Getting It


There is a growing community of Red Pill men in Singapore, each day more local Beta men come to a realisation that the official script isn’t working for them and start looking around for something that could explain their cognitive dissonance between what they have been taught to believe and the way things actually are. These men start wandering, walking away from the neat little box that everyone has been trying to put them into in order to see if there is anything else out there.

Eventually they come across the trails in the wilderness forged by other men that have gone on the same path before, internet blogs, message boards, enlightening conversations with more experienced men on the nature of things. One idea sparks something in their head and they chase it, finding out more truths on the nature of things. Ideas build upon ideas until they read a point where they realise the way they see the world has fundamentally changed. There is no going back.

They are now Red Pill men.

The thing about this process is that it cannot be rushed or forced. The average Beta has a lot of ego-investment in sticking to the paradigms and ideas that he has been brought up since young to believe. The process of needing to come to terms with reality is a difficult one, and any attempt by others to speed it up will often meet with denial and resistance.

This is why the Beta cuck is often the last person to believe that his perfect girl has been cheating on him, or still insists on playing his Beta relationship cards with women even after the ugly experience with his Dream Girl should have made him wiser. He has spent his entire life believing that the Beta Nice Guy way was the way to go, and if things failed it meant that he just wasn’t pushing that script hard enough.

There is also a measure of escapism from harsh realities, the Red Pill does not dress up ugly realities to make you feel better. It isn’t fat acceptance or any sort of those feel-good, I-am-beautiful ideologies that are reality-denying in their never-ending quest to prevent any feelbad.

The Red Pill understands that male value needs to be proven, not self-declared. The masculine value model holds for men no matter how much modern feminine platitudes attempt to convince the Beta that he’s special and all he needs to be himself.

The Beta looks at Red Pill truths and sees a harsh journey ahead- he has to own his weakness, he has to admit his faults, he has to start working out, start reading, stop loving women idealistically and loving them for who they really are, stop all the bad Beta habits that makes him weaker.

Many Betas can’t get past those truths, they prefer the game they had been playing all along- one of attempting to change the rules of the social game so that their own setup of pseudo-masculinity becomes the new golden standard. The weak, sensitive, nice man who serve women shall inherit the earth, not the Alpha jerkboys that just break their hearts. That’s how reality should work.

The realisation that this will never happen is too harsh for them, so they double down on the Beta telling themselves that if they try hard enough, it will work.

Which is why you can’t force them to become Red Pills, it is something they need to see for themselves, something that they need to finally get.

What you can do is to guide them along and gently point out Red Pill truths for them to feed on. Do not argue, do not debate. Just show.

Unplugging men from their Beta mindsets is dirty work, it is as Vox Day describes, like Triage in war. You expend resources on the men who are the most hopeful and make the rest who are too hopelessly deep into their Beta mindset comfortable. Save the ones you can save and build your tribe.

Perhaps there might be some hope for those Betas when the Manosphere becomes a force to be reckoned with in Singapore, after all nobody ever expected that a bunch of horny nerds looking to apply social science to improve their chances of getting laid would spawn an entire underground movement of men seeking to rediscover masculinity that eventually led to the Manosphere.

Red Pill knowledge has come a long way, unlike modern feminism that attempts to shove it’s dogma down everyone’s throats and enforce artificial conformity to it’s ideas, the Red Pill is only for people who have come to their point of breaking, looked at everything, made their choice to commit and decided to drink from it’s cup. They are for men who truly “get it”.

This is why the average Red Pill men are inherently stronger, more motivated and more committed than their SJW/feminists counterparts. There are no social rewards to be gotten from becoming one, there is no pat on the back and constant assurances that you are beautiful and awesome just for existing.

Your reward in a Red Pill is the truth, and a shot at true greatness by proving yourself on the Masculine journey of testing.

This is only for the men who get it.


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