Privilege and Rabbits

Modern social justice is basically run by r-selected rabbit thinking.

If you took social activists from the 60s and dropped them into the modern day social justice movement they would find it all very strange indeed. The 60s social activists would quickly be considered a rightist for their views on equality and be cast out of the progressive circle-jerk.

The concept of racial and gender equality as conceived by the social activists of the civil rights movement and second wave feminists are extremely different from the equality touted by our SJWs nowadays.

The social activists of old touted equality as equality in the eyes of law, soceity, responsibilities and privileges. Equality means you don’t discriminate against everyone based on race, gender or religion and give everyone an equal opportunity to prove themselves.

They also conceived of this equality as coming with equal responsibilities. You were judged to the same moral standards as everyone else and were expected to pull the same weight in building soceity. Minorities, women, and whatever group one advocates for are held to the same standards as everyone else, equal rights means equal responsibilities.

But that meant that the progressives would need to be judged to the same standards as everyone else. Under the old definitions of equality a black person could be racist, a woman could be sexist, and a gay man could be a bigot against heterosexuals.

That wouldn’t do of course for progressives who found themselves indulging in such behaviours, especially as the equality narrative became more popular with the successes of 2nd wave feminism and the civil rights movement.

That was when the narrative shift to modern privilege theories started.

Privilege theory gives the progressive everything they want- they can simultaneously claim the moral high ground while indulging in behaviours that would be legitimately considered discriminatory under the old definition.

Which is why the modern bizzaro world of social justice is so obsessed with measuring institutional power and privilege. If one is able to prove that he or she is in some way under-privileged, the moral high ground is automatically seized from which everyone else is expected to defer to them. Privilege theory allows the progressive to get away with all kinds of behaviour under the guise of “fighting oppression”.


Not Racist.

Everything is justified if you have a lack of privilege.

At the core of it, privilege theory is inherently anti-competitive as it sets up a moral no-win situation for any party from the “privileged” class. Any achievement a “privileged” class makes will be explained away as the result of privilege while any failures from the “under-privileged” will be held up as proof as the outcome of oppression from the “privilege”.

Imagine a race in which you are punished for winning, and are made to give your shoes to the slowest runner who didn’t bother to train for the race.

This is quite different from the original concept of equality from the social activists of old, which was a competitive one. Classical equality social activism was concerned with creating the equal opportunities for all so that everyone could compete on a level playing field and prove themselves.

Blacks then didn’t assume they were superior to Whites just for being Blacks, but that if given the chance to prove themselves they would be able to achieve things just as great, if not greater. This original concept of equality came from a masculine value model, value had to be proven and the concern was making sure everyone had the same opportunity to prove it.

This could not be further from the concept of modern social justice equality.

Anticompetitive rabbit people love modern privilege theory due to it’s anticompetitive features. Under privilege theory the real race is to declare oneself as the most oppressed, which is a heck of a lot easier than actually needing to engage in real competition in a level playing field.

This is why we have the modern Oppression Olympics with SJWs attempting to declare themselves as the most oppressed class with various qualifiers of mental illness, made-up sexualities, imagined oppressions from privileged classes, and even attempting to claim that one is of a different race.

The more oppressed you are, the more you can stake claim to the anticompetitive features provided by privilege theory. You can make demands for the privileged classes to give you resources as under privilege theory these are rightfully yours. You have carte blanche to act like a total asshole because privilege theory gives you the moral high ground to do all that.

Modern social justice, with it’s current model of equality based on privilege theory, is an r-selected rabbit ideology. It is basically an attempt to socially engineer in conditions in which a group can extract resources without needing to truly compete to generate value, which is why rabbit people love it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 5.37.54 pm

“Resource plz or u is racist”

All of these has real negative effects on soceity in the long run of course. The anticompetitive resource-extraction cannot run forever as soceity can only support so many self-declared oppressed underprivileged special snowflakes asking for various handouts from the rest.

Groups and communities drinking the privilege Kool-Aid develop a kaiju-sized victim mentality and see their shortcomings as the fault of others, demanding concessions and repatriations while ignoring their own societal pathologies, never working to make themselves truly stronger and becoming the very imaginary monsters they fight. Black Lives Matter is a good example of privilege theory run amok.

Privilege theory engenders envy, distrust and anticompetitive laziness in a civillisation. Everyone starts to believe they were short changed, and that is all they will ever focus on. Privilege theory is inherently dyscivic but the rabbit people will love it as long as they can make use of it.

Rabbit people have weak loyalty and don’t care much for civillisation beyond how much they can exploit it with various ideologies that allow them to do so.

A masculine man has no time for privilege theory because it makes him weaker and takes away from the civillisation that was painstakingly built on the labours of competitive Wolf people who had no time for such nonsense, choosing to put aside hairsplitting over who had it better than the other to actually get shit done.

Make a stand against privilege theory by insisting on holding everybody to the same fair standard at work. Don’t discriminate but make it clear that you won’t give any concessions just because somebody attempts to pull the “under-privileged” card. Building and maintain civillisation is hard work, and everyone needs to pull their weight.


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