The Problems With Singaporean Men


Now Talon has devoted a lot of digital ink here to debunking the myths that mainstream feminism has put out to take advantage of hapless Betas as well as mercilessly torn down the idealistic Blue Pill pedestals to let them see women in a more realistic light.

All this is necessary and needed as Red Pill knowledge is not relatively common here and addressing the most obvious and damaging false Blue Pill ideas out there is of priority. The deck is stacked against you if you are a Singaporean Asian dude, and that’s the way it is and is going to be.

Talon is not here to sugar coat the truth for you, but you tell it to you as it is.

However it is not enough that one sees the external factors causing the problems but the internal ones as well. Gaining Red Pill knowledge exposing the lies that the Blue Pill mainstream try to sell to you to put you under their thrall is easy enough, but realising that Red Pill truth judges you just as harshly is something that many Betas trying to unplug often do not get.

The internal is just as important as the external, and in many cases more so. I have seen many a man who was aware of external Red Pill realities such as the inevitable hypergamy of women and the lies of progressive culture, but yet at the same time not apply any of those Red Pill retrospection to themselves, remaining as hapless a Beta as they were before, except this time more bitter and insular and blaming the world for everything.

This is from where you most stunted MGTOW and hysterical MRAs are born. Without a realisation that one needs to improve themselves in light of the truth, seeing Red Pill truths in the outside world will only lead to bitterness and paralysis.

Which is why I will sometimes need to find some time to address the common personal failings of Singaporean men, and while some of these are due to ingesting Blue Pill perspectives and getting the wool pulled over their eyes by feminism and progressive lies, a good part of these failings are due to poor personal choices, bad attitudes, entitlement, and sheer stubbornness.

So without further ado, let’s start:

1. Beta Lack of Backbone

This is a relatively common problem with Singaporean men- they often lack the balls to stand up for themselves when they should. Yes being asians we come from a high-context collectivist culture where we value harmony and compliance more than the low-context Ang Mohs who just speak their minds but one needs to know the difference between being the strong silent type and the kind that just takes whatever life gives you up the ass.

This lack of backbone means that Singaporean men often back down from challenges and roll over to show their belly the moment they are faced with something threatening. Instead of confronting the threat like an Alpha would or using social jiu-jitsu to disarm it like a Sigma, the hapless Singaporean beta male will just submit even if it means his humiliation.

The lack of backbone and over-compliance renders Singaporean men unattractive.

2. Excessive Complaining

Complaining is a Singaporean past time, we just love to bitch about everything.

There’s a problem with that, a bitching man is extremely unattractive. For some reason a good deal of Singaporean men think that complaining as loudly about something as possible helps things. It does not. People expect men to solve problems, not sit around flapping their gums and making a din about why everything sucks. All you are demonstrating is your powerlessness, lack of emotional control, and inability to get your shit together. Needless to say, all these are turnoffs.

If you want to be the mysterious strong silent type, which coincidently is rather attractive, learn not to complain about everything and keep them to a minimum.

3. Poor Physical Fitnesspioneer-batch-of-ns-enlistees

For a good deal of Singaporean guys the only experience they have with physical training is when the SAF gets them off their ass and forces them to take IPPT. By and large I notice a good deal seem content to get by in life without paying much attention to their personal physical prowess, getting fat and obese or scrawny with poor muscle tone.

And these often are the dudes who wonder why girls don’t find them attractive, they seem to think niceguy spam will overpower their rather obvious and voluntary physical inaptitude.

Not taking care of your body advertises low standards for yourself and consequently, low status. Many Singaporean men for some reason, don’t get this fundamental reason or have convinced themselves it doesn’t matter because “The One” will see them for who they truly are inside. Bullshit.

One of the first Red Pill habits you learn is to get yourself in shape to the best of your ability. You don’t need to be Schwarzenegger but you should at least be able to competent at the basic lifts and have a regular lifting schedule.

Remember as an Asian Singaporean man you are already at a disadvantage, you are working against stereotypes that have been built up over years of doing masculinity wrong. An Ang Moh can afford to get fat or remain scrawny and still stand a fair chance of pulling an SPG by taking advantage of Pinkerton Syndrome. You on the other hand have to work a lot harder just to be in the game.

4. Poor Groomingchronicwriter-nose-picker

Very common among Singaporean men, we just dress in whatever suits us and being in the tropics that often means shorts and slippers. Even Talon is guilty of this sometimes (but his Sigma charisma helps) when he is lazy but tries not to make a habit of it.

Take some effort to dress decently, you don’t need to be a metrosexual (in fact you should avoid that entirely) but you need to learn how to dress like a man.

The suit often makes the man, invest a little in what you wear, and combined with good physical fitness this will elevate your ranking in the Dating Marketplace.

