The Aging Party Girl


One of the first Red Pill truths you learn when you unplug are the real, previously hidden gender dynamics of the dating marketplace that you are blissfully unaware of while you were a Beta Chump.

Among one of these will be understanding of the fact that while a woman starts with massive choosing power in the dating marketplace, that value fades rapidly as her ability to attract a high status mate is degraded by the inexorable passage of time.

While men have it rough at first, should they play their cards right and spend those difficult years building themselves up their masculine journey of self-development they stand to gain massively in choosing power as they age.

Hence the saying “Women age like sports cars, men age like fine wine”.

Openly articulating these realities to friends and family is a massive temptation when you are a fresh Red Pill, but it would beehove you play it cool and keep your cards closer to your chest. While there is still a fair bit of Red Pill awarness in traditional Singaporean asian culture where these truths and recoginsed can be articulated without causing excessive butthurt, your nonimally feminist english-educated latte liberal circle are trapped in gynocentric paradigm that seeks to maximise female choosing power and will find such truths extremely offensive.

The articulation of such truths is not just offensive to your english-educated latte liberal circle, it is also viscerally frightening because on a deep level they know that it’s true and the spread and acceptance of such knowledge among the thirsty Beta chumps the latte liberal circle relies on for ground troops will dry up when they start unplugging en-masse and seeking a better deal for themselves.

At the end of the day maximising the feminine imperative through feminist gurl-power is an illusion that requires to compliance of men to play along with it’s memes in order to succeed, which is why feminism tries extremely hard to hide the true realities of the dating marketplace from blue pill men, convincing them that female value in the dating marketplace is constant, always high, with no need for a woman to ever provide any sort of a value proposition.

Observe your liberal female friends in your circle and you will start seeing this dynamic at play- that of attempting to convince the world that their value as a romantic prospect gets higher as they age, even if they are the sort that exhibit very few characteristics men would look for as wife material, the result of spending their late teens and 20s living the empowered party-girl lifestyle and treating any sort of notion that they need to develop a true value proposition for men beyond their looks with contempt.

The aging party girl has had her fun, but now she is starting to realise that they party won’t last forever and she still hasn’t locked down a man that she feels is worthy of her (notice she will never ask if she is worthy of a man). The one-night stands are starting to dry up and she’s noticing that attractive badboys she had relied on for flings are starting to hit on younger, hotter girls. Even the orbiting beta chumps she used to rely on are starting to orbit them. The party is stopping, the people that provided her validation are going to other girls.

Girls that she used to be.

There are several paths that the aging party girl will take at this point, and knowing the signs and understanding the psychology of these behaviours are extremely important for a Red Pill man.

Some of them attempt to fight the clock, they layer on the makeup and post carefully cultivated images of themselves on social media, presenting a carefully cultivated facade to the rest of the world to show that they “still have it”. The aging party girl doing this usually still has some marketplace value left and is attempting to milk the most out of what she still has before it is all gone. These are the attempted statues, the ones who have no idea what to do outside of their looks and are doing their darnedest to fight the effects of entropy. A red pill man will quickly see past this facade and recognise that many of these women don’t really have much of a value proposition in an LTR beyond knowing how to put on makeup, because they had spent most of their years of prime attractiveness relying on looks instead of working on other more valuable, feminine traits.

Others go through what is known as the “epiphany phase”, where they declare that they have gotten all the partying and one-night stands with bad boys “out of their system” and are now ready to settle down in an LTR. This turn over a new leaf is often more inspired by the impending fear of the next few decades as a lonely spinster with no male investment (after enjoying years of the gravy train from badboys and beta chumps) than it is by a true desire to be a monogamous, feminine woman. She might ensnare a beta willing to enwife used goods but is unlikely to truly respect him as a masculine man, with the marriage being highly likely to end in disaster for him. Red pill men will quickly see through the declarations of the aging party girl turning over a new leaf.

The third path, and one that is increasingly popular, is to double down and go full feminist and cats. If commitment and investment cannot be extracted from men individually because she now lacks a value proposition, the aging party girl has one last refuge in the gynocentric systems of feminism. This is an attempt to change the rules of the game, to rewrite things to be more in her favour. She will, via feminism try to redefine things to say that spinsters with no wife skills are attractive? Aged, overbearing, overeducated fluff-degree holding, promiscuous women are who men should marry instead of faithful, feminine women maternal instincts. If all else fails the aged party girl can use feminism to force soceity to subside her spinsterhood via welfare and demands for everyone to regard her cats as important to civilisational continuity as children.

Look at the liberal aging party girls in your social circle nowadays, how many of these behaviours do you see? Know the tells and see the signs, you can tell a lot about them.

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