When The Rabbits Have To Defend Themselves


There has been some concern that an isolationist Trump presidency might withdraw from NATO and leave Europe facing a resurgent Russia by itself, a prospect that leave Europeans, Europhiles and liberals all around the world a little nervous.

These are all valid concerns of course, but when one comes across such concerns as articulated by r-selected rabbit liberals, looking a little further beneath the surface to understand the thinking that drives such worries reveal some rather interesting things.

Eurosocialism has been an expensive social experiment that has sucked up much of national spending in Europe, leaving them with a much smaller slice of the pie to spend on matters like defence. But the problem isn’t just economic, comfortable European living has also led to a population in general that is much less capable of waging violence when the time comes to it.

Which is why they have been relying on American military might to prop NATO up. The rabbit people of Europe have gotten very comfortable with their socialist welfare systems and have lost the ability to defend their borders and themselves. They assume that America will always be bound to sacrifice blood, sweat and tears for them to keep the system running the way it is, and are now getting a little nervous at the prospect of the sheepdog finally getting tired of the unappreciative sheep.

Now I don’t think an American withdrawal from NATO is a good thing, but I do think that Europe is going down rather quickly and if they don’t start waking up and pulling their own weight, they might not really be worth helping.

After all, the rabbit people aren’t really contributing towards keeping things running, but yet they want the wolves to die for them to keep the Elysium of infinite grass fields safe. This is the mindset that drives much liberal thinking- one that expects rights, securities and privileges to be afforded to them without doing anything to deserve them.

The rabbit people think that the wolf people are always bound to defend them, but don’t realise is that the wolves can do the math and realise the rabbits aren’t worth saving, choosing to to cut them loose.

And that’s when the rabbits have to defend themselves.


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