5. Nice Guy Game

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen this with local men, who think they can win their way into a woman’s heart by inserting as many kindness coins as possible until she finally agrees to be a girlfriend. This unfortunately, seems to be the default paradigm most Singaporean guys have.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t be nice to women who are important to you, but realise there is a difference between being a good man who is kind because he chooses to and a man who has no options but to be nice because that’s his only value proposition.

Most Singaporean men are the latter, and the instantly triggers the “low status” detector in women.

6. Entitlementgilbert-goh-rejected

Princess syndrome is a real problem with Singaporean girls, but the men aren’t too far behind in the entitlement department as well. This can be most seen along with point number 2 when they make a lot of noise about how serving National Service somehow entitles them to loyalty from girlfriend and for local women to find them attractive, as well as how the state owes them good jobs and housing for doing so.

An entitled guy who has not earned the right to make these demands is unattractive. Nobody wants to be around a man who thinks the whole world owes him everything on a platter just because he got conscripted.

If you want something, go out and put some effort into it and get that shit done.

7. Deliberate Bitter Helplessnessquote-men-can-such-the-heady-juice-of-exalted-self-importance-from-the-bitter-weed-of-failure-failures-david-herbert-lawrence-284369

I’ve saved this for last because this is one of the biggest problems I see with local men- that of deliberately and wilfully forestalling self-improvement, preferring to bitterly complain about how Singapore has given them the shaft and how local women are disloyal entitled SPG princesses instead of taking a cold hard look at themselves to see what bits they could improve in themselves.

This is the antithesis of what the Red Pill teaches us about masculinity and represents a feminine way of dealing with the world- bitch about it until somebody else fixes it for you.

Men who engage in deliberate helplessness just so they can be bitter at everything are complete losers, because they literally have virtually no value to anyone or anything and worse, are often a drag on others because of all their drama. These are the people who don’t self-improve and embark on a quest of self-discovery because they choose not to.

They look at the masculine journey as detailed by the Red Pill and turn their backs upon it, because the truth requires that you help yourself and do the hard work of becoming a man. They think the world will heed their cries and pull them out of their mud-bath of self-pitying but don’t realise that such help only applies for vagina-owners.


There are more problems that plague Singaporean men and affect their prospects of a happy, self-actualised life of course, but these 7 basic issues are what you can take note of first as they are so common and widespread here. Take steps to eliminate them if you ever find them in your life for they are obstacles on the path of your masculine journey.




Fighting Progressives and Recruiting Insurgents


The Fire Rises

The Red Pill insurgency has been gaining momentum in the past few years, but 2016 was the year were it really went mainstream to have a visible impact in the public ideological battlefield.

Previously restricted to just isolated groups of Red Pill men trading ideas on the forgotten corners of the internet, Red Pill truths are now for the first time, publicly presented in active opposition to the prevailing Progressive narrative while leftists all stand slack-jawed in disbelief as their most powerful rhetorical weapons proved to be all but useless.

But this is just the first step- it’s time for the insurgency to make the next stamp by ramping up recruitment in order to gain in strategic effectiveness. The time has never been more ripe that to make a big move as it is now when leftists are reeling back from the heavy body blows at their recent defeats.

Singapore fortunately has still been largely spared by Progressive creep into it’s ideological mainstream but make no mistake- the enemy here is trying hard, throwing every Progressive ideal wholesale they can rip off from the west to make something stick.

And some has, if the rise of Singaporean identity politics in memes like Chinese Privilege has risen in popularity among the english-educated demographics. A quick look around the Singaporean internetz will quickly find several wannabe Progressives preaching leftist dogma wholesale, working hard to push the Progressive agenda into the social fabric of Singapore.

The fight is on, and the field is open for battle.

Remember that local Progressives are by and large not intellectually committed to the on-paper ideas that they preach. For many of them taking these ideological stances is a often a statement of fashion, a lifestyle accessory that allows them to signal their virtue to others in their social circle as well as think of themselves as superior to the unwashed masses.

This lack of adherence to any intellectual standards and belief in their own superiority means that your Progressive will not be honest, neither will they act in good faith when engaging others outside of their dogma. SJWs always lie, and they will never play fair. Get this in your head, they are the enemy, they are not content to leave you be, and they wish nothing more than for the destruction of your way of life for their own amusement and social proof. 

Fighting Progressives 

In any case Progressives ideas are destructive to a civillisation and needs to be combated and defeated by local Red Pill insurgents on the battlefield of ideas. To do so you need to team up with fellow Red Pills and move to engage Progressives where you see them. Remember you will be at a disadvantage as the Progressives will be wielding powerful rhetorical weapons designed to discredit you as a racist, sexist, homophobe and all sorts of deplorable villainy.

Do not back down, realise that they are attempting to define the frame of the conversation in their favour and don’t play ball. The frame of what is considered moral in Singapore has not shifted to the leftist side, but they are winning as the population shifts to be more r-selected and has never experienced the full horrors of the progressive narrative turning their societies into a madhouse. Unlike the West where decades of progressive ideas has generated fatigue and disillusionment, you have to fight uphill against the natural inclinations of the population to entertain leftist ideas.

