Degrees of MGTOW


Despite multiple attempts to dismiss MGTOW as a bunch of losers who can’t cut it in real life and hence decide to check out, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the mainstream to deny that the movement is picking up steam. Increasingly more young men are starting to exhibit MGTOW traits even if they don’t openly declare it, and the social effects are starting to be felt.

As MGTOW becomes more popular, it will become harder for the feminist and SJW shrills to sell the stereotype of the MGTOW as a neckbearded misogynistic basement dwelling loser who fails at life, the common go-to when they need to find a box to put the MGTOW in so they don’t become too disruptive to the narrative. While there are a bunch of MGTOW who do indeed fit the stereotype, it is becoming increasingly clear that the typical MGTOW is starting to just be your average, normal, everyday dude who is deciding not to be a chump.

For the record Talon is not an MGTOW, although I am sympathetic to some of the idealogical underpinnings of the movement. The real question in my opinion, is not why there are MGTOW, but why sad sack Betas still bother playing the societally-approved script for modern men given how much they are liable to get screwed over by it.

In my opinion MGTOW is a rationalistic response to changes to the mating game caused by modern feminism that leave men with all of the risks and responsibilities of their gender without any of the reciprocal benefits.

Feminists often forget that the mating game is one in which there are two players- just because they alter the game to benefit women does not mean that all men will just go along for the ride. The stupid ones hang on and play (a shot at reproduction after all is a strong motivator), but the smart ones realise it is rigged and seek other alternatives that better serve their interests.

MGTOW is one of them, and I can understand that. Feminists can rage all they want, try to shame men from going Galt, or be in denial and claim they don’t matter. But the truth of the matter is that MGTOW is on the rise, and women will be forced to confront the social effects sooner than later.

But I do not think MGTOW is an optimal response, going MGTOW can be one of the first things a new Red Pill do when they unplug from the Matrix, but I do not think that it is best to dwell too long in the realms of MGTOW or go too deep into it. MGTOW is a defensive strategy that immediately protects a man, but it is not one that is ultimately sustainable for the individual or the soceity he lives in.

The problem with MGTOW is in it’s more extreme degrees they often become isloated and insular, seeking mainly to avoid all contact with the system and seeing any contact with women from their fellow men as a sell-out. This form of deep MGTOW starts to veer from just being a defensive strategy into one that of an unhealthy retreat from the world. Some MGTOWs even look forward to the collapse of civillisation, hoping to obtain schadenfreude when modern women finally get their comeuppance.

Deep MGTOWism is dysfunctional because it is a nihilistic surrender to the degeneracy afflicting soceity, it pulls men into retreat and tells them to resign themselves to the inevitability of enemy victory. These MGTOW basically give up, and that deep MGTOW mentality spreads to other aspects of their life. They don’t self-improve, don’t seek to become men, and just sit around on their asses hoping that shit will hit the fan so everyone can feel their pain.

This is not functional, healthy masculinity. While it is okay to go MGTOW for a stint, it should be a time of self-discovery and improvement, a preparation phase in your masculine journey to equip you with the skills and strength to do what you need to do in the world. MGTOW isn’t something you should be staying in indefinitely, if you are a man who aspires to greatness and want a legacy you are going to need to come back into the world and change it for yourself at some point.

Regressive progressivism may very well be too powerful to be defeated and may bring down civillisation, but it is in those times that strong, masculine men will be in demand to survive the collapse with their tribe and rebuild. These men will not be found from the depths of nihilistic deep MGTOW- they will just be as rejected and ostracised as they are in non-feminist times.

Locally I have met many MGTOW. While it isn’t talked about much in Singapore and many do not even know the term there is a clear, growing group of men who don’t intend to play to the fem-centric script that fits all the characteristics of MGTOW.

I have seen the dysfunctional ones who bitterly swear off women and post never-ending steams of antifeminist articles on their social media accounts thinking that will make a difference, and also the ones who use their MGTOW as a time to improve themselves and develop their masculinity, eventually coming back into the world as inspiring, strong, masculine man immune to progressive claptrap and seeking to fight the degeneration. The latter is most definitely a much better life choice.

MGTOW should understand that going MGTOW is just a means to an end, and not the end itself. The time should be used to become stronger, wiser, and mature masculine men with a value proposition for the world at the end of it. Going MGTOW can be useful, but only if the MGTOW in question controls the degrees of how deep he goes into it.

If the majority of MGTOW end up like that the movement will be quite hard for feminists to dismiss indeed, especially when the men that usually staff their ranks are weak effeminate submissive Betas that they can’t respect and only keep around because they are useful.





  1. MGTOW is a philosophy aimed at the greater understanding of gender dynamics for the purpose of liberating men. Reducing the influence of gynocentrism in your life is just a form of self-protection, no would is saying that’s an end in itself, it’s only smart.


    1. Yes, that would be a healthy practice of MGTOW.

      Unfortunately there is a tendency in a significant proportion of the MGOTW population to slip into bitter self-defeating mediocrity.

      While this is better than getting screwed over by gynocentrism, this isn’t an optimal way to live, one needs to do more than just avoid gynocentrism in the long run.


  2. Dude, i Cannot like this post enough MGTOW is a journey and lifestyle restructuring not an end in itself and I for one have no intention of allowing this society to go down on my watch.


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