Red Pill, Seeing Reality

If you have been a youth in the 90s you would have seen a rather awesome cyperpunk movie called The Matrix, it is from this movie in which the body of knowledge about human social behaviour found it’s “Red Pill” moniker. The movie delves deep into perceptions of reality and all that ontological mumbo jumbo, serving heavy philosophical concepts up along with a healthy dose of martial arts and gun-fu.

In The Matrix, our hero Neo embarks on a journey of self-discovery after realising that reality had been a construct created by machines that had now come to control humanity after an apocalyptic war that ended civillisation as we know it. He is presented with a red pill and a blue pill by his mentor Morpheus, with the former allowing him to see the truth of his constructed reality while the later offering him a release back to his blissful ignorance.

Neo takes the red pill, and goes down the rabbit hole. A rather cool movie results.

The Matrix was followed up by two clunkier sequels that attempt to ask even heavier question while outdoing the stunts of the first movie, I do like them but the original is widely considered the best.

It is no surprise that the motifs within The Matrix were quickly co-opted by the pioneers of  the developing knowledge of Game as they sought to find allegories that could best describe their new awareness of human behaviour and interactions, particularly in how radically different they view inter-gender relations post Game-awareness.

The abrupt paradigm shift that comes with absorbing all these knew perspectives and knowledge is akin to Neo taking the red pill given by him to allow him to truly perceive reality, which is why men who have taken up the body of awareness and perspectives that now form his new Game-awareness is called “Red Pill” knowledge. The blissful ignorance of his past beta self consequently, is considered “Blue Pill”.

To see is to be Red Pill

To be blissfully ignorant is to be Blue Pill.

Red Pill knowledge is not just restricted to inter-gender relations, although most of the base of Red Pill knowledge comes from there. Red Pill men soon discovered that they could apply their Red Pill awareness to wider issues in soceity, often finding the hidden truth, instincts, and motivations that lie beneath many of the practices, thoughts, and ideas that dominate the mainstream.

Red Pill knowledge advances haphazardly, with a lot of it is built up on informal observations and theories by thousands of Red Pill aware men, with the ideas being proven later by independent scientific studies retained to be built further upon while the rest is discarded. Like how alchemy follows chemistry, Red Pill observations and knowledge often comes before scientific confirmation.

But above all, the objective of Red Pill awareness is to be as objectively aware of human behaviour as possible, and to use that awareness as much as possible to achieve desired outcomes. This is unlike many mainstream ideologies like intersectional feminism and social justice where the predominant concern is fitting in with confirmation bias.

This is not to say that Red Pills are entirely unbiased- it is impossible for anybody to be. Rather, Red Pill men have a far more accurate view of reality than their idealogical enemies, who rely upon their various belief systems as a crutch for self-validation and to insulate them from the harsh realities of the world.

If you are a Red Pill man, your concern should be in seeing things for what they truly are, this is the only way you can truly be at peace with yourself, understand your limitations, and learn how to truly improve yourself and obtain the objectives you desire.

This concern with needing to have a reality-based view of things is why Red Pill knowledge can be so powerful, and also why your idealogical enemies will hate you. You represent a threat to their ego-invested belief systems that need to be eliminated, and they will instinctively attack you the moment they realise you hold forbidden knowledge.

But remember that as a Red Pill man, you have the advantage as you are able to see reality a lot clearer than your idealogical enemies who are vested in maintaining their ego-invested ideologies. The Red Pill is about seeing the truth as well as we can, and sooner or later the truth will prevail.

Always keep a Red Pill attitude towards finding the truth, and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.


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