Racist! Sexist!Misogynist! Homophobic! Xenophobic!!!


Every belief system that has achieved some level of dominance in mainstream thought will have gatekeeping memes in place to protect the entire memeplex. These gatekeeping memes serve to defend the ideology against the assault of heretical ideas and ideological opponents.

Progressive ideologies like feminism and all your various leftist social justice causes are no different, being the dominant narrative in the mainstream they have come to determine the frame of what is considered appropriate discourse in society, they have several powerful gatekeeping memes in play to defend Progressivism from rival ideologies. When all else has failed and an offender cannot be brought to kneel to the demands of Progressive ideas, these gatekeeping memes are brought out as a blunt instrument to motivate compliance through coercion and fear.

The most prominent gatekeeping memes in play with these ideologies play upon the fear of social ostracisation by falling afoul of progressive standards, which are assumed to be common morality. They involve accusing the offender with labels that brand them as having breached progressive standards of moral behaviour.

Hence the oft-heard cry of Racist! Sexist! Misogynist! Homophobic! Xenophobic! being applied liberally (no pun intended) when an issue isn’t quite going the liberal way.

These labels do not need to be valid in order to have their intended effect of shutting the offender up. The very risk of being labeled with these accusations have a powerful chilling effect on most people who have come to accept the liberal frame of morality as the dominant standard in soceity. Even if one does not subscribe to liberal ideas, the very act of being subjected to such accusations put intense social pressure to submit.

As gatekeeping memes, the liberal accusation of faux-Racism, Sexism, Misogyny and other sins that offend liberal sensibilities serve as very powerful memetic antibiotics to quickly remove and shut down the propagation rival ideas.

But they overused it.

The inherent usefulness of these labelling tactic has led to them being applied liberally by progressives in every imaginable situation as a shortcut to actual discourse when it comes convincing others of their ideas. Sitting with your legs too wide? You’re a sexist manspreader. Rocket scientist wearing a raunchy shirt? He’s a sexist oppressor holding back women from STEM fields. Pointing out the higher rates of HIV infections among men who have sex with men? You must be homophobic. Questioning the dogma that mass immigration and diversity is always good? Xenophobic.

Modern progressivism has gotten increasingly anti-intellectual because it has devolved to being an ideology of labels. The very usefulness of these labels in forcing compliance has led to their overuse and substitution in the place of doing actual thinking and convincing.

This is why when you get any one of these labels applied to you by a feminist or SJW, you should know that the debate has more or less already been won by you and the enemy is just resorting to the last-ditch use of gatekeeping memetics to force you to submit. Realise that this is a desperate play and call it out for what it is.

Do not submit to their frame, stay on point, and keep hammering in on their collapsing argument while showing that you are completely unfazed by their attempts to label as a racist/sexist/whateverist. Watch them get increasingly desperate as they realise their last-ditch effort to bully you into silence isn’t working, and enjoy the squirming as they desperately try to disengage- better still if it’s through a meltdown throwing every term in the SJW in a bid to make something stick.

Your victory and unflappability in the face of tactics that liberals have long used to bully and dominate others into submission, will embolden many others who have felt the overbearing gaze of progressive moral policing. For what is their choice after all? To live in fear of the progressive moral police or start sticking it up to them?

For many it will be an easy choice

The fire rises.

One of the reasons why the social insurgency represented by the reactionary right has been so successful in the ideological battlefield versus mainstream progressivism is because they have proven to be all but immune to the memetic attacks of liberal labelling, leaving bewildered progressives wondering why their trusty rhetorical weapons now have no bite.

This refusal to accept the progressive frame, along with an unrelenting outright attack on everything they stand for proved not only decisive in removing a lot of the idealogical dominance they used to hold in the mainstream, but also an emboldenment of others who have long felt the heavy yoke of progressive dogma, leading to more being aware of and supporting the insurgency.

So remember, SJWs always lie. When confronted and rendered weaponless they invariably crumble. In fact, being called a sexist, racist, or whatever they would care to label you with is often a good sign that the progressive you are engaging is at the end of his or her tether.

Press the attack and win.


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