Breaking Beta: The Snap

This is an interesting video, observe the man’s behaviours as he attempts to placate his “girlfriend” while she publicly humiliates him for various inane infractions that generally revolve around not being a good enough Beta and pushes him to a point when he finally snaps and decides that he will not be having any more of it.

He gives back some that he has been receiving and storms off to the approval of other men witnessing the scene. She had pushed the Beta too far and he stopped being one.

It’s hard to tell if this will be a life-changing experience for him or if he’ll slide back into his Beta frame with women when he had calmed down, but for a brief moment he was more alive than most simpering Betas caught under the foot of their women would ever be.

An Alpha male will not take any disrespect and will quickly cut anybody who does not accord him the appropriate civilities out of his life. If you know your worth, any woman who behaves the way the belligerent girlfriend did in the video should be automatically disqualified from your investment.

The first part of being Alpha is having boundaries and making sure they are not crossed.



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