The Comeback Kid


It is not the end of the world when things go wrong.

Men are either made or broken by the fires of adversity, the hapless Beta male can be overwhelmed by things going wrong or he can take this as an opportunity to set him on the path towards greatness.

Most of us are born Betas, very few men are natural Alphas who “get it” from birth and have everything set out for them. The masculine journey for most boys is one of discovering their manhood through the masculine journey of adversity and strife, emerging at the end of it to become a mature, strong and functioning man who is an asset to his tribe.

Unfortunately, the idea of the masculine journey and earned virtue has been gradually pushed into obscurity as modern soceity heads towards a feminine model of value- that of assuming that value in intrinsic and does not need to be proven or earned. This shift in societal paradigms, along with modern feminism which cheerleads girls on and demands that boys know their place and not get in the way has been nothing short of a crisis for boyhood, leading to an entire generation of confused, soft and effeminate young men.

Most men are born Betas, and these emerging societal pressures lock many men into a Blue Pill pattern of weakness where they flounder, unsure of themselves and their place in the modern world. Instinctively, despite all the politically correct speak women don’t find these men very attractive at all, which is why many modern men are set up by Blue Pill paradigms to fail in the relationships.

The Blue Pill tells you that you are already valuable, that you are special no matter what you do. All you need is to be that “nice guy”, do all the societally-approved things that serve the feminine imperative and you will be rewarded at the end of the day by The One. Blue Pill ideas impose a notion of feminine value upon men, and it’s no wonder many don’t see the impetus to truly improve themselves.

But the feminine model of value was never meant for men. Men need to test themselves and prove their own value and virtue. They need to travel the masculine journey.

But sometimes something happens that ends up breaking the Blue Pill Beta. Something really bad happens to the Beta that brings him to an ontological crisis. He is forced to confront the stark reality that what he had been indoctrinated to believe is utterly at odds with the real world.

Many Betas just stop at this stage. They either double down on the Blue Pill and complete their own emasculation (moar nice guy!) or give up and fade into bitterness (MRA) and mediocrity (MGTOW). Sometimes they snap and lash back at the system that had been rigged against them in a final fit of rage, and that’s where you get your crimes of passion and mass shootings. The Beta endgame.

But some break their Beta.

They start to take a different perspective of things. They finally realise that they are on a masculine journey of proving and take on a Masculine value model of evaluating themselves. They look back at their past and are disgusted at how weak and deluded they were.

It starts as a slow fire, a fever, but the breaking starts, they start to emerge from their Beta shell and set themselves on the path to greatness. They don’t fear failure and the consequent loss of intrinsic value anymore, hangups that are a feature of a feminine value mindset. Rather they welcome adversity, failure and strife as their teachers, they want to be tested and to truly earn their virtue and value in tangible achievements.

They become the Comeback Kid.

I knew a guy who was the epitome of a well-cultured Beta, he had a girlfriend of 7 years that he was absolutely sure was The One. He had the Beta plan all made, he was going to buy a very expensive ring, propose to her, and they would all settle down happily ever after in the nice Beta dream of domestic happiness.

Then shit started to happen.

By virtue of being a Singaporean male, he had to serve 2 years in National Service and hence was academically behind his girlfriend, who entered the workforce while he still had to complete his studies. The predictable happened when his girlfriend, a young attractive and busty (for a Singaporean woman) woman started to interact with other men who were already in the workforce and had their careers made.

At that time he didn’t have much savings being the student he was, and that didn’t help that he blew most most of his merger savings on getting a very expensive engagement ring for her. He was about to propose to her, his girlfriend of 7 years, The One that he was absolutely sure he was going to marry in all the sappy Beta love letters wrote to her, the woman that he spent a good fraction of his life being loyal to. Everything was made.

And she dropped the bomb, she wanted out. But not only that, she had found someone else. Somebody else that she had developed feelings for after just a few months of work at her workplace.

She had been cheating on him, 7 years of memories with a loyal, dutiful Beta overridden by 7 minutes of interaction with an Alpha. Hypergamy in action.

He was shattered and did everything in the Beta playbook to get her back. He begged, he cajoled, he had crying fits, he drove over to her home in the middle of the night while she was together with her new lover (who had probably banged her already while our Beta friend spent 7 years waiting for marriage ). Nothing worked.

In her eyes he was already a loser and his actions after getting dumped only proved it further, it didn’t help that he couldn’t focus on his studies due to the traumatic breakup and started failing. Eventually he was forced to drop out of university after 4 years of study. That only sealed the deal for her, she would not want to have anything to do with him.

To add salt to injury, in a snap decision that shocked everyone, she made plans to marry her new boyfriend immediately. They were married barely within a year of meeting and she happily headed off on domestic bliss with her new Alpha lover.