So you have to be smart and nimble, pick your attacks where they can cause maximum damage and do not bother with being bogged down in unproductive ones. Remember a 100 post back and forth exchange just to win an argument that nobody has the time for is useless versus a single tersely worded linguistic killshot that completely shatters the Progressive psyche for all to see. Reserve your detailed debates only with people who are honestly trying to explore the issues and learn something.

Keep your true stances and intentions unclear and mysterious to the enemy and always force them to qualify themselves and their ideas. Remember in Singapore the Red Pill social insurgency is still relatively unknown so make use of this to catch your enemy off-guard.

Remember to keep your debates short, impressive and always put your opponents on the defensive by making them defend themselves. Hit them hard and fade away before they can react, prevent them from gaining footholds in the ideological battlefield by crushing their attempts to define the frame of the debate on their terms. Dominate them so totally that their attempts to use their most powerful accusatory weapons of racism/sexism/whateverism look more like desperate last-ditch plays that impress exactly no one. Watch them shrink away as they realise they bit off more than they could chew.

Recruiting Insurgents

The insurgency must grow as the fire rises, never has the time been more ripe than to start unplugging your fellow men, with their minds being primed by what has happened in America with Trump getting elected and smashing the leftist narrative of cultural invulnerability.

Note that while your Blue pill friends are conditioned to automatically express a revulsion towards all things Trump, the seed of an idea has been planted in their heads just by witnessing all that has happened. They had a glimpse of how a Red Pill social insurgency can defeat the Leftist narrative in a surprise upset. While many cognitive dissonance filters are working to keep the Blue Pill strongly entrenched, these happenings have created leverage in their minds that you can work on.

And if you know how to act on them, you can start to slowly sway your Blue Pill towards a path that takes them to the Rabbit Hole and into the Red. Personally I have seen this happen as I engaged with some Blue Pill friends who were looking for some explanation on what had happened beyond the cut and dried leftist ideas that they are starting to suspect. They didn’t go fully Red Pill of course- unplugging is a long process, but they were far less sympathetic with the Progressive narrative when I was done with them.

Remember the idea is not just to win people entirely over to your side, we are not Progressives who demand unity of thought within dogma and employ brain washing and indoctrination techniques to enforce behaviour. Going Red Pill is a process of self-realisation, and you can only get the most dedicated and motivated insurgents that will carry on the fight when they have picked up the mantle of saving civillisation from Progressive rot on their own volition.

Take your time with unplugging people slowly, it will take patience, but the results are worth it. Meanwhile, Progressives are running around desperately trying to beat people into their mould with threats of labelling them as social outcasts. Compared to them, you will seem like the paragon of reason, a person who is truly interested in making the world a better place instead of just seeming to do so for social proofs.

There are those who are already pretty much Red Pill in outlook- they just haven’t learnt the terms. They people are ripe for recruitment into the social insurgency if they haven’t already been unknowingly waging one themselves. You just need to convince them of the danger of Progressive infiltration in soceity and they will join you. Keep an eye out for these people for they are valuable and an easy way to quickly build your ranks. A good deal of my best fellow insurgents came from this demographic, so place this as a top priority as much as you can. Always be on the lookout for fellow Red Pills. 

And there are Blue Pills who are on the cusp of taking the Red due to personal life crises. The Blue Pill outlook has been seriously threatened by something happening to them that has led them to realise that their fantastical Blue Pill beliefs are inadequate. This is most often seen in a breakup where a guy was dumped for being too beta. Start opening their eyes up slowly to the Red Pill by feeding them small doses of it. Before long you will have your own insurgents.

In any case it’s not just enough to attack Progressives effectively, you need to build your own tribe as well. This is the only way you can win in the long term.

The fire rises.


Pivot Point


Many great wars in history have had pivotal moments in which one side lost the strategic initiative in a decisive battle and never gained it back, being forced to be on the defensive until the final, inevitable defeat.

The war may still be far from over following the loss of the decisive battle and the side that lost the battle may still be a formidable opponent with many advantages, but for all purposes the cause of the entire war had already been decided in that crucial battle where the.

For the Germans in World War 2 it was the Battle of Stalingrad that finally checked their advances on the Eastern Front and forced them into retreat till the inevitable end of the Third Reich several years later. For the Japanese it was the Battle of Midway in which they lost a huge portion of their carrier fleet and was no longer able to maintain their strategic initiative in the Pacific Theatre. Before those battles the outcome of the war was still a toss-up, but the slow slide to defeat became inevitable following the loss of the strategic initiative.

Feminism and the various ideologies espoused by the memeplex of cultural marxism have all but won the culture wars using the left as it’s trojan horse, slowly making headway into all aspects of modern culture to erode the bulwark of traditional values designed to keep civillisation healthy and thriving.

