Dysfunctional MGTOW


Red Pill, but Beta not broken.

Responses to the Red Pill fall over a wide gamut, ideally realisation of the harsh realities of the world should be one of the first steps in setting a man towards the path of greatness in the Masculine journey.

But many men do not make that transition, with the realisation of Red Pill truths shattering their Beta Blue Pill paradigms being too much to take, choosing instead to sink into the depths of despair, bitterness, and resignation.

These men withdraw from soceity, they become dysfunctional MGTOW.

The Manosphere is a large space, with Red Pill men of many different opinions coming from many different backgrounds. Of these MGTOW make up a growing, and significant number. This number will only be expected to increase with the encroachment of misandric progressivism driving men to Red Pill truths spreading across the internet in response.

While I am not an MGTOW I do have several friends who are, and I respect their choice to do so. Almost any option in alternative to the Blue Pill script that soceity attempts to sell men would be better for their personal interests and MGTOW is one of the valid responses. I know many MGTOW who are constantly dedicated towards improving themselves and becoming the best that they can be, as well as directing their focus towards creating something and leaving a personal legacy instead of spending that attention on women.

But at the same time I also see many self-defeatist, bitter, resigned MGTOW who choose to be so as more of a personal emotional reaction to how they have felt betrayed by the Blue Pill. These MGTOW focus more on the “checking out” aspect of MGTOW than actually doing anything good on the “checking out”.

While these men are nominally aware of Red Pill truths on the nature of women, that is as far as their Red Pill awareness goes. They are still judging women based on the Blue Pill and a big part of the anger and butthurt comes from women not living up to their Blue Pill fantasies of the pure and innocent One that was supposed to be their Princess.

These men check out and live a mediocre life from the shadows, attacking other men who have not sworn off women like they have, being constantly bitter about the failings of women and basically just fritter their lives away in that deep dark pit of negativity. They have lost all sight of the need to self-improve and set themselves on a path to excellence. They sit around on the sidelines hoping that soceity will collapse and women will get their comeuppance one day, finally knowing what it feels to be disenfranchised.

This is dysfunctional MGTOW, it is often as damaging to a man’s masculinity as the Beta Blue Pill script can be.

While bitterness, disillusionment and anger is one of the phases of a transition in breaking Beta, Red Pill men were never supposed to remain that way if they intend to reach their masculine potential.

We have all gone through that, I went through a period of bitterness and anger as I was breaking my own Beta as well, but it reaches a point where one needs to realise that they need to square their shoulders to the task ahead and set themselves on the Masculine journey to greatness.

Be the best that you can be.


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