Breaking Beta: The First Incident


As you start shifting to a Red Pill way of thinking and breaking out of your Beta mindsets, an incident putting your Red Pill perspectives to test will inevitably come along.

By a test I do not mean fighting with SJWs as an internet tough guy in a war of words (as much as that will eventually be routine for you) as Betas can do that quite easily as well behind the relative anonymity of the internet. The true test is how well you maintain your frame in a situtation in which your past Beta would normally cave in and be exploited.

It can be anything- asserting yourself when people trying to put you into that Beta box, cultivating a ZFG response to things that your Beta self used to freak out over, or what have you not. But usually, the best classic test of Breaking Beta is how well you can up to an exploitative woman’s attempts to snare you, especially when she is pulling out every trick in the book she knows bout how to extract investment and resources from her stable of Betas.

This is a classic manosphere post on what happens when a man learns to grow a backbone and decides not to be exploited by manipulative women who have no real value proposition for him. The results can be quite interesting indeed.

Note how that incident serves as a catalyst for Mike’s commitment to the Red Pill path of breaking his Beta, and how the woman trying to use him desperately tries every trick in the book to bring him back to it. Take as many notes as you can, because eventually your Red Pill frame will be tested. Pass the test and break your beta.


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