So here was my friend, at the lowest point in his life. Seven years of dedication and loyalty to a woman he was so sure would be The One only to have her cheat on him and dump him to marry someone else in short order. Four years of study in university only to bomb out in the final year (which is a big thing in Singapore) because of all this.

He had nothing at that point, down to just spam in cans.

For many Betas this is the end of the story. They usually never recover from such a shock to their Blue Pill paradigm and either spend the rest of their lives bitter and resigned to mediocrity. And for a year he was like that, just getting by day to day and trying not to think about how his carefully laid Beta plans of the last decade have been all but destroyed.

But then something remarkable happened, he woke the fuck up.

He started experimenting with setting up his own business, quitting his regular job to do so. It was hard work but he enjoyed the challenge and found that he had a natural aptitude for it, becoming quite established he was in the industry that he was setting up his business in. He also met other Red Pill men, who encouraged him along his journey. He started taking on a realistic view of the world, no longer shackled by his Blue Pill paradigms.

The difficulty and challenge of the work strengthened his character, and he started coming back from the funk that he had been trapped in since his girlfriend dumped him. Eventually his business became quite successful and he found a new girlfriend, one that was younger, prettier and feminine with a strong sense of loyalty to her partner. Everyone could tell that she was a wife material for him.

And then the ex came back.

About two years into his new relationship, which was far more happy and stable than his seven year Beta stint with his previous, his ex-girlfriend started contacting him again. It appeared innocent at first, that she was just trying to reconcile and tie up some loose ends that they had left untied at the traumatic breakup of several years back but it was obvious from her presentation that she had more in mind.

The thing about Singapore is that in general we still place a value on female loyalty, unlike the States where people are more prone to make up excuses to play off female cheating. A woman who cheats will be remembered as someone who is not trustworthy for a long time, even by her friends.

He alerted his social circle of mutual friends about the interactions and they started asking around. Apparently she had been asking people if he and his current girlfriend had broken up already, which got everyone all curious about her intentions.

They did a bit more snooping and discovered that the ex had been having massive marital problems, the “Alpha” that she so hastily married after dumping my friend had turned out to be a highly dysfunctional, neurotic and manipulative character, turning married life was starting to turn into a living hell with constant shouting matches, mental breakdowns on his part and an insufferable mother-in-law that shared a strange protective relationship with her son, often poking intrusively into their married life with unsolicited demands. To top things off, her husband had a nervous breakdown at work and lost his job, forcing her to pick up the slack.

Apparently the problems had started almost since day one, with the true colours coming out at the honeymoon. She hadn’t done her homework, thought she was upgrading to a higher tier male and was paying the price.

Things were so bad that she was considering divorce, but her own father had told her in no uncertain terms that she would have to support herself after that as he did not approve of her choice of husband.

It was pretty obvious she was lining up my friend as plan B to go back to, trying to bring up memories of the “good old Beta” days and selling the whole Beta white-picket dream to him again. They could still achieve their original dreams.

But she didn’t count on him breaking Beta and seeing through all of her attempts to sugar-talk him. The years of stressful marriage had also taken a toil on her physical appearance and she could not quite put on the same charm offensive anymore. What was worse for her was that she was competing against his current girlfriend, who was younger, hotter, more loyal and devoted.

Now she was the one without the cards to play.

He ignored her attempts to reconcile and made a point of taking his current girlfriend to a group meeting of mutual friends just to drive it in. She saw the competition and knew it was all over, she had to find some other sap to be plan B.

Last we heard, she was possibly trying to line up another person at her workplace, but at that point it was clear that a married woman with a history of cheating with faded looks considering divorce is very much in the swipe left category of romantic interests for most men.

Nothing came of it. She made her bed, and she has to sleep in it.

Meanwhile, my friend decided that it was time to settle down, but this time not in the Beta mindset of living life and setting plans around a woman but in an Alpha one of wanting to move on to the next stage of life because one had found a woman that will support him and is worth his investment. They remain happily married till today.

One could say this is a happy ending but that’s a Blue Pill way of looking at things. The Red Pill knows that masculine journey never stops, life does not stop dishing out challenges, and self-improvement is a constant process for a man. Things may very well go bad for my friend again, but I am well convinced that with his current frame of mind he is well-equipped to handle it.

This is what becoming a Red Pill Masculine man can do for it. By taking on the right mindset and setting out to rediscovering your masculinity you can recover from the worst of shit and become the comeback kid. You will not just return to your previous levels but exceed them beyond wildest measure.

Start on your masculine journey today, break your Beta and start learning to be Alpha. Be the best man that you can be.


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