Regressive Liberals, Rising in Singapore

I managed to accrue quite a number of liberal friends in my social circle during my days of studying a humanities major in university, which is not surprising given that this is the kind of stuff that left-leaning millennials tend to lean towards.

Not surprisingly, the humanities tend to be a place full of ivory tower intellectuals who think the masses (the rest of Singapore) are unenlightened knuckle-dragging conservatives who need to be dragged into the light of liberal enlightenment.

The Beta among the males taking these university courses was rather high, but these Betas are not your run-of-the-mill halpess Singaporean Beta, but rather the insufferable english-educated, social justice White Knight kind who make it a point to signal to the entire world how they are a new kind of enlightened liberal feminist man (that by collary, women should like).

It is no surprise that I started losing some of these friends as I fell towards Red Pill awareness and what they deemed the dark side. The usual pattern usually revolves around getting unfriended after not parroting or fact/logic checking a certain piece of liberal social justice dogma they were attempting to virtue-signal with on social media.

What I find interesting is that conservatives that I disagree with don’t do the whole unfriending gig even if our disagreements can be heated, this pattern of unfriending largely comes from the liberal quarter. Although that is not very surprising once you look into studies of how conservatives and liberals deal with disagreement. 

There is a lot of criticism of liberalism and leftist leaning ideologies in this blog, what one needs to be aware of is that I am not opposed to liberalism per say (as much as I think is is a naive ideology for dealing with the world), but rather the substitution of the modern, infantile form that has taken the place of what we know as classical liberalism.

The sleight-of-hand here is that modern liberals pretend that they are continuing the grand traditions of classical liberalism while substituting in their own version of it that actually contradicts many of the original tenets of liberalism. While these liberals may often appeal to the dictionary-definition of liberalism and claim that is what they are, their actions and ideologies show something entirely different and contradictory.

This is what we know today as the regressive left, the illiberal liberals, the social justice warriors, the third wave feminists.

How did things get this way? To understand how most modern liberals operate you need to realise that despite claiming to be on the idealogical bandwagon because of enlightened ideas and motives most modern pop-culture liberals have far baser reasons for self-identifying as one.

As noted in posts on r/K selection, an affluent soceity has less need for K-selected competitive behaviour and starts to shift towards r as the environment becomes more comfortable. Many memes in the memeplex of modern liberalism fit very well into the r-selected mindset, which is why you tend to see a lot of soft-minded, anticompetitive rabbit people who self-identify as liberals.

The r-selected environment of a comfortable civillisation also favours behaviours typically associated with modern liberalism. Conservatism and their associated mental states start to look more and more quaint and outmoded as the dominant societal narrative starts to shift towards the left. This, coupled with the fact that one stands to gain in social capital identifying with the liberal memeplex leads to all kinds of people jumping onto the bandwagon.

Including the kinds that you really shouldn’t be letting into any idealogical movement because they are in it for anything but staying true to the ideas. This swamping of r-selected immigrants in it for the benefits with vastly different motives and values into the idealogical pool of liberalism leads to a shift of liberalism away from it’s classical form and towards the form that is Liberal In Name Only.

The lack of any serious idealogical challenge to this mutating liberalism also means that it’s acolytes soon become ideologues. They stop seeing reality for what it is and adjusting their world view to fit the truth because there is no need to do so, they have the power to determine the narrative for everyone. There is no serious idealogical competition to the frame that makes them sit up and consider their ideas properly.

As the narrative grows dominant it also grows decadent. Classical liberalism has been substituted by a modern mishmash of infantile social theories and ideas by competing ideologies spending more time trying to come up on top of their social space instead of seeking the truth.

In Singapore we are seeing a gradual shift from K to r selection that has accelerated in the past few years. Unfortunately, we didn’t need to mutate classical liberalism into it’s regressive form because we can import it wholesale from the west, complete with all the terms and theories copypasted into Singapore wholesale.

Observe your typical arts-educated uni liberal here- you’ll see plenty of various regressive memes taken in wholesale and preached as gospel truth. You’ll see the same holier-than-thou attitude taking root. You’ll see the contempt they will have for anybody who don’t share their beliefs.

How far will they make it here? It’s anyone’s guess but Singapore has a very different cultural landscape with different memeplexes from the west. Regressive ideology is currently restricted to the english-educated vocal minority but hasn’t made much headway into the traditional ethnic cultures. We see some attempt to localise regressive theories such as transforming White Privilege to Chinese Privilege but more often than not these concepts mainly swirl around in the english-educated memespace.

But expect to see the ranks of regressives swell as such ideologies are fashionable and popular with the younger folk. It’s anybody’s guess if this will have wider implications for Singapore in the long run.

But if the societies west who have been afflicted with regressivism are any indication, Red Pill social insurgents here best do well to be ahead of the curve to fight the creeping influence of faux liberalism in Singapore.

Unlike larger nations which have social, economic and resource buffers to afford the damaging social experiments of faux liberalism, Singapore runs on the knife edge. The last thing we need are the rabbit people running the show with a never-ending legion of resource-sucking, no-ROI, trust-destroying, regressive ideas.




  1. Greetings,

    Fellow Singaporean male here. Just when I thought I hope was lost for us, I chanced upon your site.

    Thank you for fighting the good fight. I had begun to think that all redpill-related thoughts have been squashed out by *comment edited* to keep us people oppressed and divided, ensuring we can never rise up against *comment edited*.

    We are a lesson to what America would have become if Trump did not win. Local populace reduced to individualistics, everywhere I see people I don’t know from God knows where. They don’t love the country. Nobody loves each other.

    Thank you for keeping this site alive. You have a new reader.


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