The Mary Sue Test


Feminist Femspiration Thinking is a rather common affliction that many woman have today, FFT is a distorted perception that people get about the female gender after having being exposed to too much feminist memetic propaganda, usually on the interwebz.

Common symptoms of FFT include thinking that women are morally superior to men , assumed to be talented and competent without any need to prove it, are entitled to success in any endevour they take on, and are generally all round infallible with any failings or flaws due to some external factor.

Basically FFT encourages thinking of the female gender as a gender of Mary Sues, unrealistically competent, virtuous and infallible characters with the only qualification to achieve all this being born with a vagina.

Here’s a quick litmus test you can use to stealthily sound out the level of FFT a woman has in order to determine what social strategies you need to employ around them. This test of course is not just limited to just women and can be used on men to determine the level of mangina-ness as well, but it tends to be more telling with women.

It’s really quite simple, here is how it goes: in the course of normal interactions, just ask a woman what she thinks are sins or flaws that are common of men that affect us all as a soceity.

Most women would probably come up with a list quite easily, having been provided a lengthly education on the evils of non-mangina men by modern feminism. Men are violent, men cheat, men lie, men are weak, men are insensitive, men are sexist, men are aggressive, men are unempathetic, so on so forth. While it’s not hard for a woman to come up with a list, a good red flag would be when the list starts to be rather long or she is listing them all out with a fair bit of passion. But this is just the first past, it’s the second part that is really telling.

After she is completed with her list on the failings and sins of men, ask her what she thinks are sins or flaws that are common to women.

This is when things get interesting.

If she looks at you confused and draws a blank making it apparent that she has never really considered this before, it’s almost a sure sign that she is afflicted by a fair bit of FFT. This is a woman who has been swimming in feminist propaganda for so long that she has become entirely blind to the failings of her own gender and has started to exclusively focus on men.

Being clueless on the failings on her own gender is just one part, more likely than not a woman who is very deep into FFT might in her struggle to name a single female flaw assert stuff like “not having enough self-confidence” or “being too empathetic” as examples of female “failings”.

These “flaws” of not being perfect enough is a classic example of Mary Sue characterisation.  In the minds of a women most seriously afflicted by FFT women have no real serious moral flaws as a gender, with the only real problems they face coming mainly from them being not confident enough to embrace their perfection said perfection causing them problems (such as trying to help everyone).

FFT is dangerous sets up women with unrealistically optimistic impressions of their own competencies, abilities and character. FFT means a woman is unlikely to ever seriously consider the potential consequences of her actions as possibly leading to harm to herself of others because under FFT, women are basically infallible- they are Mary Sues.

Women afflicted with FFT will not think if she needs to qualify for success, FFT tells her she is entitled to it because of Girl Power. FFT demands that women assume female moral superiority over the male, as lying, cheating and being violent are things that are solely the domain of men. People high on FFT are more likely to believe the word of a woman instead of yours, even if she is telling bold-faced lies and you are trying to tell the truth. People who drink the FFT kool-aid will make stupid decisions that will impact everyone negatively, because they believe that women cannot fail.

As a Red Pill man, you need to be careful around women who have high levels of FFT, these women are usually more trouble than they are worth having around in your social circle as they tend to have very little contact with reality, often becoming a pain in the ass and a time and resource drain when they run into trouble and expect everyone to bail them out. This is why organisations, social groups and relationships  high on FFT often end up running into the ground, as they base their decisions on an utterly unrealistic expectations of feminist-inspired female infallibility.

What’s more, if you threaten that bubble of delusional infallibility set up by Femspiration, they are also liable to lash out in hostility as they have ego-invested in the idea that They Can Do It, no matter what the facts are, no matter what reality says, no matter if they are actually completely unqualified because they don’t have a realistic gauge of their abilities.

So use this test wisely to sound out the levels of FFT in the people around you, it will be an invaluable tool in sorting out who is really worth keeping in your social circle.

If you really want to be a Black Knight, find the people high on FFT (especially the loud and proud kinds) and challenge them to do something that you know they will utterly fail in. Stand back and watch the fireworks with the popcorn as they inevitably crash and burn.

Because this is the real world, and the real world has no time for Mary Sues.


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