Trigger Me Timbers: AWARE Edition

It must be a slow oppression day at AWARE, our self-proclaimed “leading gender equality advocacy group”, because this is the latest thing they decided to get unhappy about:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.56.31 am

Not much to be said about this- it’s clear to reasonable folk that this attempt at outrage manufacturing is a patently stupid attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill. When you are a feminist ideologue, you can find the sexism in everything.

The feminist kool-aid demands that people see traditional motherhood as a failure, and that people celebrating it are doing a bad thing when in reality it is one of the most important things for soceity that a woman can ever do in her life.

Additionally, the low in-group loyalty inherent in r-selected ideologies is made clear for all to see in how they think being wrapped in a flag is a bad thing as opposed to it being an honour.

It’s quite clear from this that local feminists will find anything to get offended over, see anything that vaguely reminds them of traditional feminine roles as offensive, and have virtually no in-group loyalty to the soceity that hosts their comfortable, first-world living.

Remember all this the next time you hear one trying to spread the Kool-aid. The only response they really deserve is ridicule.



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