The slide of societal values left was slow at first, but soon kicked into full gear and more institutions fell under the thrall of cultural marxism, even conservatives, the self-styled protector of traditional values, often found themselves ideologically cuckolded and helping to propagate the meme virus of cultural marxism.

And so we find ourselves today on the brink of modern civillisation, at a point where societal values have gotten so distorted by the reality-denying ideologies of cultural marxism that the societies in which it had been allowed to run amok have all but lost the will to survive and thrive.

The cultural marxist-meme viruses represented by feminism and social justice movements now act early, infecting children and youth as they are indoctrinated in educational institutions that have been all but taken over by CM ideologues. The aggressive and hostile reactions by offence culture has all but suppressed open speech on any opposing views. Modern feminism preaches a one-sided, misandric and dyscivic ideology of gender relations, destroying harmonious gender-relations vital for the functioning and propagation of soceity and replacing it with an antagonistic, gynocentric system filled with “empowered” women aging out of their biological prime and emasculated, listless, directionless Blue Pill beta men.

While some thinkers in the Manosphere think that cultural marxism is part of a Globalist Conspiracy by the elite to smash the notion of nationalism and enact a New World Order I am somewhat more skeptical about these conspiracy theories. Sometimes a bad idea could just get popular as developed civillisation shifts to an resource-abundant r-selected environment, even if it is ultimately unsustainable.

In any case, the damage caused by Cultural Marxism is undeniable and massive, and it’s dominance over many aspects of modern life is indisputable. They won the culture wars.

But that was when the insurgency started.

It wasn’t much at first, just a bunch of frustrated men trying to apply their objective observations on human nature to get quick lays. But the hedonist is often the most honest seeker of truth, and going down that rabbit hole of taking the Red Pill ended up giving them a whole new perspective to view things by. With these new perspectives, these men shifted out from just trying to be successful with women and started applying their Red Pill awareness to the culture around them, realising just how broken things had gotten.

While these Red Pill men are hardly monolithic as a group and focused on many different issues, they all recognised Cultural Marxism at the main threat to their civillisation and way of life. As more men got chewed up by the system their ranks started to swell, and what was just a bunch of men trying to best make their way by in a system with the cards stacked against them had now become a full-fledged countercultural insurgency taking on the occupying force of Cultural Marxism.

The enemy was not prepared for this new challenge, having being used to waging pitched battles to unseat conventionally organised incumbent idealogical opponents . This new social insurgency was nebulous, had no central leadership, no obvious organisations or assets to attack and were immune to the usual methods of labelling and shaming used to silence opponents. Worse, they were more than capable of using the very same tactics they had used on the traditional right.

But while all this was happening, the excesses of Cultural Marxism in attempting to impose it’s ideology over everyone’s way of life had led to a rise of disenfranchised, silent classes in many of the societies in which it had taken root. They provided welcoming demographics for the insurgency to thrive and recruit more members.

Despite all this was happening, the enemy had had grown complacent and put too much trust into the strength of their dominant narrative to suppress the insurgency from breaking out into full force. Despite having the system on their side, the general quality of their idealogical foot soldiers also tended to be on the poor side as the bars for entry to Cultural Marxism were very low and relied more on being able to recite dogma than actually being useful.

They did not realise just how strategic control over social narratives were slipping from their hands and into that of the social insurgents until it was too late.

In a series of stunning defeats in which the reactionary insurgent forces won upsets over the incumbent Cultural Marxists, the left was sent reeling in shock as they suddenly found themselves defeated in decisive battles that they expected to have utterly crushed the insurgency.

Brexit, the American Presidential Elections. All these were supposed to be the final victory for them where nationalism and the patriarchy was finally put down for good.

Instead the rag tag basket of deplorables somehow pulled off a series of wins.

And the liberals are sent reeling, trying to make sense of their sudden defeats and finding some way to explain them.

The funniest thing about all this renewed vigour to “fight on” by many liberals and their social activists to start a revolution in the light of their defeats is that they don’t realise that a real revolution had started, they had missed the boat, and they now weren’t invited.

Pop culture liberals, feminists and SJWs had always been manufacturing a victim narrative in order to grievance monger and justify their various inane revolutions, but and are now left completely out at sea and flabbergasted when a demographic of insurgents with REAL grievances and plenty of motivation to carry out a social insurgency had brought a real battle to them.

They have been caught entirely flat-footed, and hit with several sucker punches.

Cultural Marxism is not dead by a long shot, in fact it has now started to wake up to the insurgency and take it seriously. Future battles will be a lot harder than before when the insurgency could sneak in shots under the complacency of their enemies.

But everyone has now seen that the seemingly invulnerable dragon of Cultural Marxism can bleed.

And if it bleeds we can kill it.

They have lost the strategic initiative.

The social insurgents of the manosphere have been spending the past few years preparing for open battle, and in the wake of these recent momentous victories that have set a new normal.

The time is now.

