So It Begins

There are people actively trying to import the American culture wars into Singapore, and 2016 will be known as the year where things start to get hot.

The various memeplexes of the social justice movement have been gradually extending their tentacles across the internet and slowly infecting other cultures with access to Western popular culture. While the spread is somewhat slow in Asia due to language and cultural barriers, Singapore contains a seizable english-educated graduate population of millennials that are especially vulnerable to the SJW rot.

And we can see the rot has taken hold and is starting to spread.

I have been watching this situation for a while, and the number of local social justice incidents are certainly seeing an uptrend this year. Beyond the mainstream antics of AWARE, Sangeetha (who has now relocated to annoy the Australians) and some local academics, SJW incidents have started to appear from the grassroots with an emergence of common latte liberals self-identifying with the SJW cause.

Unlike SJWs, feminists and the ilk who are pathologically bound towards having a distorted view of reality, we do not have the luxury of self-delusion as unplugged Red Pills. The SJW infiltration is starting to go hot and they are looking to start a cultural war, you have to be ready to take them on.

My prediction is that SJWism will becoming increasingly popular in in the future, riding on the glut of disillusioned millennials looking for the next big cause to jump on following the collapse of the political opposition in the 2015 GE. The new era of freedom and opposition resurgence predicted following the death of LKY never materialised, and the new heros and icons leftist millennials need to look for will no longer be in political opposition but rather local social justice ideologues.

So mark Talon’s words- if you are a majority male in Singapore, you will be a target. If you are a masculine man, you will be a target. If you show any sign of being anything but in line with their dogma, you will be a target.

Now all this may seem alarmist but Singapore contains several key advantages over America in how it can resist the influx of SJWs in the culture wars. There is still a silent majority that will not drink the SJW kool-aid. The SJW narrative at present is still restricted to the english educated latte liberals who haven’t found a way to translate it to the various ethnic demographics. Locals in general are still practical and K-selected, realising that unpleasant realities need to be addressed to keep Singapore going. These render the idealogical and social landscape of Singapore more defensible to the SJW rot.

But that may change. As I have noted, Singapore is slowly shifting to r-selected mindsets over time due to affluence. With anticompetitive r-selection comes more acceptance of SJWism.

As a masculine Singaporean man your job is to start fortifying your social circles against the SJW rot. Subtly influence your trusted friends and let them know that there is an Red Pill insurgency that is willing and ready to resist the SJW culture wars. Know who are your enemies and start being aware.

Start building and preparing your tribe.

Because tumultuous times are up ahead.



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