Elective Sterility, Vitriolic Feminism


Cats can’t carry on feminism.

The elephant in the room for modern feminism is the fact that it’s the more devoted it’s followers are they more likely they are to self-select out of the gene pool. This means that as an demographic ideology, feminism is actually self-extinguishing.

It’s not hard to see why this happens- a woman tripping full out on feminist Kool-Aid would be more likely to negatively view traditionally feminine duties such as being attractive women, having an above-replacement rate number of kids, and devoting themselves to being good mothers. In fact the very word “duty” in anything not related to feminism is offensive to feminists.

At the same time the same feminist, encouraged by modern feminist ideology, is more likely in indulge in myopic short-term sexual strategies that will impact on her quality as long-term investment for men, make excuses and remain in feminist-mediated for her own failings that impact her attractiveness, delay settling down, and focus on a soulless unfulfilling corporate career that feminist dogma convinces her is the key to being “strong and independent”.

She won’t understand that most men don’t do their jobs because they are chasing some dream, their jobs aren’t the end in itself, but rather a means to an end. Which generally involve acquiring enough resources and social capital in order to have a shot in the mating game.

Our feminist does not realise all this, she thinks that there is an evil patriarchal conspiracy to hold her down from living a fulfilling life by keeping her out of the corporate world. Feminism is her liberation ideology- under it she can do whatever she want, remaining free and independent while sleeping with hot guys in the years of her prime attractiveness, eventually snagging the best of the lot when she’s finally ready to settle down, usually when the ticking of her biological clock becomes so loud that even her feminism can’t make her ignore it.

But all that does not happen of course, more likely than not she will slam hard into the wall at 100 miles per hour and suddenly realise the hot boys she had been banging as part of her recreational escapes from her unfulfilling (but necessary) corporate life are now looking for younger, hotter women and Mr. Right isn’t coming for her. Her feminist credentials of being a strong independent women simply aren’t a male attraction cue.

Assuming she hasn’t been too much of a bitch during her years of maximal choosing power and ended up driving the betas out of her life she will probably still have some thirsty orbiters, but she would be disgusted at the prospect of settling with any of them despite all the platitudes she puts out telling them they “will make some lucky girl very happy one day” in her friendzone routine.

But eventually she will be forced to make a stark choice: bite the bullet and settle with the least disgusting of the betas in her social circle (an iffy choice given she has been putting out to hot alphas) or keep hoping that Mr. Right will come up while her ovaries start to shrivel as she speeds through her 30s.

If she takes option 2, more likely than not he won’t turn up anyway as the kind of man she considers Mr. Right would have access to far better options than her. At this point she will probably double down on the feminism, convince herself she’s better off alone, and start stocking up on the cats as surrogate objects for her need for companionship and maternal instincts.

In any case, be it resentfully marrying beta late to check out of the market before her options completely dry up or choosing the life of cats, the feminist in our case is very unlikely to have many children, most certainly less so than other female demographics who aren’t drinking the kool-aid.

This sets feminism up with a problem- that of continuity. Many ideologies endure because they were pro-natalist in some respect, or at the very least didn’t not work to suppress the fertility rate of their hosts. A large part of idealogical transmission happens across the generations as parents pass on their values to their children who in turn pass them on the future generations. This is one of the reason why many religions and traditions have endured the test of time.

Feminism however, with it’s inclination to end up suppressing the fertility rate of it’s idealogical hosts either by causing them to engage in behaviours that are suboptimal from a long-term reproductive point of view or making them self-elect into sterility, is a dead end ideology if left to it’s own devices.

Memetically, feminism is not an evolutionary stable strategy. From an evolutionary point of view it will eventually kill it’s host and in the process send itself into extinction as well. If epidemiology (the study of diseases and how they spread) were applied as an analogy to modern third-wave feminism, it would be a microbe that has not yet achieved symbiosis with it’s host, unlike other microbes/ideologies which have.

As feminism effectively sterilises it’s hosts, it has to find new hosts in order to spread effectively as a meme. As it can’t rely on natural generational transmission that other memes can, any evolved version of feminism needs to be extremely effective in infecting as many new hosts as possible in as short a time as it can if it hopes to be successful.

This is why modern feminism is so aggressive and vitriolic- it needs to spread fast and hard, dominating the meme space or it will be eventually outcompeted by slower-spreading, but more long-game focused self-sustaining memes that can use generational transmission.


Compared to other ideologies feminism evolves extremely fast, new ideas come and go. Yesterdays cutting-edge progressive feminists is today’s backward bigot. Feminism rapidly churns out idea after idea- patriarchy, rape culture, male privilege,affirmative consent, manspreading, mansplaining, ban bossy, he for she… it is in a never ending stream of memetic mutations that are more aimed at getting attention and agreement with slipshod rhetorical sleight of hands than being logically consistent.

While some people might mistake all this activity as a sign that feminist thought is vibrant and healthy, it is actually a sign of disease. All this activity isn’t because modern feminism is evolving to become a solid, coherent ideology that offers real advantages for civillisation but because it is increasingly grasping at straws to get your attention and make you a hosts.

Feminism isn’t having enough kids, so it need to fill it’s ranks from other people’s children. Even children who are recruited need to do their part in the ever-increasing number of feminist publicity stunts, it’s all hands on board for this one.

Of course this state of affairs won’t last forever, while feminism can sustain itself in the short run by aggressively spreading that is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. When Feminism runs out of hosts to infect in the civillisation it is spreading in, the same low fertility that afflicts feminism will become a societal problem for all, and that’s only one of the big societal problems that comes with feminism.

Demographics is destiny, but feminists are doing their best to deny that reality in pursuit for selfish, dyscivic short term goals. Left unchecked, their shenanigans will eventually bring down civillisation but before that happens, they will work hard at spreading aggressively, because their very existence as an ideology depends on it.

Keep this in mind when you think that your idealogical enemies can’t get any more overbearing and all-pervasive in their attempt to control all aspects of everyone’s life to fall in line with them.

They will because they must, so keep busy, always be alert, and resist their influence in anyway you can.



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