Red Pill, Seeing Reality

If you have been a youth in the 90s you would have seen a rather awesome cyperpunk movie called The Matrix, it is from this movie in which the body of knowledge about human social behaviour found it’s “Red Pill” moniker. The movie delves deep into perceptions of reality and all that ontological mumbo jumbo, serving heavy philosophical concepts up along with a healthy dose of martial arts and gun-fu.

In The Matrix, our hero Neo embarks on a journey of self-discovery after realising that reality had been a construct created by machines that had now come to control humanity after an apocalyptic war that ended civillisation as we know it. He is presented with a red pill and a blue pill by his mentor Morpheus, with the former allowing him to see the truth of his constructed reality while the later offering him a release back to his blissful ignorance.

Neo takes the red pill, and goes down the rabbit hole. A rather cool movie results.

The Matrix was followed up by two clunkier sequels that attempt to ask even heavier question while outdoing the stunts of the first movie, I do like them but the original is widely considered the best.

It is no surprise that the motifs within The Matrix were quickly co-opted by the pioneers of  the developing knowledge of Game as they sought to find allegories that could best describe their new awareness of human behaviour and interactions, particularly in how radically different they view inter-gender relations post Game-awareness.

The abrupt paradigm shift that comes with absorbing all these knew perspectives and knowledge is akin to Neo taking the red pill given by him to allow him to truly perceive reality, which is why men who have taken up the body of awareness and perspectives that now form his new Game-awareness is called “Red Pill” knowledge. The blissful ignorance of his past beta self consequently, is considered “Blue Pill”.

To see is to be Red Pill

To be blissfully ignorant is to be Blue Pill.

Red Pill knowledge is not just restricted to inter-gender relations, although most of the base of Red Pill knowledge comes from there. Red Pill men soon discovered that they could apply their Red Pill awareness to wider issues in soceity, often finding the hidden truth, instincts, and motivations that lie beneath many of the practices, thoughts, and ideas that dominate the mainstream.

Red Pill knowledge advances haphazardly, with a lot of it is built up on informal observations and theories by thousands of Red Pill aware men, with the ideas being proven later by independent scientific studies retained to be built further upon while the rest is discarded. Like how alchemy follows chemistry, Red Pill observations and knowledge often comes before scientific confirmation.

But above all, the objective of Red Pill awareness is to be as objectively aware of human behaviour as possible, and to use that awareness as much as possible to achieve desired outcomes. This is unlike many mainstream ideologies like intersectional feminism and social justice where the predominant concern is fitting in with confirmation bias.

This is not to say that Red Pills are entirely unbiased- it is impossible for anybody to be. Rather, Red Pill men have a far more accurate view of reality than their idealogical enemies, who rely upon their various belief systems as a crutch for self-validation and to insulate them from the harsh realities of the world.

If you are a Red Pill man, your concern should be in seeing things for what they truly are, this is the only way you can truly be at peace with yourself, understand your limitations, and learn how to truly improve yourself and obtain the objectives you desire.

This concern with needing to have a reality-based view of things is why Red Pill knowledge can be so powerful, and also why your idealogical enemies will hate you. You represent a threat to their ego-invested belief systems that need to be eliminated, and they will instinctively attack you the moment they realise you hold forbidden knowledge.

But remember that as a Red Pill man, you have the advantage as you are able to see reality a lot clearer than your idealogical enemies who are vested in maintaining their ego-invested ideologies. The Red Pill is about seeing the truth as well as we can, and sooner or later the truth will prevail.

Always keep a Red Pill attitude towards finding the truth, and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

The Eternal Delusion of The Victimised Mind


The Red Pill with many unpleasant truths. The experience of dealing with hard truths for the first time in his life can be overwhelming  for the beta Blue Pill, especially if he has not only invested a lot into his Blue Pill paradigms are not only utterly invalid, but have also been cynically used against by others.

How one responds to all this matters, a common first reaction towards the harsh truth of the Red Pill is to delve into self-victimhood and never go beyond there. While these men have been exposed to the fundamental truths of the Red Pill, they don’t delve deeper into understanding it or seeking to find harmony and acceptance with what they can do with their knowledge.

Rather, they focus on how they have been taken on a ride by others more aware of Red Pill realities- it could be the system that he now realises is actually rigged against them, it could be the women who have been cynically manipulating them for resources while treating them with contempt. They focus only on how they have been victimised as a Beta Chump, with the Red Pill serving mainly as a detector for finding more ways by which they have been cheated.

Over time they become resentful, bitter, neurotic and jaded individuals. They start to see potential threats and possible victimisation in everything, even when it is not there or highly unlikely. Even innocent things that are not meant to be threats are taken as such.

This is where you find many of your bitter, defeatist, self-proclaimed  MGTOW. Those that have taken the Red Pill but never got beyond the stage of accepting the bitter truths. In many respects they are not very much different from your extreme Black Lives Matter activists who see every act as a possible racism, or neurotic feminists finding sexism and misogyny in everything.

