The Rise of The Red Pill: A Brief History of The Manosphere


It Started From Observation

One of the disciplines of Red Pill thinking is learning to observe, to shed all preconceived notions about issues, things and people and view them for what they really are. It was from these patient observations of reality and human nature that the body of knowledge about female behaviour that we know today as Game came about.

Modern Red Pill thought came about when a bunch of Beta men decided to drop all preconceived notions about what they had been thought to believe about the opposite sex for empirical observations after they realised that the societally-approved script wasn’t working out.

They observed, for the first time with clear eyes, how women behaved and what they responded to, realising that it was all quite different from what soceity had led them to believe.

Reactions: The MRA, PUA and MGTOW


Some of the men who were aware of these truths, but believe the system could still be reformed from within became the Mens Rights Activists. The MRA are basically the mirror image of feminists, and work within many of the same operational paradigms as feminists. Unfortunately, due to the inherent differences in the way male and female value is computed, the MRA are invariably bound to fail in the long run.


Others observed men who were successful with women and started to learn these behaviours in order to improve their own success with women. These people emulated the behaviours of successful men to upsell their own value, using knowledge gathered from Red Pill observation to maximise their chances of success. These men become the Pickup Artists, or PUA. They mostly focused on having sex with as many women as possible, feeling empowered by their sudden mastery of female nature.

mgtow2bflyer2b2More of these men realised the game was rigged and decided not to play the game, becoming the first MGTOW, a movement that started to grow in strength as increasing numbers of men become harder marks to sucker into being milked for time, energy and resources. These men started to opt out of the system and focus on themselves, refusing to be the sucker that pays for all the various systems brought about for the benefit of feminism.

The Birth of The Manosphere and Neomasculinity 

However as the body of Red Pill knowledge and thought expanded, Red Pill men started to explore issues beyond simple inter-gender dynamics to get success with women and realised that Red Pill truths had plenty of implications for everything from culture, to soceity, and eventually civillisation.

This led to a formative set of ideas that rose to encapsulate what we know today as Neomasculinity, an idealogical framework that combines Red Pill truths on biological human nature, traditional wisdom and masculinity to aid men in making their way in the modern world where regressive progressivism has all but destroyed old-school patriarchal masculinity, seeking to help the masses of men left aimless and confused by it’s destruction.

Unlike the MGTOW who believe in opting out and giving in to the decline, the PUA who recede into nihilistic hedonism, and the MRA who futilely seek to reform an unreformable system, Neomasculinists believe that the best way to go about giving the modern man a future is to build tribes of strong masculine men from the ground up, resisting the spread of degeneracy as social insurgents against the numerically superior regressives as first, and later as a dominant social force when the tide of strong masculine men finally reaches a critical mass.

The aim is for masculine men is to be the best that they can be, and to slow, or even reverse the slow slide of their civillisation into degeneracy. If the slide cannot be reversed, these masculine men will then seek to gather their tribe to build a new one.

As a countercultural movement these ideas were largely found their place in the internet on blogs, chat forums and social media. This collectively became known as the Manosphere, a place where male interests and issues can be discussed by like-minded men.

Coming To Asia

The rising tide of globalism has led to a spread of expats across the Asiasphere, many of which tended to be assertive, go-getting Alpha men. Many Asian men started to realise the Beta provider script that was the Asian male mainstay for life success is starting to become outdated.

Additionally, Asian women started to become more feminist along with an import of Western liberal ideas, many Asian men started to feel the heat of increased divorce rates and a more difficult dating and marriage marketplace. The traditional Asian values of compliance, harmony and conformity made the Asian male highly Beta, and this was starting to affect perception of him in an increasingly globalised dating marketplace.

While initially a movement started in the west by White men, Red Pill ideas started to slowly spread to the East, especially in places where english-speaking western-educated Asians were relatively common. With it’s english-speaking cosmopolitan population Singapore proved to be a good place for Red Pill ideas to take root. Asian men who felt increasingly alienated by the realities of modern globalised life trampling over the inadequate social script given to Asian men started to discover Red Pill ideas, thanks to the Internet.

Unlike the west where the Manosphere started as a countercultural movement against progressivism and feminism, Masculinist thought enjoys a more level playing field as Asian societies are currently much less poisoned by regressive ideology. There is still time for Asian masculinists to prevent a decline of their civillisation.

Welcome To Singapore

In Singapore there is a nascent Neomasculinist movement that has risen in it’s english-speaking male population. It’s proponents seek to rediscover and reinvigorate Asian masculinity to be the best men that they can be. They seek to defend Singapore against the spread of western SJW regressivism that is surely coming as degenerate ideas become trendy and popular among young adults seeking to outdo each other in social virtue-signalling.

They also see what is happening in the west as a warning, and realise that their own civillisation still has a chance from stopping what is happening. They are the social insurgents of Singapore, they realise that this nation only came about from the hard work and masculine leadership of previous generations who didn’t have time for androgynous liberal degeneration. They defend it from the shadows, and they are growing in number each day.

The Red Pill has come to Singapore.





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