The Insurgency Rises


If you haven’t been living under a rock and have been following world events for the past year (a bad idea, for a Masculine man should always be informed on happenings) you would have noticed that there is an ongoing shift in the zeitgeist of many first-world nations.

Namely, the monolithic liberal narrative that has come to dominate the mainstream since the left won the culture war of the 60s is starting to show weakness. Stunning defeats to the liberal world view by world events such as Brexit and the rise of Trump, events unthinkable just years ago indicate that there is a sea change coming.

The change will be sudden, it will be huge, and it will be unexpected for those who are unprepared. The worldwide social insurgency against the monolithic liberal narrative is rising.

It’s hard to say how this will affect Singapore, given as a nation the liberal narrative is still trying to make headway in here. But my take is in the next few years local progressives are suddenly going to find themselves cut off from their source of idealogical supply as the dominance of the left in Europe and America is challenged by the rise of Red-Pill social insurgency there. As far as social justice goes in Singapore, local SJWs basically import their ideas wholesale with some terms switched out to barely pass for local.

This will start to be more difficult as each meme the left puts out will be co-opted and countered by several memes the Red-Pill social insurgency in short order. We have seen this happen in the past year and this will only keep up as long as the left fails to understand the nature of their opponent.

Our SJWs will have to start making up their own social theories and memes, because the ones coming in from the west will arrive increasingly ineffective.

The left is on the defensive, the pivot point has happened.

What does this mean for you, the social insurgent here? These are ripe times to seize the initiative and strike several decisive blows to the progressive degeneracy that is threatening to take root in Singapore.

The Red-Pill insurgency is moving and reacting much faster than the left, putting out memes and ideas at a higher rate, as long as local SJWs rely on progressive ideas from the left they are fighting a losing battle, attempting to force their way into social consciousness by using the old and tired cliches of “racist! sexist! xenophobic!”.

Take them down in debate without mercy, and recruit even more like minded and energetic people to your side. Drop deep into enemy territory and hit them where they least expect it in all their safe-spaced. The regressive left is losing, they just haven’t realised it yet but there is blood in the water.

It’s time for the social insurgency here to rise. The simmering culture war is about to get hot here. Your job as a masculine man is to save your culture from it’s slow progressive slide to degeneracy.



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