Basically these people self-victimise, their lives are in an eternal nightmare because they insist on playing the role of the victim. Indeed they may often even enjoy it perversely because it gives them something to moan about in order to get their cathartic release. Playing the victim allows them to blame others for everything, ignore any hard work that might need to be done to improve their situation, and feel that everyone owes them a living.

Over time the self-victimised live in an eternal delusion, they expect the world to conform to their demands before they can be happy instead of realising that they should be the ones changing their perspective. They expect special treatment based on their victimhood. They create enemies of chosen groups of people which they feel victimised by, justifying all sorts of atrocities as legitimate “lashing out”. These people generally become insufferable because their entire identity has been consumed by them being a professional victim, and they often become time and resource drains while providing little in return.

While some groups can get away with such behaviour because they are considered “disadvantaged” by the progressive narrative, as a cissexual hetrosexual majority man you will most likely be ignored and ridiculed should you try to be a professional victim. This is why the bitter MRA and MGTOW are generally ignored and left to sulk in the corner.

You aren’t a woman. You don’t have a pussy pass. The world isn’t going to care if you declare yourself a victim, especially if you are declaring it based on unpleseant Red Pill truths that the rest of the Blue Pills and their masters have a vested interest in suppressing.

It is not enough to just know the Red Pill without a neomasculine framework to digest and understand it by. You need a working philosophy to know what to do with the truth.

Don’t be a professional delusional victim, it only makes you weaker. Know that the only way you are going to be a better man is if you accept the harsh realities of the Red Pill, square your shoulders for the task ahead, and set yourself on your masculine journey of self-improvement. This is the only way you are going to live a life that is worth living.

Red Pill Shaming


A good way to tell if your Red Pill transformation is happening is to gauge the responses of the women around in your social circle. More often than not they will exhibit some unease about your change, with this unease being more pronounced if you have been a Beta Chump.

If you are doing it right, they will start shaming you, subtly at first and then more later as your Red Pill transformation becomes undeniable.

Exposure to Red Pill truths can lead to many different responses from men, the predominant response is usually to move away from gynocentric influence in order to regain control of their lives.

The specific responses differ of course, they range from making pragmatic measures to protect oneself such as the MGTOW, bitter resistance for the ones who can’t really shed their Blue Pill attitudes despite seeing Red Pill truth in MRA anti-feminism, or weaponising Red Pill knowledge to flip the gynocentric social script in order to gain the upper hand in the mating game such as the PUA.

One of the most recent arrivals to the Manosphere in male responses to Red Pill truth comes with emergence of Neomasculinty, an idealogical framework that goes beyond immediate comprehension of Red Pill truths in order to apply them to larger concepts beyond gender relations. From Red Pill truths one can derive a lot of understanding on how to achieve optimal outcomes, not just for oneself but for civillisation itself.

In many ways the emergence of Neomasculinity was inevitable once the Manosphere achieved a certain critical mass and Red Pill knowledge became well-codified. But no matter how far Red Pill though can advance in the Manosphere, one basic overall driving force remains constant, one that makes the modern woman very uncomfortable.

The move away from gynocentrism.

Red Pill truths savagely rip through the narratives set up by modern feminism that has resulted in a rather cushy setup for the modern woman. These narratives have allowed women access to privileges not only as a protected class that needs to be protected by the rest of society but also those traditionally given to men as part of the social compact for their traditional gender roles.

As much as modern feminism would like to claim it is all about equality, even a casual read of what feminists and the women who drink the feminist kool-aid do would quickly reveal the real drive behind feminism is female min-maxing. To generate social circumstances that would maximise privileges for women while minimising responsibilities and liabilities, to let women eat their cake and have it as well.

All this feminist min-maxing does not occur in a vacuum of course, it is a terribly expensive social arrangement that requires the cooperation of men as a group to constantly provide the resources in order to keep the feminist welfare system running.

And that is just the economic side of things, modern feminism has also set up various social conventions in order to enforce compliant supplication from Beta men to keep women protected and provided for while not needing to give anything in return.

A woman can abort a child without the consent of the father. A woman can have a child and force a man to support her choice through the pressures of soceity and the law. A woman can trick a man into raising a child that is not his with these same institutions. A woman can beat you up, accuse you of rape and violence, frivorce you, cheat on you and blame you for it, destroy your reputation, shame you into doing things for her and generally do all kinds of nasty things that benefit herself at your expense without ever once needing to give anything in return.

This is what Manospherians mean by gynocentrism, Red Pill truths make men aware of these realities and sets them on paths that serve their own interests instead.

Which is why women tend to be uncomfortable when they perceive that their useful little Beta is starting to change in a way that won’t benefit them.

This does not just happen with the more feministy women, most women in some way or another benefit from the unequal social treaties that modern feminism has set up even if they don’t explicitly identify as one. Behind all the feminist posturing of female independence the truth is modern women are still extremely reliant on men for all their basic needs, these dependencies are just hidden under multiple layers of social conventions and institutions set up to give a facade of gurl power.

