This is an interesting video, I do not agree with everything it contains- mainly the parts asserting modern American conservatism has a focus on individual self-improvement (it hasn’t been for a while with the cuckservatives), but nevertheless it does contain several important truths that are perfectly in line with Red Pill neomasculine thinking.



Unlike SJW belief systems that claim utopia can be achieved the moment various extrinsic problems can be addressed, Red Pill neomasculine thinking asserts fundamental change for all things starts at the level of the individual.

You cannot defeat the forces of regressivism just by resisting them as you are- you first need to improve yourself as a man and embark of the masculine journey of improvement and discovery.

Unlike SJWs and their ilk who wallow in personal weakness and victimisation as part of their belief system, seeking to blame others and demand the world change to accomidate them, the neomasculine man refuses to be a victim and blame others for failings that are objectively his own. He realises that to address the external problems he needs to start with himself first.

This is why unlike feminism and other progressive ideologies have an external locus of control and focus mainly on attacking sexism, racism and whatever isms, neomasculinity focuses on improving the Red Pill man first, the problems are to be overcome by the man who is ready to take them on.

Have an individual locus of control, a masculine man has control of his direction and actions.


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