Civillisation Is Not An Entitlement

People who work tough, blue-collar jobs on the edge of civillisation are not prone to coddling you by blowing smoke up your ass to make you feel better. They have been on the front, seen the hard stuff that needs to be done to keep things going, and have little tolerance for self-delusional excuses and bullshit.

In the video above we see a Chinese worker drop some hard truth bombs on his African counterpart over the current state of Africa, a place in which China has put in significant investment. As he succinctly points out in a layperson’s riposte to the African’s excuse that Africa is still new to this civillisation thing, it’s one thing for the White man to pull a number on you via colonial oppression but another when you start messing things up for yourself.

Rabbit people like progressives, liberals, feminists and Social Justice Warriors don’t understand this. They see civillisation as a right, the it’s safety and abundance as an entitlement. In the Rabbit view, civillisation is an asset to be exploited, not a system to be maintain or built up to keep everyone alive. This is why they are more prone to explain the suffering that comes from a failing civillisation as the fault of some oppressor, minimise personal faults that are causing problems, or at the worst may even attack the very institutions that sustains the very civillisation that keeps them alive in their mad rush to obtain ever more entitlements.

Wolf people know otherwise- they know that civillisation is a not a given thing and can easily crumble if not properly tended to. Wolf people know that barbarism is always waiting to take over and hard work and hard choices are required to make sure their children get a future worth living in.

A safe, stable civillisation is not an entitlement, it requires making a lot of hard choices and real work to keep functional. Societies who attempt to excuse dyscivic behaviours under layers of justifications will quickly find that reality intends to collect on the debt sooner than they think.


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