SJW Infighting

Stuff like this warms my heart:

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 11.39.24 pm.png


Infighting is inevitable with your modern liberal regressives as individuals within the movement are always trying to mine social capital from their ideologies by coming up with ever more exclusive practices of it to differentiate themselves from the rest of the SJW pack.

This is why movements that are run largely by ideologues often devolve into infighting, mutual accusations of being traitors, and eventually witch hunts, purges of the SJW ranks and splintering.

SJW achievement is not measured in real work that has tangible outcomes in the real world, but rather how “pure” oneself can show themselves to be in their dedication to their social justice religion.

As such, it’s not surprise local Sangeetha Thanapal has now turned on AWARE, expect more infighting to come in the days ahead. For all their talk about solidarity, the SJW way of thinking excludes them from truly practicing it.

Know that your enemy is in discord and act accordingly.



  1. Movements without conflict are often falling prey to groupthink. Movements that can’t tolerate conflict fall prey to splintering and purging. Too bad so little of society teaches people how to handle conflict in a constructive, growth-promoting way.


    1. The reason as to why there is a lot of conflict with the social justice circle has little to do with an honest and objective clash of opinions within their circles.

      But once their mentality is understood, the reason for conflict isn’t very surprising.


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