The Rabbits Are In Disbelief


My social media feed is blowing up.

A lot can be said about Trump’s surprise (for the mainstream) upset win over Clinton but this didn’t come as something too far fetched for many Red Pills who have expected results more in the ballpark.

Personally I didn’t expect Trump to win, I believed that he would do better than the polls riding on a groundswell of increased Red Pill awareness in disenfranchised americans and other social insurgents and perhaps give a nail-biting black eye to Clinton at the ballot but still lose.

But apparently he went the full distance and delivered a humiliating knockout blow to Clinton, to add insult to injury he won convincingly by the Electoral College, something many of my liberal acquaintances were banking on to help Clinton win should Trump’s demagogic support win the popular vote. What they didn’t expect was Trump turning that system against Clinton by swinging battleground states leaving her with victories elsewhere that didn’t count for much. In a final cruel twist of fate, she won the popular vote by a slim margin.

That’s quite a lot for a nobody with no political experience going up against a seasoned politician with all the cards stacked in her favour.

I’m not American so I am not in the best position to say what happens next. Unsurprisingly a now-discredited media that was wrong about everything is going to claim that the end the world has come, but Red Pill folks know better. The progress of SJW regressivism will certainly take a spanner in the works, but these folks are persistent if anything.

Right now however, I am truly enjoying the hysterical reaction of my rabbit-friends who are in utter disbelief and shock over what is happening. This is typical of r-selected rabbit people, the rabbit reaction to a threat is often to deny it is happening instead of meeting it head on. They now realise the gravy train of r-selected socialism is going to run out, things might shift to a more K-selected environment and are panicking.

Things change really fas- just a day ago they were so sure victory was there for the taking, they didn’t realise that they hadn’t laid the groundwork for success at all, and now are paying the price. That’s what happens when you don’t have a reality-based view of the world.

Times of big change are up ahead, but for now let us Red Pill folks enjoy a short step in the victory of a social insurgency that has become a force to be reckoned with. As for my American friends, you guys made the choice, now live it.


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