Masculine Skills: Text Communication


Breaking out of your Beta habits can be difficult, it involves unlearning many ingrained behavioural patterns that have been casting you as a weak man in the eyes of others. Things like language, posture and in-person social interactions may be tricky to correct, and require lots of practice to master.

As such, one of the easiest ways you can work on learning to get your Alpha frame of mind is with the way you communicate via the written word. Text messages, social media comments, tweets and all that give you time to deliberate on how to present yourself, making the learning curve a lot shallower.

Masculine men are assertive in the way they communicate, but this does not mean being overbearing or belligerent. Rather, it means being able to state things decisively and standing by them regardless of how people may react, qualifying your statements when required. This shows that you have a backbone to others.

Avoid over-qualifying or trying too hard to make sure people’s feelings are not hurt. This is a sign of Beta supplication. Come into the conversation with the frame that everyone is an adult and nobody is a special snowflake that needs to be treated like a child. Maintain this even if you are talking to a rabbit person who is having a freak out.

What you communicate also matters, using language that paints yourself as weak is a common mistake that Beta men make. Avoid posting reactions to situations that communicate weakness and resignation on your part. Avoid the words like “sigh”, “oh well”, “OMG”, “I don’t even…” that paint you as a weakling.

When you post, talk about subjects in an authoritative, confident way that portrays you as an Alpha male that is willing to take on the world. Avoid emotional venting or wangsting, that is for women and special snowflakes. If you do that people will will unconsciously start to harbour contempt for your weak behaviour and file you under “Beta”.

And for the love that is all good things, don’t use emoticons excessively. Excessive usage of emoticons in common speech is a sign of emotional effeminate behaviour. Don’t use things like “:P” and all that when talking, you are just demonstrating that you are hapless and dominated by your situations. If possible, try to eliminate all use of emoticons entirely.

Practice all these principals when you post on social media or communicate through text messages. Practicing masculine communication is a good way of entering the Alpha frame of mind and unlearning all your Beta indoctrination.


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