Male vs Female Excellence

duzx4vnNot what most feminists have in mind when charting out a path to female success.

“Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!”


The respect you earned by working for it is worth more than the respect you get by convention.

One of the things that progressives, feminists and those of the social justice persuation will invariably fail to realise in their quest to narrow the gap in outcomes between the genders is that a lot of the differences come about due to the fact that as a gender, men have to suffer and slog in order to earn their claims to excellence.

The feminist assumption is that men are privileged and treated differentially from cradle to grave, hogging the limelight while oppressing and preventing women from achieving the same levels of success and excellence. Look at the rhetoric behind the innumerable crusades behind the next inane example of gender inequality and you will see this at work.

Women are every bit as capable as men, and all differential outcomes are due to the differences in the way the genders are treated- that is to say men are treated better.

You better believe it or you are a misogynist.

The truth of the matter is, they are half-right. Men as a group do tend to show higher levels of dominance, performance and excellence in many fields than women, not to mention earning accolades for doing so, a fact that has always caused much hand-wringing to those who believe in fempowerment. This is indeed due to the fact that men are treated differently from women, but not because they are treated better but rather, because they are treated worse.

Men achieve more excellence than women as a group because they are treated worse.

It’s something you will never be able to get your average progfemliberal to admit, because to do so goes deeply against several decades of established feminist dogma. But contradicting dogma isn’t the only concern they have, the corollary of this truth suggests that in order to get women to perform better, we actually need to treat them as badly as men.

It’s something that is more than enough to make your average feminist flip out.

But it’s true. The rhetorical sleight of hand that progressives use in order to disguise this truth is to simply look at the differences in outcomes between the genders at attribute differences to the preferential treatment of the male side instead of truly examining why things are this way. They follow on by concluding that what is needed is preferential treatment for females in order to achieve the same outcomes, ignoring a good chunk of reality that of points out success isn’t an entitlement and most men have to suffer in order to achieve it.

Why are men stronger in general? Biology aside they don’t have the option of getting to rely on another gender to do the heavy lifting for them. Why do they earn more as a group? They don’t have the option that women have in eventually opting out of the workforce in marriage to a beta provider.

A woman’s value is intrinsic, and not tied to how well she performs. For all the talk of empowering women we still see this mentality very much in play. There is no need to prove female value, it is assumed.

On the other hand, a man is not considered one until he proves himself to be so under tangible metrics. A man who declares he is valuable as a man simply for existing is laughed at. In order to earn the respect of soceity he needs to make something for himself.

There is no safety net for a man. It is do or die. Suck it up and suffer. Bring home the bacon or be disqualified. It is in this environment where most men who are worthy of anything noteworthy have earned their respect.

In contrast, progressives ask us to assume that we already need to celebrate all women for successes that exceptions aside they have mostly not earned as a group. Any failure is not assumed to the result of personal flaws on the part of the woman but rather the machinations of external factors working to sabotage and oppress women.

The progressive method to female excellence is to roll out the red carpet with a wagonload of affirmative action and gender-equality quotas, thinking that this 5-star hotel treatment they erroneously attribute to the successes of men will turn women into the successful people.

The respect of women as a successful class in the fields traditionally earned through the toil and hard work of men must be assumed. The respect of women as successful in these fields is based on convention and dogma, not actual tangible work and results. The feminists are not interested in emulating the masculine journey towards success, they just want to cut to the chase and get the results, and failing that enforce the same measure of social evaluation through convention.

Understanding this dynamic will allow you to cut through a lot of the fempowerment dogma that you see around you today and allow you to see those who peddle it for who they really are. Know that true respect cannot be demanded by convention, but earned through real tangible achievements and deeds. This is even more so important as a man in a degenerate culture that is applying the feminine model of intrinsic value to everything.


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