Sunk Costs


“If all else fails, retreat”
Stratagem 36

Life will be full of ups and downs for a man, especially so if you have taken the Red Pill and have set yourself on the masculine journey of self-discovery and improvement. The masculine journey puts you on a path to face many challenges head on and more often than not you will fail before you find success. Becoming a better man is often a case of two steps forward, one step back.

But as long as you are moving forward, you are making progress.

An inability to deal with failure properly is a failing that has ruined many a man, this is especially so for Blue Pill betas who have invested countless years into their Blue Pill paradigms only to find that it is not working. Instead of realising that all these are sunk costs that cannot be recovered they waste time and energy trying to make it work, doubling down on their Blue Pill paradigms in a desperate attempt make a bad investment turn out for something. All these are sunk costs, they can’t be recovered.

An inability to deal with sunk costs is why some men choose to remain weak, effeminate “nice” guys despite that demonstrably failing as a means to acquire the romantic success they so desire. The notion that all that investment into that persona is a bad one that isn’t worth much is too painful to consider. This is why some even double down and become full blown manginas shrilling for the feminist cause against their own interests, in a delusional  attempt to think that turning up the weak man supplication actually raises their nonexistent standing with women.

An inability to deal with sunk costs is why some men afflicted with “oneitis” become obsessed with a single woman and lose themselves in the process, they refuse to believe that all that investment (usually doing all the wrong things) isn’t going to pay out and dogmatically pursue a bad stock in a delusional belief that things might suddenly turn around.

An inability to deal with sunk costs render many men unable to put their baggage of their past behind and work towards truly realising themselves. Letting go of your sunk cost Beta Chump baggage is one of the first steps towards your Red Pill emancipation.

While Red Pills on the masculine journey are less prone to such Blue Pill fallacies, an inability to let go of sunk costs is a common mistake that they often make. Learning to be more assertive to climb up the social hierarchy often means one puts themselves in situations that involve challenge and conflict, and very often that also means one will end up in a situation that is beyond their current abilities.

Learn to let go. Analyse the situation objectively and realise what can, or cannot be done. Do not let yourself be ruled by your pride.

Know when to recognise when things are sunk costs and don’t get sucked into trying to recover them. That fustratingly Blue Pill mangina friend of yours is too far gone to be unplugged? He is just a time and resource sink that will drain you of productive opportunities unplugging more receptive men. He is a sunk cost.

That relationship going nowhere with a woman not aligned with you masculine mission that is obviously not wife material? She is a sunk cost that you are better off the sooner you shed. That time and energy is better spent on women who are worthy of you.

Vet your friends, associates, businesses and activities carefully, weed out all the sunk costs that you are futilely chasing. You will fail, learn from it, get better. Don’t be like your old Beta Blue Pill self that keeps pouring energy into something that will never bear fruit.

Know that sometimes it is better to let go, to retreat and regroup. Being a successful masculine man is more than just being bullheaded and persistent, it also comes with a fine appreciation of how to best play your cards and spend the limited time and resources that you have. Your journey should be about becoming stronger and better, not banging your head on the wall.

Leave the sunk costs behind, and embrace true opportunity.



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