Whitewashing Asian Butthurt


There has been a fair bit of noise about the casting of Matt Damon as one of the main characters in an upcoming Zhang Yimou epic The Great Wall where he fights as an obviously white mercenary in giant robots along with the Chinese army to fend off kaiju monsters.

Most of this is obviously much ado about nothing if they bothered to RTFP (Read The F#$%ing Plot) instead of just watching the trailer which was obviously done for western audiences. But naturally this would be a flashpoint for SJWs to moan about whitewashing, given Hollywood has been tossing up plenty of legitimate examples of it.

Now there are legit points of social commentary to be made about the white or gaywashing of Asian male characters in Hollywood and the implications that it has for the perception of Asian men in general. But to cut a long story short, any Red Pill Asian man with a basic grasp of Neomasculinty would know that at the end of the day, White people respond better to White characters, that’s expected, and one shouldn’t really be counting on Hollywood to accurately depict Asian culture anyway.

That’s what Asian cinema is for. If you are really concerned about Asians in cinema then go support it instead of shilling your dollar out for degenerate liberal Hollywood nonsense.

But there’s a bigger thing that I would like to address in here, and that is the level of butthurt coming from Asian men about this non-issue over The Great Wall. While a lot of it comes from Asian American males who have drank the identity-politics Kool-Aid, we are seeing some of it come up here in the Asiasphere as well.

I’ll put it simply: Stop whining.

Being all butthurt about this won’t change things. Not only is it butthurt about something that isn’t really an issue once you bothered to RTFP. Being butthurt and whining simply perpetuates the emasculated Asian male stereotype.

Nothing signals that you are weak, sensitive, emotional and easily triggered by overreacting in a histrionic way to any perceived instance of whitewashing. While people may not contradict you directly or disagree with what you are saying, you are still forming the impression of a whining beta Asian male in their minds.

Most of what you signal is not what you say, it’s how you say it.

An appropriate Alpha response to Hollywood attempts at whitewashing would be simply to play it off as if it’s something cute and quaint done by clueless white people trying to get Asian culture, failing miserably in the process. Follow up with stellar examples of Asian cinema to point out that at the end of the day, Asian men still know best how to portray Asians and don’t need the diversity police to hold their hands for them.

And what’s the freaking problem with having Matt Damon in a fantasy movie set in China? The mainland Chinese people in general don’t have a problem with this because they don’t have an inferiority complex the size of kaiju and see the inclusion of Whities as a welcome to Asian cinema instead.


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