The Eternal Delusion of The Victimised Mind


The Red Pill with many unpleasant truths. The experience of dealing with hard truths for the first time in his life can be overwhelming  for the beta Blue Pill, especially if he has not only invested a lot into his Blue Pill paradigms are not only utterly invalid, but have also been cynically used against by others.

How one responds to all this matters, a common first reaction towards the harsh truth of the Red Pill is to delve into self-victimhood and never go beyond there. While these men have been exposed to the fundamental truths of the Red Pill, they don’t delve deeper into understanding it or seeking to find harmony and acceptance with what they can do with their knowledge.

Rather, they focus on how they have been taken on a ride by others more aware of Red Pill realities- it could be the system that he now realises is actually rigged against them, it could be the women who have been cynically manipulating them for resources while treating them with contempt. They focus only on how they have been victimised as a Beta Chump, with the Red Pill serving mainly as a detector for finding more ways by which they have been cheated.

Over time they become resentful, bitter, neurotic and jaded individuals. They start to see potential threats and possible victimisation in everything, even when it is not there or highly unlikely. Even innocent things that are not meant to be threats are taken as such.

This is where you find many of your bitter, defeatist, self-proclaimed  MGTOW. Those that have taken the Red Pill but never got beyond the stage of accepting the bitter truths. In many respects they are not very much different from your extreme Black Lives Matter activists who see every act as a possible racism, or neurotic feminists finding sexism and misogyny in everything.

Basically these people self-victimise, their lives are in an eternal nightmare because they insist on playing the role of the victim. Indeed they may often even enjoy it perversely because it gives them something to moan about in order to get their cathartic release. Playing the victim allows them to blame others for everything, ignore any hard work that might need to be done to improve their situation, and feel that everyone owes them a living.

Over time the self-victimised live in an eternal delusion, they expect the world to conform to their demands before they can be happy instead of realising that they should be the ones changing their perspective. They expect special treatment based on their victimhood. They create enemies of chosen groups of people which they feel victimised by, justifying all sorts of atrocities as legitimate “lashing out”. These people generally become insufferable because their entire identity has been consumed by them being a professional victim, and they often become time and resource drains while providing little in return.

While some groups can get away with such behaviour because they are considered “disadvantaged” by the progressive narrative, as a cissexual hetrosexual majority man you will most likely be ignored and ridiculed should you try to be a professional victim. This is why the bitter MRA and MGTOW are generally ignored and left to sulk in the corner.

You aren’t a woman. You don’t have a pussy pass. The world isn’t going to care if you declare yourself a victim, especially if you are declaring it based on unpleseant Red Pill truths that the rest of the Blue Pills and their masters have a vested interest in suppressing.

It is not enough to just know the Red Pill without a neomasculine framework to digest and understand it by. You need a working philosophy to know what to do with the truth.

Don’t be a professional delusional victim, it only makes you weaker. Know that the only way you are going to be a better man is if you accept the harsh realities of the Red Pill, square your shoulders for the task ahead, and set yourself on your masculine journey of self-improvement. This is the only way you are going to live a life that is worth living.


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