51 years ago an small island of 1.9 million people found nationhood hoisted upon them in the wake of tumultuous political events.

They had no natural resources save a willing and hardworking population, some rather fortuitous geographical positioning as one of the prime ports in the region and bootstrapping infrastructure that the British left them.

The spectre of the Communist bloc was a looming threat in the region, and they had no defence. Unemployment was a issue, so was housing, so was sanitation, and all those many things that a fledging nation made up of immigrant labour and post-colonial natives faced.

From the hard work and grit of the pioneer generation, along with hard-bitten decisions made by the leadership Singapore became a shining example of economic success. 51 years after the tumultuous events of 1965 Singapore found itself as a place wealth and prosperity.


So there is plenty to celebrate, those 1.9 million people accomplished something that many around the world could only dream of. Let us remember how far we have come.

But let us also remember how far we have to go. Many challenges still face Singapore, many of which could easily threaten it’s security and prosperity. And while we have accomplished much, this success has also seen the spread of rabbit people and rabbit thinking in which view this success as an entitlement that they do not need to qualify for. The very success of Singapore could lead to the complacency and degeneracy that will eventually bring us down.

So for those of us who are wolf people let’s celebrate what the wolves of the pioneer generation have won for us with their hard work, but let us not forget that we all still have to square our shoulders to the task that we have head, and that is to ensure that Singapore remains a safe and prosperous for future Singaporeans to inherit.

Majulah Singapura!


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