative of ‘toxic’ harmful or anti-social, or, depending on its usefulness in securing power, it’s cast as something “not necessarily masculine” since some women can lay claim to that trait.

In several prior posts I’ve outlined how boys are taught from a very early age to gender-loathe their maleness. It’s part of Blue Pill conditioning, but more so, I think it’s important for Blue Pill or unplugging adult men to understand the mechanics and reasoning behind why it’s in the Feminine Imperative’s interests to keep conventional masculinity something ambiguous, arbitrary or something men ought to be able to fluidly define for themselves. That last part there is important, because what most men think is their own self-definition of masculinity is always founded in what the Feminine Imperative has conditioned him to believe is correct.”

Rites of Passage, The Rational Male

Always remember that the gynocentrists want you to be a useful male that defines himself by how useful he is to female interests, never a man that has himself as his own point of interest.

Understand this dynamic and you will quickly see through many of the cultural memes that regressives put out in their assault on traditional masculinity. Never be ashamed of being a men, much less so one that does not bow down to the feminine imperative.