And seeing a compliant useful Beta turning Red Pill threatens all that, the men who aren’t sexy should at least be useful to women even if this usefulness works against their own self-interest. From the perspective of women, the Red Pill corrupts their useful Betas, it destroys the pedestals that these men had always put them on and make them realise that all along the princess has no clothes.

This is especially terrifying for women who have come to take social conventions allowing them to parasitically exploit men without ever giving anything in return, I notice the traditionally feminine women with more reciprocal relations with men seem to worry less or even view a Beta trying to self-improve via the Red Pill with some level of positivity. After all, you worry less if you have been playing fair.

This is when the shaming starts, the Beta needs to be guided away from the sexist non-authorised ideas in the Red Pill back to his former useful self. Shame is a common tactic because women are intimately familiar with it’s use, and shame is a strong motivator for the Beta to behave.

This shaming can take subtle forms at first, usually it’s seemingly off the cuff remarks about how your previous Beta self was more useful and compliant agreeable and sensitive. If you have been working out and improving your physical condition you might get comments on how your previous, soft unfit self was nicer and you don’t need all “those muscles”.

How do you know if they are making an anti-Red Pill play? Take fundamental Red Pill truths about masculinity and see if the women you suspect of attempting to shame you back into Beta are trying to nudge you in the opposite direction of them. If Red Pill masculinity says that you need to be physically fit, they will want you to be soft. If Red Pill masculinity says that you need to be assertive and confident, they will want you to be compliant and nice.

These initial attempts at subtle shaming are a soft way of testing your resolve, and also to check if the useful Beta is still there. If you keep on your Red Pill path sooner or later a big shit test will inevitably come from one of the women in your social circle that will cause a lot of drama, and that’s when you need to hold your ground.

One of the big no-nos for a useful Beta is saying no to a woman when she demands that he heels to her gynocentric demands. If you have been that useful Beta going Red Pill sooner or later you are going to get a gynocentric demand that figuratively puts all the cards on the table.

It could be anything, a woman making an unreasonable request such as requesting you to drive across the state to pick her up and help her move after she got tossed out by her (Alpha) boyfriend. It could be a woman attempting to test your integrity by getting you to sell out on your principals to help her cover up her wrongdoing. It could be a woman expressing a feminist opinion and expecting you to heel the way the you always had done during your White Knight days. It could be anything, but the general gist of the idea is to put you in a spot where you have to choose between being Beta or a woman scorned.

If you have been on your Red Pill journey and done your homework properly, you know that some pitched battles cannot be avoided. While I advocate newly minted Red Pills to be coy about their true idealogical leaning while they are in self-development sooner or later the strength of their Red Pill transformation will be tested with a shit test.

Expect a shit storm when you refuse to back down, more often than not you will also get dogpiled by multiple women all freaking out about you not playing to the Beta script. Expect a lot of attempted shaming as they run through the lexicon of magic words to bring back the Beta in you. They will call you sexist, an asshole, compensating for a small penis, not a real man and all the stuff that they think should make you feel shame.

Remember to ignore the words, it’s all largely theatre, a desperate play to bring back the useful Beta or at the very least make you a warning to the rest who might ever think about resisting. A man breaking Beta can be very disorienting and threatening to the women who have been parasitically leeching the benefits off his Beta simpering and taking him or granted, as it shows how easily the gynocentric script can be broken.

The truth is, any outside observer will see that quite clearly you have grown a spine, are no longer taking any shit, and is the stronger party in all this. Remember that you don’t need to explain yourself, you just need to assert yourself and hold your ground. It won’t be long before the storm passes and they give up.

When I first became Red Pill I started to see some of my women in my social circle in a different light. I had genuine female friends who were interested in my well being and development as a person, in fact they had been dropping subtle Red Pill hints while I was a Beta.

But I also started to realise that a good deal of women had a manipulative streak in their “friendships” with men in general, with me being the Beta White Knight chump that provided them some form of benefit in one way or another. I put a Red Pill lens to their actions, and started to realise that they had been playing us for fools in their own little games of social jockeying.

So I stopped putting up with all that shit, called them out for the inconsistencies in their behaviour and refused to play to script. Refused to back down when they rose and tried to put the Beta back into his box, started infecting other Betas in my circle with nuggets of Red Pill truth. Some, too far locked in doubled down on their Beta, but others started on their own Red Pill journey as well.

They tried their shaming, but the reality of self-improvement that came from rediscovering my Masculinity was too hard to ignore. When I was a simpering Beta I was unmotivated, weak, sensitive and easily manipulated. Now I am the strongest I have ever been in my life, get complements on my appearance, am motivated, and is in a healthy happy relationship with a traditionally feminine woman who respects me as a man and wants me to lead.

Getting here took a lot of hard work and I still have a long way to go in my masculine journey, but there is no going back and neither do I have any intention of doing so.

