Feminism is Mitigation

Imagine there is a belief system that allows you to get away with any mistake you have ever made and promises you not only freedom from any negative consequences, but accolades and rewards as well.

No matter what you do, this belief system will be always ready to swoop down and defend you from the harsh realities of life, extracting concessions from soceity for your benefit. This system will protect you from all forms of judgement regardless of what you do, will always be willing to fight for your immediate interests, and will always be ready to come up with ways to deliver what you desire no matter the cost to others. It’s an ideology that seeks to provide unlimited benefits and freedom to you.

Wouldn’t it be great? Wouldn’t you want to believe in it? The bad consequences of everything you do will be mitigated.

There is an ideology that promises all that, all you need to do is to jump on the bandwagon.

That ideology is feminism. Feminism is mitigation.

One way of understanding feminism and it’s appeal to modern women is through the lens of viewing it as a system that works to mitigate the negative consequences of their life choices in order to provide them with as many options for as long as possible, regardless to the cost to soceity.

This is a much more accurate description of feminism than the go-to prescriptive one that they toss about with all the claptrap about “equality” and all that as it actually looks at what modern feminism actually does that what it claims to be.

This is why feminism works hard to advocate for behaviours such as single motherhood, unrestrained female sexuality, fat acceptance, abandonment of maternal duties, easy divorce and what have you not, even if these behaviours are harmful to individuals and society at large in the long run.

What matters is that women get the choice to do all these things and not suffer any negative consequences, be it in societal judgement or other undesirable outcomes.

Feminism demands that you praise a woman if she acts like a slut and renders herself a poor long term relationship risk, painting her as a woman who is liberated and living it up while calling any criticism of that behaviour misogynistic.

Feminism demands that you call morbidly obese women beautiful and ignore that most of them got that way because they have poor self-control and can’t be bothered to take care of their bodies. Feminism further demands that you need to pay for the costs they will eventually incur on the medical system due to their obesity.

Feminism demands that you lionise single mothers as the bravest and pour your resources into helping them, never mind if many of them got that way though their own poor choices. Feminists will demand that you place them above mothers who have put the effort into making sure their children have been raised in a healthy, functioning traditional family units.

Feminism will demand that you support any endeavours that involves women, no matter how poorly conceived and unprofitable they may be simply because it involves women. Any criticism of poor female performance will be derided as sexist.

Feminism will demand that soceity accept women virtually sterilising themselves by delaying childbearing and letting their maternal instincts atrophy in the name of careerism, and further request that men consider that these women who have virtually no value proposition in a marriage as the most attractive sort.

Feminism will demand that soceity supports divorcees through the child support system, making divorce as easy as possible for women regardless of  all the negative effects it has on children and their fathers and the building block of soceity that is the family.

So on and so forth.

At the core of it, a great part of modern feminism now involves it being a mitigation strategy for women to do whatever they want and not bear any responsibilities or consequences. A woman can do whatever she wants, and everybody else has to pick up the bill for that.

At the same time, under feminism women are not expected to contribute anything back to soceity in thing thing that is vaguely considered a duty. In fact such a notion is now considered extremely offensive and sexist. Women should only do something because they want to do so, it’s their way or the highway.

Naturally such the consequences of needing to run the interventions that feminism demands under it’s mitigation for the poor choices of modern women enact a tremendous drain on civillisation.

A lot of money, time, energy and resources need to be diverted in order to run the various welfare programs that are required to mitigate all of the bad choices that women make.

It’s no secret that single mothers are a tremendous resource drain on soceity, both being underproductive workers and parents at the same time while their children are more likely to end up dysfunctional.


It’s no secret that morbidly obese women will eventually run up massive healthcare bills that everyone needs to pay for.

It’s no secret that women living the slut life will make poor wives and homemakers, with associated knock-on effects on the family unit and for everyone.

The societal costs of these poor behaviours aren’t recouped from the people who practice them, and as more women jump onto the bandwagon the burden only grows. Right now modern first-world civillisation in which feminism is running these scams are drawing from the wealth and resources they had acquired based on the work from more sensible times. But those are quickly running out.

One day, feminism will swipe it’s credit card of mitigation too many times, and realise that they have maxed out their credit limit.

That time is coming sooner that they think.

If you are trying to understand why feminism is so popular to many of your female friends just observe them quietly. Very often you will realise they are using the ideology as a means to mitigate any bad consequences of their poor life choices.

Your job as a masculine man is to understand this underlying dynamic, and call it out for what it is. Explaining this dynamic to neutral parties is an extremely effective way of neutralising much of the feminist kool-aid.


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