The End of Feminism


The advocates of modern feminism often take a religious tenor in assuming the inevitability of eventual feminist triumph under the inexorable tide of “progress”. The faith in eventual victory is what drives much of the “don’t be on the wrong side of history” rhetoric that we see coming from social justice/feminist circles.

An initial assessment of the situation will quickly reveal why the SJWs/feminists feel this way, over the past decades since the end of WW2, various strains of progressive ideology have scored resounding victories in advancing their cause in the Western sphere, pushing forward rolling reforms that have fundamentally changed the way Western civillisation operates. In particular, feminist influence in most spheres of Western life cannot be made less apparent, and there seems to be no stopping the tide of progress.

As Justin Trudeau would say, “Because it’s 2015” in response to questions about his carefully constructed diverse cabinet ticking off all the diversity and inclusivity checkboxes. Progress is here, and it’s the progressive way or the highway.

While modern third-wave feminists may make a lot of noise about how women are still massively disadvantaged in the first-world with various issues such as manspreading, sexist air-conditioning, catcalling, fat-shaming and what have you not that annoyes the modern feminist, this is largely posturing in order to find a reason to keep feminism relevant after it had achieved most of it’s first and second wave goals. The inane nature of modern ever-more-easily triggered feminism is a good indicator of how far feminists have achieved any goals worth achieving.

Modern women in first-world countries now have far more choice and rights than their traditional counterparts will ever have. They can choose to do virtually anything they want and have the hand of feminism to swoop in and save the day if things go bad. Feminists have managed to arm-twist daddy government into providing all kinds of concessions to keep the feminine ideal of optimised hypergamy open to women, regardless of what choices they make with their lives.

So your average fembot does have a lot to celebrate really, despite all the wolf-crying about how women in the first-world are having it worse than ever one can’t help but suspect that even they know on some level that it’s really just required theatre to keep the whole gig running after it has achieved the real goals.

The ascendency of feminism is inevitable, and soon women all around will be able to reap it’s benefits. Thanks to feminism a woman will be able to make any choices and be “empowered”.

She can slut it up when she’s young in an attempt to shack it up with exciting Alpha lovers while relying on the Beta bucks to fund her cock-hopping journey, feminism is there to defend her from any social censure of her behaviour as “policing”. She can delay child-bearing in pursuit of a Sex and the City lifestyle disregarding the fact that biology rapidly strips her attractiveness with time, feminism is there to demand that men find her attractive. She can make terrible choices with her health and swell up to gargantuan proportions, feminism will demand that men call her beautiful and the state fund the programs that are needed to keep her alive. She can nuke her family for whatever reason, feminism will make sure the Child Support system keeps the bucks flowing from men.

Feminism’s progress in unlocking an ever-increasing set of freedoms for women is unstoppable. Women are liberated, they will be able to do whatever they want.

Utopia is here.

Except it’s not.

The progressive myth of inevitable triumph relies on a linear extrapolation of “progress” towards their goals. The notion that things can degenerate and regress away due to poor ideas that is an idea that is virtually invisible to them. This is why they are extremely careless and ham-fisted in their attempts to socially-engineer a more “progressive” soceity and wilfully unaware of the dangers.

From a civilisational point of view, Feminism is massively inefficient as it works against fundamental realities. Feminism didn’t knock down the floodgates of some artificial barrier between men and women to achieve equality and freedom by returning things to a natural level, it is a massive pumping operation that attempts to create an artificial state of parity by setting up ever more complex social engineering projects in order to achieve it’s goals.

This is why third-wave feminism is obsessed with picking every nook and cranny of soceity for “sexism”, “privilege” and “oppression”, they need to set up an ever more complex and byzantine set of rules in order to keep the pumping operation going.

Because the system is starting to creak under the strain.

Feminism wanted maximal female freedom in the sexual and marriage revolution and they got it. They wanted in on the workplace and concessions to boost their numbers artificially beyond what they would have traditionally been able to achieve and they got it. They wanted to have the freedom to do whatever they want with their lives with no regard to the effects on soceity and they got it.

The end result? “Empowered” women who self-select into genetic oblivion, taking the birth rate of their cultures down with them. An explosion of divorces, single mothers and dysfunctional children that weight down ever heavier in their demands for help from the system. A whole generation of special snowflake women who demand ever more from the state (it is their entitlement) without ever intending to give anything in return. A whole generation of men who increasingly see any commitment in women as a rigged game and choosing not to be suckers, robbing their civillisation of the vitality of the investment.

The thing is, feminism forgets that it does not exist in a vacuum. First-world feminism is only possible because traditional patriarchy built the comfortable and safe civillisation that made it possible for it to even be considered a serious idea.

And this civillisation by and large, is still maintained by men.

The feminist goes about her everyday business completely oblivious to these realities, she thinks she’s independent but in reality virtually everything that sustains her comfortable feminist life comes from men. The water that she takes for granted when she turns on the tap, the power that keeps her lights and central heating on in winter, the food she eats grown on farms and transported by truckers, the safety and security provided to her by soldiers, policemen and firemen that keep the big, bad world at bay.

The feminist is oblivious, she believes in the myth of her own empowerment when all things considered, she is even more dependent on men in her modern, comfortable living than a poor oppressed tribal woman in Africa.

And feminism has been slowly sawing away at the branch it has been sitting on, chipping away slowly but surely at the bedrock of the civillisation that sustains it. Try telling a feminist that low birth rates coming from modern “empowered” women are a crisis for soceity and see how she reacts. More likely than not you will see an immediate denial and furious rejection of the notion that women have any sort of an obligation or duty to their soceity and civillisation.

Feminists don’t care about civillisation, because they don’t understand how it is sustained in general. They were just dropped into this comfortable state of affairs and assume that it will last forever. All they need to do is to exploit this to their maximal advantage, even if it’s effects are detrimental to the civillisation that sustains them in the long run.

And inevitably the system will collapse, be it from internal pressure or from without. A civillisation cannot remain viable for long by running extremely inefficient social-engineering systems that require ever increasing levels of dysfunctional complexity taking out more than they put it such as feminism.

And that is how feminism will end, not by achieving it’s nebulous goals and achieving feminist utopia but by becoming such a big societal parasite that it brings down the system it is leeching on and itself with it.

It has happened before in history, with the rise and fall of the rights of Spartan women being a good example of this.

But for now the feminists will believe in the myth of inexorable progress, and they will march on in lockstep dragging civillisation down with them.





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