She Does Not Get It

If you ever want to get a measure of how widespread the beta is in Singapore among college-aged men, NUS Whispers is a rather good place to start. There you will find numerous stories of utterly confused Beta guys struggling with the conflict between their Blue-Pill mindsets and the lack of desired results in the real world.

There are a fair bit of angsty relationship stories shared by women as well, and they provide a good insight into the female psyche. Reading these stories with Red Pill awareness is good practice in understanding both the Beta male and the typical Singaporean English-educated female.

Once in a while you get a whooper of a dysfunctional story from the far left of the Bell Curve in which a person demonstrates an utter lack of self-awareness. While these cringeworthy stories tend to be from your typical Beta male, the girls do get a couple of shots in as well, such as this story from colloquially named “80kg Girl”:

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 12.58.39 am.png


TL;DR: A girl tipping the scales at 80kg complains that no guy seems to be interested despite her having an “above average” face and wonders if it’s because she’s obese overweight. Rejects sensible advice requiring hard work to up her marketplace value and blames guys for not finding her attractive.

If you are not in demand despite how Beta, clueless and thirsty Singaporean guys can be you are doing it very wrong, especially so if there is an aspect that you can realistically change and improve about yourself.

80kg Girl attempts to rationalise away the debuffs of her obesity by assigning herself “above average” in the face department and calling herself “cute”, not realising that it will be opposite gender that will be the judge of that. All the self-declarations of beauty will not make the other party more interested, much less so the final sour-grapes declaration of how guys who aren’t interested are superficial.

This is a prime example of the feminine value model of intrinsic value gone amok, soceity will only politely nudge 80kg Girl into improving herself because it is politically incorrect to kick her onto an exercise bike. 80kg Girl continues utterly oblivious to her actual value proposition in the dating marketplace, demanding that the market accept and value her for who she is (feminine value model) instead of improving herself to gain better access (masculine value model).

The figurative slap in the face that fat guys get to improve themselves or accept their lot is generally lacking for fat girls, especially the english-educated feministas. These fat girls think that they are entitled to romantic success simply for existing and having a series of self-declared traits.



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