Manosphere Self-Improvement vs Feminist Self-Delusion


Know the difference.

There is a rather pervasive brand of thinking nowadays that leads to a lifestyle rot that any self-respecting Red Pill man should avoid, and that is the feel-good-I-am-special-and-awesome self-delusion that we see spreading like rabbits across the memespace of the interwebz.

It is no surprise that we see this kind of thinking pop up the most with the special snowflake circles consisting of tumblrinas, nu-males, SJWs and third-wave feminists, because these ideas are predicated on an assumption of self-exceptionality.

This is why the modern feminist would argue that an obese woman ought to be considered as equally attractive as a fit one, or that loud obnoxious “self-confident” female behaviour should be as valued as much as traditionally feminine ones when it comes to what men ought to find attractive.

On the side of “men” who buy into this kind of thinking we see a lot of retroactive justification of why being a beta simp is the way to do. The simpering weakness of the modern mangina is justified as the way to go, he just needs to be himself and not buy into all that toxic traditional masculinity. He is the nu-male, the sensitive nice guy who is the enlightened New Good Man who will bring a revolution in what is considered traditionally masculine.

In the nu-male narrative, Women will see the goodness of the nu-male and fall in love with them for being “themselves”, for being the supportive new-age male feminist.

Weakness is strength. Ugly is the new pretty. Rude is the new civility. Self-delusion is the new reality.

We all know how things eventually turn out: the woman who fails to take care of her looks and wastes the best years of her life in hard partying will not be attractive to men no matter how hard she tries to turn up the feminism in an attempt to demand that men find her worth of investment. The woman who eats herself into obesity and puts on the “fierce fatty” act will never be as attractive as a slimmer woman who knows how to act feminine, no matter how many time the plus-sized lady proclaims she’s a “goddess”.

The nu-men who insist that their brand of weak safe Nice Guy will be the new thing that turn women one will always be sorely disappointed when they try to compete against traditionally masculine Alphas, never being able to genuinely attract a woman despite all the platitudes tossed their way about how they will make some girl very happy one day (but not the one they are chasing).

Self-delusion will always lose out to the cold, crushing weight of reality at the end of the day. Nature does not care about what we think is fair or right, and it will punch you in the face if you try to live your life under self-delusions of grandeur.

When you first take the Red Pill and enter the manosphere, you will realise that there is no place in your worldview for self-delusion. You look at yourself objectively and realise where you are weak, coming to terms with your weaknesses.

You don’t get to call yourself awesome until you have earned the right to do so. There is none of this special snowflake shitheaded “I-am-special-awesome-just-for-breathing” nonsense. Realise you are weak. Objectively look at what you can improve. Get down to doing the hard work to make yourself better.

You are not special, you are not awesome. What you are is a weak Beta that has just realised what he is, and he ought to be disgusted at his own weaknesses, attempting to parlay them for pity and acceptance, and all the excuses he has been making to avoid becoming a stronger man.

The Red Pill doesn’t tell you to be “self-confident” and end it as that, it tells you to earn the right to be. This is the masculine value model of things. Value has to be proven, value has to be earned. You need to become the best man that you can be.

No excuses, the genuine self-improvement of the manosphere will always win out over the self-delusion of special snowflake SJW feminist living as a life strategy for men as it is one that is based on seeing things as they are and doing what it takes to achieve desired outcomes.

This is the manosphere, lift, read good books, and constantly improve yourself.



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