Don’t Shoot, Let Her Burn!


It’s time to play spot the Red Pill Truths in the link below:

TL;DR: Woman breaks up with on her fiancé after meeting a charming hotel worker on while holiday, she moves in with her new lover and ends up in financial ruin supporting him only to realise that she herself was being cheated on. She returns back a broken woman and tries to reconnect with the ex-fiancé who is still holding a candle for her.

Some archetypes first:

Paul- Hapless Beta

Louise- Hypergamous Woman

Caffery- Alpha Cad

Articles like these are chocked full of life lessons for the Red Pill man, and if you are a seasoned Red Pill you would have already been ticking off checkboxes even as you are scanning through the article.

Here are some of them:


5 Minutes of Alpha = 5 years of Beta

Pick Up Artist Cock Blocker
Woman nukes a long-term relationship with a stable, providing Beta after a short encounter with a man who pushes all her Alpha buttons. Notice how all the investment “besotted fiancé” Paul has put into Louise is no match for Caffrey’s Alpha chums.

“The chemistry between us was insane. Then we kissed. I tried to resist, but I couldn’t.”

So much for Beta investment in the first world as a form of security against infidelity. Don’t count on it, and most certainly don’t be shocked when it fails.


Female Hamstering


Everyone around Louise could see she was making a bad choice, but she rationalises all their warnings away under the guise of being “blinded by love”. The article does not go into her rationalisations but it is clear they probably involved a lot of self-delusional retroactive justifications to get rid of the cognitive dissonance between what her reptile brain is demanding (I MUST GETZ ALPHA) and what her higher functions are warning here against.

Remember, a lot of female justifications on their bad choices take the form of a logical rationalisation, but it is really just an exercise in making the reasons fit the desire.In older days soceity was more willing to call out women for such stupid reasoning but as we have shifted into a more feminine form of discourse hamstering becomes more accepted or even encouraged.

Be aware of this as you talk to a woman who is clearly running her hamster.


Damaged Tattoo Girl


No matter how much excessively-inked people may protest and say they don’t matter, Tattoos are correlated with deviancy and risk-taking behaviour, especially if the person in question has a lot of them in prominent places.

Louise most certainly fit this trope rather well with a large collection of prominently placed body art. This in itself should be a red flag of sorts that would warrant some caution from a Red Pill man.

It is also possible that prominent tattoos are one of the cues that Alpha Cads like Caffery use to sort out who are the easier prospects. After all it is much easier to sell Alpha Cad game to the risk-taking type always looking for novel and deviant behaviour.

In short, expect a heavily tattooed woman to be wife or stable-relationship material. She is likely to cheat, both because the cads look for her type and she is predisposed to trying out new things even if they are immoral.


Trying to Lock Down Alpha


We can say what we want about Caffery’s immoral behaviours but we can’t deny that he has a good understanding of female psychology. Knowing that Louise has dumped her Beta and he is all she has now, he artfully takes advantage of Louise’s Desire to lock down her new Alpha by asking her for money to buy a ring to indicate he is “taken”. She falls for it.

Note how Louise has gone from being provided for by Beta Chump Paul to providing for Alpha Cad Caffery, but her hypergamous instinct to do what it takes to retain a man who flips her Alpha tingle switches is so strong she fails to see she is being taken for a ride.

A Beta thinks the trick to a relationship is acting as if he has found a prize in the girl, the Alpha knows he is the prize.


Alpha Cad Plate Spinning


Caffery has two other women on the side while taking Louise for the ride. The man is not monogamous, is not interested in high-quality women, and neither is he seeking to build civillisation the way a functional Alpha would.

After all he has no incentive to do so, soceity now supports depraved, dysfunctional behaviours by women and he’s just making the best out of the situation.

Caffery instinctively knows that’s better that than being a Beta sucker who works hard and still gets his heart ripped out an stomped upon by his princess. Paul sees Louise idealistically, Caffery sees her for who she really is.


Beta Doubling Down


“We stayed in touch and she told me when she discovered he’d been cheating. I still care about her, so I was gutted for her. Will we get back together? I’m not sure. It’s all still very raw. One thing is for sure though – I will always love Louise.”

Sadly but not unexpectedly, Paul still holds out hope that his Beta dream will play out with Louise even after she had betrayed him and spit in the face of all his investment with her. Assigning an adjective of “always love” to Louise is a big Beta tell and a clear sign that he has learned nothing from the whole experience.

Louise may have messed up her life and betrayed his trust, but is is apparent that she still has some bridges left with Paul and he is still there to be her Plan B.


Well all that was quite a shit show, but not entirely unexpected.

It is somewhat sad that Paul has not gone Red Pill from all his experiences and is still setting himself up to be an airbag for her ill-conceived choices. His mental point of origin is still heavily fixated on pedestalising women and setting his life to revolve around them and their shenanigans.

He does not realise that his attempts to pull at the heartstrings with his heartbroken Beta story do little to generate genuine attraction with the opposite sex. Betas mistake pity for attraction, they think they can parlay vulnerability for

But in any case, the appropriate thing to do for a woman who has messed up her life chasing poor choices by following her hypergamy is to simply not help- you don’t need to attack them for their poor choices, but helping them is often not worth your time as well.

If anything the obvious slow-motion train wreck of a woman who has followed her hypergamy into disaster will send a spike of fear straight into the id of others who are considering the same. Attacking the train wreck will only bring an immediate hostile response from the sisterhood, obscuring the lesson that they need to learn from their fallen member.

Don’t shoot, let her burn.









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