Identity Politics, For Singapore?


It is no secret that progressives are neck-deep in identity politics. Basically all of the multi-headed Hydra of idealogical movements in modern regressive liberalism draw their rationale from the fount of identity politics. White privilege, sexism, transphobia, fat acceptance and what have you not all find their basis and reason for being there.

While us in the Reactionary Red Pill Social Insurgency reject modern regressive liberalism and many of it’s values outright, it would behoove one as a social insurgent to better understand the certain premises that the progressives use to construct their world views in order to better wage effective memetic warfare.

The truth of the matter is identity politics is ultimately divisive as the inherent nature of sorting issues out based on what people are will end up splitting them into different groups more often than not at odds.

For example, the idea of white privilege as SJWs and progressives present it necessarily single out Whites as a group from the rest, regardless of if individuals within the group truly qualify as privileged.

While the goals of white privilege as a social theory is to examine and remove racial inequity (by taking privilege away from whites), in practice as a memeplex white privilege often ends up being about the irrevocable eternal villianhood of the Caucasian as the last thing those with vested interests in peddling the theory would want is for it to actually achieve it’s stated goals and put the progressives who have benefited from it out of business.

Progressive identity politics is inherently divisive and self-sustaining with no endgame in sight. It will make a lot of noise about wanting to remove inequity but isn’t interested in true equality and will seek to continually find ever more extreme justifications to keep the memeplex running, even if it is to the point of ludicrosity.

Because it was never about equality in the first place. It is about defining an in-group of desirables and an out-group to demonise, mining social resources by attempting to arm-twist concessions out of the out-group until something gives.

This is why you don’t try to please SJWs, it is never enough. It will never be enough.


Now the human being is a pack animal and identity politics is not just unique to regressive progressivism. Humans have long used group selection narratives in order to strengthen social bonds, which obviously served us well in survival. Not all forms of group identification are bad or unhealthy. The incohesive group will be defeated by another that can work as a team.

But SJW identity politics is that it is inherently dyscivic. It sets up and amplifies divisions within a civillisation that are detrimental to it’s long-term survival. It is a parasitic form of group-selection that largely leeches from civillisation by setting up an aggrieved group with a chip off the shoulder demanding more from the rest while giving nothing in return. It encourages an aggrieved group to seperate their goals from the combined interests of the civillisation hosting it.

The question is do we want this here in Singapore?

Singapore has a couple of mainstream narratives running that help to define an identity for it in order for the various groups within it to function in a pro-social and harmonious manner. Our nation after all is a constructed one that rose from a unique set of circumstances that required a deliberate effort in nation building.

The mainstream Singaporean narrative asserts that the main races (seperate but equal), work together as Singaporeans first for the progress and benefit of all. Unlike the “melting pot” model of multiculturalism in the west, Singapore’s approach towards it has always been to carefully tread the lines between various groups while giving case-by-case concessions to keep everybody happy while working together towards one general vision, which generally involves peace and prosperity for all.

One could criticise all this as an artificial and constructed identity and they might have a point. But the nobody can deny that it works- the result are clear for all to see especially if you compare it to the muddled results of identity politics up north.

Despite being constructed, the mainstream Singapore model of identity politics worked because people were willing to overlook several inconvenient inconsistencies in the narratives for the big-picture view of peace and prosperity for all. The stakes were high after all as the survival of the island republic was at stake during the early decades of independence.Everybody was in the same boat together, even if we didn’t see eye-to-eye on everything.

At the end of the day, identity only matters because we identify by them. One could see the various narratives of group identity as collective hallucinations. Some collective hallucinations are more useful than others in helping us to survive. We knew that the collective hallucination of identifying as Singaporeans was more useful to our survival during the turbulent years of nation building instead of segregated collective hallucinations of race and religion creating groups constantly at odds. The pioneer generation acted accordingly and choose their brand of identity politics to go by, that of a collective, united Singapore and built up something quite unique in the world.

But things are different now that Singapore has achieved resource security. Group survival is less of an issue now and in such an easy environment, the rationale of needing to have a collective Singaporean identity is less pressing.

There is more advantage now in splitting, not uniting. Now that things are easy, the focus is not on bringing Singapore forward together as a nation but rather how various groups have been, justifiably or not, been perceived to be shortchanged by others.

It is in this environment where we start to see SJW identity politics start to rise. SJW identity politics is not rational, it has no desire to be. It relies on generating negative emotions, dividing people, putting them at odds, and creating a zero sum game where one must prevail over the other.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 5.37.54 pm


There are many ways to respond to this of course. One could attempt to dump all forms of identity politics but this is unlikely given that we are tribal animals.

What is more likely to happen is that the out-group, which is usually the majority considered the most privileged will silently tolerate the increasing attacks on them via SJW identity politics until they decide to play the same game and lash back, which is what we are seeing this with the rise of White Nationalism with the alt-right in America right now. As opposed to capitulating to the ever-increasing demonisation of Whites under identity politics, an increasing number of disgrunted white folks are deciding to play the same game instead, but on their terms.

The eventual endgame of SJW identity politics if allowed to run unchecked, is racial and religious conflict.

I’ve observed the steady drumbeat of race baiters in Singapore attempt to import the American culture wars here, slowly tearing at the weakening national narratives that had kept our nation united and moving forward till now. They think that their anger and disgruntlement is righteous, and are trying to make as many people in their demarcated in-group disgruntled and unhappy as possible. They look at the identity politics in America and wish it here, delusionally seeing themselves as central figures in a dawning social movement.

They do not know it, but they are playing with fire.




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