Why The MRA Fail


The Manosphere is often been lumped together with the Men’s Rights Movement as one amorphous, indistinct blob of misogynists. The term “MRA” is used interchangeably as an adjective and insult by opponents of the Red Pill masculine movement, and is also used liberally on anybody who opposes feminism.

All the progressive histrionics apart the label is a misnomer. Most Red Pill masculine men do not self-identify as MRAs, nor do they actively advocate for men’s rights. There is a good reason why.

While I do have some sympathy for some of the stuff that the MRA advocate for and there is some overlap between some factual assertions of Red Pill Masculinty and the MRA movement, Red Pill masculinity and the MRA are quite different.

In fact many Red Pills in the manosphere believe that by virtue of Red Pill realities, the MRA are destined to fail in their goals of attempting to advocate for rights for men. They may make some progress here and there but overall the opinion in the manosphere is that they are doing it wrong.

Why? Because the MRA movement is deeply set in a beta paradigm. The MRA attempts to make changes through means which it has no leverage.

A woman’s value is intrinsic, she has value for simply existing by virtue of being the reproductive bottleneck of her society. A society that is neglectful to the existential demands of women will quickly go extinct.

A man’s value on the other hand has to be proven. As he is not the reproductive bottleneck, a man has no value to his society unless he has proven himself to be an able provider of it’s needs in some form or another. Society has no time for a man who is unable to do all that, it despises weak men and views their upkeep as a drain on resources.

This is why a woman who is being abused by a man in public will draw immediate help while few would help if the roles were reversed. The man being abused by his partner has proven himself weak, and society either expects him to man up and solve his own problems or get what he deserves.

Society has no time for weak men.

And this is the frame the MRA are coming from- that of persecuted, victimised men demanding that their needs be met by legislation. Viscerally outsiders look at the MRA and see weak beta men demanding that society shuttle resources their way. They react accordingly with disgust.

The MRA will fail because they are attempting to advocate for men in the way feminists do it, by playing the victim. But society views male and female victims to be of different values.

They will try hard, but ultimately they will fail in many of their endeavors because feminists already have the market cornered on the victim narrative and being interlopers of the expendable gender the MRA are playing all the wrong cards.


If you want to make a real difference for men, do it through a paradigm that appeals to strength, courage, challenge and personal agency. Not a paradigm of trying to get tell people that you are weak and beaten and ask for concessions.

This is the difference between the Red Pill masculine movement and the MRA.


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