Privilege Walk: Singapore Edition


The SJW rot is starting here.

TL;DR: In a direct-rip off of the Privilege Walk done in Murica, Unsaid, a local “student-led socially minded art’s collective, decided to run their own version of it here, getting participants to walk forward or backward based on a series of questions to uncover their privilege or oppreshunz. Upper middle class undergrad Indian girl who somehow can afford to study literature discovers she is the most oppressed. Sangeetha would be proud.

It is interesting that the whole thing is pitched as a “social experiment”, when in reality social justice stunts like Privilege Walk are largely carefully-constructed demonstrations to push the SJW narrative. Instead of really examining the issue of privilege, Unsaid’s “experiment” reduces people’s circumstances to a series of simple binary categories with cherry-picked questions that rely more on personal subjective measurements to determine the oppreshunz.

A good deal of the questions don’t even make sense, here are some for starters:

1. If your parents ever had to work more than one job to support your family, take one step back

Being hardworking and number of jobs seen as “un-privilege”, the more means the worse off you are.

If you had two set of parents who are otherwise the same, with one set hardworking but working one job while another generally lazy and working multiple odd jobs while generally living on welfare, the hardworking set of parents who are doing one job are viewed as the “privileged”.

2. If you ever felt socially obliged by your friends to eat at a place out of your budget, take a step back

“Budget” is highly subjective. Cheapo SJWs everywhere will rejoice at this because this means they have oppreshun points.

5. If you felt that your family would support you no matter what, take one step forward.

Strong, supportive families is a privilege that you should feel guilty about
9. If people have blamed your mistakes on your gender/ethnicity, take one step backwards.

Does this hold if you are a Chinese Male?

Probably not what Unsaid was going for. Also people who are more sensitive to accusations of gender and ethnicity will be doing backflips even if said incidents are not even directed at their race or gender (you know those types).

14, If you are reasonably sure you would be hired for a job based on your ability and qualifications, take one step forward.

Dependent on subjective reality, basically if you have a persecution complex or have a bad judge of your own abilities, then you are always “un-privileged”.

15. If you feel comfortable being emotionally expressive/open, take one step forward.

Extroversion is now privilege, no wonder people find some introvert activists insufferable. Full disclosure: I am an introvert.

16. If you have ever been the only person of your race/gender/sexual orientation in a classroom or workplace setting, please take one step back.

That’s a nice sleight of hand here, equating being a minority anywhere to automatic un-privilege. I guess KKK and Trump supporters are “un-privileged” then.

17. If you had a job during your secondary and/or ITE/Polytechnic/Junior College years, take one step back.

Parents who want their children to be fiscally responsible by learning to earn their own instead of giving them money to buy anything they want are oppressing them.

20. If you have ever felt like there was NOT adequate or accurate representation of your racial group, sexual orientation group, gender group, in the media, take one step back.

Highly subjective, anybody with a persecution mindset will always be doing backflips in this. Cue Sangeetha, although with her BMI it would be more of backrolls.

27. If you were uncomfortable about a joke/statement you overheard related to your race, gender, appearance, or sexual orientation but felt unsafe to confront the situation, take one step back.

This whole gig really appeals to the folk who have a persecution mentality, regardless of actual threat.
32. If you have been told that the way you dress is attracting unwanted judgement, take one step back.

Wearing a bikini to a job-interview and getting judged for it means you are “un-privileged”.

35. If you had multiple tuitions at the same time in school, take one step forward.

Being kiasu parents who want the best for their kids is a privilege, wonder how this gels with point 1 about hardworking parents wanting the best by working hard being an “un-privilege”

If we have two similar set of parents with the same amount of earnings, and one who is willing to spend it all on their kid in tuition while the other spends it on generally useless things, the parents are unfairly “privileging”


These are some of the best picks, and many of the other questions have issues with their logic as well. But what do you really expect from SJW Social Science? The term itself is an oxymoron.

One can see Unsaid didn’t really put much scientific rigour into their “experiment”, choosing a set of questions with predetermined privilege value that have already predetermined a particular demographic as “privileged” from the start.

This isn’t really an examination of “privilege”, this is basically an SJW filter to determine who is the new class enemy that needs to be the scapegoat for the cause.

While it’s hard to tell if Unsaid is going the way of hostile murican SJW organisations, a casual read of their webpage sets off a lot of red flags. All the boilerplate, buzzwords and memes that you would expect to see in an SJW organisation are well and present.

Of note is the repeated meme of how they want to “start conversations”, which is really just SJWspeak for a one-way monologue of SJW gospel to the ignorant plebs. My take is they haven’t gone full bonkers yet because unlike SJWs in Murica, they don’t yet have their foot in the door in societal influence and a grip on institutions of power, which is why they are still playing nice.

But make no mistake, this is a rot, and will spread as the amount of anticompetitive rabbit people in Singapore grows.

These are going to be interesting times, fellow social insurgents.



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