Cuckolded Beta Doubling Down


TL;DR: Woman posts risqué selfie on husband’s Facebook leading to an online tiff that reveals she has been cheating on him with her cousin. Husband doubles down on the Beta and forgives her publicly without even a slap on the wrist, bending over backwards to pedestalise her as the most beautiful woman ever. She leaves him anyway.

Sometimes you really can’t make this up, there are several quick Red Pill lessons on masculinity that one can learn from this shitshow.

Don’t date damaged, dysfunctional women with questionable mental health and sexual histories, the propensity for hypersexualised selfies and bullshit tattoos should have been several red flags for our poor Beta sod. But if you are stupid enough to date such a person at the very least do not marry her.

Even worse, if you find out she has been cheating on you, the very last thing you should do is to pedestalise her. Any residue respect that cousin-banging woman ever had for that Beta Cuck evaporated the moment he doubled down and actually rewarded her with praise for her insane behaviour, revealing to all that he has no spine to stand up for himself.

It is no wonder she left him anyway.

The Beta script internalises the narrative of his partner as the flawless female within the hapless Beta male. Unconditional forgiveness for an unfaithful woman comes instinctively to the Beta has he approaches his partner idealistically, and will gravitate towards any justification that will allow him to avoid cognitive dissonance between what his ideal woman and reality.

Additionally the Beta Cuck has a scarcity mentality when it comes to relationships, seeing the woman that he has managed to snag as his only lifeline out of a life of being forever alone, this paradigm of scarcity implores him to be more willing to overlook her blatant disregard of loyalty to him. What the Beta Cuck does not realise that all this blatant disregard of his own dignity in his attempt to justify her infidelities only further debases him in her view.

Masculine men have standards they expect of their women. They have clear lines and boundaries that they make clear as non-negotiable if the woman intends for the relationship to survive. Most of all they also expect their woman to respect them. Cheating is a betrayal of all these standards and demands a harsh response from a man with severe consequences, if not the termination of the relationship entirely. The knowledge of this reaction will naturally be a big deterrence towards infidelity.

The prevalence of Beta Cucks who are willing to justify partner infidelities as well as pedestalise and invest in damaged, dysfunctional and disloyal women is one of the reasons why the costs to infidelity, degenerate behaviour and willfully-made poor choices among women have been lowered considerably. This in turn leads to the propagation of all sorts of dysfunctional behaviours in soceity.

Make a stand and don’t be a cuckolded beta. A masculine man has standards for himself and the people he invests his time and energy in. A prevalence of masculine men who demonstrate they know their worth and have standards will naturally raise the cost for degenerate behaviour from women and lead to more functional behaviours for all of soceity.

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