Though most may not have noticed it, the popular concept of “respect” has shifted in recent times, with this change accelerating as first-world civillisation shifts from K to r selection, and from a masculine value model to a feminine one.

In the past, when resources were scarce and security uncertain, respect was afforded on the basis of an individual’s contributions and achievements to civillisation. A person’s value, and hence the respect afforded to them was based upon merit. This rendered respect a valuable commodity as it was a reward for, and an indicator of a person’s value to the tribe.

People acting in pro-social ways were given this respect as a recognition of their contributions. This was why respect was given to men being great providers and acting with courage and valour to protect family and community while the leech and coward were not given any. This was why a feminine, faithful woman good at raising her children was respected more than the promiscuous shrew with no maternal instincts.

The concept of respect in a K-selected environment such as a developing civillisation on the rise is one that is based upon a masculine model of value. Respect has to be earned, and it is based on the value and virtue that you have. This is the basis of the honour code in many traditional cultures, and why respect or the lack of it is treated so seriously.

This concept of respect has shifted dramatically in recent decades, to a concept of it that is quite different from it’s historical model. Respect, and all it’s associated perks is now dished on on the basis of inherent value. Everybody and everything has to be afforded respect, regardless of the actual merits that these individuals and behaviours give to everyone else.

This is not surprising when you realise that a civillisation that has achieved a comfortable first-world standard of living tends to shift towards anticompetitive r-selection and a more feminine value model of things. After all when the bounty is plenty it makes less sense to be a competitive K-selected individual wasting energy in competition and instead engineering more socialist models of things so that resources can be diverted to all without the need for competition. Among one of these social resources coveted by the r-selected rabbit people is the respect originally won by the endeavors of competitive K-selected people.

With a redefinition of respect to be dished out based on identity, and hence inherent value, everybody can have access to the social perks afforded by respect without the corresponding difficult and dirty work that was needed in the bad old days of competitive living.

Everyone is equally deserving of respect, regardless of their choices or what they have achieved. The single mom who has made poor choices and who will now burden soceity by demanding the state be the baby daddy of her likely-to-be dysfunctional kids is as deserving of respect as a traditional woman who had raised functional children with a father. The fatsporation woman swelling up to the behemoth proportions of morbid obesity on a fat-acceptance crusade demands that you respect her as much as another who is not on a path to be a massive future drain on limited medical resources.

This is why anticompetitive people such as Social Justice Warriors and Feminists are big on demanding respect, without ever seeing the need to demonstrate virtue worthy of it. If respect was ever dished out on the old model of someone needing to earn it these r-selected ideologies would never see the light of day.

The honour code of societies in which respect actually meant something would seem very strange to people coming from an r-selected comfortable civillisation where it has been socialised, dished out by demand as a stamp of validation to everyone, every group and every behaviour.

A soceity that socialises respect makes it cheap.

What the rabbit people do not realise is that something once valuable made cheap will not maintain the same value that it once did. Respect nowadays is theatre, a vague code of platitudes and politically correct courteous behaviour. It now lacks the power to inspire people to act in pro-social ways and aspire to greater things. A civillisation that socialises respect cheapens it and shifts into decline, it gives out incentives to everyone and everything, and loses

As a masculine man, you need to realise that respect is not given, it is earned. See the underlying dynamic of much of the modern demands made for respect and call them out for what they are- anticompetitive attempts to be given the perks of virtue and value without having earned them with real work.


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