You become Alpha as you internalise the Red Pill, the more irrelevant desperate female Red Pill shaming becomes. People can see that you have improved in all visible matrices despite their attempts to shame and assassinate your character, and that gives lie the feminist ideal of the effeminate Beta nu man as what a man should be.

If they shame you, you probably are doing something right. Keep at it.


Degrees of MGTOW


Despite multiple attempts to dismiss MGTOW as a bunch of losers who can’t cut it in real life and hence decide to check out, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the mainstream to deny that the movement is picking up steam. Increasingly more young men are starting to exhibit MGTOW traits even if they don’t openly declare it, and the social effects are starting to be felt.

As MGTOW becomes more popular, it will become harder for the feminist and SJW shrills to sell the stereotype of the MGTOW as a neckbearded misogynistic basement dwelling loser who fails at life, the common go-to when they need to find a box to put the MGTOW in so they don’t become too disruptive to the narrative. While there are a bunch of MGTOW who do indeed fit the stereotype, it is becoming increasingly clear that the typical MGTOW is starting to just be your average, normal, everyday dude who is deciding not to be a chump.

For the record Talon is not an MGTOW, although I am sympathetic to some of the idealogical underpinnings of the movement. The real question in my opinion, is not why there are MGTOW, but why sad sack Betas still bother playing the societally-approved script for modern men given how much they are liable to get screwed over by it.

In my opinion MGTOW is a rationalistic response to changes to the mating game caused by modern feminism that leave men with all of the risks and responsibilities of their gender without any of the reciprocal benefits.

Feminists often forget that the mating game is one in which there are two players- just because they alter the game to benefit women does not mean that all men will just go along for the ride. The stupid ones hang on and play (a shot at reproduction after all is a strong motivator), but the smart ones realise it is rigged and seek other alternatives that better serve their interests.

MGTOW is one of them, and I can understand that. Feminists can rage all they want, try to shame men from going Galt, or be in denial and claim they don’t matter. But the truth of the matter is that MGTOW is on the rise, and women will be forced to confront the social effects sooner than later.

But I do not think MGTOW is an optimal response, going MGTOW can be one of the first things a new Red Pill do when they unplug from the Matrix, but I do not think that it is best to dwell too long in the realms of MGTOW or go too deep into it. MGTOW is a defensive strategy that immediately protects a man, but it is not one that is ultimately sustainable for the individual or the soceity he lives in.

The problem with MGTOW is in it’s more extreme degrees they often become isloated and insular, seeking mainly to avoid all contact with the system and seeing any contact with women from their fellow men as a sell-out. This form of deep MGTOW starts to veer from just being a defensive strategy into one that of an unhealthy retreat from the world. Some MGTOWs even look forward to the collapse of civillisation, hoping to obtain schadenfreude when modern women finally get their comeuppance.

Deep MGTOWism is dysfunctional because it is a nihilistic surrender to the degeneracy afflicting soceity, it pulls men into retreat and tells them to resign themselves to the inevitability of enemy victory. These MGTOW basically give up, and that deep MGTOW mentality spreads to other aspects of their life. They don’t self-improve, don’t seek to become men, and just sit around on their asses hoping that shit will hit the fan so everyone can feel their pain.

This is not functional, healthy masculinity. While it is okay to go MGTOW for a stint, it should be a time of self-discovery and improvement, a preparation phase in your masculine journey to equip you with the skills and strength to do what you need to do in the world. MGTOW isn’t something you should be staying in indefinitely, if you are a man who aspires to greatness and want a legacy you are going to need to come back into the world and change it for yourself at some point.

Regressive progressivism may very well be too powerful to be defeated and may bring down civillisation, but it is in those times that strong, masculine men will be in demand to survive the collapse with their tribe and rebuild. These men will not be found from the depths of nihilistic deep MGTOW- they will just be as rejected and ostracised as they are in non-feminist times.

Locally I have met many MGTOW. While it isn’t talked about much in Singapore and many do not even know the term there is a clear, growing group of men who don’t intend to play to the fem-centric script that fits all the characteristics of MGTOW.

I have seen the dysfunctional ones who bitterly swear off women and post never-ending steams of antifeminist articles on their social media accounts thinking that will make a difference, and also the ones who use their MGTOW as a time to improve themselves and develop their masculinity, eventually coming back into the world as inspiring, strong, masculine man immune to progressive claptrap and seeking to fight the degeneration. The latter is most definitely a much better life choice.

MGTOW should understand that going MGTOW is just a means to an end, and not the end itself. The time should be used to become stronger, wiser, and mature masculine men with a value proposition for the world at the end of it. Going MGTOW can be useful, but only if the MGTOW in question controls the degrees of how deep he goes into it.

If the majority of MGTOW end up like that the movement will be quite hard for feminists to dismiss indeed, especially when the men that usually staff their ranks are weak effeminate submissive Betas that they can’t respect and only keep around because they are useful.